Friday, January 28, 2011

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/28/11, from Atlanta, GA


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/28/11, from Atlanta, GA

- from PCW

Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Masquerade:

Pandora and Aisha Sunshine wrestled to a double-countout;

Chip Day pinned Mason;

Vordell Walker defeated Kyle Matthews by submission;

The Profits of Doom (Andrew Pendleton III & Dany Only) pinned The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams);

Team MGCW (Curry Kid, Mr. X, Russian Assassin #2, Deadpool & Tyson Dean) pinned Team PCW (Jay Fury, Nemesis, Simon Sermon, Rick Michaels & Brian Blaze);

Grotesque beat Sugar Dunkerton by countout;

The Vandal pinned The Phantom;

By virtue of his pinfall following and amazing 450 splash from the top rope, "The Revelation" Shane Marx defeated Andy Anderson for his Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling title in a title versus title match.
"The Revelation" Shane Marx is now the MGCW Champion, as well as the Platinum Championship Wrestling World Champion!
Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday!  Bell is at 8 p.m.

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002
The main event is the new MGCW Champion (and PCW World Champion) "The Revelation" Shane Marx defending BOTH TITLES against The Curry Kid, winner of last week's Platinum Royal!
Stephen Platinum gets whipped by MGCW's "Screamin'" Marty Freeman and Miss Jackie, since Team MGCW managed to beat Team PCW at last night's card at the Masquerade!
The Gym Class Heroes debut for PCW and take on the Washington Bullets!
Sugar Dunkerton takes on Mr. Jones!
Plus: The debut as well of Jacob Ashworth!  Nemesis addresses Jay Fury!  Grotesque!  And all of your other PCW favorites!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Appalachian Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 01/29/11, in Ellijay, GA


Appalachian Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 01/29/11, in Ellijay, GA

- from ACW

ACW kicks off 2011 with "New Beginnings," January 29th at the Gilmer County Civic Center in Ellijay, GA, with a 7 pm bell time.

The main event was established at the end of "Rage in the Cage" on November 20th. After defeating Leatherface in a brutal Steel Cage Match to retain the ACW Heavyweight Championship, The "Loose Cannon" T.A. Stanton issued an open invitation to anyone in the building for a title match in January. The crowd erupted when former WCW superstar Dave Diamond stood up in the front row and accepted the challenge. How will "New School" fare against "Old School?"

Also, the fallout from Leatherface's loss in the Steel Cage, which stipulated that he wouldn't be eligible for an ACW Heavyweight Championship match for the next 12 months if he lost. How will the monster contend with an up and coming tag team of Jimmy Lee & The "Contract Killa" Chad Silva in a two-on-one handicap match?

Plus after the time limit ended a great match between Thunder & Lightning and The Washington Bullets, the two teams will meet again, with no time limit this time. Who will prevail when there MUST be a winner?

The "Extreme Assassin" Josh Coulter debuted at "Rage in the Cage," and made an instant impact, leaving his partners alone in a six-man tag. The fans sided with Coulter, angering his partners, especially Drive-By. Drive-By has issued a challenge to Coulter for a one-on-one match, will it happen?

A "Battle of the Bulls" as two 350+ pound men face off one-on-one, it's Big Wood the Lumberjack against The "Hellraiser" John Arden!

And...a special Women's match as Crystal Fire tangles with StarStruck.

Tickets are $10 for floor seats, $8 for bleacher seats, kids 5 and under are free. For more information, please call 706-669-2674. Call and reserve your seats early and save $2 off each ticket!

Come help ACW kick off 2011 with a bang!

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 02/05/11, in Carrollton, GA


Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 02/05/11, in Carrollton, GA 

- from PWA

On Feb. 5th the PWA returns to the VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton,Ga for another action-packed night of wrestling!

In the main event,Johnny Swinger takes on Bill The Butcher with the stipulation that the LOSER LEAVES TOWN! This stipulation was added to prevent future injuries,such as what happened to senior referee Terry Hudgins, as well as to protect the safety of the PWA fans.

The Exotic Ones will make their first PWA Tag Team ti...tle defense against The Celtic Nation! These 2 teams met in the semi-finals of the tag team tournament back on Jan.22nd,and the Celtics look to capture the titles after losing that match due to a time-limit coin toss.

"Action" Mike Jackson and Johnny Rage will meet in a Title vs. Title match where Jackson puts up his Southern Cruiserweight belt against Rage's PWA Heritage Title!

The returning Nigel Sherrod looks to stop the momentum of young Cody Windham,but he'll have his hands full with this impressive youngster!

And to top it all off, Former NWA WORLD Heavyweight Champion TOMMY "WILDFIRE" RICH will be wrestling on the show!! This is his first PWA appearance in almost a year and a half, and we at the PWA know he is always loved and treasured by the fans in Carrollton.

So make your plans to join us on Feb.5th, tell a friend and as always God Bless :)

Rampage Pro Wrestling's latest TV recap

Rampage Pro Wrestling's latest TV recap
Watch the latest RPW TV episode here
- from RPW

The January 22, 2011 edition of Rampage Pro Wrestling opened in the Commissioner's office. Michael Stevens and Drew Adler are seen enjoying The World According to Dutch, the new book from wrestling legend Dutch Mantell. Suddenly, Sal Rinauro entered and reclaimed his chair from Stevens. It seems Rinauro is the Commissioner once again. He asked them what matches they made for Rampage Reloaded, RPW's supercard at Johnny G's on January 29. When it's clear they have nothing, Rinauro immediately got to work. Before anything could be made, J-Rod entered the office and requested a shot at Shaun Banks at the RPW Heavyweight Title at Reloaded. Rinauro told J-Rod that Kyle Matthews has a title shot in the main event of next week's show. That means he cannot make a match for Reloaded when he doesn't know who the champ will be. But he did promise J-Rod he was very high on the list of consideration.

Your hosts are Bill Behrens & Ben Masters.

Frankie Valentine defeated Chip Day
The in-ring competition began this week with Frankie Valentine taking on Chip Day. Valentine has recovered from the brutal attack Jimmy Rave Approved put on him a few weeks ago. He is back and looking for revenge. He got his first chance this week with a match against Chip. Jimmy Rave came to ringside with Chip, but didn't last long. Chopping Valentine outside the ring got him ejected by referee Dustin Robinson yet again. Chip was left to fend for himself against Valentine. After nearly scoring a three-count and arguing with Robinson over it, Chip went up top for the double knees. Valentine saw it coming, however, and nailed Chip with a chestcracker on the way down for the win!

After the match, Rave returned to ringside to attack Valentine. His attack was brief, as Kyle Matthews ran in to save his former tag team partner. After Rave and Chip exited, Matthews revealed that he had chosen his granted match for Rampage Reloaded on January 29: a singles match against Jimmy Rave with Chip, Corey Hollis, and Mike Posey all banned from the building.

Back from the commercial break, Charlie Cash is inside the ring with the Cash Vault. Cash called out Sal Rinauro to have a conversation. Cash wanted to know why the Usual Suspects are getting a rematch against the Dark City Fight Club on Rampage Reloaded on January 29, but Killer Instinct don't get a shot. Cash made an offer to Rinauro: let Killer Instinct face the Suspects in the main event for a chance to face the Dark City Fight Club at Reloaded. Also, if the Suspects win, Mike Stratus & Jake Slater will no longer team together in RPW. Rinauro agrees and make the match, despite Killer Instinct not looking so thrilled with Cash's decision. Rinauro also announces that Pain will face Dr. Johnny Gayton at Reloaded as well.

The Rampage Rewind Exclusive shows us footage of J-Rod defeating Ace Haven.

Mr. Jones defeated Bobby Moore
This is a return bout from the December 25 episode of RPW. During that last singles encounter, Jones was jumped by the Cash Vault before he could finish off Moore. Charlie Cash accompanied Moore to ringside. Moore did an impressive job of grounding the big man, but was unable to finish him off. Moore resorted to some high impact maneuvers to try and finish off Jones. He attempted a cross body off the top rope, but the collision with Jones' sheer mass did enough damage to Moore to keep him from covering Jones immediately. When he finally sprawled backwards into Jones, Jones hooked him into a crucifix for the win!

Jones' victory was short-lived, as J.T. Smooth summoned Pain to ringside. Pain invaded the ring to apply the Asiatic spike to Jones. The Usual Suspects entered to run Pain off, but the damage had been done as blood began to spew from the mouth of Jones.

Bull Buchanan defeated Drew Adler
Bull Buchanan took on Drew Adler in his first singles match since returning to RPW. Buchanan is on a crash course to get his RPW Heavyweight Championship back from Shaun Banks. Adler may be running into Buchanan at the absolute wrong time (as if there is ever a right time to face Buchanan). Despite Adler's improvement in 2010, he was absolutely no match for Buchanan on this night. Buchanan leveled him with a lariat to take the victory. No doubt this match was a message to Banks.

The Usual Suspects defeated Killer Instinct
This week's main event was the match match earlier in the hour by Charlie Cash. The RPW Tag Team Champions, the Usual Suspects, taking on Killer Instinct. The titles are not on the line. The winner of this match will face the Dark City Fight Club for the NWA World Tag Team Championship at Rampage Reloaded on January 29. Mike Stratus and Jake Slater took the fight right to the Suspects, knowing what was on the line. They amped up the dirty tactics behind the referee's back. Eventually, Charlie Cash jumped up on the apron to distract the referee. While this was going on, Stratus put on a loaded glove and attempted to strike Murder One. M1 ducked and Stratus decked Slater with it. The Suspects hit Stratus with a double chokeslam to seal the deal and earn their shot against the Dark City Fight Club on January 29! Also, as per Cash's agreement, Stratus and Slater can no longer team together in RPW!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NWA Anarchy, 02/12/11, in Cornelia, GA


NWA Anarchy, 02/12/11, in Cornelia, GA

Konkrete Gorillaz vs Shadow Jackson & Kimo;

NWA Anarchy TV Title Match: Shaun Tempers VS Brody Chase;

TAG Turmoil (Winner faces Hate Junkies for NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles that night) with Youth Gone Wild, New Wave, Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck and one more team;

Mike Posey vs Adrian Hawkins;

Tank will defend the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against a former Anarchy and Wildside Champion;

NWA Anarchy Young Lions Champion, Slim J will appear;

More "surprise" returning stars and matches.

Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 01/21/11, from Piedmont, AL


Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 01/21/11, from Piedmont, AL

- from PSW

The "All Star" Jay Clinton vs Jed Johnson.
With a roll up victory and a hand full of tights, the All Star Jay Clinton
declares he is AWESOME as the crowd chants AWFUL.

D2daC vs the Epic Grant Mitchell
The Epic Grant Mitchell demonstrates why he is the #1 contender for the
ProSouth All Out Championship Belt.

ProSouth Ambassador announced.

Commissioner Batey asked charter Hall of Famer Rick Freeman to the ring to
present Rick with a one of a kind Hall of Fame Dog Tag and Ring for his
unwaivering loyalty and hard work.

As Commissioner Batey was commending Rick on his 38 years of wrestling and his public career
with various organizations, Jimmy Rave, Mike Posey, and Johnny Viper made their way to
the ring. Jimmy Rave insisted that he was there to make his presentation.
After announcing he'd noticed someone with "Jimmy Rave Approved"
credentials, he proceeded to offer Rick Freeman the "Jimmy Rave Approved"
shirt. Upon rudely pulling the mic from Rick several times, Jimmy Rave was
slapped by Rick Freeman. Mike Posey and Johnny Viper joined in and
viciously attacked Rick knocking him down where Rave joined in with kicks
and stomps. Ace Haven and Scott Spade stormed the ring making the save,
where Ace Haven challenged Mike Posey and Johnny Viper into the ring later
that night with he and Scott Spade. With deafening crowd approval,
Commissioner Batey announced the match.

ProSouth All Out Champion "Future Classic" Tyler Gage vs the Stinger Shawn
After his win over Stinger Shawn Seagle, Future Classic Tyler Gage refused
to quit beating Seagle. With Seagle unable to defend himself, Epic Grant
Mitchell hit the ring to stop the beating and challenged Gage to defend
his belt at the Valentine's Day Massacre III on Friday, Feb 11th.

ProSouth Tag Team Champions Ace Haven & Scott Spade vs Mike Posey & Johnny
Viper (accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Rave)
After interfering in an already heated match, Jimmy Rave was ejected from
ringside by referee Jeremy Black. As mass confusion continued, Posey was
on the apron when he and Viper collided. Spade super kicks Viper and Ace
Haven hits the Ace Crusher and rolled up Johnny Viper for the win.  Jimmy
Rave returns to the ring and he and Mike Posey beat Johnny Viper and tell
him to never show up again.

Self Proclaimed ProSouth Champion Drew "the Bull" Scott vs ProSouth
Champion collumbine Title Match
In a vicious match that turns into a brawl outside the ring, both
participants are counted and DQ'd.   As this continues on for several
minutes, referee Jeremy Black tries to gain control. Drew Scott knocks
Jeremy into the steel framework of the ring rendering him unconscious.
Referee Earl Davidson is sent to regain order and ensure Jeremy's safety.
As he tries to separate the two combatants, collumbine lands an elbow to
his face. A third referee, Toby Romine and also got ko'd. The two fought
back into the ring where Drew got the belt with the intent to hit
collumbine. The lights went out and came back on with collumbine no where
to be found. Commissioner Batey came out and declared a No Count Out / No
DQ match scheduled for Valentine's Day Massacre III. Again the lights went
out. When the lights came back on, collumbine was in the ring and grabbed
the belt from Drew and escapes.

Universal Independent Wrestling this Friday, 01/28/11, in Villa Rica, GA


Universal Independent Wrestling this Friday, 01/28/11, in Villa Rica, GA

UIW is at Bay Springs Middle School in Villa Rica, GA this Friday night!!

122 Bay Springs Rd
Villa Rica, GA 30180-3733
(770) 459-2098

Bull Buchanan vs Murder One;
Johnny Swinger vs Rob Adonis;

UIW Cruiserweight Champion Stupid (w/Tweety) vs Frankie Valentine;

Al Horne vs Pretty Boy Doug Somers;

Plus more exciting UIW action!

Doors open at 6:30, bell time is 8:00pm.  Tickets: $8 ringside, $6 general admission.

Monday, January 24, 2011

All-Star Wrestling Network every Friday night in Fort Valley, GA

All-Star Wrestling Network every Friday night in Fort Valley, GA

Rampage Pro Wrestling's "REloaded", 01/29/11, in Warner Robins, GA


Rampage Pro Wrestling's "REloaded", 01/29/11, in Warner Robins, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 01/27/11, in Atlanta, GA


Platinum Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 01/27/11, in Atlanta, GA

- from PCW

The main event is the biggest in PCW history as PCW World Champion "The Revelation" Shane Marx takes on MGCW Champion Andy Anderson in a title versus title match where there MUST be a winner! Someone is walking out of there with both titles!

Kyle Matthews makes his PCW debut and takes on "The Shooter" Vordell Walker!

The Phantom takes on The Vandal in the first match of a best-of-seven series! The Phantom Invitational begins!

Team MGCW takes on Team PCW (The Exotic Ones and The Konkrete Gorillaz) in a five-on-five war!

"Do Or Die" Chip Day takes on the Demi-God Mason!

The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) take on the Profits of Doom (Andrew Pendleton III and Dany Only with Enoch Tsarion) in their ongoing tag team feud!

Grotesque (with Miss Quinn and Miss Rachael) takes on the returning Sugar Dunkerton!

Pandora takes on Aisha Sunshine in the hottest feud in women's wrestling anywhere!

That is a loaded card...don't miss it!

Southern Wrestling League's "New Beginnings", 01/29/11, in Summervilla, GA


Southern Wrestling League's "New Beginnings", 01/29/11, in Summervilla, GA

- from SWL














Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 01/22/11, from Clayton, GA


Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 01/22/11, from Clayton, GA

- from TnT

Alex Decker defeated Chad Silva;

The Carolina Wrecking Crew (Wicked & Ric Hart) defeated Team Kryptonite (Robert Mack & TJ Boss);

Gavin Reigns defeated Rob Killjoy;

Matt Sells defeated Nigel Sherrod;

The Bounty Hunter defeated J-Dawg;

Zach Daniels & TNT US Champion Mystic Storm defeated The Empire (Thomas Britain & Stoney Hooker);

TNT Heavyweight Champion Scott Mayson defeated Will Demented;

The Texicans (Taco Delgado & Johnny Dollar) defeated The Asylum (Ryan Bonebrake & Draven) to unify the TNT World & US Tag Titles;

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stephen Platinum can be a prick!

That’s Why the Booker Is a Prick

- from Platinum Championship Wrestling's owner/promoter Stephen Platinum

I recently read a book by a wrestling booker – that is, the person who decides who wrestles whom and how a wrestling card is laid out – and in it the person in question said that if you do a great job as a booker, people give credit to the wrestlers, but if you are doing a bad job, people blame the booker.

That’s true enough. But it shouldn’t be any other way.

I look back on things that I booked when I first got the opportunity (back in 1997, for smaller indies in the Colorado area), the things I did once I started booking my own shows and had total control (in 2002 until 2005) and how I organize Platinum Championship Wrestling now, and I am stunned at how much I have changed.

People mark the improvement of wrestlers, note the changes in those that work in front of crowds or cameras for wrestling promotions. You can look at old footage of Shawn Michaels when he was part of the (Midnight) Rockers, during his run as the Heartbreak Kid, and since his comeback in 2002 and note the differences. You can debate about when he was at his best (personally I think the things he did during his final run were clearly the best.) For bookers (or creative, or writers, or whatever other silly labels we give to the “pencil” nowadays) we usually don’t note differences or see how those things change. People attach a style to someone, and then that person is simply that – Vince Russo is Satan, and never did anything well or came up with anything good. Or Paul Heyman is the best ever, and if TNA brought him in he’d turn them right around.

The truth is, and speaking only for myself, I’ve learned a great deal in the thirteen years I’ve been booking wrestling shows. It wasn’t until I had a couple of years in there to NOT book that I reached back and looked at the bookers I admired, looked at things I had booked with a truly critical eye, and, frankly, admitted that I had a long way to go that I really developed a workable style and a true philosophy.

I’m not going to go into depth about my personal theories and methods of booking – that can be for another time. I’m going to talk about the hard parts of the job – not because I want a pity party, or want wrestlers that currently wrestle for Platinum Championship Wrestling or may to have sympathy for me, but because there are aspects of being the booker that I find fascinating and continue to struggle with, and I imagine other bookers struggle as well.

Retracting Things You Said You Were Going to Do

I hate this. It’s part of a creative process – you have an idea, you start moving things in that direction, and then you decide to go a different way. Once I get an idea of, say, an angle, I start getting the process going, and that means often discussing things with the people involved. I’ll clear things with the wrestlers (something I know that not everyone does, but I do) and start looking at how to move things in the shows in that direction. However, often to the night of the show, things will change. I’ll decide based on crowd reaction, which wrestlers show up that night, and any other of a number of factors, that angles have to happen faster. Or slower. Or not happen at all. Or be altered significantly. And the hardest part is a conversation that starts with, “But you said…” I can feel the trust between me and the wrestler in question at jeopardy. The solution to this dilemma in wrestling has been setting up a hierarchy where bookers say something, and wrestlers are simply supposed to say okay and get it over. If that changes at the last minute, so what, that’s “the wrestler’s job.” Bookers, in essence, are set up to be pricks – not having compassion for the wrestler who now has to adjust what they were going to do, not question a decision they might not fully support, and simply, in effect, order a wrestler to do what the booker wants even though it’s the wrestler who’s integrity as a performer and actual physical well being is at stake. Many bookers are famously of the “my way or the highway” variety – most any Japanese booker of note, Vince McMahon Jr. (and senior, for that matter), and frankly, most others. It’s a system that favors being a prick as a booker, because you reduce the headaches and don’t have to take the time to justify.

It’s very easy to look at a wrestling card and say “They are rushing this angle” or “I can’t believe they changed champions again.” For bookers, there’s a delicate game going on of keeping and audience happy and leaving them wanting more. It’s easy to say that, but hard to do. You want the crowds to be big. Then you want them to stay big. Then you want them to be thrilled and talk about your show to others. You want the wrestlers to be on a high as well. Also, as a creative person (which most bookers are) you often have ideas that you want to see played out…so you can get to the next idea. Yes, it’s a prick move to do a ton of angles and having them find fruition all the time. But that’s why the booker is often a prick, because they want the results of finishing angles and making big things happen.

Being the Bearer of Bad News

I rarely worked for a booker that really was direct with what he wanted out of talent. When I didn’t work for the “tell two people slightly different things, hoping they’ll work it out between themselves and not be mad at me” booker, I worked for “You wrestle him, he goes over clean” and walk away from you guy. Both of them are pricks in their own way. But it’s hard to tell someone something that they aren’t going to like. And most wrestlers don’t like to lose. Or they don’t like feeling that their primary purpose is to enhance someone else. Oh, wrestlers are good at saying the right thing, but wrestlers are human, and if they became pro wrestlers in the first place, it’s because to an extent they have a performer’s ego. It isn’t always easy to visualize the conflict you are going to have with a wrestler when you tell them what you want, so many bookers take one of the two prick-like actions above…the appeasement method, or the “my way or the highway” method.


Most shows that I wrestled on were booked on the fly…or certainly appeared that way. “You wrestle him, you guys are first.” “Maybe cut a promo after your match, and he comes out, and someone else comes out, and you have an impromptu tag match.” Run sheets are handwritten, if there is one at all. The other extreme is things written out and planned almost minute to minute, with the booker telling you exactly what he wants out of your match, how to structure it, how to begin and end it, and everything in between. One is the prick trait of laziness or not thinking the wrestlers are worth including in the big picture, the other is the prick trait of micromanaging.

In short:

Being a prick as a booker certainly makes the gig easier in the short term. The bad part is that you never really rally the wrestlers and people putting it on the line for your vision. You miss out on the wrestlers not only contributing ideas, but feeling a true part of something bigger. There are headaches that come from trying to be straight up, inclusive and balanced about things – Roland Alexander between trips to the Golden Corral famously said in Beyond the Mat that you have to be a prick because the wrestlers’ egos are such that they’ll run all over you. And to an extent I can see where he’s coming from. Mostly because he is fat and the ground shaking from his movement quivers the water in my plastic cup sitting on the dashboard of my touring safari SUV. But in the end, the much harder road is to establish respect with the wrestlers and yourself. Wrestling breeds a whole lying culture. It’s always been that way. But if wrestling is truly going to make strides forward, there needs to be more people involved in the business who are decent human beings (I think immediately of Cary Silkin, not a booker but someone I have never heard anything but great things about) that have a heart, but also a mind to get things done in the long term best way possible. Booking means you’ll have to change your mind. But don’t be a prick – go through the trouble of explaining to the people involved why. Booking means that you’ll have to pull the trigger on advancing an angle at the proper time – just don’t be a prick and sacrifice the long term, sustained success for a short term effect. You’ll have to deliver information that may not be received favorably – but don’t be a prick and lie or intimidate to get your way, that’s disrespectful. And you will have moments when you aren’t as prepared as you could have been, or feel the need to have every detail go according to your vision – but don’t be a prick, realize that others can and should contribute, and deserve your work in preparing and leading them as well in a proper manner.

I ain’t perfect…if anything, all I’ve learned is that I have a long way to go. But I am fortunate to have a crew that works for the overall card, doing their utmost to make it the best match, card, and promotion it can be. And even as I’ve calmed down, they’ll tell you down to a man or a woman…I can be a prick.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

GPWA Pro Wrestling this Saturday, 01/22/11, in Ashburn, GA


GPWA Pro Wrestling this Saturday, 01/22/11, in Ashburn, GA

PWA Heavyweight Championship Match
Pain (Champion) vs Mr. Jones;

GPWA Tag Team Championship
Sin City Mafia (Champs) vs Mike Cross & Drew Adler;

"Wild Child" Joey Kidman vs Vordell Walker;

"The Main Event" Michael Hirsch vs Paul Warfield;

"The Real Deal" Jake Slater vs "Baddln" Bill Weaver;

"Bigbank" Barfield vs "Desperado" Christian Walker;

The Marvelous Ones vs JL Lightning & J. Stakka;

Cleveland Street Gym
423 N. Cleveland Street
Ashburn, GA

for Additional Info Contact: Jake Slater at 229-325-5727

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Reloaded 2011", 01/29/11, in Warner Robins, GA


Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Reloaded 2011", 01/29/11, in Warner Robins, GA

Rampage Pro Wrestling's Rampage Reloaded 2011 Television Taping on Saturday, January 29 at 7:00pm at the RPW Arena @ Johnny G's at 815 Russell Parkway, Warner Robins, GA 31088. Doors open at 6:30pm. Ticket prices are $8 for ages 13 and up, $5 for ages 4-12, and free for children 3 and under. Call 478-329-8002 for more information. Card is subject to change.

RPW Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four-Way Match
Cru Jones vs. Bull Buchanan vs. J-Rod vs. Shaun Banks ©
On January 15, Shaun Banks defended the RPW Heavyweight Title against Kyle Matthews. The match totally melted down into chaos as tons of men ended up brawling. Commissioner Sal Rinauro entered to make an announcement, stopping the brawl. He announced that at Rampage Reloaded, Banks will defend the title in a Fatal Four-Way against Bull Buchanan, J-Rod, and his own partner Cru Jones. Banks has somehow been able to hold on to the title for the last seven months after essentially stealing it from Buchanan. Buchanan wants his belt back. J-Rod would love to become RPW Heavyweight Champion for the first time. What will Cru do when faced with a potential decision to save his partner or win the title for himself? With 75% mathematical odds of a new champion being crowned, things certainly do not favor Banks. What will happen? Find out LIVE, January 29!

Jimmy Rave vs. Kyle Matthews
A match that has been nearly a half-year in the making will finally happen LIVE, January 29 with no chance to back out now. Everyone knows the story of how Jimmy Rave took Kyle Matthews under his wing during a brutal losing streak earlier in the year. Matthews' success gave birth to an ever-expanding jealousy within Rave, culminating in Rave brutally turning on Matthews during a match against Shaun Banks earlier in the summer. Rave has spent the next few months ducking and avoiding Matthews at every turn. On January 29, Rave has no way out. As the sole survivor of the 10-man elimination tag team match on December 16, Matthews received the right to sanction any type of match at any event he chose against any opponent. He has selected his match to be against Rave at Rampage Reloaded. As an added bonus, Chip Day, Corey Hollis, and Mike Posey will be forced to leave the building after their contest earlier in the night, assuring that they cannot interfere. On January 29, Matthews finally gets Rave!

NWA World Tag Team Championship
The Usual Suspects vs. The Dark City Fight Club ©
On December 4, fans at Johnny G's and the fans around the country who watch RPW on our web site were treated to one of the best matches in Georgia as the Dark City Fight Club defended the NWA World Tag Team Title against RPW's Tag Team Champions, the Usual Suspects. The NWA World Tag Team Champions fought Georgia Wrestling History's 2010 Tag Team of the Year to a stellar time-limit draw, neither team able to finish off the other. But however, LIVE, January 29, these two teams will get another chance to fight to a finish. Can Kory Chavis & Jon Davis hold on to the gold? Or will A.J. Steele & Murder One walk out with two championships? Find out on January 29 which one of these teams will leave Warner Robins, GA with one of the most prestigious championships in the history of professional wrestling!

RPW Television Championship – No Countout, No Disqualification, No Time-Limit
Adrian Hawkins vs. Jeremy Vain ©
Another issue that has been simmering for many months in RPW is the problems between Jeremy Vain and Adrian Hawkins. The two men formed a tag team in the summer with aspirations of becoming RPW Tag Team Champions. But Jeremy Vain went behind his partner's back and petitioned for a shot at the Television Title. He was able to exploit a knee injury J-Rod attempted to compete through. J-Rod was unable to perform up to his level and Vain easily took the title. The championship caused Vain's already gigantic ego to totally fly out of control to the point where he began abusing Hawkins. Hawkins quickly made it clear he was not going to take it and set his sights on taking the title from his former partner. Through months of Vain escaping via running away, getting himself disqualified, and time limit draws, Hawkins' anger only intensified. After Vain's latest stunt on January 15 where he spit in referee Dustin Robinson's face and made it look like Hawkins hit him with the belt, Commissioner Sal Rinauro had enough. After Robinson wrongly disqualified Hawkins, he announced that LIVE, January 29 at Rampage Reloaded, Hawkins would get another chance at Vain. But this time, there will be no countouts, disqualification, or time limits! An undisputed champion will be crowned. Will Vain prove his ego or will Hawkins finally take the gold?

Pain vs. Dr. Johnny Gayton
When Dr. Johnny Gayton finished off Big Bank Barfield at Doctoberfest, he did not get a lot of time to enjoy his ultimate victory. Before Dr. Gayton could even exit the cage that contained Barfield's battered and bruised body, an old, familiar foe sauntered through the curtain to remind him that he was back: Charlie Cash. When Cash's scheme with Rob Adonis to destroy RPW completely fell apart, both Adonis and Cash bolted the scene. Almost immediately after Cash left, J.T. Smooth showed up scouting talent for months. Smooth revealed that he was keeping an eye on RPW while Cash allowed things to defuse. While Adonis is still in seclusion where ever he is, but Cash has returned. He also revealed himself to be the one who controls a mysterious monster by the name of Pain. While Pain's stalkings of RPW's ring announcer Miss Allie have been, simply put, very weird, the devastation he has unleashed in the ring with his Asiatic spike has been nothing short of unstoppable. Dr. Gayton has been on a crusade to end Pain's reign of terror upon RPW and LIVE, January 29, he will get that chance as he goes one-on-one with Pain. Considering that Pain has drawn blood before with his spike and Cash's presence at ringside, Dr. Gayton is going into this contest as a supreme underdog. However, Dr. Gayton has plenty of experience as the underdog and has proven he can shock the world with his ability. On January 29, Dr. Gayton will get the chance to shock the wrestling world yet again.

Chip Day, Corey Hollis, and Mike Posey vs. Frankie Valentine, Michael Stevens, and Drew Adler
Jimmy Rave's Approved has not been making friends in RPW as of late. Michael Stevens and Drew Adler have found themselves at the brunt of the Jimmy Rave's messages they've been sending to Kyle Matthews. But they are ready to fight back. Frankie Valentine's big return to RPW on December 16 was ruined by Rave and his goons. They brutally attacked Valentine to the point where he was unable to participate on Matthews' team in the 10-man tag team elimination. Valentine is also looking for revenge. No matter the outcome, Day, Hollis, and Posey will be escorted out of Johnny G's as per Matthews' request after the match. Can Rave's Approved make a statement before their leader finally faces Matthews or can Valentine, Stevens, and Adler start what Matthews might finish? Find out LIVE, January 29!

Catch the full, weekly hour of RPW Television in middle Georgia at the following times:
- COX Media Marketplace Channel 11 at Noon Saturdays and 8:00pm on Thursdays
- MY 41.2 at 9:00am Saturdays
- Check local listings for times on VALLEY CABLE 7 in Fort Valley, GA

Also, catch the half-hour Rampage Rewind at the following times:
- COX Media Marketplace Channel 11 at 5:00pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and 11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays
- MY 41.2 at 12:30pm Sundays

Also, our weekly one-hour show is available ON DEMAND on the front page of our web site, which offers both a low- and high-bandwidth stream! New shows go up every Saturday afternoon.

Come out to the RPW Arena @ Johnny G's Saturday night, January 29, 7:00pm for the best professional wrestling action in the southeast!

American Premier Wrestling, 01/22/11, in Statesboro, GA


American Premier Wrestling, 01/22/11, in Statesboro, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling this Friday, 01/21/11, in Franklin, GA


Universal Independent Wrestling this Friday, 01/21/11, in Franklin, GA

UIW Cruiserweight Champion Stupid (w/Tweety) vs Kyle Matthews;

"So Fine" Frankie Valentine vs Doc Heyward in a Heard County Street Fight;

Bull Buchanan vs Cru Jones;

and three more exciting matches.

Tickets: $8 for ringside & $6 for general admission.

Doors open @ 6:30pm, Belltime is 8pm.

12740 GA HWY 34 EAST, Franklin, GA 30217

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday night, 01/21/11, in Avondale Estates, GA


Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday night, 01/21/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday! Bell is at 8 p.m.

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

The main event is a Platinum Royal, where the winner gets a future crack at the PCW World Title!

Dwight Power and Jamie Holmes reunite to take on The Exotic Ones!

The Phantom takes on Pandora! Rumor has it that The Phantom is ready to issue his "Phantom Invitational" best of seven series as well....

The MGCW Champion Andy Anderon will wrestle in preparation for this title versus title match at the Masquerade on the 27th!

The returning Grotesque takes on "Do Or Die" Chip Day!

In light of the repeated attacks on various wrestlers last week, they'll get their opportunity at revenge as De La Vega and The Washington Bullets take on The Vandal and the partner of his choosing!

MGCW soldier Curry Kid takes on Brandon Kage!

Plus: The Konkrete Gorillaz! CAMPUS Strike Force! Aisha Sunshine! Mason! Miss Rachael! And no doubt...MGCW will be there in force to continue the war against PCW! Don't miss it!

Championship Wrestlling Overload, 01/29/11, in Milledgeville, GA


Championship Wrestlling Overload, 01/29/11, in Milledgeville, GA

- from CWO

In just over a week, Championship Wrestling Overload returns to Milledgeville Georgia for it's huge 2011 kick-off event! The event set for Saturday Jan 29, 2011 will take place at the Centennial Center, located at 180 South Clarke St, in downtown Milledgeville Georgia. Doors open at 7pm for this event and all the action starts with a 7:30pm belltime!

In the main event, a historic fued is reignited when Power Trip's "The Ticking Time Bomb" Chris Nelms, with CWO Owner KSL in his corner, will get his first shot at the CWO World Heavyweight Championship against, "The Boondock Demon" Damien. These two battled all over middle Georgia over the CWO Southern Sates (now renamed Mid Georgia Heritage) Championship in some wild & bloody brawls. This match is sure to be a match that wont be forgotten as they will turn up the heat as they compete for the richest prize in CWO.

The CWO Tag Team Championships will be defended as the champions Power Trip's Derrick Andrew Reynolds and Brandon Kage will meet the Irish Carbomb. The Irish Carbomb have come to CWO and quickly become top contenders, winning a 3 way contenders match against The A List & The Gentlemen's Club on Nov 27 2010!

Also, in his first defense since winning the CWO Mid GA Heritage Championship on Nov 6, 2010 in a fans bring the weapons match, Roscoe Ray will put his championship on the line against Jamie Holmes. These two men have a sotried history in which saw them fight all over northern Georgia, including in the streets of downtown Athens Georgia.

Also on the card you will see 3 other big matches as The Georgia Cowboy will face Big Bank Barfield, plus a special tag match featuring Andy Anderson & Wild Child taking on Sheik Idullabody & Shannon Dumass. Also see Power Trip's "Billion Dollar Beast" Kyle Hendrix face James Powers and Junior in a 3 way dance!

Following the events that took place at CWO's Holiday Havoc on Nov 27, 2010 during the War Games cage match when Tommy Lee turned his back on the fans & his partner, TW James, it is certain that James will be in attendence and looking to find answers from his former partner.

For tickets & other information, please call 478-232-1432 or visit card & talent are subject to change without notice. This event is family entertainment, no profanity or alcohol are allowed!

ProSouth Wrestling this Friday, 01/21/11, in Piedmont, AL


ProSouth Wrestling this Friday, 01/21/11, in Piedmont, AL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Global Championship Wrestling, 01/29/11, in Pell City, AL

Global Championship Wrestling, 01/29/11, in Pell City, AL

Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 01/14/11, from Piedmont, AL


Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 01/14/11, from Piedmont, AL

- from PSW

Jimmy Rave had a confrontation with Ricky Freeman that got so intense, the two men had to be separated by security. Rave was bombarded by toilet paper, the show was delayed while staff cleaned it out of the ring

Jed Johnson defeated D2daC, but was attacked by Bobby Moore post-match

"Epic" Grant Mitchell became #1 contender to the All-Out Title after outlasting Jay Clinton, Scott Spade, and Kyle Matthews in an elimination match

Damon TAZ defeated Bobby Moore by Disqualification when Moore viciously attacked TAZ with a steel chair. Post-match, Commissioner Terry Batey suspended Moore!

Ace Haven and collumbine defeated Drew Scott and Tyler Gage in our main event! collumbine was fighting by himself in the final moments, as Jimmy Rave had attacked Ace Haven.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 01/14/11, from Clayton, GA


Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 01/14/11, from Clayton, GA

- from TnT

The Executioner defeated Josh Bronson.

The Irish Assassins (Jason Blackman & JD Jackson) defeated CB Gibson & T-Roy Jones.

Rick Michaels defeated Matt Sells.

The Asylum (Ryan Bonebrake & Draven) defeated Taco Delgado & The Bounty Hunter.

Scott Mayson defeated Zackary Blane & Zach Daniels in a Triple Threat Match to become the new TNT Heavyweight Champion.

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/13/11, from Avondale Estates, GA


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/13/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

Master Jae pinned De La Vega;

Curry Kid pinned Pandora;

The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) beat The Cowboy Way (Jamie Holmes & Roscoe Ray) by disqualification;

Team PCW (Simon Sermon, Jay Fury, Nemesis & Brian Blaze) defeated CAMPUS Strike Force;

The Phantom defeated Warhorse Hogan by submission;

Grotesque knocked out Brandon Kage;

In a championship match Shane Marx defeated Geter, Dwight Power and Mason in a four-way match for the PCW title;

Results: Peach State Wrestling Alliance, 01/08/11, from Carrollton, GA

Results: Peach State Wrestling Alliance, 01/08/11, from Carrollton, GA

- from PWA

Cody Windham defeated Dusty McWilliams with an RKO as McWilliams was doing a moonsault;

Chip Day defeated Bill The Butcher by DQ- Butcher won with the claw.However,the decision was reversed when Butcher refused to break the hold;

Mike Jackson & Johnny Rage vs. The Exotic Ones was declared a draw. Jackson pinned Simon Sermon and Rick Michaels had Rage pinned,so the ref declared it a draw. This match was made as a 1st-round match in the upcoming PWA tag title tournament;

Johnny Swinger defeated Damon Taz with the sleeperhold;

AR Fox defeated Antonio Garza;
Garza was injured when he attempted a manuever on the top rope,but fell and landed on his side. He has a fracture in his hip and will be out 3-4 months.

Johnny Swinger won the Quest For The Keys Battle Royal and is now the owner of a brand-new 2010 Nissan Altima.After winning,he was attacked by The Exotic Ones and Bill The Butcher(who have formed their own stable called The Midtown Mafia). 
A match was made on the 22nd between Butcher/Swinger.
Attendance was 134.

Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/27/11, in Atlanta, GA


Platinum Championship Wrestling, 01/27/11, in Atlanta, GA

- from PCW
In the main event, PCW World Champion "The Revelation" Shane Marx takes on MGCW Champion Andy Anderson in a title-versus-title match!

5 of MGCW's toughest and best take on Team PCW (The Konkrete Gorillaz -- Nemesis, Jay Fury and Brian Blaze and the Exotic Ones of Simon Sermon and Rick Michaels)

Kyle Matthews debuts for PCW and takes on "The Shooter" Vordell Walker!

The Profits of Doom (Andrew Pendleton III and Dany Only, with Enoch Tsarion) take on the Washington Bullets where there must be a winner!

"Do Or Die" Chip Day takes on Mason!

Pandora and Aesha Sunshine's rivalry spills into the Masquerade!

Sugar Dunkerton takes on The Vandal!

Plus much, much more!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rampage Pro Wrestling tonight, 01/15/11, in Warner Robins, GA


Rampage Pro Wrestling tonight, 01/15/11, in Warner Robins, GA

- from RPW

This Saturday will see RPW Champions Shaun Banks vs. Kyle Matthews for the RPW Heavyweight Title!!!! These two have had some of the best matches in RPW, you will not want to miss this one! Plus Kyle Matthews will reveal what he has in mind for Jimmy Rave at RPW Reloaded on 1/29/2011!

Frankie Valentine returns this Saturday to get some revenge from Jimmy Rave's Approved group. RPW General Manager Sal Rinauro, has just sent word that it will be Valentine vs. Chip Day this Saturday at Johnny G's Fun Center!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Southern Wrestling Association's "Lock and Load", 01/22/11, in Eastonollee, GA

Southern Wrestling Association's "Lock and Load", 01/22/11, in Eastonollee, GA

The Ted Allen Memorial show, "A Nightmare to Remember", 02/12/11, has changed venues!


The Ted Allen Memorial show, "A Nightmare to Remember", 02/12/11, has changed venues!
You will be seeing former stars from: AWA/NWA/WCW/WWE/TNA/ROH/SCW, world travelers and a Hall of Famer in 1 place on 1 night!

Already signed up to be there for the Meet & Greet/Legends Line Up:

Ted Oates, Joyce Grable, Charlie Smith, Ben Masters, Jimmy Powell (one half of GA Power with Ted), Nightmare # 2, Bobby Simmons, Randy Rose, Pat Rose, Keith Steinborn, Mr. Olympia, Brad Armstrong, Doug Somers, former WCW&WWE superstar Hugh Morrus/Bill De Mott, Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker, Cowboy Bob Kelly, Mr. Donnie and Shadow from the Harley Davidson Crew, Greg Brown, George South and many more that have been invited.

Main Event:
SCW Classic match up, two-thirds of the Original Bad Co. (Steve Lawler & John Michaels) vs. Joel Deaton & Mr. Atlanta (managed by Billy Black) with the Wolfman as the referee;

Semi-Main Event:
Kyle Matthews vs. Brad Armstrong;

Mix tag match:
Lee Thomas & Bambi vs. Todd Zane & Peggy Lee Leathers (managed by HOF Joyce Grable) with special guest referee NWA/WORLD LEGEND Ted Oates;

8-man Cruiserweight Elimination:
Chip Day, Stupid w/Tweety, Frankie Valentine, Josh Storm, Thunder & Lightning (Chris Ganz and Chris Lightning) and the Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon & Rick Michaels);

1st time both teams have battled:
TN Badd Boys (Bobby Hayes & David Young) vs. The Original Team Extreme (Air Parris & Terry Lawler);

6-man tag:
Billy Knight, the Patriot & Mr. Olympia vs. Big Wood the Lumberjack, Jamie Holmes and Jimmy Rave;

The Royal Rumble (including top stars):
George South, Danny Rose, Jess Wade, JJ Grizzly, Michael Cross, Jay Clinton, Greg G-Smooth, Prettyboy Floyd, Alexander the Great, John Arden, J-Rod, Hot Like Lava's Cru Jones and Shaun Banks, TJ Gray, Great Yugo, Scott Prater, Frenchy Riviera, Dr. DOA, Epic Grant, Keith Steinborn, Seth Cruise, JW Christian, Sal Rinauro and Ken Timbs Jr.

Skinny Kenny Arden, Charlie Cash, Jackie Rosedale and The Professor

Ben Masters & Dave Wills (for the Legends Line Up) and Mark Grason (raffles)

The Wolfman
Scrappy McGowan
Spanky Emerson
Mark Cooper
Jeff McGowan
Special referee Ted Oates

ProSouth Wrestling tonight, 01/14/11, in Piedmont, AL


 ProSouth Wrestling tonight, 01/14/11, in Piedmont, AL

- from PSW

ProSouth will be holding our usual weekly event Friday night!

Already signed for this week's event:

Ace Haven & collumbine vs Drew "The Bull" Scott and a mystery partner!

A new #1 contender to the All-Out Title will be decided!

Damon TAZ vs Bobby Moore in singles action!

Plus so much more from your favorite ProSouth stars such as Jimmy Rave, D2daC, Tyler Gage and more!

Here are the results from PSW's last show, 01/07/11:

- from PSW

"Epic" Grant Mitchell pinned Jay Clinton;

"Future Classic" Tyler Gage defeated Robi Vio in a non-title match;

Jimmy Rave pinned Johnny Viper after a "hard fought match";

Stinger defeated Johnny Viper in an impromptu match;

All Dat & Moore defeated the returning Thunder & Lightning in tag team action;

Damon TAZ and Jed Johnson defeated All Dat & Moore;

Drew "The Bull" Scott defeated Ace Haven by submission;

The latest from Stephen Platinum


The latest from Stephen Platinum

- Platinum is the owner/promoter of Platinum Championship Wrestling

The Circus Comes to Town - Being on the Fringe, Variety and the Influences of the Carnival on Professional Wrestling

Dr. James Naismith was the inventor and father of basketball, taking the concept of a child’s game he saw, adding a peach basket to throw a ball into, and a few rules, laying the foundation to the madly popular money machine known as the National Basketball Association. While the game has changed and grown, at its roots lies the ideas Naismith founded – you put a ball in a basket and score, and there are rules governing the game.

At the Bronx in the 70’s a number of young, black men provided the birth of rap music and the hip hop movement. At parties and small clubs, with the simple tools of record turntables and microphones, an entire musical style of incredible influence on both entertainment and culture at large was born. And no matter how much money and airplay follows rap and hip hop music now, at the core it has elements of those early days – the beats, the call and response, the telling of a story.

So pro wrestling has changed over the decades, from the money hustle of the carnival days, where wrestlers would take on all comers (marks) to get money, often using plants in the audience to encourage the marks to participate. There was often the allure of the exotic and the unusual, as the carnival workers themselves often came from different cultures, different places in the country and the world, and often were on the run from the law or “decent society” and found a home in the fringe world of the carnival. The carnivals themselves influenced one another in style and technique as employees would go from carnival to carnival, and some groups would see what worked well at other places and attempt to emulate them.

Pro wrestling is obviously a very different thing today. But like the connection between the modern NBA and Dr. Naismith, and the modern hip hop empires and the Bronx in the 70’s, all of pro wrestling in the United States still have elements of those traveling carnival shows.

I’m going to look at the national promotions of note -- World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Total Nonstop Action (TNA), Ring of Honor (ROH) as well as the local promotions of note Rampage Pro Wrestling (RPW), NWA-Anarchy, and Platinum Championship Wrestling (PCW). I’m going to analyze and grade the promotions in three categories:


This is how outside the societal and industry norms the promotion operates. How much risk do they take? How “cutting edge” are they? Do they have an element of danger? How counter-culture are they?


This is about how varied and diverse the promotion is – is there an appeal of people of varying ages? Ethnicities? What about genders? How complex and varied are the aspects of the promotion and associated shows?


Are they an imitator or an innovator? Are they the promotions that people want to wrestle for?

Obviously, with the local promotions there are different levels of standard then the national promotions.

Other promotions of note that I am not going to discuss in the interest of time include Dragon’s Gate USA (DGUSA) on the national scale, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), Alternative Pro Wrestling (APW) and Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling (MGCW) on the more regional level.

The Overall Grade listed next to the promotions themselves reflect how tied into the promotion is to their carnival roots.

WWE Overall grade: B+

Fringe The WWE is the industry standard, and a multi-national, publicly traded company. Those factors alone are going to hurt their fringe factor. While Vince McMahon Jr. famously has uttered things like “may we never be known as f***ing legit,” it’s clear that the WWE is very conscious about appealing to a wide a fan base as possible. The move towards a PG rating for their television, McMahon’s famous declaration about being “The Walt Disney of wrestling” and other things make it clear that the WWE has attempted to shed the very notion of being fringe. However, it’s still pro wrestling, and the WWE certainly isn’t above using wrestling’s “outsider” or “kitsch” factor to get attention. Grade: C

Variety WWE has a nice spread, especially with the advent of two separate brands, of having a variety of ethnicities, gender representation and different looks. They try and have a “something for everybody” feel to their shows, and are very conscious of trying to appeal to a variety of demographics. However their in-ring product has a very same note feel, both in terms of match story, wrestling styles and even length of matches. They are trying to have the safest, widest appealing wrestling product made for television which doesn’t lend itself to experimentation or variety. Nonetheless, the WWE does the best job of representing any number of groups and have the most colorful show in many definitions of the word. Grade: A-

Influence They are the group that most every wrestler wants to work for, if they are being honest with themselves. Wrestlemania is the premiere event of wrestling. The WWE does things on a wide platform first, and everyone else follows. They now run all new talent acquisitions through their developmental system, further streamlining and homogenizing their product. They’ve made it so when people think pro wrestling, they think WWE. They have taken elements of other promotions in the past, but by and large they are the trend setters and the brass ring. Grade: A

TNA Overall Grade: B-

Fringe Promoting themselves as wrestling’s alternative to the WWE has led TNA to do some things different than the industry leader. They are attempting to have wide appeal, but also seem interested in having the image of wrestling outlaws in so far as it differentiates them from the WWE. They are on a network that tends to operate on the fringe of basic cable. They are attempting to have programming that breaks out of the norm (Reaction) and use new media methods to promote (Dixie Carter’s twitter page) to mixed results. Grade: B

Variety TNA has a much more varied product in-ring than the WWE, when they have wrestling on the show. They have a variety of looks and different types of people on their shows, and tend to take far more risks than the WWE. Their wrestlers and wrestling personalities are given more latitude in the matches they wrestle and the promos they cut which gives a more spontaneous and varied feel to their shows. Grade: A

Influence Clearly TNA in terms of presentation are WWE-lite. Many of their wrestlers come from ROH, and have brought that style of wrestling to much of the undercard. TNA isn’t a career goal for many wrestlers, just a necessary step. Most angles feel rehashed, and most gimmicks feel like they’ve been done to death. When they do stumble upon something that works, often TNA quickly alters whatever it is (changing an over wrestler from face to heel or vice versa) derailing momentum and blunting the possible influence and positive feel to things. Grade: D-

ROH Overall Grade: B+

Fringe Ring of Honor promotes more of a pure wrestling product than the other two prominent national promotions, and covet their often cult-like fans. They harken back to the success and style of Extreme Championship Wrestling in many ways – being unapologetic about what they are, and emphasizing their wrestling style over most everything else, almost to their detriment. ROH doesn’t have crossover appeal as of yet, and seems only marginally interesting in attaining that. Grade: A-

Variety ROH isn’t just a wrestling promotion at this point, it’s an implication on a style of wrestling. It’s the most hard-hitting in-ring style in the United States, and physically breathtaking. But watching a ROH card can often be an exercise in endurance, especially for a casual wrestling fan. Every match seemingly is trying to steal the show. The very style of wrestling limits who can do that style. Coupled with a de-emphasis on gimmicks for the most part, and ROH doesn’t have a varied feel. Grade: C+

Influence For many aspiring pro wrestlers, wrestling for Ring of Honor would be the attainment of a dream. Their style of wrestling and promotion have spawned many copycats in the United States, not seen since the heyday of ECW. Their top wrestlers invariably find work with the other national promotions, insuring that their influence will continue to be felt on a national scale. Grade: A

RPW Overall Grade: A-

Fringe RPW, under the influence of Jimmy Rave, have adopted a more Ring of Honor feel to their shows, which runs counter to their audience and what they are used to. They are re-educating their fans, however, and aren’t above the occasional outrageous stunt to go along with solid, easy to understand angles in order to create a buzz about their promotion. They are unapologetically carving out their own feel and identity in the wrestling scene, almost daring fans to come along for the ride. It’s working. Grade: B+

Variety Rampage Pro Wrestling has a number of different looks to their show. They feature the best mat based wrestling perhaps anywhere, but certainly on the Georgia scene. This “old school” feel combined with the obvious ROH influences makes for the best in-ring product perhaps in all of the Southeast. In spite of being a TV ready promotion, they have matches of all lengths and varieties. The women in RPW are virtually non-existent save for their ring announcer. They mix ring veterans with up and coming talent incredibly well. Grade: B+

Influence Rampage has become the promotion that people want to work for. The booking is seen as efficient and moving in the right direction, their television show is tops in the area, and it’s a good environment in general. Elements of the Rampage style of doing things is finding its way into other promotions, and for good reason. Grade: A

NWA-Anarchy Overall Grade: B+

Fringe Anarchy presents shows in the widest range of places as special events including Dragoncon, the very celebration of fringe culture. Anarchy’s place in the wrestling world is less certain that it was even two years ago. Once a place that clearly functioned as a developmental promotion due to it’s incredible booking and high level of talent, Anarchy often feels like a promotion looking for a strong direction with a fan base that almost appears to continue to come out of habit more than a genuine love for the promotion. However, the sheer talent level at Anarchy and the ability of that talent to experiment and try different things out, often very successfully, gives Anarchy the outlaw and dangerous feel that they retain to this very day. Grade: B-

Variety They are the promotion that gives you the most varied looks, and blends the more seasoned and established talent with the newer talent the most seamlessly. All levels of talent operate at Anarchy, with talent that makes it to TNA and the WWE continuing to cut their teeth at Anarchy, in a variety of different ways. At it’s best, Anarchy really gives something for everyone. From the sheer emotional connection the likes of a Shadow Jackson has with the audience to the ability of longtime manager Jeff G. Bailey to provide heel heat to any of his charges, Anarchy at its best is wrestling done right. Grade: A-

Influence Anarchy has been the promotion that aspiring wrestlers in the area want to wrestle for. Their system of paying dues and how you get onto their cards have been famously strict for this reason. Lately, though, Anarchy finds itself at a crossroads. Forced to move the very dates of their shows to not run against Anarchy, and with an impending sale of the promotion, Anarchy’s stronghold on wrestling in the Southeast has loosened somewhat. Nonetheless, still the standard in the area with the best in-ring talent. Grade: A-

PCW Overall Grade: B+

Fringe From the ashes of World Championship Wrestling in Atlanta, Georgia, PCW runs weekly shows at Acaedmy Theater as well as monthly shows in famous local concert venue the Masquerade. They’ve run shows in everything from high school gyms to avant guard artistic venues to nightclubs. PCW is the hustle promotion that do whatever they have to do to get publicity and attention, and have been very successful in that regard. Nonetheless, they are also the most approachable promotion, geared to get an audience that’s not necessarily composed entirely of pro wrestling fans. Grade: A-

Variety In short, PCW is variety. Comedy blends with more serious moments. Women and a variety of ethnicities abound. The PCW audience itself it the most varied in perhaps all of wrestling, and the PCW product reflects that variety. The in ring styles are incredibly disparate, and influences from theater, pro wrestling’s past, and pop culture abound. Grade: A

Influence There’s no promotion quite like PCW, nor do any of them particularly seem to want to be PCW. PCW is increasingly the promotion that wrestlers are interested in wrestling for, but certainly not to the extent that they wish to work for NWA-Anarchy or RPW. That’s likely to change over time, but PCW is an acquired taste and wrestlers, by and large, haven’t acquired it yet. Grade: B-

In the end, a certain grade implying some kind of “carnival street cred” doesn’t indicate success or failure for a promotion. However, it’s important for wrestling as a whole to remember that there’s a reason wrestling has survived for over a hundred years while other entertainment and sports forms have died off. Within the elements of the carnival lie wrestling’s continued success and revival. Vince McMahon Jr. has often been called “The P.T. Barnum of the modern age” and as much as he and the WWE may want to hold pro wrestling at arm’s length, they and all other wrestling promotions would be wise to remember that P.T. Barnum was a success, and aspiring to achieve what he did is a virtue, not a vice.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arena Wrestling Promotion this Friday, 01/14/11, in Dalton, GA


Arena Wrestling Promotion this Friday, 01/14/11, in Dalton, GA

- from AWP

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls. If you are looking for something to do after a long day at work & school bring the family out to Arena Wrestling Promotions to see some of the best independent wrestling talent in the North Georgia area.

Come see such stars as:
"Wright One" Aiden Wright, Matt Hunter, Matt Maverick Jr., Aaron G., James Lynn, Chief Little Lynn, Deon Mercer, "The Natural Redneck" Rick Hayes, Crystal Fire, Oreo & several others.

Stupid (w/Tweety) has just been added to the card!!

Owner/Commissioner, Jamie Jones, came out last week to announce that their is a new title at Arena Wrestling Promotions & it will be named at a later date.. A tournament will start this Friday night. The championship will be a 24/7 title. It can be defend anywhere, at anytime if a Arena Wrestling Promotions referee is on hand. Also, when the championship is defended weapons are aloud in the match-up but only when a move is done with such weapon. A lot of names have already been slated for the tournament. You will have to come out this Friday night to see who is in the tournament & who will move on to the next round.

Pretty Hot(Jimmy "Ur" Sharpe & Bobby Blaze" challenged Outcast(Alex Summers & JL Cool) to an "Dalton Street Fight". Falls count anywhere, no disqualification, no count out!!!! Who will come out on top of this heated rivalry?

"True Italian Bad Boy" Chad Guiliani walked away with a pinfall over the Arena Wrestling Ultimate Champion "The Pretty One" Alex Michaels winning a championship match this Friday night. Will there be a new champion crowd this Friday night or will Mr. Michaels keep the belt in the Elite Alliance?

Also we have one half of the former NWA/WCW World Tag-Team Champion Ricky Morton from the Rock N' Roll Express making his debut appearance this Friday night. The Arena Wrestling Corporate Champion Psycho Scott came out this past Friday night putting a challenge out the the wrestling legend. Will Ricky answer the call & rock N' roll all over Scott or will the Psycho one get one over on tag-team specialist?

Doors open at 6:00p.m.
Bell time is at 7:30p.m.

Ticket Prices:
Adults - $5
Kids(6-12) - $3
Kids(6-Under) - FREE!!!!


Nightmare Ted Allen Tribute Video

Nightmare Ted Allen Tribute Video

Don't forget about the Ted Allen Tribute show "A Nightmare to Remember" on Feb 12th!!

The National Wrestling Alliance returns to Soddy Daisy, TN on 01/21/11

The National Wrestling Alliance returns to Soddy Daisy, TN on 01/21/11


Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 01/22/11, in Carrollton, GA


Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 01/22/11, in Carrollton, GA

Georgia Christian Wrestling Federation, 01/22/11, in Cedartown, GA

Georgia Christian Wrestling Federation, 01/22/11, in Cedartown, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 01/14/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 01/14/11, in Avondale Estates, GA
Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday! Bell is at 8 p.m.

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

It's Platinum Championship Wrestling's First Anniversary show, and there's a bunch of PCW favorites returning, and a ton of suprises that are sure to happen!

In the main event, PCW World Champion "The Revelation" Shane Marx defends against the two top contenders, The Demi-God Mason and the mammoth Geter!

The men who are going to represent PCW in the five-in-five match at the January 27th show at the Masquerade (The Exotic Ones of Simon Sermon and Rick Michaels, and the Konkrete Gorillaz of Nemesis, Jay Fury and Brian Blaze) team up for the first time!

The Cowboy Way (Roscoe Ray and Jamie Holmes) renew their rivalry with The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams)!

Pandora takes on Curry Kid!

Master Jae takes on De La Vega!

Plus: The Vandal! Kurt Killgore! The Warhorses make a major decision! Aisha Sunshine! The return of Jonathan Davis Wynn! Miss Quinn! Grotesque! Conscience! AND MORE! Don't miss this show!

Results: Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 01/08/11, from Columbus, GA


Results:  Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 01/08/11, from Columbus, GA

- from DCW

New DCW Owner, Blade Walker, was announced and he demoted ring announcer Victoria Rose to camera girl.  He also stated things were going to change in DCW.  Mr.  Walker called out the GIOWA heavy weight Champion Kayzee and told him for his actions for causing wrestlers to lose their titles and attacking them at their homes was uncalled for and next time he did that he was going to get suspended.  Mr. Walker also informed Kayzee that he had to sit beside him at the announce table during the show so he could keep an eye on him.
Lance Tucker def Rude Dude Eli Stevens via pin fall;
The Widowmaker def CJ Lennon and Stunt Marsall via pinfall;
American Championship: Iceman def and retained against Dirty Dawg  via pinfall;
Mega Star James Powers def Tommy G Via DQ with intereference by  Kayzee.  Kayzee threw powder in Powers eyes and hit him with the Kayzee kick.  Then Powers and Kayzee stated brawling in the ring.      Security tried their best to break the two apart.  The brawl continued outside of the ring into the locker room.
DCW World Tag Team Championship LADDER MATCH:  Southern Bad Boys def Sin City Mafia and White Trash to become the champs!!!
Chic Donavon def Chris Nelms via pinfall;
DCW World Heavyweight Crown: Dirty Dave Tate def El Loco Jr via pinfall to retain the title;

Thursday, January 6, 2011

ACW debuts in Carrollton, GA on January 22nd at the Blue Dolphin


ACW debuts in Carrollton, GA on January 22nd at the Blue Dolphin

- from ACW








NWA Anarchy's "Season's Beatings" this Saturday, 01/08/11, in Cornelia, GA


NWA Anarchy's "Season's Beatings" this Saturday, 01/08/11, in Cornelia, GA

- from Bill Behrens

NWA Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA on Saturday 1-8-11 for SEASON'S BEATINGS.

NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title Match: Tank vs. Mikael Judas (C);

Dog Collar Match: Shadow vs. Sev7n w/Jeff G Bailey;

NWA Anarchy Tag Title Match: This match is currently set to pit the Champions Billy Buck and Andrew Alexander against Youth Gone Wild (Anthony Henry & Dustin Knight).

Andrew Alexander requested that NWA Matchmakers make this a 2 out of 3 fall match but waters have been muddied by the Rev Dan Wilson who is petitioning to make this a 3 way elimination match including his Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn). No final decision has been made at this time.

Anarchy fans can post here to let Anarchy matchmakers know which match they prefer.

Bo Newsom/Shaun Tempers vs. Brodie Ray Chase/Slim J;

Bo Newsome is the current Young Lions Champion and Brody Chase is the NWA Anarchy TV Champion and their titles are now on the line in this tag team match. Should either man be pinned or submit he will lose his title.

Lucky 7 Match (Winner gets choice of future title match)
Jacob Ashworth, Johnny Dangerous, Skirra Corvus, Jacoby Boykins, and Lane Vasser are the first 5 contenders announced for this seven person match. The final two contenders will be announced soon or night of show.

And two more SURPRISE matches featuring SURPRISE competitors, as former champions return and more.

It's a NEW YEAR at NWA Anarchy. Don't miss it!!!!!!

Call 706-476-2017 for tickets

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling's "Valentine's Vengeance", 02/05/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling's "Valentine's Vengeance", 02/05/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Stephen Platinum: The Apter Mags and the Fun of Kayfabe and more...


The Apter Mags and the Fun of Kayfabe

2011 is here, and I know a number of people who are very glad for that. The most common thing I’ve heard in the last few days are things like, “2010 sucked, hoping for a better 2011.” Sometimes I think that people are quick to look ahead for something better, rather than seeing what’s so great about what they currently have.

Subsequently, especially in wrestling, the people involved are often too quick to idealize the past and lament the present. “Wrestling was better when –“ “I was watching [insert defunct wrestling group here] and it was so great compared to things now.” “Wrestling died when it became ‘sports-entertainment’” blah blah blah.

I can understand this kind of thinking as well. It’s much easier to lament the things that aren’t going well then to try and create a scenario that works better. That’s hard work. It’s the same way wrestling people always talk about things going in cycles, or that this month or this season isn’t good to run a wrestling show. In the end, I had to make a decision when we started Platinum Championship Wrestling in earnest…and that decision was to just run shows.

We ran a show a week, every Friday starting from January 15th, 2010 until last night. We’ll run a show every Friday in 2011. Along the way we did other shows as well, for a grand total of 73 shows in 2010. That makes me happy. So shows were very well attended, some not so much. In the end, the wrestlers got better, I got better and we figured a lot of things out. I like the modern wrestling product, and the things associated with the current state of the wrestling business.

With that said, I do miss the Apter mags in their heyday. It’s an aspect of wrestling’s past that can’t really be created, though Pro Wrestling Illustrated and a couple of other magazines are still out there. I picked up the latest PWI today. There’s a great article on Phill Shatter, and the magazine itself is nicely put together and looks great. It’s nice to see a recap from a Platinum Championship Wrestling show in there as well. It was $9.95, however…jumping Jesus on a pogo stick that’s expensive.

The things I loved most in the Apter mags were the analysis. Analysises. The analysi. Whatever. The things where they gave grades to wrestlers, or made comparisons. It seemed like you couldn’t go more than one issue without some comparison between Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. I ate that stuff up. Even now my favorite features in magazines and wrestling stuff on-line are lists or when they compare and contrast wrestlers. Even with the ending of kayfabe, wrestlers themselves still look at the PWI 500 and hope to be there. List of the “greatest” either of all time or the year find themselves from WWE produced DVDs to the very sites where you are likely reading this.

In that spirit, I’m going to compare and contrast Platinum Championship Wrestling and our newest rivals, Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling. At the Masquerade show on Dec. 23rd, 2010, wrestlers from MGCW, citing the article I wrote “The Prestige of the Championship Title” attacked our PCW World Champion “The Revelation” Shane Marx after he had successfully defended the PCW title in a cage. MGCW Champion Andy Anderson led the attack, a slew of MCGW wrestlers joined the attack and Eric Fields put the blame on me, saying I had practically dared someone to come test PCW and there they were.

It was chaos. PCW fans, which tend to be somewhat stand-offish, actually became emotionally involved. When things really heated up (as the MGCW wrestlers were leaving, and Eric Fields and I rushed one another to fight) the fans chanted “PCW” and got into a scuffle with some of the MGCW wrestlers.

The card, which was red hot and delivered, managed to end strong thanks to the MGCW crew, and gave us a bridge to the next Masquerade show. MGCW has a show January 15th…I think me and the crew may show up for that one.

(The previous editorial from Stephen Platinum can be found as a previous post on our site)

In the spirit of the Apter mags, I’m going to do a comparison between MGCW ( and PCW ( in this War


Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

As the attack on Shane Marx shows, MGCW has clearly rallied in preparation for this conflict. Led by MGCW Champion Andy Anderson, a group of wrestlers that either had no affiliation with Anderson or actually wrestled against him in the past came together and showed up at PCW’s December 23rd show, had one another’s back and laid waste to PCW’s champion and hijacked the entire show. Eric Fields found a strong voice in explaining the attack and rallying the MGCW wrestlers into a focused assault, much stronger than his presence on MGCW shows. If indeed “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” MGCW has learned this and have become, very quickly, a unified fighting force. If they can circle the wagons in a similar fashion at their own events against the inevitable PCW retaliation, not only should it portend good things for them in the War, but great things for MGCW in 2011. Grade: A+

Platinum Championship Wrestling

The reaction of the PCW locker room to the attack on Marx was very telling. PCW wrestlers that tend to hold a similar ring philosophy to Marx came to his aid, but in a disjointed, unorganized fashion. The Konkrete Gorillaz weren’t there. Mason wasn’t there, and couldn’t seem to leave fast enough to leave Marx to the MGCW wolves. The Vandal and Kurt Killgore weren’t there. Any number of other PCW personalities weren’t there. Between that and the fact that PCW has begun using some wrestlers that MGCW fans would be very familiar with, and it becomes clear that not only does PCW seem to have trouble getting a unified front together, there may already be turncoats and corruptors within PCW that MGCW have planted, or that could be sympathetic to MGCW’s cause in this War within PCW’s ranks. Grade: C

The Women

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

MGCW doesn’t have a number of women working their shows regularly. However, they do have Marti Meadows, a woman with a great deal of power in MGCW and an ability to get talent at the drop of a hat. She’s been focused on making MGCW Champion Andy Anderson’s life hell…but if she focused her power and ire at PCW, it could tip the balance of the War. Grade: B-

Platinum Championship Wrestling

The female presence in PCW is the strongest in Georgia by far, if not the entire Southeast. Pandora is billed as the “pound-for-pound” toughest woman in wrestling, and it would be hard to dispute the claim. Rumor has it that the January 14th PCW card will feature the return of the mysterious chair-wielding Conscience, and the infamous Miss Quinn, who have wreaked havoc in PCW in completely different ways through 2010. Along with Rachael Tension, Iesha Sunshine and a host of other female personalities and MGCW simply comes up short with a strong female presence in this War. Grade: A

The Frontlines

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

MGCW runs their shows about once a month in front of an audience that varies from a low of 100 people to highs around 4-500. Their annual show in June that centers around the Wargames does incredibly well, and MGCW have been running their shows faithfully in the same general area for quite some time. Their fanbase returns for show after show, and they’ll provide the moral support needed, especially on MGCW’s home floor. Grade A

Platinum Championship Wrestling

Platinum Championship Wrestling has been doing its thing for about year. And in that time, they’ve run more shows than anyone else did by far, in a variety of places. Their fanbase is widening, but they don’t draw on a show-by-show basis as much as MGCW does. MGCW chose the monthly Masquerade events to attack PCW, and something interesting happened – the PCW’s fans reacted strongly. Perhaps when this War spills into the Academy Theater Friday shows, or in future Masquerade shows, PCW will indeed have a strong home court advantage. Grade B+

Soldiers for the War

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

MGCW’s roster perhaps isn’t the most talented, but they are certainly one of the toughest. With a hardcore title (current champion the brutal and chiseled Deadpool) and usually some kind of all out hardcore match on each card, MGCW has a host of wrestlers that brutalize first and look for wins exclusively through knocking their opponents out. Most of MGCW’s roster wouldn’t win a bodybuilding pose-off, but they’ve got size and Those traits serve well in a war like the one between MGCW and PCW. Grade A-

Platinum Championship Wrestling

PCW’s roster varies widely in terms of experience and body types. From the small and the quick to proven battle tested warriors like the Konkrete Gorillaz, PCW has a large variety of wrestlers and wrestling styles on its roster. While that might make for a diverse and interesting wrestling card, in a war like this one the smaller, technically oriented wrestlers become virtual cannon fodder. Grade B

The Champions

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

Andy Anderson won the MGCW title in a hellacious match and has defended it faithfully since. His pride in his title and MGCW was evident by his attack on PCW Champion “The Revelation” Shane Marx. He’s powerful, with a one-two power punch of a crushing spinebuster rivaled only by David Young, and a Sharpshooter submission that spells a quick end for anyone caught in it. Andy Anderson is powerfully built, moves effectively, and seems eager to prove his worth on the Georgia wrestling scene. Grade A-

Platinum Championship Wrestling

“The Revelation” Shane Marx had an amazing 2010. From technical masterpieces against the likes of Davey Richards, Adam Pearce, Xavier Woods, Chip Day and Michael Cannon to all out wars with the Konkrete Gorillaz, the mammoth Geter and every other nefarious wrestler with big dreams. Marx has been through the ringer. But he’s never truly had a chance to do anything but chase then defend his PCW World Title. He seems to relish this opportunity to not only defend his title but PCW as a whole. He’s big, agile, and can brawl with the best of them. Grade: A

The Leadership

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

Eric Fields in conjunction with others behind the scene call the shots at MGCW. Eric easily adapted his role in MGCW into a fire-and-brimstone General Patton type in the attack on PCW. He clearly provides the emotional and physical rallying point for MGCW in the initial stages of this war. It’s no secret that MGCW has a number of other, less public people in charge. Will this help MGCW’s cause, or create a layer of bureaucracy and internal politics when quick, decisive action is needed? Only time will tell. Grade A-

Platinum Championship Wrestling

Stephen Platinum found himself in the proverbial catbird’s seat to witness MGCW drawing first blood on his company and champion on December 23rd. Sitting at the commentator’s table, Stephen seemed stunned at the event and didn’t act for quite some time. When he finally did say something, it wasn’t to calm the situation down, nor was it to rally his PCW troops. It was to rush down and join the fray. PCW needs true leadership in this fight, and there’s a question whether Stephen Platinum will be able to lead PCW effectively in this War, or even wants to. Nonetheless, Platinum clearly is the strong, singular leader of PCW and is able to move quickly to do what he thinks should be done. January 15th at the MGCW shows should provide some answers, but for now the jury’s still out. Grade B+


Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

MGCW is a group that had a good 2010, but has recently made rumored changes to get even better and have a great 2011. They’re battle-tested, and this War may provide the perfect rallying point to unify the league and give them a bigger level of exposure that they’ve secretly craved.

MGCW hasn’t organized their fanbase, by and large, but are taking steps to do that.

MGCW’s commentary team of Mark Danger and Dave Willis not only bring an old-school sensibility to MGCW, but have a presence through their internet radio show and podcast to properly state and assert MGCW’s position in this war.

MGCW has not been shy about bringing in big talent to beef up their cards and give them a different look. Mr. Hughes, Boogeyman and others have found their way into MGCW rings.

In short, MGCW has the pieces in place to fight a sustained and successful conflict with PCW, though they haven’t had a fight quite like this in their leagues history. Grade: B+

Platinum Championship Wrestling

PCW is clearly a group on the rise. Doing more shows than anyone in 2010, and pulling off the biggest show of the year with Sacred Ground: Chapter One, they’ve gotten their ducks in a row, have gotten knocked down and gotten right back up.

They’ve effectively garnered a strong internet presence with their own fans, have a battle plan as a company, and are rumored to be looking to expand their presence and influence.

The talent on the shows have improved immensely not only as the homegrown PCW talent have improved, but as wrestlers from around the area start to actively wrestle for PCW as well. Rumored future appearances from the likes of Kyle Matthews and Vordell Walker, Andrew Pendleton III, Dany Only and Enoch Tsarion as regulars signal great things. Visiting wrestlers such as Davey Richards, Samoa Joe, Amazing Kong, NWA and ROH champions, etc. on PCW shows in the past allude to the ability of PCW to get the people that they need in situations where it’s warranted.

On the surface, this War would seem to be ill-timed. Just as PCW had really found a handle and a larger audience at the Masquerade shows, MGCW stuck. But PCW seems energized by this conflict and the potential of a sustained campaign against MGCW. Grade: A+

In conclusion:

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling

Overall Grade: A-

MGCW is ready for this War. They are a company looking to make big changes to capitalize on an already strong promotion, and this War is providing them the means to rally themselves and gain a strong identity in the process. They have the leadership structure in place, and learning to quickly eliminate the weaknesses within their own organization, and have shown that when they strike a blow as a group it can shake PCW to the core.

Looking ahead, the challenge for MGCW is to sustain the momentum and show that they can take a punch as good as they deliver one. In terms of sheer firepower, they have it. But PCW is, perhaps, a more complex entity with a wider variety of ways they can attack and defend, and that boils this conflict down to the one thing that will win the War for MGCW – can they impose their will and way of doing things on PCW, or will PCW impose their will on MGCW?

Platinum Championship Wrestling

Overall Grade: B+

While PCW as a wrestling company is very strong, there’s a question on whether they simply can afford to have another iron in the fire with a War with MGCW. Whereas MGCW runs a show a month and has all the time and resources to attack and repel attacks from PCW, PCW themselves run at least 5 shows a month and are in the midst of looking to expand and increase their presence in the Atlanta area. Their resources are perhaps stretched too thin for a War with the angry, unified and determined MGCW.

In short, PCW has to get their own house in order quickly and be prepared for a War, not simply to deal with another wrestling-related issue. MGCW is hungry to prove their mettle and seem to be gathering strength from their early victory.

Can PCW regroup and build morale? Or did MGCW’s quick, decisive strike end this War before it starts? MGCW’s January 15th show will tell us a lot about the future of this War, as will the next PCW show at the Masquerade on January 27th. Of course, PCW’s weekly show each Friday at Academy Theater could provide other insights and answers…as well as other places for MGCW to bring the fight to PCW’s doorstep. It’s going to be fascinating to see where this goes, that’s the only certainty in this War.