Friday, December 31, 2010

Universal Independent Wrestling's Big New Year's Eve show tonight, 12/31/10, in Franklin, GA


Universal Independent Wrestling's Big New Year's Eve show tonight, 12/31/10, in Franklin, GA

Cruiserweight Champion Billy Knight & "The Rocker" Terry Lawler vs UIW Tag Team Champions Pretty Boy Doug Somers & Pretty Boy Floyd;

"Big" Al Horne vs Inmate Spike in a best 2 of 3 falls match;

There will also be unsanctioned "Lights Out Match" featuring UIW Heavyweight Champion Rob Adonis and Bull Buchanan following the main event.

All of your UIW favorites will be on hand to usher in the new year!

Tickets: $8 for ringside & $6 for general admission.

Doors open @ 6:30pm, Belltime is 8pm.

12740 GA HWY 34 EAST, Franklin, GA 30217

TnT Pro Wrestling tomorrow night, 01/01/11, in Clayton, GA


TnT Pro Wrestling tomorrow night, 01/01/11, in Clayton, GA
TNT Tag Title Match
The Chaos Connection (RM-1 & Flyin' Ryan) (c) vs. The Texicans (Taco Delgado & Johnny Dollar);

TNT US Title Match
CB Gibson (c) vs. Mystic Storm;

Hardcore Rules Match
The Bounty Hunter vs. Ryan Bonebrake;

Rick Michaels vs. Matt Sells;

Draven vs. Ken O'Sullivan;

Plus Zach Daniels, Zackary Blane, Gavin Reigns, and Alex Decker will all be in action.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Platinum Championship Wrestling's "Knockout New Year's Eve" this Friday in Avondale Estates, GA


Platinum Championship Wrestling's "Knockout New Year's Eve" this Friday in Avondale Estates, GA

Knockout 2010 and ring in 2011 with PCW!!

Start the party off with some hot wrestling action!

Get your tickets now, only $8

Academy Theatre
119 Center St
Avondale Estates, GA

Belltime 8:00pm

Current Rankings as of 12-24-10:

PCW Champion: Shane Marx since 3-26-10
1. Geter
2. The Vandal
3. Vordell Walker
4. Mason
5. Jay Fury
6. Chip Day
7. Pandora
8. Sugar Dunkerton
9. Aisha Sunshine
10.Davey Richards

Global Championship Wrestling, 01/08/11, in Palmerdale, AL

Global Championship Wrestling, 01/08/11, in Palmerdale, AL

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Sizzling Summer Bash 2010" now available on DVD


Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Sizzling Summer Bash 2010" now available on DVD

- from RPW

Sumer Sizzling Bash 2010 Featuring WWE's Daniel Bryan in one of the most surreal moments in Georgia wrestling history! Rampage Pro Wrestling Presents Sizzling Summer Bash 2 The Bryan Danielson Visit Filmed Live Saturday July 31st 2010 in Warner Robins Georgia RPW Four Way Match Bryan Danielson vs Jimmy Rave vs J-Rod vs Kyle Matthews RPW Heavy Weight Title Match Sal Rinauro vs Shaun Banks (champion) Three-way Tag Team Title Match Jones Boyz vs Exotic Ones w/ Big Bank Barefield vs Usual Suspects (champion) Tag Team Match Sal Rinauro and Marvelous Micheal Stevens vs Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones and Shaun Banks

Click here for more information.

Be sure to check out the new episode of RPW TV here.

Stephen Platinum's last editorial essay for 2010


Stephen Platinum's last editorial essay for 2010

- from Stephen Platinum

The Landscape Shifts

The last two weeks have brought about big changes in the Georgia (and Alabama) wrestling scene.  I’m going to talk about the major goings on with the bigger promotions in the scene more than the talent/wrestlers themselves because, frankly, the talent situation is very good and doesn’t require a great deal of analysis in my opinion.

I attended a Rampage Pro Wrestling show on December 18th and absolutely loved it.  I can see where they are moving that show towards a more Ring of Honor type of feel, and it works.  If they can get those crowds up to fill Johnny G’s every taping, they’ll be golden.  Their in-ring product was good, but now is getting even better.  Their younger talent blends with the more veteran talent more seamlessly than most anywhere else.  Perhaps the most interesting thing occurred, however, when I found out that Jerry Palmer was stepping away from Anarchy and it was for sale while at the RPW taping.

Anarchy’s run probably ending is a big story, of course.  It’s not much of a secret that it’s been a rough road for Anarchy as of late.  Their devoted talent is second to none in the ring.  There’s no denying that it’s the promotion that has been the one that wrestlers in the area traditionally clamor to wrestle for.  They (especially factoring in Wildside) have the most storied history; they have created the biggest moments…they are the group that is the most copied and emulated locally.  The number of people who have asked if I’m going to buy Anarchy is staggering.  Clearly, there’s a lot of interest and worrying going on about if it’s going to be bought out, and who is going to buy it out.  I’ll be clear about it – I’m going to look at the financials and see.  I would love to preserve wrestling in that building. 

I’m not na├»ve…I know that no matter who takes over, there are going to be people that are upset.  And there are going to be people that are happy.  And there are going to be people that have a “wait and see” attitude.  For me, I’m gathering information…what works?  What doesn’t?  What’s the best way to approach things?  If I were to get to run wrestling shows in that building, I think that I’d be a tough road.  But I know that I’d at least walk in very conscious of what the situation is.  I won’t pretend I know everything about it, but at least I would have the mindset of doing a great wrestling show that is respectful of the style and the history of the wrestling in that area and attempt to preserve those aspects of Wildside/Anarchy.

2010 saw groups on the rise (Rampage, APW and I think Platinum Championship Wrestling) groups on the mend or holding serve (most of the indies in the area) and groups that are going away or clearly hurting (Anarchy and Great Championship Wrestling).

Ah, GCW.  Full disclosure – Taylor McKnight isn’t a big fan of mine.  I’m not a fan of his, either.  But I can say that their set up is prime.  Their entrance, production and location are good, sometimes great.  But it’s clear that they’ve had talent defections that have hurt them.  It’s also clear that Miss Diane who runs the show is their financial backer, but beyond that their biggest liability.  They’re currently taking a month or so off from doing shows, and most people would not be surprised if that was the end of them.  And many if not most would be okay with that.  Believe it or not, I’m rooting for them.  I’ll say that if a number of things happened, GCW could make a successful comeback.

  1. Miss Diane can’t have any say-so as far as the running of GCW goes.  It’s clear that her handling of payoffs, for example, has alienated their talent.  Full disclosure – PCW doesn’t pay for the most part.  But I’ll say in PCW’s defense that clearly nobody is making money, and it’s about building the show.  I haven’t created expectations in that regard and them reversed course on anyone.  At GCW Diane’s handling of money matters have hurt that promotion, clearly.  There are have and have nots there within the promotion, and it’s created resentment.  They have great talent, especially working on top, but there isn’t a team vibe with GCW as there is at other places.  I would imagine that wrestlers not caring for Miss Diane or how things are run contributes (and has contributed) to most, if not all, of their problems. 

  1. Miss Diane can’t and shouldn’t have a say on booking matters.  I have not heard about one positive interaction with wrestlers and Miss Diane.  Her odd rules about how GCW is to be promoted (that is, virtually no promotion that makes sense) and ridiculous presence in the shows themselves must end.

  1. Taylor McKnight.  I don’t think a removal is necessary.  However…there is a problem of respect.  For the most part, much of the talent doesn’t respect him and calls things into question either publicly or, perhaps worse, in private griping.  Of course, I’m not there, so maybe I’m wrong.  Doubt it, though.  It’s not the best locker room atmosphere.  Plus, Taylor’s volatile.  However, as someone who famously screams at the monitor at our shows and has had my share of fallings out with various people (Frank Aldridge of WWA4, for example) I can understand that stuff.  But Taylor by my own experience simply doesn’t know how to talk to people for long without saying something that alienates or causes a scratching of the head.  It’s not about his being too “real” or some such nonsense, it’s the fact that it usually appears like you aren’t dealing with a person mature enough for the position he is in.  It’s clear that Taylor loves wrestling, but equally clear that his booking position in his promotion is amongst the weakest in perception among any of the promotions I’ve talked about.  Insulating GCW and himself with an abundance of WWA4 talent hasn’t helped any of that.  While WWA4 does have guys that can go (Ric King has his moments, as does Nation, for example) it’s safe to say that nobody thinks the current talent at the entry levels of the card rivals that of GCW’s past.  There is a perception that Taylor books out of spite, or plays favorites.  That doesn’t help matters.  However, I think if Diane can back off, and Taylor can be clear and up front with what he wants and can gain the respect of the wrestlers through truly good booking and a professional demeanor, GCW can make 2011 a comeback year.  If that can’t be done, they should close up shop.

What about Platinum Championship Wrestling?  We had a year where we did more than 75 shows.  That’s a big first year.  Sacred Ground: Chapter One was a critical (though not financial) success.  We crowned a champion and created some great moments.  Our Masquerade shows went from 30 paid in October, to 50 in November, to about 100 at this last show.  We did shows at the Jungle, then stopped doing them.  Some home-grown PCW talent is finding its way around the indy scene (The Washington Bullets foremost amongst them) to great acclaim.  At the end of our December 23rd Masquerade show, we ended our first show with our first cage matches (a brutal affair between The Exotic Ones and The Konkrete Gorillaz, and a PCW World Title match between champion Shane Marx and Mason) with MGCW champion Andy Anderson and other MGCW notables attacking Marx and throwing down the gauntlet, apparently for what I said in my article on the PCW title.  It was a great moment – fans actually attacking MGCW wrestlers, some of the boys in the back thinking it was real, and even the MGCW wrestlers themselves worrying that I was actually mad at them.  It’s set the stage for our January show at Masquerade with a title versus title match where there must be a winner and a battle between 5 of MGCW’s toughest against 5 of PCW’s toughest.  PCW wrestlers are slated to answer MGCW’s challenge at their show on January 15th

It’s exciting, and it’s exciting being a player (albeit a minor one) in the Southeast wrestling scene, specifically in Georgia.  2011 is shaping up to be a most interesting year.  Hopefully it will be a year where the various leagues really make themselves distinct – not just from one another, but from the wrestling scene nationally.  It’s fun to look at how different the leagues I’ve talked about are from one another.  I was talking to a wrestler of some note in the area, and he noted that Rampage has the ROH vibe, APW has a Crockett promotions feel, and PCW is the angle and gimmick driven promotion.  I’ll say that the wrestling scene in Georgia is far superior to the area where I wrestled predominantly (Colorado and the Southwest)l.  A number of promotions in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Alabama run shows weekly, or at least twice a month.  The stage is set.  There’s great wrestlers that have veteran status, as well as great up-and-coming wrestlers.  I’m a fan of the video I see of Shadow Jackson and Kyle Matthews.  I like the PCW shows and think our talent gets better and better, and I’ve been careful about who comes in from the outside and for the most part they’ve been great.  I filled out my ballot for the Georgia Wrestling History awards and had a hard time for the best of reasons…there were truly multiple options for each category.  And I ended up voting for wrestlers, referees and personalities from a number of promotions.  That’s a good sign.

As for me, I’ll keep learning and working hard for Platinum Championship Wrestling.  I love pro wrestling, but so do a lot of people.  In the end, saying that I love pro wrestling isn’t enough.  I have a responsibility to look at the wrestling scene in general, note what I can, learn from what others do – good and bad --  and strive to help the scene in general.  If that means fostering a relationship with the other promotions, I’ll do it.  If it means pointing out a bad situation in the hopes that it will get better, I’ll do it.  If it means buying another promotion and returning it to glory…hell, I just might do that, too.

Happy New Year, Georgia and Southeast wrestling scene.  Here’s to a great 2011.

(note: As of 12/28/10, Great Championship Wrestling in Phenix City, AL is no longer in business)

Dyansty Championship Wrestling, 01/08/11, in Columbus, GA


Dyansty Championship Wrestling, 01/08/11, in Columbus, GA

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TWA Friday Night Brawl this Thursday night, 12/23/10, in Dalton, GA


TWA Friday Night Brawl this Thursday night, 12/23/10, in Dalton, GA

Come out to the longest running, best value for money family show in the area. This week we will be running on Thursday so our Wrestlers can still bring you your weekly show and be able to have Christmas Eve with their Friends and Loved Ones.

Prices are $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children.


From the TWA Family to your Family, we want to thank you all for your loyal and continued support through this year and look forward to 2011 being a great year for everyone.

Have a safe and Very Merry Christmas.

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 12/23/10, in Atlanta, GA


Platinum Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 12/23/10, in Atlanta, GA

- from PCW

Dual main events in a cage!

PCW World Champion "The Revelation" Shane Marx takes on The Demigod Mason!

The Konkrete Gorillaz (Nemesis, Jay Fury and Brian Blaze) take on the Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon, Rick Michaels and Jay Clinton)!

Other incredible matches:

The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) take on the Profits of Doom (Dany Only and Andrew Pendleton III, with Enoch Tsarion)

Vordell Walker take on "Do Or Die" Chip Day!

De La Vega, The Vandal, and the toughest woman pound-for-pound in wrestling, Pandora in a three-way match!

...and more! Geter! CAMPUS Strike Force! Curry Kid! And more and more and more! Don't miss it!

WHEN: Thursday 8PM
WHERE: The Masquerade 695 North Ave - Atlanta, GA 30308

Monday, December 20, 2010

Results: Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 12/18/10, from Columbus, GA

Results: Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 12/18/10, from Columbus, GA

- from DCW


Video: Universal Independent Wrestling's show from 11/19/10 in Franklin, GA

Video: Universal Independent Wrestling's show from 11/19/10 in Franklin, GA

Look for more info on UIW's partnership with Southland Sports TV soon!

- from UIW

Make your plans now to attend Universal Independent Wrestling's New Years Eve show at our arena in Franklin, GA!! After the show is over, UIW Heavyweight Champion Rob Adonis will take on former WWE star Bull Buchanan in an unsanctioned, "Lights Out" Match. There will be no rules! This will be a fight to the finish, last man standing match.

Results: NWA Anarchy. 12/18/10, from Cornelia, GA


Results: NWA Anarchy. 12/18/10, from Cornelia, GA

- from NWA Anarchy

The night began with Jerry Palmer's major announcement and that is in March 2011 after almost six years he will be retiring from professional wrestling. This puts the future of Anarchy up in the air but Palmer was optimistic that the company will fall under new ownership before that time. .

1) Mikael Judas vs Tommy Daniels is thrown out, Judas hits chokeslam, refuses to pin, goes for Crucifejo, Santa Claus (who was at ringside earlier mingling with the children in attendance) pulls Daniels to safety. Immediately a wicked brawl breaks out between Chris Kringle & The NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion and after knocking Judas off his feet with a spinning backfist, Santa is revealed to be the returning Tank who hits a big splash in the corner and clotheslines Judas over the top to the floor. Judas stares a hole through Tank as he makes his exit with the title belt. It is announced that Tank will take on Judas at Season's Beatings on January 8th for the title.

Jeff G. Bailey made his way to ringside to spread his unique brand of holiday "cheer", Bailey continued his war of words with Shadow Jackson, calling "The People's Champ" street trash (in retaliation to two weeks ago), and reminding Shadow of his own sordid past. Jackson didn't hesitate to make his way out to confront Bailey in person, and Jackson stated he has declared all out war on the NWA Elite and that he wanted a piece of any man associated with Bailey, which brought out a sneak attack from the returning Andrew Pendleton III and started an impromptu match. These two battled it out in a great fight, but it was Jackson who pulled it out in the end for the victory when

2) Shadow Jackson defeated AP3 via pinfall after the 1031 Slam. Jackson wasn't finished though, he summoned a gift bag that he stated included Bailey's Christmas present but before he could even reveal the content, "The Deadly Sin" Seven attacked from the crowd and proceded to hang Jackson over the top rope with some sort of leather strap. Bailey mocked Jackson during this, and even placed his Santa Claus hat on Jackson's head in a disgusting display.

3) : Slim J defeated Skirra Corvus w/Enoch Tsarion via pinfall after the Detox Driver in what turned out to be a fantastic back and forth match that lasted near the 20 minute marker.

4) : Andrew Alexander/Billy Buck defeated Shaun Tempers & Bo Newsom via pinfall to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles after Buck hit the superkick on Tempers and Alexander was able to reverse momentum on a backslide into a pinning combination.

5) Brodie Ray Chase defeats Seth Delay via pinfall to win the NWA Anarchy TV Title. Chase pulled what many consider to be an upset against the younger and quicker Delay. Delay had been running from this beating for a long time. Many nights Delay may have been the better man due to his amazing conditioning, but tonight Chase had something to prove, and prove it he did by winning the NWA Anarchy TV Title from a long reigning incumbent.

6) : Youth Gone Wild (Dustin Knight & Anthony Henry) defeated The Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyne) w/ Rev. Dan Wilson via pinfall after reversing The Hate Crime with a top rope hurricanrana to earn a shot at the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles at Fright Night. This feud continues to boil over. Junkies really beat the snot out of Dustin Knight and Anthony Henry when they had control, but the Youth Gone Wild continue their streak of success in the end.

7) Johnny Dangerous won the Higher Ground Match to get into the Lucky 7 Match at Season's Beatings.

ProSouth Wrestling holiday schedule update

ProSouth Wrestling holiday schedule update

- from PSW (Piedmont, AL)

ProSouth Wrestling will not run on December 24th or 31st. 

Our next show will be Jan 7th, 2011.. 

This will begin our 3rd year in this business and we appreciate ALL of our wrestling fans. 

Our Wrestling for Santa was again a success, allowing us to support our local DAV, Rescue Squad and the Piedmont Benevolence Center. Thanks goes out to all who donated.

Have a safe and blessed Holiday Season.

Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 12/17/10, from Clayton, GA

- from TNT
Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 12/17/10, from Clayton, GA
Josh Bronson & Ken O'Sullivan defeated Legion by DQ in a Handicap Match;

The Bounty Hunter defeated Draven (w/ Ashley Rose);

Zach Daniels defeated El Tarantula;

Santa Claus defeated Mr. Tibbs;

Alex Decker defeated Rex Rumble;

Scott Mayson defeated Ryan Bonebrake;

Zackary Blane & Flyin' Ryan & Rick Michaels defeated Taco Delgado & Johnny Dollar & Mystic Storm;

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Platinum Championship Wrestling's promoter weighs in on "The Return of the True Heel"


Platinum Championship Wrestling's promoter weighs in on "The Return of the True Heel"

- from PCW promoter Stephen Platinum

The Return of the True Heel

I attend wrestling shows around Georgia.  (I do so to enjoy the shows, not sit there condescendingly with my arms crossed like so many other wrestling people I see…but that’s an article for another time.)  I try to get to two different shows a month, and usually actually get to one.  This might not seem like a lot, but when you couple that with reading recaps, watching shows on the local and national level and individual matches on-line (for example, I always watch Rampage’s show, and prospective wrestlers send me stuff to watch every single day) and having shows of my own to run that use wrestlers from various promotion who tell me what’s going on elsewhere, I keep up pretty well with what’s going on.

I think there is a clear distinction between the promotions that run things well, and the ones that don’t.  This isn’t me trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, this is me trying to make Platinum Championship Wrestling better by observing what I think works well and what does not.

In short, there aren’t enough quality heels.

The promotions that I would consider a cut above (Anarchy, Rampage and a couple of others) have heels.

Other promotions have “badasses.”  (Note the quotations, they are important.)

There’s a huge difference.

In Platinum Championship Wrestling, we had the ultimate heel gimmick, Dwight Power.  When creating Dwight Power, I asked myself a simple question.  “Who is the kind of person that virtually nobody can get behind?”  Simple.  A guy who dislikes most everything.  Wrestling traditionally has heels who are “the other”…that is, personas that are in opposition to the audience.  Foreign menaces.  Rich, arrogant people.  Nowadays, it’s authority figures who abuse their power.

I didn’t want to go any of those routes.  I don’t like general manager/commissioner type of gimmicks, especially heel ones.  I prefer the wrestlers to be the forces of menace, to be the ones that provide foils for the babyfaces.  I think it makes for a more cohesive product, and the obvious benefit of things playing out in direct fashion in the ring – the crowd loves wrestler A.  They hate wrestler B.  Wrestler A and B have a match and everyone can get excited about it.  That’s much better, in my eyes, than General Manager B doesn’t like wrestler A, who the crowd adores.  So General Manager A gets wrestler C to wrestler B in a nefarious scheme to take something from B.  Don’t get me started on babyface authority figures that don’t wrestle.  Awful.

I understand that the heel authority figure/face wrestler has worked before.  When it was Vince McMahon and Stone Cold.  But indy promotions don’t have the infrastructure, earned history or the legitimacy to truly pull this off.  Not to mention, it’s been done all over.  To death.

So back to Dwight Power.  I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t simple – that is, “I hate black people” is never something he would say.  He would have to have a viewpoint.  A realistic viewpoint.  I listened to right wing political figures.  I looked at the Turner Diaries.  I watched documentaries on the Klan.  It was important that Dwight Power felt real. 

Little Willie is a wrestler that’s been around the Georgia indy scene for years.  He’s perfectly serviceable in the ring, but his gimmicks always felt very “indy” to me – the rapping white guy.  The little fast wrestler without real depth.  One day he came to practice wearing a white wife beater and camouflage pants and boots.  I jokingly called him “Dwight Power” and the name stuck.  I realized that with his shaven head and sharp facial features he looked like so many angry, disenfranchised young white men that I had seen throughout the country.  I realized that if he could merely cut the proper promos, I had a true heel for PCW.

At first, Will had trouble with his promos.  He would make anti-Obama jokes and the like.  I helped him out.  I cut a “Dwight Power” promo, where I talked about how the audience weren’t true Americans, I was.  I talked about why I was in PCW…to show everybody my superiority and validate my world view.

Will understood.  Dwight Power was the ultimate non-inclusive uber patriot, not a simple minded bigot.

What followed was months of amazing moments – Dwight Power taking “special” Timmy McClendon, putting his mouth around a board pulled out of the ring and kicking the back of his head, covering his face in blood ala American History X curb stomping.

His disturbing catchphrase, “I am a voice that speaks, a thought that yells and an action that screams Dwight Power, Dwight Power, Dwight Power!”

Dwight Power abusing and attacking the openly gay (and very babyface in PCW) Simon Sermon, culminating with an incredible lumberjack match where the entire PCW roster and gay and African American heavy Jungle audience watched the battle with real emotional investment in Power and Sermon.

Dwight’s promos were the key.  Thundering, intelligent, but warped rants about why his targets in PCW deserved their fates at his hands. 

In Atlanta, Georgia, Dwight would have no allies in the crowd.  He wasn’t a surly “badass.”  Dwight hated all of the audience, and they knew it because he told them.  He didn’t mock their sports teams, or hometown…he hated THEM in a way that perhaps they had heard before, in a way that was familiar and personal.

Through Dwight, Timmy McClendon got a true foil to help elevate him from simply a comedy gimmick to someone the audience could care about.  Simon Sermon and the Exotic Ones could be true faces…valiant men fighting against one who would oppress them, instead of the typical wrestling gay heel that gets booed for…merely being gay.

But I wanted more.  And I wanted more heels.  Certainly there were others.  Mason the Demi-God has emerged as a top heel.  His gimmick is over the top, bombastic…inspired by Xerxes the Persian God-king from the movie “300,” Mason and his disturbingly corporate zombie feeling Witnesses have come up in PCW and garner their share of boos.  But PCW needed a true force of heel menace that even the most sarcastic and jaded wrestling fans would fear and hate because of that fear.

Enter the Konkrete Gorillaz. 

For all of Dwight’s strengths, he was and is very small.  And while he looks the part, and speaks the part, in the end Dwight couldn’t inspire a visceral, physical fear beyond the brutal stunts we would do with him.  In short, once the bell rang he couldn’t threaten you, not really.

The Konkrete Gorillaz do.

A brainchild of Nemesis, the Konkrete Gorillaz consists of Nemesis, Jay Fury and newest member Brian Blaze.  They are scary.  Not simply “badass” but they feel at their best…legitimate, for lack of a better word.  They are big.  They are scary.  They are unapologetically intimidating.  There is a feel of genuine danger when they are near or in the wrestling ring.  They can wrestle, certainly, but their real menace…their “heel-ness” comes from the feeling that they legitimately hate anyone that aren’t themselves.  And it come across.  They have no love or respect for the fans that choose to cheer them.  They challenge the audiences’ very manhood.  That’s the core of their heel gimmick to me.  They take and they take, and they always step way over the lines of what is appropriate.  They hang wrestlers.  They beat them to bloody pulps.  They are street warriors with a bully’s instinct but a soldier’s resolve.  And they are frightening to behold.

The current war between the Konkrete Gorillaz and the Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon, Rick Michaels and Jay Clinton) has been (I understand this word is overused, but it applies here) epic.  Months of attacking one another, physically and verbally.  A streetfight match that ended when Nemesis cracked a bottle over a fan’s head, leading to the true conclusion (we think) this Thursday…a cage match between the six men.  Not only is that cage there to provide a final place of combat, it’s there to protect the audience from their fight.  Imagine that…true danger created by the heels to the point where the audience itself must be protected.  Truly Badass, not “badass.” The Konkrete Gorillaz want to be the top gang, and hate the Exotic Ones.  The Exotic Ones have the wrath of the righteous and want to prove that they can stand up against the storm of hatred known as the Konkrete Gorillaz.  Heel versus Face.  Simple.  Engrossing.

I know that many young wrestlers (and not so young) dream of being that Lone Badass.  The guy with a tough sounding moniker that walks to the ring and beats them all up.  It is not compelling, especially if the foundation isn’t there for the part.  Wrestlers often say they want to be heel, but seem unwilling to do the one fundamental thing required to achieve being a true heel by my estimation – wanting nothing from anybody except what they can take.  Wrestlers almost always, deep down, want the fan’s (and the boys’) respect.  That coveting leads to wanting to look tough.  Having the exciting music.  Doing the flashiest moves.  Bleeding.  Winning.  Laying everyone out.  Talking tough and clever on the mike.  But the true heel doesn’t or shouldn’t want respect as a primary modivator, except for self-respect gained through aquisition…and for a heel, self-respect is about achieving success and dominance without any pretense of fair play.  Self-preservation over ideals should also be the trait of the true heel.  Even monster heels should portray the sense that they are hurting others before they themselves are hurt as an act on some level of self-preservation.  Chickenshit heels won’t risk getting hurt unless it’s a calculated risk in their favor.  And the crowd should understand this.

The “badass,” strangely, is the most selfish of gimmicks in the construction of a wrestling show more often than not.  A desire to have other wrestlers, matches, even whole cards thrown under their “badass” bus to get their gimmick over.  The true heel is, in many ways, the least selfish of gimmicks in that same context – their established presence not only encourages a wrestling’s audience’s participation and involvement, but enables other gimmicks to get over with the fans, notably babyface gimmicks.  “Stone Cold,” the prototypical badass, has no real resemblance to the indy “badass”…he was a clear heel, until he was a clear face.  And he had true heels to play off of to get his babyface gimmick over.  Using terms like “anti-hero” clouds the issue and actually has deceived wrestlers and bookers into thinking that wrestling audiences don’t want true heels and faces in spite of all evidence to the contrary.  It is clear that it was a babyface Stone Cold that waged battle against a clearly heel Vince McMahon.  The “badass” I see on the indy scene is usually a guy who isn’t in shape.  He’s a guy that doesn’t possess a great deal of skill in the ring.  He’s a guy that doesn’t have depth to his persona.  He’s a guy that usually gets booked in matches that only he and other likeminded wrestlers and their immediate familes care about. 

I think the problem is that wrestling people have mistaken “complexity” for “tweener.”  I would agree that the modern wrestling fan in many cases doesn’t want the simple heel and face.  But they want a face and heel, don’t get that wrong.  They just want a more fleshed out face and heel, not a middling tweener. 

If you are a young wrestler, or a booker looking to revive or start your career, your promotion…look no further than creating (or bringing in) a true heel in yourself and in your promotion.  Look at the heels of the past that have worked.  Look at the heels on the scene today that really work.   It not only makes for a great wrestling product, you’ll find that audiences crave the true heel.  Don’t book for or against the small majority of fans who root for heels to be contrary…create a world of heels and faces and create an interesting world filled with emotional investment for a paying customer to truly enjoy in every sense of that word.

Or be a “badass” and impress you and your Myspace friends.

Come see the Konkrete Gorillaz and Exotic Ones wage war in the cage on Thursday, December 23rd at the Masquerade.  Also on the same card, PCW World Champion “The Revelation” Shane Marx takes on the hated Mason in the cage as well.  And we’ll see if anyone is going to answer my challenge from the last thing I wrote about the PCW World Title….

Friday, December 17, 2010

All-Star Wrestling Network's benefit show this Saturday, 12/18/10, in Fort Valley, GA


All-Star Wrestling Network's benefit show this Saturday, 12/18/10, in Fort Valley, GA

On Saturday Dec 18th over 20 of wrestling's most elite wrestlers will converge on the AWN Wrestleplex located at Felro's Flea Market in Fort Valley Georgia to raise money & honor one of AWN's most legendary villians of all time..... "The Madman from Afghanastain" Prince Rhumma!!!!!!

Doors open at 7:30pm and Belltime is 8pm
Admission is only $5

Proceeds will go toward helping pay the medical expenses of Prince Rhumma who has been suffering from illnesses since early 2010 that ended his 20 + years career which saw him regin terror all over Georgia and most notably in Fort Valley Georgia!!!

Georgia Christian Wrestling Federation this Saturday, 12/18/10, in Rome, GA


Georgia Christian Wrestling Federation this Saturday, 12/18/10, in Rome, GA

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Universal Independent Wrestling this Friday, 12/17/10, in Franklin, GA


Universal Independent Wrestling this Friday, 12/17/10, in Franklin, GA

Friday's main event includes J-Rod & Frankie Valentine reunite to take on Cru Jones & Doc Heyward!

Plus all of your UIW stars will be there!!

Tickets are only $8 each for ringside and $6 each for general admission. For more information or for advance tickets call (770)462-4503 or (678)858-5568.

UIW Arena, 12740 GA HWY 34 EAST, Franklin, GA 30217

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 12/17/10, in Avondale Estates, GA


Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 12/17/10, in Avondale Estates, GA

Bell is at 8 p.m.
119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Note: PCW will run shows on Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve as well!

In the main event, The Konkrete Gorillaz (Nemesis, Brian Blaze, Jay Fury) take on Najasism and The Washington Bullets!

Oscar Worthy attempts to straighten out his former charge, the rising star The Vandal!

Pandora and Aisha Sunshine team up again to take on CAMPUS Strike Force!

Mason the Demi-God (and #1 contender to the PCW World Title) takes on De La Vega!

Lee Roy attempts to get his property, and honor, back from the maniacal Jamie Holmes!

Plus: Master Jae! Curry Kid! And the Warhorses ride again! Don't miss it

Results: Tnt Pro Wrestling, 12/11/10, in Clayton, GA


Results: Tnt Pro Wrestling, 12/11/10, in Clayton, GA

- from Tnt Pro Wrestling

Alex Decker defeated The Mortician;

CB Gibson & Draven defeated Mystic Storm & Ken O'Sullivan;

The Bounty Hunter defeated The Executioner in a Hardcore Rules Match;

Johnny Dollar & Rex Rumble defeated Ryan Bonebrake & Scotty Black;

Matt Sells defeated CB Gibson by DQ;

Chris Damian & Zach Daniels defeated Zackary Blane & Scott Mayson;

Violent J & Corporal Robinson & The Jailbird Man (w/ Shaggy 2 Dope & Anybody Killa & The Axe Murder Boyz) defeated RM-1 & Flyin' Ryan & Rick Michaels;

Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 12/18/10, in Columbus, GA


Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 12/18/10, in Columbus, GA

NWA Anarchy this Saturday, 12/18/10, in Cornelia, GA


NWA Anarchy this Saturday, 12/18/10, in Cornelia, GA

- from NWA Anarchy

NWA Anarchy is doing a unique "Higher Ground" Battle Royal at their December 18 television taping. The match is open to any NWA Anarchy wrestler that does not hold a title as well as wrestlers from other promotions. Wrestlers interested in participating in the match should contact Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer at 706-476-2017. The total number of participants will be cut off at 30.

In the first phase, the participants will surround the ring and try to fight their way inside the ring. Once 50% of the entrants have made it inside, phase two will commence as a traditional battle royal. The winner receives the final spot in the Lucky 7 Battle Royal at Season's Beatings. The winner of the Lucky 7 receives a shot at the NWA Anarchy Championship of their choosing.

Palmer stated that he would be making a blockbuster announcement at the December 18 event.

Special pricing will apply for this show, which is a Toys for Tots fundraiser for The Helping Hand Ministry - $10 with a wrapped children's gift or $15 without a gift.

Starting with Season's Beatings on January 8, NWA Anarchy is breaking with Cornelia tradition and moving their shows to the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

IWA Deep South presents "Carnage Cup 7", 02/26/11, in Cullman, AL


IWA Deep South presents "Carnage Cup 7", 02/26/11, in Cullman, AL

IWA Deep South presents: Carnage Cup 7

Live Saturday February 26, 2011
Cullman National Guard Armory
Cullman Alabama
Belltime: 7:00 pm

Tickets: 1st and 2nd row $20 - general admission: $8
For reserved 1st row email:

Championship Wrestling Overload's "Old Capital Clash", 01/29/11, in Milledgeville, GA


Championship Wrestling Overload's "Old Capital Clash", 01/29/11, in Milledgeville, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling's "Valentine's Vengeance", 02/05/11, in Blue Ridge, GA


Deep Southern Championship Wrestling's "Valentine's Vengeance", 02/05/11, in Blue Ridge, GA











Juggalo Championship Wrestling crashes TnT Pro Wrestling's party


Juggalo Championship Wrestling crashes TnT Pro Wrestling's party

- from TNT Pro Wrestling

The stars of Juggalo Championship Wrestling made a surprise appearance at Saturday night's TNT Pro Wrestling show. The Insane Clown Posse (Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope), Anybody Killa, The Axe Murder Boyz (Bonez Dubb & Otis), The Jailbird Man, & JCW Heavyweight Champion Corporal Robinson entered the ring at the start of the show and issued an open challenge to any of the TNT stars to meet them in a "Juggalo Rules" Match later that night.

The challenge was accepted by former NWA World Tag Team Champion "The Original Chosen One" Rick Michaels and current TNT Tag Team Champions The Chaos Connection (RM-1 & Flyin' Ryan) who agreed to meet Violent J, Corporal Robinson, & The Jailbird Man in the main event with Shaggy 2 Dope and the Psychopathic Records crew at ringside.

The TNT stars took control early as they isolated Corporal Robinson and worked him over in the early part of the match. Unfortunately for them, Robinson was able to make the tag to Violent J who cleared house of the Chaos Connection and finished off Michaels with a flying elbowdrop. Post-match saw all of the JCW stars celebrate in the ring as the TNT fans chanted their names.

There will be video of the match posted online shortly.

Special thanks to Kevin Gill and the guys at West Georgia Wrestling Fans for their help in setting up this special appearance.

You can catch TNT Pro Wrestling every Saturday night at The Georgia Mountain Market in Clayton, GA. As proven with the recent surprise appearances by the JCW stars and former WWE star Luke Gallows, you never know what to expect next from TNT Pro Wrestling.

The Prestige of the Championship Title from Stephen Platinum


The Prestige of the Championship Title from Stephen Platinum

- from Stephen Platinum of Platinum Championship Wrestling

It is an intriguing title for a post.  Great Championship Wrestling (GCW) has made the claim that their title is the “richest prize in the Southeast region.”  It makes for a great starting point for a debate.  I’ll bite.

Let me say right off the bat that I’m not sure that the Platinum Championship Wrestling World Title is, indeed, that “richest prize.”  But I’ll make my claim.

With 2010 as the standard, GCW awarded their vacant title to Kyle Matthews, a wonderful wrestler who nonetheless didn’t win the belt from anyone.  All of Platinum Championship Wrestling initially was in contention for the PCW title from January 15th until March 19th.  During those weekly shows (and monthly shows at other locations) every match counted towards the rankings.  In the end, six undefeated wrestlers faced one another leading to March 26th when then “The Natural” Shane Marx faced off with Nemesis (ranked #1 and #2, respectively) to determine the first PCW World Champion.  At what was then the best match in PCW’s young history, Shane Marx won and began his reign. 

While Kyle was unable to retain the title in his first defense of the GCW title, Shane Marx’s first PCW defense was against then “Consequences” Creed of TNA fame, now Xavier Woods, who had attacked Marx during their match the month before, correctly guessing that Marx would win the PCW title and offer him a title shot.  However, for all of Creed’s planning, in the end Marx not only defeated the young superstar, he made him tap out.

During the initial PCW events, Shane Marx was, indeed, undefeated, leading to his #1 ranking.  However, one of his wins was by disqualification as the Reverend Grimm had attacked him with a baseball bat, and this did not satisfy the new champion, so that was his next defense.  Marx defeated Grimm cleanly, and Grimm hasn’t been seen since. 

From there, Shane Marx engaged in a series of title defenses against challengers that worked their way up the rankings (Mason, The Phantom), wrestling an incredible 30-minute draw (Scott Steele, a former GCW champion) before defeating him in a two-of-three falls match.  Marx wrestled his first non-standard title match (a hardcore match), playing into the maniacal Jamie Holmes hands…but managed to win anyway and retain the title.

Marx defended against fan favorites (The Phantom, Michael Cannon) as well as those that the crowd disliked (Nemesis, Mason)…whomever had earned a shot, or that Marx himself went after got a title shot.  No non-title affairs.  No endless series of tag matches featuring Marx.  Whenever he wrestled, it was a title match and whomever he was wrestling brought their A-game to try and unseat Marx.  The matches were never 3-minute matches, but brutal affairs where Marx fended off the very best.

In the middle of the summer, The Violent Majority (Dwight Power and Jamie Holmes) and the Konkrete Gorillaz (Nemesis, Jay Fury and Brian Blaze) formed an unlikely alliance for one reason and one reason only – to unseat and destroy Shane Marx.  A series of attacks injured Marx, who nonetheless managed to defeat Dwight Power and Brian Blaze in two other title defenses.  In defeating the hated Dwight Power and gaining the upper hand in his war against the Violent Majority/Konkrete Gorillas alliance, Marx declared that he was now “The Revelation” Shane Marx, bringing with it an even more determined and forthright wrestling style.  Marx had survived his greatest tests to date, leading to Sacred Ground: Chapter One, Platinum Championship Wrestling’s biggest show to date.

On that show, PCW World Champion “The Revelation” Shane Marx faced off against National Wrestling Alliance World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce in one of the matches of the night in a title-versus-title affair.  Both men fought hard, but Pearce in frustration, or perhaps desperation, attacked Marx with the PCW title, leading to his disqualification and Marx’s victory.  In the end, Marx left Pearce laying and held aloft both titles, further adding to the prestige of the PCW World Title.

From there, did Marx relax?  Not quite.  His next title defense was a first ever for PCW – a four way elimination match for the PCW World Title.  His challengers?  Rising star “Do Or Die” Chip Day, the last of the warring faction he had yet to beat, Jay Fury, and arguably the greatest wrestler of our time, Davey Richards.  The four men went at it, tooth and nail.  Day was eliminated by Fury, who was in turn eliminated by Richards, setting the stage for Davey Richards against Shane Marx.  After a blistering 20 more minutes of action, Shane Marx scored the pin on Davey Richards, cementing his status as a great champion and adding more honor to the Platinum Championship Wrestling title…that he had yet to lose.  The day after this win by Marx, Nation (who had made his debut in GCW right around the time Marx won the PCW title) upset Johnny Swinger in an open challenge to begin his reign.

Marx has defended the PCW since then in a series of matches against the amazing Jay Fury, finally beating back the challenge of the Violent Majority and the Konkrete Gorillaz.  Last week, he defended the PCW title against the first Platinum Classic tournament winner, The Vandal in a stellar match.

What’s ahead for Marx until the end of the year?  Geter, winner of the Platinum Royal at Sacred Ground: Chapter One has been clamoring for his title match.  Mason has been on a tear as of late in PCW, putting down everyone with his feared Occam’s Razor submission hold that has yet to be broken…and he’s got a title shot against Marx, in PCW’s first ever cage match title defense at The Masquerade ( on December 23rd.

Is the GCW title the “richest prize in the Southeast region”?  I would argue no.  The Platinum Championship Wrestling World Title was claimed after over two months and ten shows where every match counted, and led to a match between the two best wrestlers in PCW at that time.  The title was defended against all worthy contenders, no matter what their reaction was from fans.  Marx held the belt, as of this writing, the whole year.  He beat NWA World Champion Adam Pearce, Davey Richards, and Xavier Woods.  He won his matches by pinfall or submission.  He defended the title on average twice a month. 

In fact, I would challenge champions from other promotions to step up to PCW and try our champion.  I attended a MGCW event last week, and while I thought their champion, Andy Anderson, did a great job and defended his title well, I just can’t see where he measures up to “The Revelation” Shane Marx either.  When Marx’s title reign finally ends, there is no doubt that he was a great first PCW champion.  He beat former GCW champions, current NWA champions, and a guy that’s destined for any number of titles in Davey Richards.  I would challenge MGCW, or any other promotion to send their champions along, or have an invitation to Shane Marx to come to their promotions.  He is unafraid, confident, and a stellar talent on the wrestling scene.  Whether at the monthly Masquerade shows, or our weekly Friday shows at the Academy Theater, Shane Marx and PCW will be there to continue to do great wrestling shows and show that the Platinum Championship Wrestling title is a great beacon for the promotion.  

Monday, December 13, 2010

Southern Wrestling Association, 12/18/10, in Eastonollee, GA


Southern Wrestling Association, 12/18/10, in Eastonollee, GA

Great Championship Wrestling's Year-end Awards!


Great Championship Wrestling's Year-end Awards!

- from GCW

It's time for the year end awards for Great Championship Wrestling! Cast your votes now, for your favorite superstars, moments, and events. GCW will hold a special ceremony for the winners on the first show of the year, so don't hesitate and cast your votes NOW!

Click here to cast your vote!

Results: Pro South Wrestling, 12/10/10, from Piedmont, AL

Results: Pro South Wrestling, 12/10/10, from Piedmont, AL

- from PSW

Jed Johnson defeated Chip Day w/Jimmy Rave;

Damon TAZ defeated Johnny Viper w/o Jimmy Rave;

Scott Spade versus Bobby Moore ended in a No Contest due to interference by Ace Haven & D2daC;

 Ace Haven & Scott Spade defeated D2daC & Bobby Moore in a non-title match;

Afterwards, Commissioner Terry Batey made a tag team title match for next week.

Stupid (w/Tweety) and Tyler Gage defeated Drew Scott & collumbine;

Friday, December 10, 2010

Appalachian Championship Wrestling, 01/29/11, in Ellijay, GA


Appalachian Championship Wrestling, 01/29/11, in Ellijay, GA

- from ACW

ACW kicks off 2011 with "New Beginnings," January 29th at the Gilmer County Civic Center in Ellijay, GA, with a 7 pm bell time.

The main event was established at the end of "Rage in the Cage" on November 20th. After defeating Leatherface in a brutal Steel Cage Match to retain the ACW Heavyweight Championship, The "Loose Cannon" T.A. Stanton issued an open invitation to anyone in the building for a title match in January. The crowd erupted when former WCW superstar Dave Diamond stood up in the front row and accepted the challenge. How will "New School" fare against "Old School?"

Also, the fallout from Leatherface's loss in the Steel Cage, which stipulated that he wouldn't be eligible for an ACW Heavyweight Championship match for the next 12 months if he lost. How will the monster contend with an up and coming tag team of Jimmy Lee & The "Contract Killa" Chad Silva in a two-on-one handicap match?

Plus after the time limit ended a great match between Thunder & Lightning and The Washington Bullets, the two teams will meet again, with no time limit this time. Who will prevail when there MUST be a winner?

The "Extreme Assassin" Josh Coulter debuted at "Rage in the Cage," and made an instant impact, leaving his partners alone in a six-man tag. The fans sided with Coulter, angering his partners, especially Drive-By. Drive-By has issued a challenge to Coulter for a one-on-one match, will it happen?

A "Battle of the Bulls" as two 350+ pound men face off one-on-one, it's Big Wood the Lumberjack against The "Hellraiser" John Arden!

And...a special Women's match as Crystal Fire tangles with StarStruck.

Tickets are $10 for floor seats, $8 for bleacher seats, kids 5 and under are free. For more information, please call 706-669-2674. Call and reserve your seats early and save $2 off each ticket!

Come help ACW kick off 2011 with a bang!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 12/10/10, in Avondale Estates, GA


Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 12/10/10, in Avondale Estates, GA

Friday's main event: Vandal gets a shot against "The Revelation" Shane Marx for the PCW Title!

Does he stand a chance?

The Washington Bullets versus Konkrete Gorillaz;

Exotic Ones versus Thunder and Lightning;

Brian Blaze versus Najasism;

De La Vega versus CAMPUS Strike Force;

Geter versus a Warhorse;

Pandora versus Aisha;

All this and more! Don't miss a Friday night at Academy Theatre! $8 gets you more PCW action than you can handle.

Academy Theatre
119 Center St
Avondale Estates, GA

Global Championship Wrestling, 12/18/10, in Pell City, AL

Global Championship Wrestling, 12/18/10, in Pell City, AL

Mid Georgia Championship Wrestling, 12/05/2010, from Jackson, GA


Mid Georgia Championship Wrestling, 12/05/2010, from Jackson, GA

 - from MGCW

Henderson Middle School, Jackson, GA - Attendance: approx: 100

Chris Nelms defeated Stitch;

Udo defeated James Emilianenko;

MGCW Champ Andy Anderson defeated Mr. Hughes;

MGCW Cruiserweight Champ Shannon Dumas defeated Vicious;

Triple Threat (non title) Tag Match: Blackjack Miller & Tim Dixon defeated Mr. X & Vic Roze and Tag Team Champs Axis of Evil;

Dead Pool won the Hardcore Holiday Challenge which had Christmas presents, a Christmas Tree, and hardcore items like chains, kendo sticks involved inside the ring;

Next Show is Jan. 15 in Stockbridge, GA with Andy Anderson vs. Mr. Hughes in a NO-DQ match for the MGCW title.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Results: NWA Anarchy, 12/04/10, from Cornelia, GA


Results: NWA Anarchy, 12/04/10, from Cornelia, GA

Jacob Ashworth defeated Aaron Lee

Lane Vasser defeated Matt Sells

Nation defeated Johnny Dangerous

Bo Newsom defeated Anthony Henry to retain Young Lions Title after "The Temptation" Shaun Tempers sprayed Henry in the eyes with "Temptation For Men"

Andrew Alexander/Billy Buck defeated The Hate Junkies w/Rev

- Hate Junkies attack postmatch, YGW saves. It will be Junkies vs. YGW in two weeks for the shot at Season's Beatings)

Dustin Knight defeated Tommy Daniels;

Skirra Corvus w/ Enoch Tsarion defeated. Jacoby Boykins;

Shadow Jackson defeated. CB Gibson;

- After the match Jackson continued to verbalize about his recent war with Phil Shatter, Seven & Jeff G. Bailey and made it clear he wants Phil Shatter one on one at Season's Beatings and it's becoming clear that this issue is about so much more than the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.

Shaun Tempers vs. Brodie Ray Chase ended in a no contest when Slim J & Bo Newsom got involved and made a two on two brawl.

It was announced that Tempers/Newsom would take on Slim J/Chase at Season's Beatings on 01/08/2010.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Results: Pro South Wrestling, 12/03/10, from Piedmont, AL


Results: Pro South Wrestling, 12/03/10, from Piedmont, AL

- from PSW

All Dat & Moore defeated Robi Vio & Jed Johnson;

Scott Spade defeated Johnny Viper;

Afterwards Jimmy Rave called Ace Haven out and offered him the chance to be "Approved". Spade turned it down for him.

collumbine defeated Dany Only;

Stupid (w/Tweety) went to a double count out with Drew "The Bull" Scott;

Post-match Commissioner Batey announced a Triple Threat for Dec 17th between Drew, Stupid, and collumbine with the title on the line!

Tyler Gage defeated Ace Haven to win the All-Out Championship;

Results: Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 11/20/10, from Carrollton, GA

Results: Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 11/20/10, from Carrollton, GA

- from PWA

Magnum .44's beat Dogs of War in tag team action;

This match went 20 minutes,had the crowd going crazy,and both teams were awarded a standing ovation afterwards that lasted close to 3 minutes;

Steve Stiles defeated Rick Michaels of The Exotic Ones;

Johnny Rage defeated Bill The Butcher by DQ;

Butcher won the match with the claw, but the referee reversed the decision when Butcher refused to break the hold.

Johnny Rage won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match;

Tons of crazy moves in this one,including Rage giving Stiles a Rock Bottom off the laddder and Josh Magnum flipping onto 3 men from the top of a 12 foot ladder outside the ring.

"Action" Mike Jackson defeated PWA Heritage Champion Johnny Swinger by Dq when Michaels interferd.

Afterwards Jackson gave Swinger the Stone Cold Stunner before leaving the ring. 

At this time,Johnny Rage came to the ring and announced he ws cashing in his title shot. 

As Swinger came to his feet, Rage caught him with the RKO and became the new PWA Heritage Champion.

Next PWA show is Saturday,January 8th.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Championship Wrestling tonight in Phenix City, AL


Great Championship Wrestling tonight in Phenix City, AL

- from GCW

On December 2nd, 2010, for the first time in a one on one capacity, International wrestling superstar Bull Buchanan will face Nation , for the richest prize in the southeast region, the GCW Heavyweight Championship. This year especially , the stock of the GCW Heavyweight Championship has risen, due to the increasingly tough set of contenders who consistently challenge for the coveted strap.

The goal of the Championship committee this year was to really make sure that whomever held the championship belt, would be the best on the roster, not due to political strings, but natural raw ability. A champion should be willing to defend his championship against anyone, at any time, regardless of the circumstances.

An example of 2010's highly competitive Championship scene, started in the beginning of the year, when Kyle Matthews won the vacated GCW title, when the reigning champion was no longer able to defend it. Matthews was awarded the championship at 8:32pm on January 28th, 2010. However rather then take the title and go home, Matthews defended the championship that very night, and lost it in a valiant effort against Bull Buchanan less then 45 minutes later. In past years, Matthews might have been able to take advantage of the notorious 30 day rule a champion has, but the championship committee has cracked down sternly on this kind of reputation, and to Matthews credit, he willingly put the title on the line against one of the top stars in the industry, with less then 45 minutes notice. Regardless that he lost, that makes Kyle Matthews the spirit of a true champion.

Another example of the rigors the GCW Champions of this year have gone through to establish the credit of the title, is Scott Steele. Steele won the championship in the shortest recorded GCW Title match in history, putting then champion Murder One away in less then 3 minutes to attain the title on March 25th, 2010, and after winning the championship, subsequently defended the title against an impressive roster of talent. Many say Steele's championship reign was cut short due to his increasingly brutal series of defenses,many of which he fought injured due to a lagging injury at the hands of Johnny Swinger. Still, Steele would accept match after match, with his reign culminating on July 29th, in a triple threat match in which Steele faced both Johnny Swinger & Micah Taylor in a brutal, high stakes match that had the odds against the champion. Steele would lose the championship honorably to Johnny Swinger, however following the loss, Steele found himself mentally burned out from the pressures of being champion, and took personal time away from the promotion proving the taxing efforts of a champion stay with you long after the belt is relinquished. The price of a champion is everlasting glory, and never ending pain.

But possibly the best example of the new championship spirit, comes in the form of the current champion, GCW Heavyweight Title holder, Nation. Nation, who only debuted on March 17th 2010, quickly rose through the promotion due to unrelenting popularity, and a strong audience voice that demanded his skill. After spending the summer coming narrowly close in several Interstate Title matches, Nation took advantage of an open challenge on October 7th, 2010, upsetting Johnny Swinger to win the big prize, the GCW Heavyweight Title, and in doing so, surprised the entire promotion, roster & fanbase alike. Since winning the title, Nation has accepted the challenge of all comers, including Deathrow, Rob Adonis, David Young, and Bull Buchanan.

"He just won't say no" said one GCW superstar. "It's going to catch up with him. But he's loving what he does, he is proud to be a champion and wants to go out every chance he gets to defend it. Alot of people doubted he'd keep the title one week, and now we are approaching 2 months."

However, before Nation reaches that 2 month milestone, one thing stands in his way. Standing nearly seven feet tall, with an international win/loss record like no one in the history of GCW, the tough , rugged mainstay of Greatness, Bull Buchanan, looks to unseat Nation on December 2nd, ending the Cinderella story.

"I like Nation" Buchanan commented. "But i've over come everything this year. Everyone he's beat, I beat first. Everything he's done, i've done twice. It's not about friendship, it's about that belt. And on December 2nd, i take back that prestige. You don't have to like it, but it's going to happen."

Nation had similar words for Buchanan, in preperation for the match on December 2nd.

"Last time we were in the ring together, i was flat on my back and he was standing over me with the GCW title. And i haven't forgotten that image, looking up and seeing him, he's an impressive dude. But i didn't get to where I am, being intimidated. If my time has come to end, then it has come to an end, but i will face it like man with my chin up, and guns blazing strong. He's going to have a fight on December 2nd, because to hold on to this title, I will do anything."

To truly understand the prestige of the championship belt, one must remember it's past, present, and future, and on Thursday, December 2nd, all of those come to a head, in the most anticipated Heavyweight Title Match of the winter. The only question is, what price will either one of these men pay, to walk away with the belt that means everything.