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NWA ProSouth Wrestling's "Wrestling for Santa" kicks off this Friday, 12/02/11, in Piedmont, AL

NWA ProSouth Wrestling's "Wrestling for Santa" kicks off this Friday, 12/02/11, in Piedmont, AL

- from NWA PSW

NWA ProSouth's Wrestling for Santa drive starts this Friday! Please bring canned goods and unopened toys we can help our community in need have a Happy Holiday season! ProSouth will be accepting Toys and Food through 12/23/12.

27 Southern Avenue
Piedmont, AL 36272

Tickets only $6! Show held every Friday!
Doors open @ 6 PM and bell time is 7 PM!

This Friday's card includes:

NWA North American Champion "The Temptation" Shaun Tempers vs NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Champion "The Future Classic" Tyler Gage;

"The Last Hero" Ace Haven will address NWA World Heavyweight Champion "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce with regards to their title match Dec 16th at the ProSouth Arena;

Brian Alexander, Scott Spade, Epic Grant Mitchell and more.......

NWA Action, 12/10/11, in Stockbridge, GA

NWA Action, 12/10/11, in Stockbridge, GA

Monday, November 28, 2011

Southern Wrestling Association's Toys for Tots show, 12/03/11, in Westminster, SC

Southern Wrestling Association's Toys for Tots show, 12/03/11, in Westminster, SC

Results: Empire (formerly Platinum Championship Wrestling), 11/25/11, from Avondale Estates, GA


Results: Empire (formerly Platinum Championship Wrestling), 11/25/11, from Avondale Estates, GA
- from Empire

Match #1 - The Vandal pinned The Ultimate Warhorse;

Match #2 - Tommy Daniels pinned Brian Blaze;

Match #3 - The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) pinned CAMPUS Strike Force (Yellow & Blue);

Match #4 - Joey Kidman, Master Jae & Zach Daniels beat De La Vega, The Phantom & Ken O'Sullivan by disqualification;

Match #5 - Geter pinned Sylar Cross;

Match #6 - Eric Walker beat Marko Polo by disqualification;

Match #7 - Zackary Blane pinned The Drunken Master Warhorse 80 Proof;

Main Event - For the Empire Championship Shane Marx pinned Warhorse 47 B.C.;

In an open challenge for the Empire Championship Shane Marx pinned Michael Cannon;

Notes from the show:

A ten-bell salute was done for the recently passed "Rowdy" Jackson, the promoter of NWF that had given a number of wrestlers their starts in the business. Shane Mackey spoke about Rowdy.

Terry Lawler was the mystery man who challenged The Empire to a fight. He said that Platinum Championship Wrestling had always shown him respect (letting him talk about Ted Allen, having Terry wrestle on his 22nd anniversary in wrestling, etc.) and that he wouldn't let PCW die. The Empire attacked him at the top of the show, but Terry sent them scrambling with punch after punch.

Supernatural had two encounters with Vandal. A rematch between the two (Vandal and Supernatural wrestled to a time-limit draw a week ago) has been set for Friday, December 2nd.

Aesha and Pandora each tried to hit one another with straps. Brian Blaze attacked Pandora from behind, but Tommy Daniels and Simon Sermon made the save. Aisha and Pandora are officially wrestling a strap match at the Masquerade on December 15th.

Marko Polo hit "Dynomite Soul" Eric Walker repeatedly with his "Beauty Mark" kick, prompting both a pull apart brawl with Simon Sermon, and for Ken O' Sullivan to get a measure of revenge (Marko Polo and Nina Monet had attacked Sullivan and put make-up on him) by attacking Nina and putting make-up on her...the fact that he perfectly applied the make-up seemed lost on the triumphant Sullivan;

In apparent responde to Nemesis challenging Seth Delay to a match AFTER Nemesis faces PCW Champion Mason on December 15th, Seth Delay and the other Surrealists put on this rather amusing performance art piece: Video of the Surrealists (Seth Delay, De La Vega, Prima Donna and a balloon with a Snicker's Bar attached to it) mocking the Konkrete Gorillaz (Nemesis, Brian Blaze, Aisha and Geter, respectively). Nemesis and Seth Delay are now set to wrestle next Friday, December 2nd;

Warhorse 47BC sustained serious injury to his back and neck as a result of his match with new Empire Champion "The Revelation" Shane Marx. Michael Cannon suffered an injury to his hip facing Marx as well.

"Awesome" Zach Daniels informed the crowd that he would be facing PCW Champion Mason for the PCW title next week, December 2nd in the main event;

Miss Rachael informed Terry Lawler at the end of the show (where Terry had Marty Freeman's cane broken across his back and was left bleeding from the jagged end of the cane being stabbed into his head by Zach Daniels of the Empire) that Terry had a choice to make -- either quit publically at the top of the next show, or have every bone in his body broken by the Empire. The show ended with a battered and bloody Terry Lawler alone in the ring, slowly rising and raising his fists in an act of defiance.

North Georgia Wrestling Alliance, 12/11/11, in Canton, GA

North Georgia Wrestling Alliance, 12/11/11, in Canton, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 12/03/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 12/03/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 11/26/11, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 11/26/11, from Rossville, GA

- from EPW

Wow! What a great crowd we had last night at Empire. An they were treated to some great action from the wrestlers at Empire. If you missed the show, here is a quick recap.

"Do or Die" Chip Day returned to Empire Wrestling Entertainment and picked up a win over Chris Ganz

Xtreme Generation (Jerry Anderson and Jason Hampton) tried to put their differences aside as they took on the team of The Light and Puppy Pedro. Things were going great for Xtreme Generation, and Jason was able to hit his finisher on Pedro. But, Jerry grabbed a chain and wanted to end the match his way. While Jerry and Jason were arguing, Pedro was able to recover and tag in The Light. Jason finally just left the match. This allowed The Light to hit his finisher. The Light and Puppy Pedro defeated Xtreme Generation.

"The Best" Lamar Phillips defeated David Gage.

New Empire Heavyweight Champion Rufus Black (who was accompanied to the ring by Andrew Alexander) put his title on the line against Logan Alvey. Logan put up a good fight but the numbers game of Rufus and Andrew was just too much as Black successfully defended his title and defeated Logan. After the match, Rufus and Andrew continued to beat down Logan. Out comes Chris Ganz, Kyle Matthews and Rush, who was sitting in the crowd, to make the save. Rush got on the mic and encouraged Logan to get up. With the Empire fans and Rush behind him, Logan made it back to his feet.

Next up was the Return of Kyle Matthews as he took on T.H.R.E.E member "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper, who was accompanied to the ring by the rest of the members of The T.H.R.E.E. Brandon & Jason Collins. Kyle started off the match working on Viper's arm. However, Viper gained the advantage. After hitting The World's Greatest Dropkick, Viper looked to put Kyle away. Viper, however went to the well one to many times. As Johnny went to hit a second Dropkick, Kyle moved and was able to hit his dropkick on Viper in the corner. As Kyle went to pin Viper, Brother Fusion attacked Kyle. Keith "The Chunky Dragon" Hamill made the save. The referee then told Buzz that the match would restart as a tag team match between Brother Fusion and the team of Kyle Matthews and Keith Hamill. He also banned Johnny Viper from Ringside and sent him to the back. Kyle Matthews and Keith Hamill picked up the victory as "The Chunky Dragon hit a crossbody on Brandon Collins.

Beginning this Saturday night November 26th, until Christmas night December 25th, in appreciation to our fans who have supported us throughout the year, ALL tickets will be specially priced at $5.00 each.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NWA ProSouth Wrestling's "Black Friday" this Friday, 11/25/11, in Piedmont, AL

NWA ProSouth Wrestling's "Black Friday" this Friday, 11/25/11, in Piedmont, AL

627 Southern Avenue
Piedmont, AL 36272

Tickets are $6 and free for children under 5. Doors open at 6:00 and bell time is at 7:00. For more information, call (256) 447-3825.

Hair vs. Beard Match
Referee: Tobey Romine

"Epic" Grant Mitchell
Kyle Matthews

NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Title

Brian Alexander
"The Future Classic"
Tyler Gage

and lots more action!!

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 11/20/11, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 11/20/11, from Warner Robins, GA

- from NWA RPW










Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glynn County Championship Wrestling, 12/03/11, in Stockbridge, GA

Glynn County Championship Wrestling, 12/03/11, in Stockbridge, GA

Results: NWA Chattanooga, 11/18/11, from Soddy Daisy, TN

Results: NWA Chattanooga, 11/18/11, from Soddy Daisy, TN

Many thanks to the 137 rowdy fans who came out to Soddy Daisy Middle School last night for the big one year anniversary card. Here are the results:

1) Kyle Matthews defeated Andrew Alexander via DQ when Alexander used a blatant low blow to avoid the Slurpee Kick.

2) The Juggernaut returned angry and soundly defeated The All Star via pinfall after a vicious sit out spinebuster.

3) Dru Delight defeated Drew Haskins via pinfall with help from a handfull of tights.

4) Ace Rockwell and Logan Alvey defeated Jimmy Rave Approved (Chip Day and Corey Hollis) via pinfall. (Micah Hughes was again MIA, prior to the match Rockwell said Jimmy Rave had gotten in his head and taken him out of the game. He needed a partner he could rely on, a partner who'd have his back. He said he knew he could count on this man because he trained him personally....Rockwell then introduced Logan Alvey who had an incredible showing and proved himself to be a can't miss prospect. But what will Jimmy Rave himself have to say about his team falling short?)

5) Bryan Casanova defeated Jessco Blue with his feet on the ropes.

6) Shaun Tempers defeated Patrick Bentley via DQ to retain the NWA North American Title, though for a brief moment it looked like a new champion was crowned. Bentley accidentally Ko'd ref James Rhoads with the Spring Action Kick. He hit the 360 Piledriver on Tempers and had him pinned when 2nd ref Ed Hall hit and counted the 3. Bentley was announced as new champion, but when original ref Rhoads recovered he ruled the bout a DQ due to getting kicked by Bentley. Tempers retains. It has been announced that the two will meet in one final showdown on 1/20/12 at Soddy Daisy Middle school in a 2 out of 3 Falls Bout!

7) Tank and Se7en w/The Rev fought to a no-contest. This match was a wild brawl the likes you would expect from these two behemoths. Impressive power battles occurred in the ring, including Tank destroying Se7en with a backdrop driver, which wow'd everyone in attendance as nobody has ever manhandled Se7en that way. Ref Ed Hall just couldn't get control of the fight in the end. These men were out for blood. After finally throwing the match out, the two continued fighting and it took the entire NWA locker room to separate them. It was announced that on 1/20/12 the two would meet in a Dog Collar Match!

Again return date is 1/20/12 with Tempers vs. Bentley 2/3 falls and Tank vs. Se7en in a Dog Collar Match!!!!

Results: Empire (formerly known as Platinum Championship Wrestling), 11/18/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Results:  Empire (formerly known as Platinum Championship Wrestling), 11/18/11, from Avondale Estates, GA 

Vandal and Supernatural went to a time-limit draw;

Aesha pinned Warhorse 34C;

Frankie Valentine and Tommy Daniels fought to a no-contest; 

Najasism & Eric Walker and Sylar Cross wrestled to a no-contest;

Ken O'Sullivan pinned CAMPUS Yellow;

Joey Kidman pinned Pandora;

Seth Delay pinned Mr. Eric;

Marko Polo pinned The Ultimate Warhorse;

The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams &Trey Williams) pinned Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks);

Empire Rankings: Champion--Shane Marx: 1--Jay Fury; 2--The Phantom; 3--Supernatural; 4--Chip Day; 5--Vordell Walker; 6--Kyle Matthews; 7--Davey Richards; 8--Tommy Daniels; 9--Seth Delay; 10--Ken O'Sullivan

Platinum Championship Wrestling Rankings: Champion---Mason; 1---Nemesis; 2---Zach Daniels; 3---Dany Only; 4---The Vandal; 5---Sylar Cross 6---Marko Polo 7---Brian Blaze 8---Joey Kidman; 9---Aesha; 10---Jay Lethal

Notes from the shows:

The mysterious message that played on the screen as the lights went out and "When the Man Comes Around" played challenged the Empire to a fight next week. The person (or persons) responsible for that messaged were ordered by the Empire to appear at the top of the next show (11-25)

Jeff G. Bailey, Marty Freeman and Miss Rachael announced that the PCW Title was still a sanctioned championship under The Empire, but that would likely change when an Empire member takes the title from him. It was also announced that Empire Champion "The Revelation" Shane Marx (who came out to snazzy new music, by the way) would be managed directly by Miss Rachael and would defend The Empire Championship next week (11-25) in the main event

The Konkrete Gorillaz said that each one of them would set their agena tonight, obviously wanting to capitalize on the changing of the guard to establish themselves. Aesha formally accepted the challege from Pandora for a strap match at the Masquerade on December 15th. Brian Blaze attacked them challenged Tommy Daniels, claiming that he, Brian Blaze, was the best technical wrestler on the roster. Geter demolished Najasism, Master Jae and Eric Walker before challenging Sylar Cross to a match to see who was the reigning big man in Empire Wrestling. Nemesis came out and challenged Seth Delay, but only after Nemesis wrestles Mason for the PCW title on December 15th.

Marko Polo attacked Ken O'Sullivan at the conclusion of his victory over CAMPUS Yellow and put makeup on him, while insisting that Simon Sermon's music be played over the PA system. "I'm obviously ready for you, Simon Sermon," he declared.

The Surrealists added a new member to their ranks, as Seth Delay fired up the crowd and joined the band of odd artists.

A match announced in the Dream Match series is Shawn Tempers taking on The Phantom and The Vandal under Platinum Trinity Rules at the Masquerade on December 15th.

Chip Day was notably absent from the show, reprtedly very upset at the Empire take over. Jay Fury was injured by Shane Marx and was not present at the show. Simon Sermon reportedly avoided the show because of fear of reprisal from his Union Jack swerve at last week's main event.

Rampage Pro Wrestling today, 11/20/11, in Warner Robins, GA

Rampage Pro Wrestling today, 11/20/11, in Warner Robins, GA

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Results: NWA ProSouth, 11/04/11, from Piedmont, AL

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 11/04/11, from Piedmont, AL

- from NWA ProSouth

Mark Grason reminded the crowd that the NWA North American Champion was in the house to defend his title tonight. He then brought out NWA ProSouth General Manager Gene Jackson. After last week's confrontation with Owner Terry Batey, where Jackson called out Batey on undermining him and then defended Brandon Collum saying the Batey Family all worked together to screw Collum out his Career vs. Career match, that frustrated Terry Batey so bad that he walked out leaving Jackson in charge to "give him his chance to run things". Jackson is now hated by the Piedmont crowd. Jackson tells the fans that he was informed by the NWA Championship Committee that he has to give "Future Classic" Tyler Gage a title match against ProSouth Champion Brian Alexander at Black Friday. Jackson said he was disappointed when he found this out, almost as disappointed as the "Alabama fans who had their hopes crushed last Saturday by #1 LSU." This did not sit well with the Piedmont fans. Jackson then brought out "Southern Stud Enterprises" consisting of ProSouth Tag Team Champions "Epic" Grant Mitchell, "Awesome" Scott Spade, and Big Tomb. Mitchell informed everyone that Waylon Rhodes held them back and that he's now out of the picture for good and that from this point forward they would be be known as "Epic Enterprises". Jackson chimed in that he always felt Waylon held them back and that they were better off without him and his "fake mustache". Jackson leaves as we go right into the opening bout.

NWA ProSouth Tag Team Title
"Awesome" Scott Spade and Big Tomb w/"Epic" Grant Mitchell vs. "Future Classic" Tyler Gage & "The Last Hero" Ace Haven
Haven didn't come out when his music played leaving Gage to go it alone in a handicap match. G.M. Gene Jackson has declared the "Freebird Rule" is in effect and any two members of Epic Enterprises can defend the titles. After several minutes Brian Alexander drags Ace Haven out of the back, beaten up from an apparent attack outside the building.....Gage looks to be in a lot of trouble when Kaiden Knight comes out and joins the match apparently taking Haven's looks like they might pull off a win until "Epic" Grant Mitchell interferes and helps the champs retain the belts.....Winners: Epic Enterprises

Tournament Match to Determine #1 Contender for the NWA World Title on Dec. 16th.
Frankie Valentine vs. ????????

Frankie Valentine enters the ring first, the crowd was unhappy that controversial referee Tobey Romine was the official for this one after what happened at Wicked Havoc. GM Gene Jackson comes out and announces that he just returned from a scouting trip to Mexico where he signed one of the top Mexican Luchadores in the entire country....he says he doesn't speak English and this is his first time in the United States, he then announces from Tijuana, Mexico...El Diablo Loco!! Some familiar music plays and the fans boo and yell as they seem to think that El Diablo Loco is actually Jackson's friend Brandon Collum with a stupid red mask on.....Jackson explains to the ringside fans that El Diablo Loco purchased Collum's tights after he retired and that was the only music they had that no one was currently using.....The crowd wasn't buying it and they were furious the General Manager would disrespect the rules so blatantly......after several minutes of Frankie getting the better of the "newcomer", Valentine went to suplex Loco back into the ring from the outside but Jackson scooped Valentine's feet out from under him and held them while he handpicked "official" Toby made a fast three count......Winner: El Diablo Loco will advance in the tournament to earn a shot at NWA World Champion Adam Pearce.

NWA All Out Champion Mike Posey went to a 10 minute time limit draw with "Stinger' Shawn Seagle but Stinger seemed to be just moments away from winning the title so he asked for "five more minutes"....the crowd chanted "five more minutes" prompting G.M. Gene Jackson to come out and say that he wasn't sure....but even though he doesn't like the fans he'd give them what they wanted, five more minutes...While Seagle's attention was diverted towards Jackson, Posey cracked him across the back of the skull with the All Out Title belt that made a "thud" that could be heard throughout the building...Seagle crashed to the mat in a heap as Jackson signaled for the bell to ring.....Posey hit his top rope legdrop and covered for the 1-2-3! as Jackson laughed it up at ringside and then raised Posey's hand declaring him the victor adding "Your awesome Posey, that's why I bought you that new belt three weeks ago.

Tournament Match to Determine #1 Contender for the NWA World Title on Dec. 16th.
"Epic" Grant Mitchell w/Big Tomb & Scott Spade vs. Bulldog Raines

Even though Waylon Rhodes is gone, the bad blood continues with Bulldog Raines and the now Epic Enterprises....Once again like at Wicked Havoc, Raines proved to be one step ahead of Epic Enterprises as their interference backfired and Bulldog took the win to advance in the tournament for a shot at Adam Pearce's NWA World Heavyweight Title on December 16th.

Non-Title Match
NWA ProSouth Champion Brian Alexander vs. "The Strong Style Psycho" NWA Chattanooga's TANK

Fans were not happy that controversial official Tobey Romie was in charge of this one after what he did to Frankie Valentine earlier in the night. This was Tank's first time competing in NWA ProSouth and the fans took to him well. Tank is one of the biggest, baddest guys in the business and the champ was gonna have his hands full this evening. A very hard fought match that saw Brian Alexander hold his own while taking some brutal punishment from the Death Match veteran Tank. However, Tobey Romine's slanted officiating was proving to be a problem throughout until a blatantly fast three count led to the pinfall.....and a tainted win for the champion, Brian Alexander. Afterwards, Tank grabbed the evil referee as Brian Alexander started to come to his aid, Tyler Gage hit the ring and met him in the middle, Gage shot Brian into the ropes and went for his patented spinebuster but as he caught Alexander, ALL THE LIGHTS WENT OUT....and when they came on Brian Alexander was gone....nowhere to be found....unfortunately for Tobey Romine he was still in the clutches of Tank who tossed him to Tyler Gage who planted him with a big spine buster to the delight of the fans.

NWA North American Title
"The Temptation" Shaun Tempers (c)
Kyle Matthews

Matthews is the favorite of the crowd here and he gave the champion all he could handle here. Tempers showed in this bout why he is the North American Champion, but Matthews also showed why he is one of the top up and coming stars in Indy Wrestling today and is capable of knocking off any champion on any given night when given the opportunity......and apparently Shaun Tempers realized this as he had to resort to spraying his signature fragrance "Temptation for Men" (available for order at into the eyes of Kyle Matthews behind the referee's back...allowing him to apply his hangmen's neckbreaker and retain the championship.

As Tempers left the ring and Matthews was still blinded, "Epic" Grant Mitchell hit the ring and attacked Matthews....he then pulled a pair of scissors from his boot and declared he was about to cut off the beard of Matthews when Frankie Valentine hit the ring to make the save. At ringside, Mitchell's associate Gene Jackson took the mic and said that Epic wants to challenge Kyle Matthews to a match at Black Friday, Beard vs. Beard with the loser having their's shaved off.......Matthews replied that even though he was currently still blinded, he knows that Mitchell doesn't even have a beard to put against this point the crowd started chanting for Epic to put HIS HAIR ON THE LINE.....At first, Mitchell flat out refused but Jackson pulled him aside and told him something that changed his mind......Jackson then responded that Epic would accept the match but only if Tobey Romine was the referee...Kyle looked unsure as the crowd urged him NOT to do it, but then Jackson said that he's the boss and that it wasn't option...either he accepted the match on their terms or he's Matthews accepted.

NEXT WEEK: The Tournament continues to crown a #1 Contender to the NWA World Title on December 16th as Bulldog Raines takes on El Diablo Loco. Where is Terry Batey and will he show up next week to stop Gene Jackson's new reign of terror over NWA ProSouth?? Plus more matches to be signed for Black Friday on November 25th!

Already signed for Black Friday:

Hair vs. Beard
Referee: Tobey Romine
"Epic" Grant Mitchell
Kyle Matthews

The Long Awaited Title Match is GONNA HAPPEN!!
NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Title
Brian Alexander
"The Future Classic"
Tyler Gage

For more info on NWA ProSouth Wrestling
go to

Global Championship Wrestling, 11/25/11, in Pell City, AL

Global Championship Wrestling, 11/25/11, in Pell City, AL

Wrestle-Fest 3 this Saturday, 11/19/11, in Stockbridge, GA

Wrestle-Fest 3 this Saturday, 11/19/11, in Stockbridge, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling this Saturday, 11/19/11, in Villa Rica, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling this Saturday, 11/19/11, in Villa Rica, GA

Results: The Emprire (formerly Platinum Championship Wrestling), 11/04/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

 Results:  The Empire (formerly Platinum Championship Wrestling), 11/04/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

- from The Empire

Supernatural pinned CAMPUS Blue;

Brian Blaze pinned Eric Walker;

Vandal pinned Ken O' Sullivan;

Marko Polo pinned Warhorse 47 B.C;

Vordell Walker pinned The Tokyo Monster Kahagas;

In a ten-on-ten elimination match The Empire (Rachael Tension & Dany Only & Joey Kidman & Mr. Eric & Master Jae & Union Jack & Lee Roy & Michael Hirsch & Sylar Cross & Zackary Blane & Zach Daniels with Marty Freeman) defeated Team PCW (Jay Fury & Shane Marx & Chip Day & Jon Williams & Trey Williams & Tommy Daniels & Mason & De La Vega & The Phantom & The Lethal Litigator with Miss Stiletto)

The Empire Rankings: Champion--Shane Marx: 1--Jay Fury; 2--The Phantom; 3--Chip Day; 4-- Supernatural; 5--Vordell Walker; 6--Kyle Matthews; 7--Davey Richards; 8--Tommy Daniels; 9--De La Vega; 10--Mr. Xcitement

Platinum Championship Wrestling: Champion---Mason; 1---Nemesis; 2---Zach Daniels; 3---Dany Only; 4---The Vandal; 5---Sylar Cross 6---Zackary Blane 7---Brian Blaze 8---Lee Roy; 9---Mr. Eric; 10---Jay Lethal

Notes from the shows:

The company is now known as The Empire (or Empire Wrestling).

Michael Hirsch was injured as a result of the Scales of Justice delivered by PCW Champion Mason and will be out indefinitely.

"The Revelation" Shane Marx is the first Empire champion as declared by the new governing body of Empire wrestling as of Nov. 11th, 2011. The status of Platinum Championship Wrestling's title holder Mason is uncertain, but as of press time the PCW title was still an acknowledged and sanctioned title within Empire wrestling.

Mr. Xcitement could not be in the main event due to personal issues and was replaced by the recently medically cleared De La Vega.

The Empire is rumored to go with a new "Dream Match" approach to the weekly Friday shows, starting with their first show as controlling entity, where the main event will be Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones and Shaun Banks) against The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams and Trey Williams)

Stephen Platinum is barred from participating in Empire shows.

"Do Or Die" Chip Day was said to be particularly despondent, saying that he couldn't be at this Friday's show and watch the Empire gloat.

The crowd to watch the Empire's victory over PCW was not only the biggest crowd to date at that venue, over 20 fans were actually turned away. This is the first time that fans had to be turned away from a Platinum Championship Wrestling event, the irony of course was that it was the last PCW event.

Shane Mackey and Kurt Killgore are now the commentating team due to the removal of Stephen Platinum.

Ron Niemi has applied for a permenant manager's licence with Empire.

On December 15th, PCW champion Mason is still scheduled to face his #1 contender Nemesis. Pandora and Aesha will face one another in a strap match.

Results: NWA Anarchy, 11/05/11, from Cornelia, GA

Results: NWA Anarchy, 11/05/11, from Cornelia, GA

- from NWA Anarchy

Armed & Dangerous (Vasser & Dangerous) def Heavy Metal (Hexton & Canon)

Adrian Hawkins def Zack Daniels by submission using the sharpshooter. Postmatch Hawkins said he would make everyone tap out.

John Skyler, Bobby Moore & Andrew Pendelton def Jacob Ashworth, Skirra Corvus & CB Gibson when Sklyer pinned Ashworth

Tommy Daniels def JC Walker Postmatch both were attacked by Sev7n with Jeff G Bailey, until Brody Chase appeared but Sev7n soon had Chase set up for a choke slam....light went out and music played, light on and Mikael Judas had Sev7n by the throat. Sev7n managed to escape leaving Judas and Chase standing in the ring.

The NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title match between champions, Slim J & Brian Casanova and The Jimmy Rave Approved Team of Mike Posey & Corey Hollis ended with Hollis & Posey DQed when the Ambassadors (Boykins & Mayne) attacked Slim J & Casanova until Armed and Dangerous evened the odds and forced the Ambassadors from the ring.

Posey & Hollis had fled to ringside and after there other teams were gone Posey grabbed the mike, returned ti the ring and called out Anarchy owner Franklin Dove. Posey told Franklin he owed him money for the Rave Approved shirt Steven Walter had ripped up, and that Dove protected his "boy" Walters, and that he, Posey was nobody's boy and deserved title shots and better treatment. Posey began pushing Dove until Dove reared back and delivered a slap that echoed throughout the building. Posey & Hollis went after Dove until Seth Delay hit the ring. Delay challenged Posey and Dove OKed the match.

Mike Posey with Corey Hollis def Seth Delay

For Tag Team Champion, Dustin Knight returned to NWA Anarchy to tell the fans he had been away becoming a new father but would return to the ring on Nov 26. Adrian Hawkins hit the ring and managed to get Knight into the sharpshooter until refs broke it up. Knight challenged Hawkins to a match on Nov 26.

Billy Buck & Anthony Henry def Shaun Tempers & Bo Newsome when Buck pinned the NWA North American Champion after a superkick

Cedric Alexander debuted defeating Corey Hollis with Mike Posey when Posey interference backfired, causing the ref to be down briefly allowing Seth Delay to slid into the ring and use the brass knuckles on Hollis.

In a Falls Count Anywhere match The Haste Junkies (Stryknyn & Only) with The Rev def Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) when Azrael got involved, Nemesis was tied to the corner ring post and Shadow was pinned by all 3 men. Then the Junkies put a noose around Jackson's neck and hung him over the top rope whild Nemesis watched unable to help. Brody Chase led out a group of wrestler who drove away the Junkies, Azrael & The Rev.

Nest show is 11-26 with Adrian Hawkins vs Dustin Knight announced. Kimo is recovering from injuries sustained at Fright Night. NWA Anarchy TV Champion, Steven Walters & Lane Vasser were booked for WWE in Atlanta and Greenville recently and Walters is booked again for them on Nov 28-29. NWA World Champion, Adam Pearce defends the title in NWA Anarchy on December 17 with NWA North American Champion, Shaun Tempers the likely opponent.

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 11/05/11, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 11/05/11, from Rossville, GA

- from EPW

1. In the opener, Chris Ganz squared off against "The Best" Lamar
Phillips. Great match with equal offense on the part of both of these
veterans, including a hurricanrana on the floor by Ganz on Lamar Phillips.
After Phillips had a few near pinfalls on Chris Ganz, Ganz wins with a
powerful Missile Drop Kick on Lamar Phillips.

2. XTreme Generation, Jason Hampton and Jerry Anderson faced a well liked
tag team making their Empire debut, The Mixed Kid Mafia, consisting of
Aaron G and D'Andre Jackson. As we have seen over the last few weeks,
Jason Hampton and Jerry Anderson are clearly not on the same page any
longer. Before the match starts, Jason is trying to keep Jerry focused
and Jerry keeps interrupting the ring announcer Buzz as Jerry isn't
satisfied with the introduction for XTreme Gen. During the match, XTreme
Gen clearly controlled the match by keeping D'Andre Jackson from making a
tag. D'Andre finally made the tag to Aaron G and it was pure bedlam! The
referee lost control and both teams were brawling, ending with Jason
holding D'Andre Jackson while Jerry wrapped a chain around his hand and
loaded up to hit D'Andre. Then as occurred 2 weeks ago, the lights went
out and there was a masked man in the ring and he grabbed Jerry Anderson,
and the lights went out again and the masked man and Jerry were gone.
Jason Hampton then rolled up D'Andre Jackson with a schoolboy for the win.
After the match was over, Jason Hampton showed his respect for the Mixed
Kid Mafia, garnering cheers from the fans for both Jason Hampton and the
Mixed Kid Mafia.

3. Veteran Chip Hazard from Houston TX returned with Jessica Wetmore, to
face off with up and coming Empire Superstar Logan Alvey from Chattanooga,
TN. After a good solid exchange and offense back and forth, with Logan
Alvey gaining momentum, Chip Hazard used his powerful Belly To Belly
Suplex and got the pinfall.

4. In a highly anticipated match, veteran Kyle Matthews returned to the
Empire to face Keith "The Chunky Dragon" Hamill. What a match this was!
"The Chunky Dragon" is refocused and came out strong, exchanging powerful
chops with Matthews. Matthews and "The Chunky Dragon" grappled the entire
match, executing submission holds with Matthews hitting his powerful
Slurpee Kick on "The Chunky Dragon". In the end, it was Kyle using the
O'Connor Roll on "The Chunky Dragon" to win the pinfall. After the match
was over, Matthews showed his respect for "The Chunky Dragon" by leading
the fans in a "Chunky" chant and saluting "The Chunky Dragon" for his ring
talents. The fans loved this match and both wrestlers left the arena to
rousing cheers.

5. Making his Empire debut was the "Connecticut Cowboy" Chris Silvers.
At the Empire, a debuting wrestler's 1st night isn't a "freebie"
Silvers was pitted against Ft. Oglethorpe's Rush! Rush gave "no quarter"
as he showed Silvers what it was like to enter the Empire. Rush defeated
the "Connecticut Cowboy" with the Stunner.

6. This of course was the Main Event and for the Empire Tag Team
Championship. Going in to the match, we knew it was going to be a
combination of The Devil's Rejects challenging Champions Ben Thrasher and
Jessco Blue. The only member confirmed to be wrestling for the Devil's
Rejects was Andrew Alexander, but we didn't know who his Rejects partner
would be, only that it would be the most sadistic and sickest member ever
of the Devil's Rejects....and Alexander was correct. His partner was "The
Strong Style Psycho" Tank. Both teams showed decisive momentum at
different points in this grueling match, and seemingly Jessco Blue & Ben
Thrasher were on their way to another successful title defense when Ben
Thrasher hit a monster Spine Splitta on Andrew Alexander. He then
tagged in Jessco Blue. Jessco tried to Shoulder Tackle Tank twice to no
avail, then Thrasher and Blue used a Double Shoulder Tackle to get "The
Strong Style Psycho" off his feet to clear the ring. Ben Thrasher was
clearly getting his "second wind" and his partner Jessco Blue was circling
the ring, with Ben Thrasher in the center, after they had the Devil's
Rejects "on the ropes". Then in a stunning move, Jessco Blue loaded up
his "5 Arm" and nailed his partner Ben Thrasher! The Empire Arena went
silent in disbelief. Alexander then slowly and methodically entered the
ring attempted to pin the downed Thrasher, but Big Ben kicked out, clearly
getting his "third wind". After a vicious foot to the head Andrew
Alexander got the pinfall on Ben Thrasher, giving the victory to new
Empire Tag Team Champions "The Devil's Rejects".

BUT the carnage wasn't over. "The Devil's Rejects" Tank and Alexander,
along with Jessco Blue, then continued punishing Ben Thrasher just to add
insult to injury. Finally, Rush stormed the ring to a thunderous ovation,
but the 3 of them worked over Rush, leaving him laying in the ring.
Alexander then called in ring announcer Buzz Parker to the ring. Buzz
showed his displeasure over what had just happened to Chickamauga GA's
favorite son Ben Thrasher, telling Jessco Blue he should be ashamed,
reminding Blue of the fact that the VERY first time they (Blue & Thrasher)
teamed, they won the Empire Tag Team Championship. Alexander warned Buzz
Parker to lower his voice and change his tone in addressing "The Devil's
Rejects". Tank pulled Buzz's eyeglasses off, and broke them into pieces.
Buzz then told "The Devil's Rejects" that Halloween was over and that he
was tired of "The Devil's Rejects" hocus pocus. Tank then slugged the
defenseless ring announcer and then picked him back up after he'd downed
him. As Buzz was squirming to get out of Tank's grip, Tank gave Buzz, the
ring announcer, his devastating Chokebreaker. Ben Thrasher, Rush, and
Buzz were left laying in the ring as a stunned Empire Arena looked on.
"The Devil's Rejects" showed no mercy and showed how ruthless they are as
a cohesive unit. How will Ben Thrasher react to the actions of the
"Devil's Rejects"? I can say this "Devil's Rejects", don't get too secure, Ben
Thrasher will recover and this will not be forgotten!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

GPWA returns to Lenox, GA on November 19th

GPWA returns to Lenox, GA on November 19th

Old School Wrestling, 12/03/11, in Griffin, GA

Old School Wrestling, 12/03/11, in Griffin, GA

"The End of an Era" from Stephen Platinum

"The End of an Era" from Stephen Platinum

On Friday, November 11th I wrestle my last match as The Lethal Litigator.

To most, that’s not a big deal at all. I wasn’t any kind of in-ring talent of note. I did my job, worked hard in matches, but The Lethal Litigator was a comedy heel. I’d commentate matches live, work the crowd up, work a match (which I’d invariably lose) and often do a big stunt – fall through tables, big falls off of balconies, etc. What’s strange is as a wrestling trainer I wouldn’t let anyone I train do the crazier things. It was the 90’s and the escalation of what was expected as far as physical danger was in full effect. I did what I had to do to get work.

Looking back, there’s two things that I’m very proud of – I’m proud that I managed to not have a serious injury over a multi-year career, and I never injured anyone else in the ring. I’m also proud that when I was allowed to book matches, I didn’t take advantage of the position. I really did my best job not putting myself over and really emphasizing the whole card and what we were trying to accomplish.

That said, Lethal Litigator was who I was. I worked heel the entire time. If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have tried something else for a gimmick for a time. When you are getting booked and promoters seem reluctant to have you change anything, you have a choice to make. I probably made the easier and safer choice (financially) and didn’t try anything else. I wish I would have taken a chance. I would have made a dynamite never-say-die babyface. Or a different kind of heel that could garner serious heat.

I really hit home that this was going to be my last match as Lethal Litigator when I had to find my black Lethal Litigator jacket with the red “Lethal Litigator” embroidered on the back. I had a number of jackets (by the way, I’m amazed that wrestlers nowadays who want to do this for a living don’t invest in gear and a look…that was damn near priority #1 when I wrestled from 1993-2000) but this one was my first one, and the only one I still have. I found the jacket thanks to direction from my wife (“it might be in the basement. Or in a drawer full of your stuff that you don’t wear anymore. Or it might be tucked on the side of the kid’s big closet of clothes.” That’s where it was, next to my 4-year old’s costumes) and took a look. It was literally covered with dust, having not been worn or used since late 2000.

When the dry cleaners commented on the state of the jacket, and how hard it was to restore it, it made me realize that me wrestling as Lethal Litigator wouldn’t be easy. It will be fun, for sure. It was fun showing the regular Platinum Championship Wrestling crowd (many of whom have hounded me with bringing up Lethal Litigator for months) video clips last Friday of me wrestling Jake Roberts, chopping women (I worked heel to the hilt, I must emphasize) and generally looking younger. They responded well, and I think they’ll have fun watching me work as Lethal Litigator one last time. I even got permission from my former valet to have a new version of herself at ringside. You really can’t have Lethal Litigator without his Executive Level Assistant, Miss Stilletto.

I hate the word “retirement” when it comes to wrestling. Not only do wrestlers seem to never fully retire (see: every wrestler except Gorilla Monsoon) often it is guys who never had a real career that “retire.” I had a career as Lethal Litigator, as in I actually made money from being Lethal Litigator, and counted on it as my primary source of income…but I never really made it to the big time. I stopped wrestling actively when I was 30, certainly a far cry from the decades-spanning career others have had. Once I captained my own ship I never looked back. Save for the occasional foray into the ring for fun (as a Warhorse, for example) I don’t book myself. I think it’s bad form, for one thing, and PCW certainly has the roster that doesn’t need me on it.

Once I started training wrestlers in Georgia in 2001, and running my own promotion I never looked back at my in-ring wrestling career. I love booking and running PCW. But I can’t lie…the thought of getting to put on the red and black jacket, the thought of bumping around and being a jerk in the ring again (and having the crowd cheer for it no less) is appealing. It’s all the more reason to be Lethal Litigator just one last time. PCW is a young league full of talented younger wrestlers. If Lethal Litigator had a time, it’s clearly done. I know that Friday I’ll go out with a bang. It will be fun showing the newer wrestlers a little of what I used to do, and getting to show off one last time while I’m still physically able to pull of what I want to do with energy and competence.

After that, the Litigator jacket hangs back up. The green jacket I wear as Stephen Platinum, booker is the only one I’ll need. But the red and black jacket will always have its place – not in wrestling history really, because I was less than a blip on the wrestling radar…but with me. And for one night, with the PCW fans. And that’s not bad at all.

The video clip of me at Lethal Litigator

Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday! Bell is at 8:00 p.m.

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

$8 a ticket

There have been 126 shows in the history of PCW since we started January 15th of 2010. But never has a main event meant so much.

A ten person versus ten person elimination match. The Empire and PCW will each field a team. The team that has a person or people remaining on their team after the other team has been completely eliminated will be the winner, and the company will be theirs, lock, stock and barrel.

The Empire Team:
(Captain) Miss Rachael
Dany Only
Union Jack
Sylar Cross
Master Jae
"Wildchild" Joey Kidman
"The Main Attraction" Michael Hirsch
"Awesome" Zach Daniels
Zackary Blane
Mr. Eric

The PCW Team:
(Captain) The Lethal Litigator, Stephen Platinum
PCW World Champion Mason
"The Sensational" Jay Fury
"The Revelation" Shane Marx
"Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels
Mr. Xcitement
"Do Or Die" Chip Day
The Phantom
The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams)

In addition to that match, a very special semi-main event has been announced:

Vordell Walker will take on "The Tokyo Monster" Kahagas, managed by Ron Niemi -- if you don't know who they are, Google them, folks. It's going to be a barnburner of a match

Aesha answers Pandora's challenge for a strap match on December 15th at the Masqerade!

Also: The Konkrete Gorillaz! Simon Sermon! Marko Polo and Nina Monet! Supernatural! And more, much more! This event is not to be missed!

Empire Pro Wrestling this Saturday, 11/12/11, in Rossville, GA

Empire Pro Wrestling this Saturday, 11/12/11, in Rossville, GA

- from Empire Wrestling Entertainment

We have another great show planned for everyone this Saturday night! Here is a sneak peak at what you will see!

Empire Heavyweight Champion will take on Logan Alvey. Dru looks to continue to dominate the competition. Logan looks to pick up his first victory of his career. Will Logan finally get his first win ever? Or will Dru continue to dominate his opponents?

The Mixed Ones (D'Andre Jaxson & Aaron Galaviz) will be making their Empire debut as they take on Xtreme Generation (Jason Hampton & Jerry Anderson). We all know that Jerry and Jason have been having problems lately. Can they get them fixed, or will The Mixed Ones pick up a big victory their first night at Empire?

After wrestling current Ring Of Honor Champion Davey Richards and competing against Jimmy Rave in a dark match for TNA, Kyle Matthews returns to Empire Wrestling Entertainment. His challenger, Keith "The Chunky Dragon" Hamill. This promises to be a great match. The only question is, who will come out victorious?

Empire Tag Team Champions Ben Thrasher & Jessco Blue will be defending their titles Saturday night against two Devil's Rejects members. We know one of those members will be Andrew Alexander. The question is, who will Andrew's partner. Andrew has only said his partner is the most, sick, sadistic, and twisted member of The Rejects. Are Ben and Jessco's titles in jeopardy, or will the champions continue to defy the odds and retain their titles?

Also in action will be Rush, Lamar Phillips, "Cowboy" Chris Silvers (making his Empire debut), Chris Ganz, and more! Joins us this Saturday night for another great night of Empire action. Please remember The Card and Talent Are Subject To Change!!

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 11/06/11, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 11/06/11, from Warner Robins, GA

- from NWA RPW 

Drew Adler & The Ninja def Michael Stevens & Anthony Andrews;

Dr. Gayton announced Thunderbolt Patterson as new Sheriff of RPW;

Jeremy Vain retained the NWA RPW Heavyweight Title def Anthony Henry;

Kyle Matthews, Adrian Hawkins & J Rod def Mike Posey, Corey Hollis & Patrick Bentley by DQ when Jimmy Rave interfered;

Frankie Valentine retained the NWA RPW TV Title def Chip Day by DQ when the Jimmy Rave Approved Team got involved leading to Sal Rinauro, Kyle Matthews, Adrian Hawkins & J Rod getting involved.

In a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match, the Cash Vault Team of Rob Adonis & Bobby Moore def Hot Like Lava and champions, the Usual Suspects to become the new NWA RPW Tag Team Champions.

Monday, November 7, 2011

NWA Pro South Wrestling this Friday, 11/11/11, in Piedmont, AL

NWA Pro South Wrestling this Friday, 11/11/11, in Piedmont, AL

- from PSW














Universal Independent Wrestling, 11/19/11, in Villa Rica, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling, 11/19/11, in Villa Rica, GA

Bay Springs Middle School, Villa Rica, GA
$8 Ringside, $6 General Admission  - Kids under 5 FREE

Main Event:  UIW Heavyweight Champion  Bull Buchanan & Drew Adler vs Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks);

No DQ Match: UIW United States Heavyweight Champion Rob Adonis vs "Marvelous" Michael Stevens;

UIW Tag Team Champions The Usual Suspects (Muder One & AJ Steele) vs "So Fine" Frankie Valentine & "Dixie Dynamite" Billy Knight;

The debut of The Demon Master vs Damon Taz;

UIW Cruiserweight Champion Josh Storm vs Kyle Matthews;

Plus Stupid (w/Tweety), Anthony Andrews, Ace Haven and more.

Video: PCW Champion Mason vs Dany Only

Video:  PCW Champion Mason vs Dany Only

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 11/19/11, in Ellijay, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 11/19/11, in Ellijay, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 11/04/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 11/04/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

Platinum Championship Wrestling at The Academy Theater: 

Supernatural pinned Zackary Blane;

Pandora defeated CAMPUS Orange;

Jay Fury and Eric Walker wrestled to a no-contest;

The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams& Trey Williams) and The Konkrete Gorillaz (Nemesis & Brian Blaze) were counted out;

Zach Daniels pinned Chip Day;

The Phantom pinned Sylar Cross;

The Vandal pinned Warhorse 47 B.C.;

Dany Only defeated Seth Delay in a two-out-of-three falls match;

Platinum Championship Wrestling: Champion Rankings: Mason; 1---Nemesis; 2---The Vandal; 3---Dany Only; 4---Zach Daniels; 5---The Phantom; 6---Shane Marx; 7---Supernatural; 8---Davey Richards; 9---Kyle Matthews; 10---Jay Lethal;

Notes from the shows:

On November 11th, the Empire and PCW will each field teams to face one another in a 10 versus 10 elimination match to determine which company will be the name of the company, and which group will have to disband. The Empire team will consist of Miss Rachael (captain), Dany Only, Union Jack, Sylar Cross, Master Jae, "Wildchild" Joey Kidman, Michael Hirsch, Zach Daniels, Zackary Blane, and Mr. Eric. Team PCW will consist of Stephen "Lethal Litigator" Platinum (captain), current PCW Champion Mason, Jay Fury, "The Revelation" Shane Marx, "Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels, Mr. Xcitement, "Do Or Die" Chip Day, The Phantom, and The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams.)

Pandora challenged Aesha to a strap match for the Masquerade on December 15th.

PCW Champion Mason will defend the title against Nemesis.

At the conclusion of the show, various Empire members brawled with PCW wrestlers. Miss Rachael and Stephen Platinum fought as well, with Miss Rachael choking Platinum out while elbowing him to the top of the head repeatedly. A woman came out of the crowd and catfought with Miss Rachael. Platinum explained that the woman was Miss Stilleto, his valet from his wrestling days, and that at the PCW/Empire 10-on-10 elimination match, it would be Lethal Litigator, evil bastard (not merely Stephen Platinum) that Rachael would face.

LN Promotions announces the date for "A Nightmare to Remember II"

LN Promotions announces the date for "A Nightmare to Remember II"

Make plans to join the wrestling community as we celebrate the life of "The Nightmare" Ted Allen one more time!

Results: TNT Pro Wrestling, 11/05/11, from Clayton, GA

Results: TNT Pro Wrestling, 11/05/11, from Clayton, GA

- from TNT

Zackary Blane defeated Don E.

Zach Daniels defeated Cody Fairview.

Mystic Storm & Ken O'Sullivan defeated Chad Silva & Scott Mayson by DQ.

TNT Heavyweight Champion Chaos defeated Zee Williams.

TNT Tag Team Champions The Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) defeated Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra.

Old School Wrestling, 11/19/11, in Griffin, GA

Old School Wrestling, 11/19/11, in Griffin, GA

Rescheduled from the original date, 11/12/11.

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 11/05/11, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 11/05/11, from Rossville, GA

- from EPW

Our opening match was Jerry Anderson (with Jason Hampton) took on Puppy Pedro. Jerry grabbed Pedro and told Jason to hit Pedro with the chain he had. Jason said no. They argued and Jason finally said ok. But as he went to hit Pedro, Pedro ducked and Jason nailed Jerry with the chain. This allowed Puppy Pedro to pick up the win. After the match, Jerry and Jason argued.

"The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper has a pretty good winning streak going and looked to keep it rolling against Logan Alvey. Just when it looked like Alvey was going to end Viper's winning streak, Brother Fusion (Brandon & Jason Collins) got Logan's attention. This allowed Viper to hit The World's Greatest Dropkick (Tightrope Dropkick) for the win.

Rush came out expecting to face "The Deadly Sin" Seven. What he got was attacked by Dru Delite and Andrew Alexander. Thankfully, Ben Thrasher hit the ring to chase off Andrew and Dru. Andrew then told Ben he wuld be facing Dru later in the night.

Brother Fusion (Brandon & Jason Collins with Johnny Viper) also continued their winning streak as the defeated the team of Josh Vaughn and David Gage. Brother Fusion won with their finisher TMH (This May Hurt).

Cyrus defeated "The Ace in the Hole" Savin Roberts with the Baldo Bomb

Jerry Anderson came to the ring next and called out Jason Hampton. Jerry said that the fighting has to end and stuck out his hand. Jason looked around and wasnt sure if he wanted to shake hands. Jerry grabbed his hand and forced Jason to shake hands and then Jerry raised Jason's hand.

In the main event, Dru Delite went after Ben Thrasher's knee. Ben was able to overcome the pain and set up Dru for his piledriver. However Andrew attacked Ben. As Dru and Andrew attacked Ben, Rush hit the ring to make the save. Andrew then told Ben that he and Jessco Blue would be defending the Empire tag team titles against Andrew and a mystery partner. Andrew said his partner was the most Sick and Saddistic Reject of them all.

Also we just found out that next Saturday night, Keith "The Chunky Dragon" Hamill will face Kyle Matthews!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NWA ProSouth Wrestling tomorrow night, 11/04/11, in Piedmont, AL

NWA ProSouth Wrestling tomorrow night, 11/04/11, in Piedmont, AL

- from NWA ProSouth

‎"Future Classic" Tyler Gage makes his return to NWA ProSouth. It's time for PICK YOUR POISON as Tyler Gage & NWA ProSouth Champion Brian Alexander pick each other's opponent.

Who will face NWA North American Heavyweight Champion "The Temptation" Shaun Tempers for the title on November 11th? Kyle Matthews will do battle with rival "Epic" Grant Mitchell for the title shot.

The tournament to see who faces NWA World Heavyweight Champion "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce on December 16th starts Friday. Round One Match-Up: "The Last Hero" Ace Haven versus "Awesome" Scott Spade.

Plus lots more NWA ProSouth action!

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 11/05/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 11/05/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

NWA Anarchy, 11/12/11, in Cornelia, GA

NWA Anarchy, 11/12/11, in Cornelia, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 11/04/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 11/04/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday! Bell is at 8:00 p.m.

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

$8 a ticket

The main event is a doozy...Dany Only takes on "Hands of Steel" Seth Delay...if that isn't enough, both men have insisted that the match is two-of-three falls! Seth Delay is a proven ironman at PCW. Dany Only has been on an undeniable roll as the lynch pin of the Empire. Don't miss this match!

With the big 10-on-10 elimination match happening next week, the Empire and PCW are taking on one another in contests that are sure to tip the balance in next week's main event! "Do Or Die" Chip Day takes on "Awesome" Zach Daniels!

The mysterious Supernatural has made his presence felt at PCW, attacking the Empire during the Platinum Royal at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two and last week. His amazing aerial pyrotechnics and creepy presence have been a thorn in the Empire's side...but they finally have him in a match in the ring. Come see the newest sensation, Supernatural against Zackary Blane!

Pandora took a hellacious beating at the hands of Aesha and the Konkrete Gorillaz. She answers them, and takes on CAMPUS Orange in a match!

The Vandal challenges the injured PCW Champion Mason in an empty arena match tonight! Footage from the match will be put online, and shown before the show on Friday! Can Vandal make Mason the shortest-reigning champion ever, and cripple PCW's momentum going into the biggest match in the company's history on Nov. 11th?

Plus: The Washington Bullets! The Konkrete Gorillaz! "The Sensational" Jay Fury! Vandal and Kurt Killgore! "Dynomite Soul" Eric Walker! The Empire! Marko Polo and Nina Monet! And more, much more!

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling this Sunday, 11/06/11, in Warner Robins, GA

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling this Sunday, 11/06/11, in Warner Robins, GA

- from RWP

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling's Doctoberfest proved to be a spectacular event. This Sunday, November 6 the wrestling stars of NWA RPW return to Johnny Gs in Warner Robins, GA for another action filled TV taping.

The NWA RPW Heavyweight Champion, Jeremy Vain managed to retain the promotion's top prize when he was disqualified in his match with "The Priest Of Punishment" Mikel Judas. This Sunday with Doug Somers back in his corner, Vain defends the title against Anthony Henry who defeated former NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Tony Kozina at Doctoberfest. Henry has been a champion in NWA promotions throughout the southeastern United States, so Vain will have his hands full with the NWA RPW newcomer. Plus Mikel Judas made it clear to RPW officials that we have not seen the last of him.

NWA RPW TV Champion, Frankie Valentine was victorious in the "First Blood" match at Dotoberfest defeating Doug Somers. This Sunday the TV Title is on the line when he faces "Jimmy Rave Approved" Chip Day.

The other Jimmy Rave Approved team members, Corey Hollis, Mike Posey and new member Patrick Bentley who joined the team during the Doctoberfest War Games match face three of their War Games opponents, team captain Kyle Matthews, Adrian Hawkins & J Rod. Ace Rockwell who was severely lacerated during the War Games match has not been cleared to wrestle by doctors.

And questions remain as to what happened to Jimmy Rave and what is next for the Approved team leader who was last seen being chased into the lockeroom area by Sal Rinauro, who by all indications is now aligned with Kyle Matthews and other again Rave and his team. What will happen next between these former best friends is unknown at this time .

"Marvelous" Michael Stevens & Anthony Andrews face Drew Adler & the returning "Ninja" this Sunday. At Doctoberfest "Officer" Chris Jacabs pinned Andrews who is claiming that did not end his streak of wins as a fan interfered by grabbing Stevens leg preventing him from assisting Andrews.

The Usual Suspects (Murder 1 & AJ Steele) retained the NWA RPW Tag Team Titles at Doctoberfest in a wild three was Rampage Rules match against former champs Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shawn Banks) and The Cash Vault team of Rob Adonis & Booby Moore. Postmatch Adonis attacked AJ Steele and Bobby Moore speared Murder 1 through a table then with Charlie Cash posed in the middle of the ring with the title belts. This Sunday the stakes get even higher as the tag titles are again on the line and again its a three way tag match but this time its a TLC match, Tables, Ladders, & Chairs, one of the most exciting and dangerous matches in professional wrestling.

The NWA RPW TV taping dates through the end of the year are this Sunday, November 6, then November 20, December 4 and December 18, all with 2PM belltimes at Johnny Gs in Warner Robins, GA.

Keep up with all the excitement of NWA RPW TV each Saturday on Macon's Fox 24 at 9:00AM and MY41.2 at 10AM and Cox Communications Cable 11 in Middle Georgia Thurs 8PM & Sat noon or anytime at, plus Rampage Rewind on Cox Communications Cable 11 M, W, & F 5PM Fri & Sat 11:30PM & My41 Sat noon and at . Don't miss the NWA RPW TV taping on Sunday November 6, at 2PM. Be there!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Results: TNT Pro Wrestling, 10/29/11, from Clayton, GA, GA

Results: TNT Pro Wrestling, 10/29/11, from Clayton, GA

- from TNT

Zee Williams def The Grimm Reaper

Mystic Storm & Ken O'Sullivan def Big Tee Money & Juan Delgado

Due to his actions last show, Ryan Bonebrake was put in a match against Zach Daniels per current GM Michael Gentry for punishment. Zach Daniels won via pin fall.

Stryknyn vs C.B. Gibson resulted in a no contest due to a double count out.

Zack Blane & Matt Sells def Scott Mayson & Chad Silva.

TNT Pro Wrestling presents professional wrestling every Saturday night at the Georgia Mountain Flea Market in Clayton, GA.  Check out their facebook page for more information.

Results: Universal Independent Wrestling, 10/29/11, from Villa Rica, GA

Results: Universal Independent Wrestling, 10/29/11, from Villa Rica, GA

Kyle Matthews defeated Drew Adler, "Adorable" Anthony Andrews and Sal Rinauro to become the #1 contender for the UIW Cruiserweight Championship;

UIW United States Champion Rob Adonis defeated "Marvelous" Michael Stevens;

A rematch was set for Nov. 19th at Gold Dust Park in Villa Rica;

In a Ring of Honor feature match: Kyle O'Reilly defeated Tony Kozina;

UIW Tag Team Champions The Usual Suspects (Murder One & AJ Steele) defeated "Epic" Grant Mitchell & "The Irish MacDaddy" Brad Lynch;

"The Local Scene" Josh Storm defeated Stupid (w/Tweety) to become the new UIW Cruiserweight Champion;

UIW Heavyweight Champion Bull Buchanan defeated Cru Jones (w/Peanut);

After the match Jones and Peanut caught Buchanan by surprise and after tossing the referee and ring announcer, Mark Grason, out of the ring, hand-cuffed the champion to the ropes.   Drew Adler made the save, running to the ring with a chair and clearing the ring.

A match was set-up on Nov 19th featuring Buchanan & Adler vs Jones & a surprise opponent;

"So Fine" Frankie Valentine defeated Pretty Boy Doug Somers in a cage match;

The next UIW show will be on 11/19/11 in Villa Rica, GA at Gold Dust Park.

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance this Saturday, 11/05/11, in Carrollton, GA

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance this Saturday, 11/05/11, in Carrollton, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 10/28/11, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 10/28/11, from Rossville, GA

- from EPW

T.H.R.E.E. Members Brother Fusion (Jason & Brandon Collins) opened the show with a victory over Puppy Pedro and Logan Alvey

Cyrus defeated Dakota Outlaw

The tag team titles were on the line in the next match as Xtreme Generation (Jerry Anderson & Jason Hampton) challenged Tag Team Champions Ben Thrasher & Jessco Blue. This wqas Xtreme Generations last oppertunity to challenge Ben and Jessco for the tag titles. Xtreme Generation jumped Ben and Jessco to try to get the upperhand. This worked, however, Jessco was able to hit Jerry with his flying elbow. Anderson rolled out of the ring as Jessco celebrated hittinh his finisher. While jumping off the second rope, Jessco injured his knee. Ben said he was forfieting the match and Jessco told him no, to go and finish the match. Ben go the upper hand on Jerry and as Ben went to the maffia kick on Jerry, Anderson pulled the referee in the way and Ben kicked the ref. Jason and Jerry took out Ben but instead of waking up the ref and getting the win, Jerry told Jason to hit Ben with a chain. Befre Jason could, the lights went out. When they came back up, there was a mased man in the ring with Jason, and he grabbed Hampton. The lights went back out and when they came back on, Jason and the masked man were gone. As, Jerry was looking for his partner, Ben was able to pick up the victory and retain the tag team titles. We will have an update on Jessco Blue as soon as one become available and we are also working to find out what happened to Jason Hampton and to find out the identy of the masked man.

T.H.R.E.E Member "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper continued his winning streak by defeating the returning Tyler Gage.

Dru Delight was set to defend his Empire Heavyweight Championship against Keith "The Chunky Dragon" Hamill. However, Dru changed it to a non title match but said if Keith could defeat Dru, he would give him a title match. Dru Delite defeated Keith Hamill.

Rush was finally able to get his hands on Devil's Rejects member Andrew Alexander. As Rush set up to hit the Stunner, Andrew pushed Rush away and punched the referee. This gave Rush the win via diaquaification. After the match Andrew told Rush that next week he would be going one on one with "The Dedly Sin" Seven.