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All-Star Wrestling Network video update for their show this Friday, 03/02/12, in Fort Valley, GA

All-Star Wrestling Network video update for their show this Friday, 03/02/12, in Fort Valley, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling, 03/06/12, in Carrollton, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling, 03/06/12, in Carrollton, GA

NWA Anarchy, 03/10/12, in Cornelia, GA

NWA Anarchy, 03/10/12, in Cornelia, GA








Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Results: TWA Action Zone, 02/25/12, from Dalton, GA

Results: TWA Action Zone, 02/25/12, from Dalton, GA

- from TWA

In the opening match “Simply Amazing” Alex Summers took on the high flying rookie Ricochet. Ricochet made a great showing for himself but in the end was out powered and over matched by Alex Summers. Alex finished him off with a power bomb out of the corner.

The second match of the night was an Action Zone Showcase, taking a wrestler from a stable, a tag team, a singles wrestler, and a rising star and putting them all in one match. In this elimination style match “The Future” Will Force out lasted “The One” Joey Idol, Da Bill and Tiffany to become the winner of the first ever Action Zone Showcase Match.

Third Match of the night saw HCP 2.0(John Arden & Dustin Famous)take on the new tag team of James Eden and Dakota Outlaw #1 in a non title match. In the end James and Outlaw defeated the current tag team champions. After the match Honor and Respect jumped both teams setting up a triple threat tag team title match this week.

Fourth Match saw “Lion Heart” Ray Fury taking on “The Upgrade” Mikey Watkins. During the match “Playmaker” Drew Meyers got involved causing the match to get thrown out until the save was made by Zero, so the Ref turned it into a tag match only to see Zero walk out on Ray Fury at the end and again for the second week in the row Mikey pinned the Action Zone Champion.

Fifth Match “The Real Deal” John Bishop took on the returning “Top Dawg” Randy Watkins. In this very physical matchup in the end the veteran Randy Watkins came out on top in his return to the Action Zone.
Main Event of the night saw Toy Dodson defend the Southern Title against the former champion “Star Quality” Josh Vaughn. A great main event with a lot of action but as Josh was about to get the win Toy’s manager Kevin Green distracted the Ref allowing Da Bill to slide in the ring and hit Josh with some kind of object then pulling Toy on top of Josh for the victory. After the match As Kevin Green is helping Toy out of the ring the mysterious man called revolution hits the ring and drops Kevin Green with a big DDT and left a card in Kevin’s pocket that said the Revolution is here and next week it all changes.

This Week at the All New Action Zone-

“Lion Heart” Ray Fury takes on Zero after what happened last week

A Triple Threat Match for the Action Zone Tag Team Titles

HCP 2.0 vs. James Eden/Dakota Outlaw #1 vs. Honor&Respect

Plus more great matches and what does the Revolution have in store for TWA since he promised this week it all changes?

TWA Action Zone 2500 Reed Rd. Dalton Ga.
Bell Time 8 :00 p.m.

Every Saturday

Or visit TWA Action Zone Dalton Facebook

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, 03/10/12, in Blue Ridge, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, 03/10/12, in Blue Ridge, GA

Casey Kage vs Brian Rivers;

Kyle Matthews vs Chip Day;

Corey Hollis vs Mr Showtime;

The All Star vs Semper Fi Cody Roberts;

Tiffany Roxx vs Jessica Wetmore;

Also on the card - Terry Lawler,The Scorpion, Ray Ray,Johnny Rokk,
Chip Hazard,Dave Diamond, Big Will,Talon Williams and more!!!

Southern Wrestling Association's Saturday Night Riot, 03/10/12, in Eastanollee, GA

Southern Wrestling Association's Saturday Night Riot, 03/10/12, in Eastanollee, GA

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Will Grason Memorial Tag Team Invitational, 03/17/12, in Douglasville, GA

The Will Grason Memorial Tag Team Invitational, 03/17/12, in Douglasville, GA

As a celebration of Will's birthday, the show will be a tournament and feature eight of the best tag teams in Georgia.

The eight tag teams have been announced and these are the opening round matches:

The Washington Bullets (Tre & Junius Williams) vs Tommy Daniels and CB Gibson;

Family First (Frankie Valentine & Josh Storm) vs Chip Day and Corey Hollis;

Talent and Money (JT Talent & Andrew Pendleton) vs The Hate Junkies (dany only & Stryknyn) ;

Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) vs Best Friends Forever (Marvelous Michael Stevens & Adorable Anthony Andrews);

The show will be held March 17th at Community Fellowship Ministries, 612 Cohran Store Rd, Douglasville, GA 30134.

Doors open at 12:00pm (noon) Bell time is 1:00pm.

Tickets: Ringside (first two rows) $10, General Admission $8, Kids under 5 are admitted FREE.

Call (678) 231-1747 for more information.

The event is a benefit for the Kids Beach Club programs at Dugan and Nebo Elementary. All proceeds will go directly to funding the program at the schools.

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 02/26/12, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 02/26/12, from Warner Robins, GA

- from Daniel Lee Lumm

“Marvelous” Michael Stevens & Adrian Hawkins (w/ “Adorable” Anthony Andrews) defeatDrew Adler & Sal Rinauro via pinfall

Referee: Stan Robinson

Sal & Marv start the match off and the crowd immediately gets behind Sal. Marv tries to take an aggressive offense but is quickly stopped by a series of inverted atomic drops, leading to a point where Marv attempts a leap frog that lands on Sal’s knee. Hawkins tags in to receive the same treatment only to promptly tag back out, and Adler comes in. After delivering yet another inverted atomic drop, Marv tags in Andrews, who is not even part of the match, only to see the same result. After this continues for a little longer, Adler is overtaken by a double team of Marv and Hawkins, who then isolate him in the ring. Marv and Hawkins hold control with a series of illegal tactics and some behind-the-ref shenanigans. Sal continuously tries to talk Adler into the corner until he finally makes the hot tag and Hawkins tags in. When Adler comes back in, a brawl between Marv and Sal distracts the ref long enough for Andrews to hit Adler with the jar they’ve been known to utilize and Hawkins picks up the pin. A nice opening match that the crowd was very into.

Officer Chris Jacobs & Tommy Daniels Defeated “The Real Deal” Jake Slater & “WildChild” Joey Kidman via pinfall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Kidman is very over with the crowd, despite his heel partner as the returning Slater is met with immediate “Grease Ball” chants from the crowd as he and Daniels start the match. Slater starts on Daniels with an aggressive offense and just as Daniels went to fight out, Slater yanks him to the mat by his hair. Kidman tags in and says he wants Jacobs, and Daniels complies by tagging him in. Kidman doesn’t hold the same dominance as Slater and after receiving a scoop slam he tags Slater back in. From here Daniels and Jacobs control the match by isolating Jake, Daniels even using a heelish hair-grabbing tactic on Slater upon being tagged in. After getting a eye rake on Daniels, Slater runs to the corner to tag Kidman in. From here Slater and Kidman gain control of the ring by isolating Daniels. Daniels shows resilience and refuses to stay down for a pinfall. Finally, Jacobs hot tags in and delivers an Olympic slam to Kidman followed by a knee to the face to secure a victory.

We are shown a video of the aftermath of the brawl involving Cash Vault and Mikael Judas at the last event which was only shown on television. In the brawl, Suspects got involved backstage to even the odds against Cash Vault but ultimately were stopped by The Judge, who came out of nowhere and gave Judas the iron claw as he was attacking Adonis.

Anthony Henry & Officer Chris Jacobs & The Ninja defeated “Adorable” Anthony Andrews & “Marvelous” Michael Stevens & Adrian Hawkins via pinfall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Henry and Hawkins start off with some fast-paced chaining and ultimately Henry holds control. From here, Henry’s team isolates Hawkins in the ring while constantly tagging. Hawkins gets Henry to the corner where BFF was waiting and Andrews tags himself in to help them gain control. From here, Henry is the one who is isolated. Ninja and Jacobs are knocked from the apron and Jacobs goes to enter the ring illegally and gets into an argument with the ref. The crowd starts chanting for Chris and Ninja, hoping for a tag to be made by Henry. With BFF double teaming Henry and getting him to the turnbuckle, he comes out of knowehre, jumping onto Andrews’s back and then quickly performing a drop kick to Marv. BFF and Hawkins clear the ring and Sal comes out to steal their jar. Using this distraction, Ninja comes in the ring behind Andrews as Henry and Jacobs pull Marv and Hawkins from the ring. Ninja unmasks himself and is revealed to be Drew Adler, who delivers a huge boot to Andrews to pick up the win.

Rampage Rules Tag Team Match

The Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) defeated Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) via pinfall

Referee: Stan Robinson

The crowd is immediately into this match before anything happens. Trey and Cru start off and some comedic dialogue is exchanged. The match seems very balanced, but Lava’s familiarity with Rampage Rules seems to give them an edge. Jon gets isolated in the ring by Lava as he constantly makes an attempt to get Trey into the ring. Cru and Banks utilize a lot of interesting tactics to abuse the Rampage Rules, such as Banks holding Jon in the ring while sliding himself out to let Cru come in and start wearing him down. The fans hate the referee through this match, allowing Lava to get away with cheap tactics that are actually within the rules of the match. Trey hot tags in and starts clearing house until Lava picks up the numbers game. Trey lands the Captain Morgan stomp but can’t make the pin due to Cru’s interruption. Jon runs in the ring to help fight off Lava, and in the process Banks is put to the outside. Cru throws Jon out and in the same fluent motion, Trey enters the ring with a roll up for the victory.

It’s worth noting that fans are STILL filling seats this late into the show.

The Usual Suspects (AJ Steele & Murder One) & Luke Gallows (w/ Doc Gayton) vs Cash Vault (Rob Adonis &”Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore & The Judge)(w/ Manager Charlie Cash) via pinfall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Doc Gayton comes out to cut a promo due to the absence of Judas. He decides that he will stand at ringside for the match on behalf of Suspects and introduces Luke Gallows to replace Judas in the match. The match starts with Adonis and Steele showing off their power. The crowd has been very active through the entire event, but manage to pick up just for this match. Murder One is noticeably absent from the apron. AJ shows some serious anger and starts whaling on Moore in the corner and the crowd erupts with “Barney” chants. After a while of punishing Moore, Steele tags in Gallows, who ends up taking on both Adonis and Moore, but is noticeably favoring one of his legs as if injured. After some stalling, Adonis is tagged in and he gouges Gallows’ eyes and tags Moore back in, who is immediately hip tossed by Luke and then tags in AJ. AJ holds the advantage until a triple team by Cash Vault, which went uninterrupted by the referee, slowed him down. Judge comes in and lays the claw on AJ and brings him to the mat, but AJ saves himself by getting the bottom rope. Moore comes in after AJ delivers a superplex to Adonis and the ref is distracted. Judge uses this to go around and attack Gallows. Murder makes his way to the ring talking on his phone and is not in his ring attire. Murder tags himself in to AJ’s dismay and finishes Moore off with ether. Murder gets heat from some of the crowd for stealing the victory from Steele. Murder goes right back to talking on his phone after they leave the ring.

Frankie Valentine & J-Rod defeated “Do or Die” Chip Day & Mike Posey via pinfall

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with a brawl between the two teams, with J-Rod & Valentine in control. J-Rod and Posey officially start the match off. Valentine and J-Rod hold control early on by isolating Posey. Approved takes control when J-Rod bounces off the ropes and Day delivers a kick to his back. From here Approved isolated J-Rod in the ring and start using some of their usual shenanigans. Valentine tags in and starts taking both Approved members down, but Posey ends up going outside and running J-Rod into the pole, keeping him from the apron for a period of time. Approved uses this time to regain control and work down Frankie as J-Rod struggles to get to his feet on the outside. When J-Rod finally recovers, there is more Approved shenanigans to maintain control and keep Valentine away from his corner. The crowd started a little quiet at the start of the match but picked up big time when J-Rod finally got up to his corner, getting furious with the referee. J-Rod hot tags in and starts taking on both Approved members simultaneously. Frankie looks like he’s put away when Chip lands a vicious kick, but comes back with a falling knee facebuster for the victory.

Doc Gayton comes to the ring to cut a promo. He goes to say that Kyle Matthews is going to win the RPW Heavyweight Title and goes on to talk about a little problem that he’s been having. He goes on to say that he wants Suspects to get back on track and that he feels partially responsible for their current discord. He brings the Suspects out to the ring. Murder One comes out with a drinking cup. Doc asks where Muder was when the match was going on earlier. He talks about how he’s a pay-per-view superstar now (referencing UWF) and that he picked up the slack he missed by winning the match. AJ takes the mic and is obviously agitated and asks Murder if simply losing track of time is the reason he was late to the match. Doc goes on to talk about how Murder One was disrespectful by paying more attention to his phone than the issues at hand. Murder goes to say that the Suspects are still on the same page and implies that he alone is responsible for all of their success.

NWA RPW Heavyweight Title Match

Kyle Matthews defeats “Untouchable” Jeremy Vain (w/ Manager Charlie Cash)(C ) via pinfall to become the New NWA RPW Heavyweight Champion

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Kyle has the support of the fans from the start of the match. Matthews starts with the advantage, with Vain occasionally getting some hits in. After taking a swift kick to the face, Vain kicks out at 2 and is pulled out of the ring by Cash. Matthews responds to this with a suicide dive to the outside taking Vain down. Vain comes back by capitalizing on a distraction by Charlie Cash and the match moves back into the ring. Vain holds the advantage with the usual bag of illegal rope tactics and distractions. The match slows down in pace as Vain works down Matthews with a series of holds. The crowd constantly cheers for Matthews to make a comeback as Vain starts becoming desperate and makes constant pin attempts. Kyle comes back and both men transition into constant pin attempts. Kyle fights into a massive drop kick and both men are left on the mat. The ref’s count makes it to 8 when they fight to their feet and Matthews finally starts picking up some real momentum. Vain goes for a DDT and Matthews quickly winds him into the Hidaka Lock forcing Vain to tap out, but Cash gets on the apron to cause the distraction. Kyle lets the lock go to dispatch of Cash and Vain lands a DDT for a near-victory. The crowd starts a “You Tapped Out” chant. Kyle monkey flips Vain from the corner, causing him to do a full front flip. He then follows up with a vicious kick to the head and makes the pin that brings the crowd to its feet. Many faces from the locker room come to the ring to congratulate Matthews on his big victory.

American Premier Wrestling, 03/24/12, in Statesboro, GA

American Premier Wrestling, 03/24/12, in Statesboro, GA

- from APW

The brawl for All U Can Eat!!

APW & RYAN's presents a fundraiser like none other: The BRAWL for ALL-U-CAN-EAT IV, Saturday, March 24th, Ryan's in Statesboro. Bell Time, 9:00pm!! See: The COWBOY, Jeremy Young; WILDCAT Cooley; CUJO'. SARGE, Scotty BULLWINKLE, Charlie Anarchy, Eric Glamour, Michael Saint, Oz Smith, and many more superstars!!! Admission only $15 for Adults, and each child 10 and Under eats *FREE* with each paying adult!! The best entertainment in town!! All proceeds go to the National Guard Family Support Foundation!

Benefit BBQ & Pro Wrestling Event in Buckhead, GA on March 24th

Benefit BBQ & Pro Wrestling Event in Buckhead, GA on March 24th

Future Wrestling Federation, 03/17/12, in Winder, GA

Future Wrestling Federation, 03/17/12, in Winder, GA

The venue is All Stars Billiards in Winder, GA

Results: Livewire Wrestling, 02/23/12, from Augusta, GA

Results: Livewire Wrestling, 02/23/12, from Augusta, GA

- from Livewire Wrestling

Christian Fury defeated Jason Gold via pinfall;

BOD defeated Jay Stone and Moose via pinfall;

Hardcore Championship Extreme 4-Way Match:
Jay Malone defeated Rellik, Gavin Cross, and Charlie Anarchy via pinfall;

Dustin Knight Defeated Chris Mayne via DQ;

DJ Bam Defeated Jack Brooks via pinfall;

Vincent Sykes Defeated Smooth Excellence via pinfall;

Southern Television Championship Singles Match:
Oz Saint defeated Wade Adams via Pinfall;

Ryan Rain and Anthony Henry defeated David Coleman and Jeremy Cruz via pinfall;

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 02/24/12, from Piedmont, AL

Results: NWA ProSouth Wrestling, 02/24/12, from Piedmont, AL

- from NWA PSW

Commissioner Terry Batey opened the show and introduced NWA Southern Representative Brice Anderson to the live crowd! Anderson expressed his positive opinion of the ProSouth locker room, then introduced the winner of last week's first ever Gold Rush Challenge, "The Last Hero" Ace Haven! Ace explained why he got involved in last week's title match but was interrupted by "Future Classic" Tyler Gage! Gage talked about the grueling month he had and asked Ace to stay out of his match tonight because he needs to know if he can beat Kyle Matthews!

Match #1 - Iceman Rod Storm versus Seth Cruise

The returning Iceman made short work of Seth Cruise, pinning him with the Ice Cold Stunner!

Match #2 - Brandon Collum versus Dakota Outlaw w/Gene Jackson

Before the bell, Jackson tried to recruit Collum back to the Alliance, when Collum declined, Outlaw tried to attack Collum from behind! Collum put up a valiant effort, but like many others, fell to the Black Hole Slam!

Match #3 - Eli Daniels & D2daC versus NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander & Big Tomb

The champions had a lot to prove in this nontitle match and they did just that! Isolating Eli Daniels for the majority of the match, the champions fought to an easy victory once D2daC was taken out of the equation!

Match #4 - "The Last Hero" Ace Haven versus Yoshera Machida

Brice Anderson came to ringside to watch this match up close! After ducking a Super Kick, Ace pinned Yoshera with the Ace Crusher!

Brice Anderson called out Commissioner Terry Batey and Gene Jackson! He announced that the NWA had made a match for next week! Gene Jackson would pick a team, Terry Batey would pick a team, and the eight men would battle in an elimination tag match! If Jackon's team won, Jackson and his team would be given permanent ProSouth contracts, but if Terry's team won, Jackson would have to surrender his briefcase to Terry Batey! Terry Batey announced his team as "Future Classic" Tyler Gage, "The Last Hero" Ace Haven, D2daC and Brandon Collum! Gene Jackson announced his team as Dakota Outlaw, "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander, Big Tomb, and a fourth man to be revealed next week!

Main Event - NWA ProSouth All-Out Champion Kyle Matthews versus NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Champion "Future Classic" Tyler Gage

Matthews immediately went to work on the still injured ribs of Gage! Gage capitalized on a failed crossbody and locked Matthews into a devastating bearhug! After Matthews kicked out of the Spinebuster, Gage in desperation, rolled up Matthews and placed his feet on the ropes for leverage! Matthews still kicked out! A frustrated Gage called for Ace Haven to come to the ringside, but those pleas were left unanswered! Matthews rolled up Gage, but Gage rolled to his kness and ate a Super Kick! It was enough to give Matthews the win and the NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Championship!

Universal Independent Wrestling, 03/06/12, in Carrollton, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling, 03/06/12, in Carrollton, GA

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Results: NWA Anarchy, 02/25/12, from Cornelia, GA

Results: NWA Anarchy, 02/25/12, from Cornelia, GA

- from NWA Anarchy

Zach Daniels def Joey Ford & Vandal in a 3 Way Match

Bobby Moore, John Skyler & Andrew Pendelton def "Young Lions Champion" Anthony Henry, Billy Buck & Skirra Corvus when Moore pinned Henry. Postmatch Moore, Skyler & Pendeton attacked Billy Buck and used a chair on his ankle to injure him. Bobby Moore faces Anthony Henry on 3-10-12 for the NWA Anarchy Young Lions Title.

Jacob Ashworth def Jesse Booth Windham

The Hate Junkies (Dany Ony & Stryknyn) with Dan Wilson def NWA North Ameriican Champion, Shaun

Tempers & Bo Newsome when Only pinned Tempers

Texas Tornados (Kilgore & Ramirez) w/Rudy Boy Gonzolez def Zach Daniels & Joey Ford

The Ambassadors (Boykins & Mayne) w/John Johnson def Jacob Ashwworth & Tommy Daniels wheh the Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) hit the ring leading to brawl between UAS & the Ambassadors

Seth Delay retained the NWA Anarchy TV Title def Drew Haskins

The NWA Elite (Casanova & Vasser) with Jeff G Bailey & Sev7n retained the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles def Slim J & Johnny Dangerous when Cassanova pinned Dangerous. Postmatch as the Elite was about to continue to assault Slim J, Brody Chase and then Mikael Judas appeared to even the odds. Judas ended up throwing Cassanova over the top rope using his El Crucifejo (Crucifix Power Bomb) onto Sev7n & Vasser

Next NWA Anarchy TV Taping is 3-10-12

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Results: Universal Championship Wrestling, 02/24/12, from Norcross, GA

Results: Universal Championship Wrestling, 02/24/12, from Norcross, GA

- from the North Atlanta Trade Center

Scotty Matthews and Chris Jacobs defeated Spyro and Koonce;

Lance Hoyt defeated Micah Taylor;

Reby Sky defeated Mellisa Coates;

Chase Stevens defeated Chris Hamrick;

Shane Williams defeated Steven Walters;

Hot Like Lava (w/Johnny Fairplay) defeated The Rock-n-Roll Express;

Lodi beat Antonio Garza;

El Veterano beat John Skyler;

Brodie Chase and Mike Knox (w/Jonny Fairplay) defeated Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner;

Matt Hardy defeated Luke Gallows;

Friday, February 24, 2012

Global Championship Wrestling, 03/10/12, in Jasper, AL

Global Championship Wrestling, 03/10/12, in Jasper, AL

"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers announces his official retirement from professional wrestling

"Pretty Boy" Doug Somers announces his official retirement from professional wrestling

Doug Somers' official facebook page announced his official retirement today after 45 years in professional.  

The message from Doug Somers:



Temple, GA resident "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers was best known for his stint in the American Wrestling Association (AWA) in the mid 1980's as part of a tag team with "Playboy" Buddy Rose, managed by Sherri Martell. Rose and Somers captured the AWA World Tag Team Champions by defeating Curt Hennig and Scott Hall in May 1986.

Throughout his career, he spent time in other promotions in Mid-Atlantic, Georgia, Central States, Florida and Mid-South.

Somers most recently worked for NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling and Universal Independent Wrestling

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Championship Wrestling's "Backwoods Brawl", 03/01/12, in Phenix City, AL

Great Championship Wrestling's "Backwoods Brawl", 03/01/12, in Phenix City, AL

NWA ProSouth Wrestling this Friday, 02/24/12, in Piedmont, AL

NWA ProSouth Wrestling this Friday, 02/24/12, in Piedmont, AL

Oriental Assassin Yoshera Machida returns to NWA ProSouth Wrestling to challenge "The Last Hero" Ace Haven.

NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Champion "The Future Classic" Tyler Gage defends his title against Kyle Matthews.

Plus lots more NWA ProSouth Action!

Highlights from Universal Championship Wrestling's "SUPER CLASH", 02/18/12, in Marietta, GA

Highlights from Universal Championship Wrestling's "SUPER CLASH", 02/18/12, in Marietta, GA

Former WWE Stars Lance Hoyt and Matt Hardy have been announced for this Friday's show, 02/24/12

Results: All-Star Wrestling Network, 02/17/12, from Fort Valley, GA

Results: All-Star Wrestling Network, 02/17/12, from Fort Valley, GA

- from AWN

Friday was Fan Choice Awards night and one thing was made clear. Whether you love him or hate him, CJ Awesome is the fans choice. After raking up three awards,including heel of the year,CJ made sure to thank the guy who helped him get there,himself. Here's the complete list...

Tag Team of the Year: The New Age Renegades
Heel of the Year: CJ Awesome
Babyface of the Year: Drew Adler
Feud of the Year:.CJ Awesome vs Danny Horne
Rising Star of the Year: CJ Awesome
Most Improved: WildChild Joey Kidman
Match of the Year: Marvelous Michael Stevens vs Drew Adler-Christmas Chaos
Wrestler of the Year: Marvelous Michael Stevens

The New Age Renegades retain the AWN Tag Team Championship with a win over Kody Jack and Morgan Davis;

Don Yoder defeated Neil McGuiness;

Jay Smooth and Isaiah Raines continued to build momentum with a win over the debuting team The Best Technicians;

The Beast Shane Curtis dismantled Officer Chris Jacobs;

Leon McMichaels superkicks Marvelous Michael Stevens and gets the win;

Sin City Mafia battled the team of WildChild Joey Kidman and Drew Adler to a no contest after a focused attack on the already injured head of Kidman leaves him unconscious and unable to continue;


Monday, February 20, 2012

Results: NWA Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, 02/18/12, from Blue Ridge, GA

Results:  NWA Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, 02/18/12, from Blue Ridge, GA

- from NWA DSCW

141 excited wrestling fans showed up at the Gilmer County Civic Center on Saturday, February 18th to see some Nwa wrestling action.

Dave Diamond defeated The All Star.

The Black Widow and Jessica Wetmore defeated Lindsey Lambert and Tiffany Roxx.

Kyle Matthews defeated Lamar Phillips.

The Mixed Ones defeated Jason cole and Shawn Bell, Thunder and Lightning, Tyler Gage and Ace Haven with Amy Haven.

Semper Fi Cody Roberts defeated Mr Volunteer.

Chip Hazard defeated Crash Test Dummy.

Bad Boy Tork defeated Ray Ray.

Messiah Talon Williams defeated Johnny Rokk.

Casey Kage with Logan Chase III defeated All Buisness Brian Rivers.

The next show is March 10th at the Dscw Arena in Blue Ridge, Ga. Bell Time is 7:00 pm
For info Check us out on Facebook at Deep Southern Championship Wrestling LLC

Signed for March 30th TNA Star "Gunner" in Blue Ridge, Ga at the Dscw Arena Bell time 7:00 pm
Signed for April 7th Former Ecw, Wwe, and current Tna star "Al Snow" at Fannin County High School in Blue Ridge, Ga. Bell time 7:00 pm.

Southern Wrestling Association this Saturday, 02/25/12, in Eastanollee, GA

Southern Wrestling Association this Saturday, 02/25/12, in Eastanollee, GA

- from SWA

SWA returns 2-25-12 for another Saturday Night Riot. A New Superintendent is now in office, the Lovely Laura took charge and changed everything up. But the question is will she be able to keep control? Also new SWAVision Champ was crowned when Hotstuff pinned Ballenger after Blvd's culdesac. What will Blvd have to say about this? Also Kevin Blue was victorious in the Dog Collar Match against Tower, what is next for the Premier Champion as the SWA moves forward to Random Destruction (4/14).

Sat. Feb. 25th - 8pm
Boondocks Arena
GPS: 62 Turner Rd.
Eastanollee, Ga

Georgia Independent Wrestling Alliance this Saturday, 02/25/12, in Milledgeville, GA

Georgia Independent Wrestling Alliance this Saturday, 02/25/12, in Milledgeville, GA

- from GIWA

GIWA Pro Wrestling returns to the Milledgeville NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY saturday feb 25th. Bell time 7:30pm. In action: GIWA Heavyweight champion Lance Christian, Steve Stiles, Matt Black, The Professor, The Freak, Bobby Joiner, Johnny Camo, KI Elite's "Mean"Mike Stratus , "The Real Deal" Jake Slater, & Ga Cowboy w/ Midstate Champion & manager of champions Steve Stacker, & many more ! Look for BIG surprises at the upcoming shows!

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling this Sunday, 02/26/12, in Warner Robins, GA

NWA  Rampage Pro Wrestling this Sunday, 02/26/12, in Warner Robins, GA

- from NWA RPW

NWA Rampage Professional Wrestling returns to Johnny G's in Warner Robins, GA on Sunday 2-26-12 with a start time of 3PM for another action filled television taping. Upcoming RPW shows will on be the 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month at least through April at 3PM.

Kyle Matthews faces Jeremy Vain for the NWA RPW Heavyweight Title on Sunday 2-26-12. At the TV Taping on 2-12 Matthews was able to defeat both Bobby Moore by submission and Rob Adonis by countout, so having defeated the Cash Vault as required by Vain, Matthews finally gets his chance at the RPW champ. Vain defeated for RPW Champion J Rod using the VDT on Feb12 proving that he is no paper champion and that Matthews will need to be at his best on Sunday.

Will a new RPW Champion be crowned this Sunday? Be at Johnny Gs at 3PM to find out.

Rob Adonis was counted out of his match with Ktle Matthews when Mikael Judas appeared at ringside and attacked Charlie Cash. Adonis & Judas brawled to the back joined by Bobby Moore. That's all the fans saw that day but not all that happened. Backstage the brawl continued with both Jeremy Vain & AJ Steele getting involved. It spilled outside where Murder 1 joined the fight, and eventual so did returning Judge, who it appears is not Adonis at all and still part of the Cash Vault. Cameras caught most of this and fans will see it on Fox 24 at 9AM this Saturday. The footage will also be played to the crowd on Feb 26 at Johnny Gs. As a result of this the Cash Vault team of Rob Adonis, Bobby Moore & The Judge will face The Usual Suspects & Mikael Judas on Sunday. We understand, however, that Murder 1 was not happy the 6 man tag was booked as he believes the Suspects should instead receive a RPW Tag Team Title match, and he has not communicated with AJ Steele nor Dr Gayton since the 12th as a result.

Chip Day defeated Mike Posey, Corey Hollis & Patrick Bentley to earn a NWA RPW TV Title match against Frankie Valentine, a match that is scheduled for Sunday, March 11, but in the process Corey Hollis who was pinned in the match is suspended from RPW until that date. Dr. Gayton forced the match between the Jimmy Rave Approved team members and if his plan was to cause dissension among the normally tight group, he certainly was successful. On Sunday we will see how well the team works together as Jimmy Rave Approved teams are scheduled to face Frankie Valentine & J Rod and Sal Rinauro & Drew Adler in matches.

The Washington Bullets team of Trey & Jon Williams are undefeated in NWA RPW and their last victory was truly impressive as they defeated Hot Like Lava, Cru Jones and Shawn Banks. Jones & Banks have called the loss a fluke and demanded a rematch this Sunday under Rampage Rules.

In other action the BFF team of "Marvelous" Michael Stevens and "Adorable" Anthony Andrews team with Adrian Hawkins to take on Anthony Henry, "Officer" Chris Jacobs & The Ninja. Also appearing will be the team of CB Gibson & Tommy Daniels.

Remember, that if a loyal, regularly attending fan brings a new fan to a RPW TV Taping at Johnny Gs, that fan gets in for half price, and if that fan brings two new fans, then his admission is free. Also fans who attend the TV Tapings can purchase a special RPW Doctoberfest DVD that features four matches including the War Games Main Event and the Jimmy Rave vs Kyle Matthews match from the Macon, GA TV Taping for a special low price of only $6. The complete Doctoberfest 2011 DVD with 8 matches will be available soon at TV Tapings and . The complete 8 match DVD for Doctoberfest is now on sale at all TV Tapings and at for $15.

Keep up with all the excitement of NWA RPW TV each Saturday on Macon's Fox 24 at 9:00AM and MY41.2 at 10AM and Cox Communications Cable 11 in Middle Georgia Thurs 8PM & Sat noon or anytime, plus Rampage Rewind on Cox Communications Cable 11 M, W, & F 5PM Fri & Sat 11:30PM & My41 Sat noon and at . Check out RPW radio on WPLA-AM 1670 Fox Sports Saturday 10AM hosted by Sal Rinauro & "Marvelous" Michael Stevens.

Don't miss the NWA RPW Television taping at Johnny G's this Sunday 2-26-12 at 3PM. Be There!!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

NWA Alternative Pro Wrestling's 5th Anniversary Show, 02/24/12, in Royston, GA

NWA Alternative Pro Wrestling's 5th Anniversary Show, 02/24/12, in Royston, GA

Results: Empire Wrestling Entertainment, 02/18/12, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Wrestling Entertainment, 02/18/12, from Rossville, GA

- from EWE

Last night was another sterling event at the Empire enjoyed by 150+ fans, and The
Empire wishes to thank all of you for your continued support. Let's get right to the

The event opened with ring announcer Buzz starting off the event by going over news
from The Empire and then offering congratulations to the new Empire Heavyweight
Champion Drew Delight. His announcements would be cut short as while the fans were
cheering for Drew Delight and his back turned, "The Devil's Rejects" stormed the
ring, with The Reverend angrily snatching the microphone and demanding Buzz to bring
Drew Delight to the ring. Delight came to the ring....but Drew wasn't alone, "The
Superpowers" Rush and Ben Thrasher accompanied him.

The Reverend then proceeded to have Buzz recap the results of each fall of the
"Black Delight 3" match from 02/11/2012 when Drew Delight seemingly regained the
Empire Heavyweight Title from "Reject" Rufus Black. It went this way:
Fall 1: Rufus Black disqualified for taping Drew Delight's wrist to the bottom rope.
Delight-1 Black-0.
Fall 2: Drew Delight submitted to Rufus Black's Cross Armbreaker.
Delight-1 Black-1.
Fall 3: Drew Delight pinned Rufus Black. Delight-2 Black-1.

The Reverend of course schooled on the rules of The Empire, then pointed out that
the Empire Heavyweight Title could not change hands due to a disqualification, so
Drew Delight was forced to relinquish the title, and it was returned to Rufus Black.

Most of the Empire fans were enraged, as was Drew Delight. Delight was indeed
infuriated, grabbed the microphone, and stated that he had seen enough over the last
5 months, so he issued a challenge for later in the evening.

The match proposed by Drew Delight was the he and "The
Superpowers" (Thrasher and Rush) would face "The Devil's Rejects" and the winner of
that match could pick the stipulations for a future match which would decide the
fate of The Reverend and "The Devil's Rejects" in The Empire. The Reverend was happy
to accept this challenge for his "Rejects".

And in that match in the Empire Main Event, Drew Delight & "The
Superpowers" Ben Thrasher and Rush, defeated "The Devil's Rejects" when Drew Delight
caught Rufus Black with a vicious Superkick for the 1-2-3 pin. The Empire fans
erupted as "The Rejects" had been defeated!

Drew Delight addressed the Empire and declared that the match of choice was a cage
match. While that sounded great to the Empire fans, Ben Thrasher and Rush were seen
talking, and Thrasher grabbed the microphone and told The Empire and "The Rejects"
that it would not only be a cage match, it would be a dangerous "WAR GAMES" match in
which all the
participants would be enclosed in the cage with No Rules, No Formalities, and No
Mercy. There was just 1 more item to be addressed and Ben Thrasher brought out the
4th member of the Empire Team, "The Chunky Dragon" Keith Hamill. The celebrations
and "high fives" were many as the lines were drawn and the "WAR GAMES" match set for
March 3rd.

It will be as follows: "The Devil's Rejects"-"Strong Style Psycho" Tank, "The
Southeastern Strangler" Andrew Alexander, "The Deadly Sin" Seven, and Empire
Heavyweight Champion Rufus Black vs. "The Superpowers" Ben Thrasher and Rush, Drew
Delight, and "The Chunky Dragon" Keith Hamill. If The Empire Team is victorious, The
Reverend will be out as the Empire
Commissioner and "The Devil's Rejects" will be out as the controlling faction in The
Empire. As you have already seen from the fans' posts, it was another great night at
The Empire.

In other contests, we saw "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper, accompanied
by new "Illuminati" member Cyrus, victorious over Logan Alvey by using a cheap shot
low blow when referee Mark Graham's back was turned.

Logan Alvey, sick of Viper's "Illumiati" stable, wouldn't be alone as he was
accompanied to the ring by his trainer. In a special surprise to The Empire, "The 7
Figure Deal" Ace Rockwell, was in Logan Alvey's corner.

Things got ugly after Viper took the cheap shot to victory and in a heated verbal
diatribe, Ace Rockwell challenged Cyrus and Viper to a Tag Team Match for next
Saturday night, against he and Logan Alvey. In the 1 match I can report for February
25th, we will see "The 7 Figure Deal" Ace Rockwell & Logan Alvey vs. "Illuminati"
members Cyrus and Johnny Viper.

The entire "Illuminati" was at ringside as Cyrus absolutely dominated Empire
newcomer Matt Gilbert.

"Brother Fusion" Brandon & Jason Collins, notched another victory for the
"Illuminati" as they defeated "DNA" David Gage & Ethan Andrews in tag team action.

Jason Hampton picked up a victory over the returning "Hit For Hire" Bobby Moore, disqualified for pummeling Hampton repeatedly with closed fists after many warnings from the referee. Moore revealed that he was sent to The Empire by Hampton's former partner Jerry Anderson. As Moore was gloating after the match, (in which he lost), Hampton challenged Moore to a rematch, and Moore accepted as Hampton "put his money where his mouth is". Jason will have to give "Hit For Hire" Bobby Moore $1,000 if he can't defeat him. Wow, that's some incentive for Jason Hampton!

Rounding out the event, "Strong Style Psycho" Tank defeated "Do Or Die" Chip Day
with the Chokebreaker.

We will have more News From The Empire as the week progresses so keep checking in.
Again The Empire wishes to thank our fans as we promise to provide you with
unsurpassd talent and action, and we DELIVER each week, only at The Empire-Where The
Titans Collide!

AWF/WOW, 03/03/12, in Ringgold, GA

AWF/WOW, 03/03/12, in Ringgold, GA

Results: TNT Pro Wrestling's "Freezing Point", 02/18/12, from Clayton, GA

Results: TNT Pro Wrestling's "Freezing Point", 02/18/12, from Clayton, GA

- from TNT

Zee Williams def Chad Silva & became the new Tri-States Champion.

Alex Decker & Kevin Blue def Don E & Cody Fairview.

Mystic Storm def Ken O'Sullivan in a last man standing match.

Jagged Edge def Zackary Blane

Jacob Ashworth def Matt Sells & became the #1 contender for the US title.

Jacob Ashworth def Juan Delgado & became the new US Champion.

Jon Hogan def Mr. Mystery.

Stryknyn def C.B. Gibson & Zach Daniels due to C.B. Gibson turning on Zach Daniels. After the match, C.B. Gibson announced since he was the Rabun Rumble winner, the title match of his choosing would be Zach Daniels Heavyweight title he has his eyes on.

Results: Universal Championship Wrestling, 02/18/12, from Marietta, GA

Results: Universal Championship Wrestling, 02/18/12, from Marietta, GA

Hot Like Lava (w/Jonny Fairplay) defeated Robert Gibson & Scotty Matthews;

Chris Jacobs, Steven Stiles & Deon Anderson defeated Otto Vongruber & KCP (Xander Stone & Koonce);

The Barbarian defeated Tommy Daniels;

Chase Stevens defeated "The King" Shane Williams;

"ECW Original" Chris Hamrick defeated El Veterano;

Johnny Swinger defeated Lodi;

Buff Bagwell & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (w/Coach Shackleford) defeated Luke Gallows & Brodie Chase (w/Jonny Fairplay);

Notes:  Portions of the event will be used to produce a TV Pilot.  The next UCW show is next Friday, 02/25/12, at the North Atlanta Trade Center;

Global Championship Wrestling's "Junkyard Dog Memorial Tag Team Tournament", 02/25/12, in Pell City, AL

Global Championship Wrestling's "Junkyard Dog Memorial Tag Team Tournament", 02/25/12, in Pell City, AL

Friday, February 17, 2012

X-Citing Wrestling Federation this Sunday, 02/19/12, in Atlanta, GA

X-Citing Wrestling Federation this Sunday, 02/19/12, in Atlanta, GA

Uhaa Nation Vs Frankie Valentine
Gym Class Heros vs Da Fireman and Axel Ross ( Coast 2 Coast)
Chip Day Vs Josh Storm
Eddie Wilson vs Playboy
The Ga Cowboy Vs Billy the Kid
The Patriot vs Stanley Sumerville
Brandy Scotch Baker
plus more
card subject to chang

North Georgia Wrestling Alliance this Saturday, 02/18/12, in Canton, GA

North Georgia Wrestling Alliance this Saturday, 02/18/12, in Canton, GA

All-Star Wrestling Network's new video update

All-Star Wrestling Network's new video update

Universal Championship Wrestling presents "Super Clash" this Saturday, 02/18/12, in Marietta, GA

Universal Championship Wrestling presents "Super Clash" this Saturday, 02/18/12, in Marietta, GA

Sprayberry High School
2525 Sandy Plains Rd.
Marietta, Ga. 30066

Universal Independent Wrestling, 03/06/12, in Carrollton, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling, 03/06/12, in Carrollton, GA

- from UIW

Spinnerz Family Skate Center is the place be on the first Tuesday of every month!

Spinnerz Family Skate Center - 117 Hwy 113 N., Carrollton, GA 30117

Check out this amazing card-

Main Event: Former WCW, TNA, WWE Star Johnny Swinger vs Murder One;

Kyle Matthews vs "The Human Hand Grenade" dany only;

"Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore vs Chip Day;

Plus all your UIW favorites: "So Fine" Frankie Valentine, "Dixie Dynamite" Billy Knight, Stupid (w/Tweety), UIW Cruiserweight Champion Josh Storm and more.

Doors open at 6:30pm, Belltime is 7:30;

Ticket $8 Ringside, $6 General Admission

Make plans to join us at this great new venue!

NWA Action, 02/25/12, in Locust Grove, GA

NWA Action, 02/25/12, in Locust Grove, GA