Sunday, July 31, 2011

Georgia Championship Wrestling, 08/18/11, in Anthens, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, 08/07/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, 08/07/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 07/30/11, from Rossville, GA


Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 07/30/11, from Rossville, GA

- from EPW

Jessco Blue & Micah Hughes defeated Brian Cassanova & Jamie Ferrari;

"The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper defeated Jeremiah Plunkett with the use of a chain;

Brother Fusion (Brandon & Jason Collins) defeated The Lynch Mob (Joey & Bane Lynch) after a low blow and a roll up;

Next up was the I Quit match between Cyrus and Dru Delite. The only way to win this match is to make you opponent say "I Quit". Numerous times, Cyrus made Dru say I give up, but the match was not over as Dru had to say I Quit. Dru used this to gain the advantage. Finally, after Cyrus put a bag full of thumb tacks in the ring and attempted to slam Dru into them, Dru screamed I Quit. You winner: Cyrus;

Next up was Xtreme Generation (Jason Hampton & Jerry Anderson) vs JC Kent and Ben Thrasher. It looked like Thrasher had the match won. But as he set up Jerry for the Piledriver, Jason kicked Ben in the head, knocking him out of the ring. Kent tried to fight back but the double team was just too much. Xtreme Generation picked up the victory after hitting The Generation Gap on Kent;

The main event of the night was The Reaper taking on Empire Commissioner Big Doug. The stipulation in this match was that if Big Doug lost, he would have to resign as Commissioner. Also, if anyone interfered in the match, they would be fired. Xtreme Generation got involved in the match and helped The Reaper defeat Big Doug. As per the stipulations, Xtreme Generation were fired, and Big Doug resigned as Empire Commissioner. Jason Hampton then grabbed the mic and stated that Empire Wrestling would start the search for a new Commissioner immediately. But in the mean time, Xtreme Generation would be the interm commissioners. And their first order of business was to rehire themselves;

Results: Christian Premier Wrestling, 07/30/11, from Cochran, GA

Results: Christian Premier Wrestling, 07/30/11, from Cochran, GA

- from CPW

What a night in Cochran GA. Just over 100 loud & rowdy fans filled the Rec Center for a HOT night of action! Fans piled into the hot gymnasium as several oscilatting fans worked overtime trying to bring a breeze through this building to cool the summer heat! However the heat was nothing compared to the hot action that took place inside the ring.

- Damenchia beat The Russian Nightmare;

- Fatality beat Kody Jack;

- Phillip Smith beat KSL w/ bodyguard Swole;

- Nitro pinned Chris Nelms w/ Ms Destiney to become the 1st CPW United States Champion;

- "Dangerous" Danny Horne beat Steve Stiles;

- Irish Carbomb (Ash & Neal McGuiness) beat Amazingly Explosive (Amazing Mays/Kennedy Riley) to become 1st CPW Tag Team Champions;

- "The Real Deal" Jake Slater beat "The Main Attraction" Michael Hirsch to become 1st CPW Heavyweight Champion;

The next event is set for Saturday Aug 20th at the National Guard Armory in Jackson, Georgia. Already signed to appear include: Fomer WWE star: Luke Gallows, Former WWE & International Stars: Micah & Tracy Taylor, NWA/WWE/WCW Legend & Former 4 Horsemen member: "The Total Package" Lex Luger!! FULL CARD WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!!!

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/28 and 07/29

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/28 and 07/29

- from PCW

Platinum Championship Wrestling at The Masquerade, Atlanta, Ga - 07/2/11:

Tommy Daniels pinned Marko Polo;

The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze & Geter) pinned Completely Awesome (Zach Daniels & Zackary Blane);

Mason pinned Sylar Cross;

The Profits of Doom (Dany Only, Stryknyn & Andrew Pendleton III) pinned The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) and Eric Walker;

The Vandal and Michael Cannon fought to a double-countout;

Kyle Matthews defeated Shane Marx, Vordell Walker and Thomas Johnson in a fatal four-way;

Lee Roypinned Brandon Kage;

In a Last Woman Standing match Pandora defeated Aisha Sunshine;

In a match for the PCW Title, Chip Day beat championGrotesque by disqualification, but Grotesque retained the title;

In a Lights Out match Nemesis and Jay Fury battled to a no-contest;

Platinum Championship Wrestling/Empire Wrestling at The Academy Theater, Avondale Estates, GA - 07/29/11: 

Dany Only pinned Brandon Kage;

Geter beat The Vandal by countout;

Master Jae, Sylar Cross & Don Yoder pinned Warhorse #2, Warhorse #21 & Warhorse #218;

In a handicap match Pandora & Lee Roy pinned Tommy Daniels;

Thomas Johnson pinned Michael Cannon;

Shane Marx & Mason pinned The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams);

The Canadian Sheik pinned Joey Kidman;

PCW Rankings: Champion---Grotesque; 1---Mason; 2---Kyle Matthews; 3---Lee Roy; 4---Chip Day; 5---Pandora; 6---Dany Only; 7---The Vandal; 8---Shane Marx; 9---Jay Fury; 10---Davey Richards

Notes from the shows:

The struggle between the Empire and Platinum Championship Wrestling continue, as the Masquerade show was announced and billed as a PCW show, but the Academy Theater show was an Empire show

Marko Polo and Mr. Eric did, indeed, serve as "Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels' valet at the Academy Theater as per terms of their match at the Masquerade. The Empire made an offer to get the services of Marko Polo and Mr. Eric as valets, but Tommy Daniels refused, and later released Polo and Eric from their valet duties

In three Platinum Classic matches in the first round, Mason and Lee Roy advanced and will face one another on August 5th at the Academy Theater to determine who will get a shot at the PCW title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two, facing the PCW Champion in a steel cage. Since The Vandal and Michael Cannon were both eliminated in their bout, there will be no need for the 2nd round, where the three losers from the first round face one another, the winner of which serves as a "wild card" of sorts to face one of the winners of the first round match. The Vandal and Brian Blaze are former Platinum Classic winners

As an interesting footnote, when Lee Roy and Mason last faced one another, it was in Lee Roy's speciality match, a kumite match, and Lee Roy won handily, knocking Mason from the ring

PCW Champion Grotesque adds another dq loss to his infamous title reign. Grotesque has been disqualified in every single one of his title defenses. As a "make good" of sorts to the challengers, "Do Or Die" Chip Day will face 3-time NWA Champion Adam Pearce at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two, and "The Revelation" Shane Marx is in contention for the ROH title

Kyle Matthews in a show of great sportsmanship has offered to face "The Revelation" Shane Marx on August 5th to determine who will get a title shot at the ROH title against champion Davey Richards at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two

Timmy McClendon was challenged to a match on August 5th by Kurt Killgore

The Konkrete Gorillaz lead their best-of-five tag team playoff series against Completely Awesome 2-1. They will wrestle the fourth match in the series on August 5th.

Shane Marx and Mason managed to avoid elimination in their best-of-five tag team playoff series by beating the Washington Bullets. The Bullets lead the series 2-1

Stephen Platinum had a busy night on Friday. In addition to attacking a fan for his repeated insults to both Stephen Platinum and PCW, he disguised himself as Grotesque briefly to get close enough to Miss Rachael to get his green jacket back. Stephen Platinum announced that it was still Platinum Championship Wrestling, and that the bell time would return to its 8 p.m. time slot from then on.

Friday night saw Michael Cannon injured by his match with "Spitfire" Thomas Johnson, and the returning Curry Kid, who is now a member of the Empire, and Dwight Power, who is apparently one of the masterminds behind the Empire

Matches confirmed as follows:

Friday, August 5th:

ROH champion Davey Richards will wrestle;

Tony Kozina will wrestle;

Kyle Matthews and "The Revelation" Shane Marx will wrestle for a shot at the ROH title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two;

The Konkrete Gorillaz and Completely Awesome will wrestle in match four of their best-of-five tag team playoff series;

Mason and Lee Roy will wrestle in the finals of the Platinum Classic to determine who will get a match for the PCW World Title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two;

Sacred Ground: Chapter Two on Saturday, September 24th:

PCW Champion Grotesque (or whomever is holding the PCW title) will face either Lee Roy or Mason in a cage;

Also in the cage, Nemesis will wrestle Jay Fury;

Also in the cage, Pandora and Aisha Sunshine will wrestle with Daffney serving as guest referee. Interesting side note, PCW has never used a special guest referee before;

ROH Champion Davey Richards (if he is still ROH champion as of Sept. 24th) will face Kyle Matthews or "The Revelation" Shane Marx;

The Tag Team Season Finals will take place, as either the Washington Bullets/Mason-Shane Marx team will face either the Konkrete Gorillaz/Completely Awesome team;

"Spitfire" Thomas Johnson goes one-on-one with "The Shooter" Vordell Walker;

A Platinum Royal will take place, with the winner getting to challenge any of the Champions defending their title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two;

(photo courtesy of Harold Jay Taylor)

Results: Appalachian Championship Wrestling, 07/30/11, from Ellijay, GA;


Results: Appalachian Championship Wrestling, 07/30/11, from Ellijay, GA;

- from ACW

Cousin Cletus pinned Leatherface;

The "Shooting Star" Shawn Morrow defeated "Dirty" Dick Dutton by Countout;

Sylar Cross beat Aiden Blair;

"Spitfire" Thomas Johnson pinned Brandon Kage in a No DQ Match to win the ACW Heavyweight Championship;

The "Revolution" Shane Marx & Mason defeated The Washington Bullets;

The Rocketts beat Jessica Wetmore, Crystal Fire & Destiny Rain in a Three-on-Two Handicap Elimination Match;

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling's "Nightmare Ted Allen Appreciation" Night, 08/19/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling's "Nightmare Ted Allen Appreciation" Night, 08/19/11, in Blue Ridge, GA

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rampage Pro Wrestling, 08/07/11, in Warner Robbins, GA

Rampage Pro Wrestling, 08/07/11, in Warner Robbins, GA

Georgia Wrestling Fans presents "Pro Wrestling Night" every Thursday night, starting August 11th, in Douglasville, GA

Georgia Wrestling Fans presents "Pro Wrestling Night" every Thursday night, starting August 11th, in Douglasville, GA

Thanks to BB's Sports Bar & Grill for the opportunity to try something new!

The fun will begin at 7pm with videos and more from local Georgia promotions.  

The TVs will be tuned to Impact Wrestling at 9pm.

BB's will have appetizer specials and other surprises.

You never know who will be there!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

National Wrestling Foundation, 08/07/11, in Atlanta, GA

National Wrestling Foundation, 08/07/11, in Atlanta, GA

Tickets are just $2!!

Doors open at 3:30pm, Bell time is 4:30;

Rosel Fann Recreation Center
365 Cleveland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30354

NWF United States Champion Mr. Big vs TNT;

Mr Excitement vs "The Hardcore Heartbreaker" Sweet Daddy;

The winner faces NWF Heavyweight Champion Reno the Enforcer in Nov. at NWF's "Starblast 2011"

A four-way battle for the NWF Cruiserweight Championship featuring Nitro, Curry Kid and two other NWF stars;

Main event: NWF Heavyweight Champion Reno the Enforcer vs Leatherface

Plus more exciting NWF action including the Washington Bullets!!

Platinum Championship Wrestling tonight, 07/29/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling tonight, 07/29/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

$8 a ticket -- 10pm Bell time!

The main event is match #3 of the best-of-five match Tag Team Season playoff series between The Washington Bullets and "The Revelation" Shane Marx and Mason...The Bullets are up 2-0, and frankly look like the odds on favorites to sweep the series...can Marx and Mason stop that from happening?

"Spitfire" Thomas Johnson takes on Michael Cannon in what promises to be a wrestling clinic!

The Empire has been running roughshod over PCW...and they've promised the biggest surprise yet that they say will solidify their domination over PCW!

Plus, all the fallout from the Masquerade card the night before...and everything that's going to happen to preface the August 5th card featuring Davey Richards! All the PCW wrestlers will be there! Don't miss it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Georga Wrestling HoF & Museum website announced

Georga Wrestling HoF & Museum website announced

- from

The site will add functionality over the next 10 days.

Check back often for details.

Results: 2nd Annual Will Grason Memorial, 07/23/11, from Douglasville, GA

Results: 2nd Annual Will Grason Memorial, 07/23/11, from Douglasville, GA

Thanks to all everyone who attended, participated or volunteered!

Steve Stiles defeated Roscoe Ray to become the new Championship Wrestling Overload's Georgia Heritage Champion;

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Andy Anderson defeated Tyson Dean;

West Georgia Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion Ace Haven defeated NWA ProSouth All-Out Champion Tyler Gage to unify the titles;

Junior defeated Jamie Holmes (w/Jesse Ragdoll) in Future Wrestling Federation's Sesame Street Fight;

Chip Day defeated Cru Jones;

UIW Cruiserweight Champion "So Fine" Frankie Valentine vs Stupid (w/Tweety) ended with both wrestlers being counted out;

Team WILLpower defeated Team Chaos in the Battle Rumble;

Universal Independent Wrestling's "Summer Blowout 2011" this Friday, 07/29/11, in Franklin, GA

Universal Independent Wrestling's "Summer Blowout 2011" this Friday, 07/29/11, in Franklin, GA

UIW Heavyweight Champion Bull Buchanan & UIW Commissioner Mark Grason vs Cru Jones & UIW's "Captain America";

If Buchanan & Grason win, Cru Jones must return the UIW Heavyweight Championship belt and UIW's "Captain America" must un-mask.  If Jones & UIW's "Captain America" win, Jones becomes the UIW Heavyweight Champion and Grason is stripped of his position as UIW Commissioner;

UIW Tag Team Champions The Usual Suspects (Murder One & AJ Steele) vs The New Fabulous Blondes (Brian Rivers & Casey Kage);

Doc Heyward & Billy Knight vs Radical Jack & Kody Jack in a No Disqualification match;

Plus three other matches.

See our other post regarding a special filming to take place that evening.

Tickets: $8 for ringside & $6 for general admission.

Doors open @ 6:30pm, Belltime is 8pm. 

12740 GA HWY 34 EAST, Franklin, GA 30217

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Appalachian Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 07/30/11, in Elliay, GA

Appalachian Championship Wrestling this Saturday, 07/30/11, in Elliay, GA

- from ACW

It is time for the hottest event in Ellijay, ACW! We proudly present to you, "Summer Brawl II."

"Spitfire" Thomas Johnson has demanded, and received, another shot at the ACW Heavyweight Championship. However, if Johnson is unsuccessful in beating Kage, he will no longer be eligible for a title match as long as Kage is the champion. Therefore, it's a Last Chance, No DQ Match.

After Leatherface brutally attacked Ray-Ray, his handler, "Father" John Christian issued a challenge to Ray-Ray's trainer, Cousin Cletus, for a match July 30th. Cletus has graciously accepted the monster's challenge.

The end of the long ACW feud between The Rocketts, Jessica Wetmore & The Black Widow will take place. It will be a six-woman elimination tag team match, with a mystery partner for both teams. Will The Rocketts finally get some revenge?

Plus...The Washington Bullets, The "Prince" Brian Lawler, Aiden Blair and more!

For more information, or to reserve seats early, please call 1-866-200-7449. Tickets are $8 for floor seats ($6 if you call and reserve before the show,) $6 for bleacher seats, kids 7 and under are free. Belltime is 7pm, with the doors opening at 6:15. Don't miss ACW "Summer Brawl II!"

Christian Premier Wrestling this Saturday, 07/30/11, in Cochran, GA

Christian Premier Wrestling this Saturday, 07/30/11, in Cochran, GA

- from CPW

On Saturday July 30th 2011, Christian Premier Wrestling will make its debut in Cochran Georgia at the Bleckley County Rec Dept, located at 251 Dykes St, SW.

Many of pro wrestling's top names will be in action as you will witness the best in family friendly - Christian wrestling.

Don't miss the oppurtunity to see professional wrestling with a powerful message from God as these stars will suplex & slam their way through the competition and share their passion for God with you through their live testimoney.

Matches already signed to take place will include:

Former WWE & International star: Micah Taylor vs. "The Real Deal" Jake Slater

-Tag Team Grudge Match-
The Irish Carbomb vs. Amazing Mays & Kennedy Riley

-Special Women's Match-
International star: Tracy Taylor vs. Pandora w/ Wicked Nemesis

"The Main Attraction" Michael Hirsch vs. "Dangerous" Danny Horne

Cochran Georgia native Phillip Smith vs. Fatality

Nitro vs. Chris Nelms

For more information please call: 770-827-8847 or visit;

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 07/28/11, in Atlanta, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Thursday, 07/28/11, in Atlanta, GA

- from PCW

WHO: Platinum Championship Wrestling/Empire Wrestling
WHEN: Thursday July 28th 8PM
WHERE: The Masquerade 695 North Ave - Atlanta, GA 30308

The show is FREE if you are over 21 years old, $5 if you are under 21. and for more information!

In the main event, PCW World Champion Grotesque takes on #1 contender "Do Or Die" Chip Day!

Pandora and Aisha Sunshine continue women's wrestling's hottest feud with a Last Woman Standing match!

In a four-way elimination match, "Spitfire" Thomas Johnson, Vordell Walker, Kyle Matthews and "The Revelation" Shane Marx go at it!

The Profits of Doom (Dany Only, Stryknyn and Andrew Pendleton III, with "Screamin'" Marty Freeman and Pandora) take on The Washington Bullets and "Dynomite Soul" Eric Walker in an Empire versus PCW clash!

In the first round of the thrid Platinum Classic tournament to determine who will get a PCW title match at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two, the following matches will take place:

The Vandal versus Michael Cannon!
Mason versus Sylar Cross!
Zachary Blane versus Lee Roy!

"Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels versus Marko Polo where the loser has to be the winner's valet for 30 days!

The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze and Geter) take on Completely Awesome ("Awesome" Zach Daniels and "The Complete Attraction" Chad Silva) in match three in their best-of-five series in the Tag Team Season playoffs!

...and a first in PCW history...the lights will go out after the PCW title match, signifying the end of the sanctioned matches. Then Nemesis will face off against Jay Fury, who hasn't wrestled since Nemesis crippled his hand months ago!

Don't miss this card! It's the last one at the Masquerade until Sacred Ground: Chapter Two!

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 07/23/11, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 07/23/11, from Rossville, GA

In the opening match, Dru Delite defeated Lamar Phillips who was making his Empire debut.

Next up was JC Kent vs Jerry Anderson with Jason Hampton at ringside. As Kent attempted a sunset flip, Anderson blocked it and sat down on Kent for the pin. Hampton then grabbed Anderson's hands helping him pin Kent for the 3 count. after the match, Hampton and Anderson beat down Kent, until Ben Thrasher hit the ring and chased Jerry and Jason off.

Cyrus defeated Korrupt

Jason Hampton with Jerry Anderson vs Ben Thrasher was next. As Ben was set up to hit the 10 punches in the corner, Hampton hit a low blow on Ben. Then hit a powerbomb, and pinned Ben, using the ropes as leverage. After the match, Jason and Jerry attacked Ben until JC Kent made the save.

Next up was a Triple Threat match between the returning Chris Ganser, "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper, and Micah Hughes. Viper was tossed outside the ring and Micah hit his finisher on Ganser. However, when Hughes went for the pin, Viper pulled him out of the ring and pinned Chris for the victory.

The main event was The Reaper vs Big Doug. Doug spent the whole match trying to remove the mask of The Reaper. Big Doug hit the TKO but as he went to pin The Reaper, Jason Hampton and Jerry Anderson hit the ring again and beat down Doug. Ben Thrasher and JC Kent made the save and chased off Jason, Jerry, and The Reaper.

We hope you enjoyed the show and we hope you will join us next week for another action packed Saturday Night of Empire Wrestling.

2011 NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend, Aug 4th thru 7th, in Atlanta, GA

2011 NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend, Aug 4th thru 7th, in Atlanta, GA

- from NWA Legends Fanfest

Rowdy Roddy Piper Is Coming To Fanfest!

That's right, folks! This August in Atlanta, NWA and Georgia wrestling legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will be making a rare appearance and his first-ever at our NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend!

Piper will be appearing on both Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6, courtesy of vendor Toploaders & More. The WWE Hall-of-Famer will be taking part in two very special photo opportunities.

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- Piper will join former foe Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in a special "Dog Collar" photo op where you'll be able to use as props the actual dog collars and chain from their classic Starcade '83 war!

Also, we'll have on hand the authentic original United States championship belt (silver) that Piper and Valentine fought over in the Mid-Atlantic area in the early 1980's and, if you'd like, you'll be able to use it as a prop in your photo op as well.

Piper will be also be doing photo ops in his famous attire (Hot Rod shirt and Scottish kilt,) in a replica of his famous "Piper's Pit" set! How cool is that?

Both photo ops will be available on both Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6. Piper will be signing autographs on other items on Saturday, August 6 only.

But that's not all. While he's in Atlanta, Piper will be inducting his former broadcast partner Gordon Solie into the Hall of Heroes on Friday night, August 5, and will also perform a special late-night standup -- "All My Rowdy Friends!" -- on Saturday, August 6, featuring several of the NWA legends in attendance!

You'll be able to purchase individual autographs and photo ops at the event, or you can pre-purchase now the "Roddy Piper SuperFan Package" and save 40 bucks!

Buy your Roddy Piper SuperFan Package now!

Each Roddy Piper SuperFan Package includes:

• 1 "Piper's Pit" Photo Op with You and Roddy Piper, taken by our professional photographer on the "set" of Piper's Pit. We will print and return to you a beautiful
8" x 10" full color photo and, as an added bonus, it will be hand-signed by Piper when you receive it! ($50 if purchased separately.)

• 1 "Dog Collar" Photo Op with You, Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine and the original dog collars and chain used in their famous Starcade '83 battle, taken by our professional photographer. We will print and return to you a beautiful 8" x 10" full color photo and, as an added bonus, it will be hand-signed by both Piper and Valentine when you receive it! ($50 if purchased separately.)

• 2 of Your Personal items, hand-signed by Piper ($40 if purchased separately. $20 per.)

Roddy Piper SuperFan Package $100. -- Save $40

Complete details available now at

Tully Blanchard, "Perfect 10" Baby Doll, Greg Valentine
Confirm Appearances At This Summer's Atlanta Fanfest!

Both grew up in Texas, and both from wrestling families. Tully Blanchard and his "Perfect 10" Baby Doll made their way to the Carolinas in early-1984 and, as they say, "the rest is history!"

A couple of years feuding with the likes of Ricky Steamboat and Dusty Rhodes over the NWA Television title, and later a main event feud with Magnum T.A. over the United States championship, Blanchard was at the top of his game in 1986 when he and partners Ole and Arn Anderson, and Ric Flair joined to form what would quickly become the most dominant faction in pro wrestling history, the Four Horsemen.

In the mid-1980's, Baby Doll was the most hated female in wrestling. Tully's perfect female, so we were told, she aligned with Blanchard and the Horsemen and created a legacy as one of wrestling's most successful valets.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine is another second generation wrestler, and another legendary performer whose resume reads like an encyclopedia of pro wrestling history.

A nasty, brutal series of matches with Roddy Piper in 1983, culminating with the famous "Dog Collar Match" at the first Starcade, was about as hardcore as it gets!

Both Greg and his father Johnny Valentine were inducted into our Hall of Heroes just last year in Charlotte.

Tully Blanchard, Baby Doll, and Greg Valentine have confirmed their appearances at this summer's NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend August 4-7. They will join previously-announced featured guests Ole Anderson, The Assassin, Mr. Wrestling II, former AWA Rookie of the Year and NWA National champion Steve O, Killer Karl Kox, "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase, "Doctor D" David Schultz, "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas, Killer Tim Brooks, The Masked Superstar, Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, "Continental Lover" Eddie Mansfield, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, Nick Bockwinkel, Harley Race, Joyce Grable, Judy Martin, Leilani Kai, Thunderbolt Patterson, Ron Simmons, Gypsy Joe, Stan Hansen, Teddy Long, Ron Garvin, Ron Bass, Buddy Colt, Scrappy McGowan and Moondog Rex signing autographs and taking photos with fans over the course of the three-day, four night event at Atlanta's Airport Marriott hotel.

Each featured guest will be scheduled to take photos with fans at least once (sometimes more,) during the weekend. For a nominal fee, we'll take your photo, process it -- even get it autographed for free! -- and return to you a beautiful, one-of-a-kind 8" x 10" autographed photo of you and your favorite wrestling heroes! An incredible keepsake that will last a lifetime! There will be individual photo ops with each of the featured guests, as well as some rare, group photo ops available.

Each featured guest will also be scheduled to sign autographs for fans at least once during the weekend. Those with VIP "All Access" Passes are allowed to get two free autographs from each featured guest at our Autograph Stage.

Please check the schedule in late-May for exact times.

Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing our final guest confirmations for this year's Atlanta fanfest.

Rob Van Dam To Make First-ever Fanfest Appearance!

Vendor Toploaders & More has confirmed their first booth guest for this year's NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend in Atlanta -- current TNA superstar, "The Whole F'n Show" Rob Van Dam!

The only man to ever hold the ECW, WWE and TNA World heavyweight championships, Van Dam will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans on Friday, August 5. Time and pricing details will be forthcoming.

More vendor guests will be announced over the next few months. For more information on our fanfest vendors and their booth guests, please visit​2011/vendor.htm

Ted Turner, Gordon Solie Among 8 Tapped For Hall of Heroes!

Media mogul, philanthropist, and former WTBS SuperStation owner Ted Turner and legendary TV announcer Gordon Solie are among eight iconic figures being inducted into our Hall of Heroes this August in Atlanta.

Turner will be recognized for seeking out wrestling programming in the early days of cable TV and, for more than two decades, providing a broadcast home for matches sanctioned by the once-mighty National Wrestling Alliance.

The exposure gained from being on Turner's quickly-expanding SuperStation broadcasts, and the station’s jump to satellite transmission in 1976, brought Georgia Championship Wrestling and the NWA to a new level of national popularity.

In short order, it made household names of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, and Mr. Wrestling II. Another is Atlanta wrestling legend Thunderbolt Patterson.

A 2007 Hall of Heroes inductee himself, Patterson arrived in Georgia in the early 1970’s and experienced first-hand the added popularity of being seen on one of cable television’s first wrestling shows. "Ted Turner provided us a lot of opportunities in the early days," said Patterson, who will be inducting Turner during a dinner banquet and awards ceremony Friday night, August 5, at Atlanta’s Airport Marriott hotel. "Suddenly, our TV wrestling show was not just seen in Atlanta each week, but in far-away places like Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia. Without Ted Turner, Atlanta wrestling would still be 'Atlanta wrestling.' Thanks to his vision, it became World Championship Wrestling!"

The Hall of Heroes inductions are part of Atlanta's first-ever NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend August 4-7. The tenth annual event offers fans and followers of all ages an exciting three-day forum to reconnect with some of TV wrestling's notable heroes and villains. Autograph sessions, photo opportunities, and question-and-answer sessions fill the weekend, and tons of wrestling memorabilia will be on display.

Turner will be joined by seven other Class of 2011 Hall of Heroes inductees, including legendary TV wrestling announcer Gordon Solie, affectionately known as "The Dean" of all wrestling announcers.

Recognized by fans for his monotone, stoic interview style, Solie arrived in Atlanta in 1974 at the urging of Turner and played a vital role in Turner’s broadcast expansion and ultimate media empire.

He became the voice of the weekend studio wrestling shows -- filmed on location at Tuner's 1050 Techwood Drive studio -- that quickly became the most-watched programming on cable television at the time.

"He was the man," said wrestling icon Dusty Rhodes, "the absolute best to ever call a match!"

Others being honored will include wrestling legends The Assassins (Joe Hamilton and Tom Renesto,) "Hands of Stone" Ron Garvin, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Ray "The Crippler" Stevens, and the Masked Superstar.

Former PWI Editor Returning To Atlanta!

Wrestling fans from everywhere remember Bill Apter, Editor of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and it's family of wrestling magazines, including The Wrestler and Inside Wrestling.

Georgia-area fans also remember him for the PWI Scouting Report, a segment he hosted on the Best of World Championship Wrestling, broadcast weekly on Ted Turner's WTBS Superstation.

Apter returns to the Peach State this August as part of the NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend, hosting "Apter's Antics!" -- a live show each day, featuring offbeat interviews, comedy, karaoke and more!

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 07/24/11, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling
, 07/24/11, from Warner Robins, GA

- from Daniel Lumm

“Undefeated” Anthony Andrews vs Officer Chris Jacobs

Referee: Danny Star

Andrews starts the match off with some trash talking, often referring to their match as “Wrestler vs Cop” and continuously hinting that he as the “wrestler” is better. When realizing at the beginning of the match that Marv, who accompanied Jacobs to the ring and promptly left at the start of the match, placed at the entrance ramp he left the ring to return it to the corner where he’s always had it during the matches. Andrews utilizes a Wrist Lock and transitions into a Drop Toe Hold. He locks in a Chin Lock but Jacobs gets out and the crowd gets excited. Since Andrews and Jacobs have been on very edgy terms the crowd was heavily pleased to finally see Jacobs get in the ring for his chance to take down the self proclaimed “winner” once and for all. Jacobs ends up locking in his own Wrist Lock and, like Andres, transitions into a Drop Toe Hold. After a bit of scuffling Andrews leaves the ring. When Jacobs goes to chase, Andrews pulls him out by his feet and takes advantage. When they get back in the ring Andrews locks in an interesting submission where he stretched the arm and leg of Jacobs while keeping his knee dug into the police officer’s ribs (still trying to get down some move names). Pin attempt by Andrews. After kicking out Andrews works Jacobs down a little more, lands a Suplex, and makes another pin attempt. Andrews then gets Chris in a Chin Lock and the crowd starts chanting for Chris to make a comeback. Andrews makes another pin attempt. Chris is taken into the corner and Andrews chokes him with his boot and breaks promptly before the ref counts to 5. Another Chin Lock by Andrews, though Chris tries fighting back only to get hit with a German Suplex. Pin attempt by Andrews. Andrews goes to the top rope and attempts a Leg Drop, but Jacobs moves out of the way to the crowd’s delight. Jacobs hits Andrews a couple of times then slams him. Jacobs turns to acknowledge the crowd but for a bit too long as Andrews managed to roll him up, tights in hand, and make the 3 count.

Result: Anthony Andrews wins via Pin Fall at 7:26

“Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore (w/ Charlie Cash) vs Drew Adler

Referee: Danny Starr

When making his entrance, Moore receives a “Barney” chant for wearing purple tights and is even show a sign from a crowd member with his head pasted on the body of the purple dinosaur. Drew Adler comes out to a very pleased crowd as he’s been absent from the last two events. As Cash left the ring, Adler was weary and watch but as a result Moore started the match by attacking him from behind. Drews comes back and slams Moore followed by a Senton. Pin attempt by Adler. Moore gains momentum and gets Adler on the ropes for an illegal choke and breaks before the 5. Drew, again, takes control this time with a Spring Boards Cross Body. Moore leaves the ring and pulls Adler’s feet to get him out. Once back in the ring, Moore makes a pin attempt. The crowd starts a loud “Barney’s a Cheater” chant and it continues through much of the match when Moore gains control. Moore chokes Adler in the corner, breaking before getting disqualified, and throws Drew out of the ring. Once back in Moore makes another pin attempt. Adler makes a brief comeback and rolls up Moore for a pin attempt. Moore regains control. Adler continues to gain brief advantages followed by Moore quickly taking back control of the match. Another pin attempt by Moore, followed with a slam. Adler gets on the ropes and Moore attempts to stop him, but Adler fights back and sends Moore back into the ring. Adler follows with some blows and the crowd gets behind him. Pin attempt by Drew Adler. Adler gets Moore in the corner and delivers a boot. When trying to follow up Moore counters. Moore makes a pin attempt and when Drew kicks out he locks in a Crossface. “Let’s Go Drew” chants start. Drew manages to get a rope break on the Crossface which prompts Moore to start arguing with the ref. Adler gets to his feet and Moore rushes him, only to receive a kick from the fan favorite. Moore tries to fight but is countered with a roll up by Adler, which he kicked out. Moore manages to lock in a Sleeper Hold but Drew counters. Drew attempts a pin but Cash, unknowing to the referee, put Moore’s foot on the rope. Drew leaves the ring to pursue Cash but Moore catches him from behind. Drew quickly comes back and lays out Moore on the outside and quickly gets back in the ring. Upon Moore’s recovery, Adler rushes at him with a Suicide Dive. Drew, seemingly feeding off the support of the crowd, goes back up to the apron and starts climbing the turnbuckle, only to be caught by Moore. Adler fights back and gets Moore in the ring. Adler jumps and Moore evades, but Adler still lands on his feet and rolls up the Cash Vault member. Moore kicks out and hits Adler with a running boot and gets the pin.

Result: Bobby Moore wins via Pin Fall at 9:48

NWA Rampage Heavyweight Title Match

4 Corners Elimination Match with Rampage Rules

Rob Adonis vs Luke Gallows vs J-Rod vs Bull Buchanon (C)

Referee: Dustin Robinson

During the entrances, some of the crowd members though it would be a funny joke to start chanting “Festus” for Luke Gallows. Gallows seemed confused as to why they would cheer for his poorly thought out character in WWE but after about a minute of it he briefly started doing some of the classic face expressions of the man made by biscuits and gravy. Bull attacks Adonis prompting the remaining two competitors to exit when the bell rings. Bull and Adonis quickly carry to the outside leading to J-Rod and Gallows to enter as the legal men. Pin attempt by Gallows. J-Rod exits the ring and Adonis enters. Gallows takes Adonis down a couple of times followed by pin attempts. Leg Drop leading into another pin attempt by Gallows. Adonis exits the ring and J-Rod enters, wearing down Gallows a bit. Pin attempt by J-Rod, but after kicking out Gallows takes advantage and hits J-Rod with a Double Underhook Suplex. J-Rod exits and Bull enters. Bull and Gallows fight their way out of the ring prompting both Adonis and J-Rod to enter. Bull and Adonis end up fighting into the crowd. Adonis is thrown out and gets involved in the fight between Bull and Adonis. J-Rod goes to the top rope and hits all three of them with a Cross Body and the crowd gets loud with various chants. J-rod gets back in the ring, and shortly after Adonis joins him while Gallows, in anger, throws a chair into the ring. The Referee Dustin quickly gets rid of the chair while J-Rod and Adonis go at it while Bull and Gallows continue outside the ring. Pin attempt by J-Rod. Eventually everyone ends up back outside of the ring. Buchanon and Gallows end up on some sort of platform where Gallows is thrown off. Bull and J-Rod enter the ring and go at it briefly. Adonis illegally enters the ring with a chop to Bull’s bad knee and Gallows exits for him. Pin attempt by Adonis. After exchanging some blows with and eventually slamming Bull, Adonis makes another pin attempt. Gallows goes after J-Rod on the outside. Adonis exits and Gallows enters. Bull and Gallows exchange blows and Bull attempts a knee but fails and ends up further injuring himself. Pin attempt by Gallows, when Bull kicks out Gallows takes him to the ropes and starts choking him. Bull manages to get Gallows out of the ring but Adonis got in before Bull had any time to recover. Pin attempt by Adonis. With J-Rod’s help, Bull is taken out of the ring and J-Rod enters. After Adonis takes J-Rod down, J-Rod exits and Bull gets back in. Bull manages to land an Enziguri on Adonis. Jimmy Rave and his Approved group all appear at the entrance ramp. Both Bull and Adonis exit the ring and Gallows and J-Rod enter. J-Rod notices Jimmy Rave Approved and continues watching them as they taunt him for refusing their invitation to the group. During the distraction, Gallows lands his Double Choke Bomb on J-Rod and pins him for the first elimination. During a brief scuffle Adonis lands a Spine Buster on Gallows and pins him for the second elimination. Bull comes in and after being thrown into the corner by Adonis, Adonis show boats for a bit and Bull rushes him with a surprise Lariat and gets the last pin fall.

Results: Luke Gallows pinned J-Rod at 13:39

Rob Adonis pinned Luke Gallows at 14:21

Bull Buchanon pinned Rob Adonis at 15:41

Buchanon Retains the NWA Rampage Heavyweight TitleBull

6-Man Tag Team Match

Chip Day, Corey Hollis, Mike Posey vs Caleb Konley, Cedric Alexander, Jimmy the Kid

Referee: Stan Robinson

Alexander and Posey start the match. This particular match was very fast paced and therefore hard to keep up with on paper. Posey and Alexander started with a series of technical holds and continued to reverse each other very quickly. Jimmy and Hollis tag in and it’s a bit of the same, this time followed by a pin attempt by Hollis. Konley and Day tag in. Konley sweeps Chip Day’s let and hits him with a splash followed by a pin attempt. Alexander tags in and he starts working down Chip. Jimmy tags in and Chip gains the upper hand. Hollis tags in after Chip delivers a kick. Jimmy hits a Leg Scissors and a pin attempt. Posey gets tagged in and the Approved group all get in the ring and the ref loses control as they gang up on Jimmy. Posey makes a pin attempt and, after briefly working down Jimmy afterwards, tags in Chip Day. Some double teaming during the tag transition and Chip attempts a pin. Jimmy briefly fights back but Chip keeps control and tags in Hollis, which leads to more triple teaming from the Approved group. Hollis lands a Swinging Neckbreaker and makes another pin attempt. Posey tags in and there’s even more triple teaming. Posey locks in a submission and transitions into another pin attempt. Eventually Alexander is hot tagged and Hollis enters at the same time. Everyone enters the ring except Jimmy the Kid and Konley and Alexander gain control by clearing the Approved members to the outside. Everyone ends up back in the ring. Jimmy the Kid blind tags but is still taken by the numbers game the Approved group has been playing. Pin attempt by Hollis followed by another scuffle during which Konley was tagging in. Everyone starts storming the ring again. Konley and Alexander get Chip and Hollis out of the ring. Posey is planted and thrown out by Alexander. Hollis enters and charges at Alexander but Konley gets in the way and meets Hollis with a kick. Alexander puts Hollis on his shoulders while Konley goes up to and hits the defenseless Approved member with a Sunset Flip and gets the pin for the victory. This match has to be seen to be believed. I couldn’t keep up with anything going on and I honestly found this harder to keep track of then the 4-Corners matches.

Result: Konley, Alexander, Jimmy The Kid win via Pin Fall (Konley pinned Hollis) at 12:11

NWA Rampage Television Title Match

Frankie Valentine vs Jeremy Vain (C)(w/ Doug Somers)

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match opened with “Frankie” chants from the crowd. Vain starts with the advantage but Frankie quickly shifts the momentum in his favor by throwing Vain out of the ring. Frankie chases Vain out and starts wearing him down with a series of blows. Vain comes back with an elbow but Valentine quickly takes control back. Frankie goes up the turnbuckle and lands a Senton to Vain on the outside. They both get back in the ring. Valentine hits an Atomic Drop on Vain and slams him into the turnbuckle. After pulling Vain back into the center, Valentine is kicked into the corner where, while Vain distracted the ref, Somers got a good shot off him. Pin attempt by Vain. Valentine briefly fights back but Vain lands a Clothesline and makes another pin attempt. After wearing Valentine down with an Arm Bar, Vain start hitting Valentine’s arm with his knees and makes some more pin attempts. Vain chokes Valentine on the ropes and breaks at 4. Vain hooks Valentine’s arm for a Body Slam and follows up with another pin attempt. Vain locks in an Abdominal Stretch and the crowd starts up with more “Frankie” chants. Valentine, again, fights back but is stopped by a knee from Vain and another pin attempt. Right hand by Vain leading into a rope choke broken early. After a pin attempt by Vain, he begins stretching Valentine’s arm on the bottom rope and breaks at 4. Valentine comes back with a series of kicks but Vain, again, quickly regains control by booting Valentine. Pin attempt by Vain followed by a sitting Arm Bar. Valentine fights out and manages a pin attempt. Vain comes back with another submission working Valentine’s arm. Valentine continuously tries to escape and eventually succeeds by getting to his feet and, kicking off the turnbuckle, back flips and overcomes Vain’s leverage. Valentine lands some blows and makes a pin attempt. Some more action and another pin attempt by Valentine but Doug Somers gets on the apron and the referee focuses on getting the “Pretty Boy” back down to the floor. Vain attempts a comeback that is quickly stopped by Valentine when suddenly the bell rings and it is announced that the match’s 15 minute time limit has expired.

Result: Time Limit Draw at 15 Minutes

Jeremy Vain retains NWA Rampage Television Title

Words From the Doc

Miss Allie enters the ring and introduces Doc Gayton to a very happy crowd. Doc enters the ring talking about how he doesn’t want to spend too much time before watching Cru get beat in his upcoming match. He tells the crowd that he has exciting news. Apparently, NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling is now Fox’s #2 program on Saturday mornings in Georgia. This shows that NWA Rampage is indeed getting bigger and is spreading fast.

Next he starts talking about the card for August 7th which will include 3 more well-known NWA stars. First he spoke of former 3-time NWA World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and is followed by a short video promo from Pearce (can be viewed on NWA Rampage’s homepage). Adam Pearce’s match has yet to be announced.

He then goes on to talk about another former NWA World Champion, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana followed by a recorded promo of his own. Doc then announced that in light of the match that just took place, Cabana would be taking on NWA Rampage TV Champion Jeremy Vain (non-title) and since Somers would be in the corner of Vain, Valentine would be in Cabana’s corner. If Cabana wins this match, Valentine will be given another NWA TV Title match with Jeremy Vain, this time with no time limit.

Last Doc spoke about how Jimmy Rave and CM Punk had a good rivalry going in ROH at one point. He said that another good rivalry Rave had was with Davey Richards. He said that he wanted to light sparks from that rivalry on August 7th and stated that Jimmy Rave will go One on One with Davey Richards.

He leaves re-stating that he hopes there will be new Tag Team Champions after when the next match is over.

NWA Rampage Tag Team Title Match

4-Corners Tag Team Match with Rampage Rules

Jimmy Rave, Sal Rinauro vs Kyle Matthews, Ace Rockwell vs The Usual Supects vs Hot Like Lava (C)

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Jimmy Rave Approved and Hot Like Lava leave the ring, which puts the other two teams as the first competitors. Kyle and AJ Steele start the match off. AJ is quickly replaced by Sal Rinauro. Pin attempt by Sal. Kyle takes advantage and tags in Rockwell. Sal tags in Rave while Hot Like Lava paces outside of the ring. After exchanging chops with Rockwell, Rave exits the ring. Rockwell quickly starts looking at everyone to see who enters, but Rave ends up being the one to return to the ring. Wrist Lock by Ace and he tags in Murder One. Murder starts working down Rave’s arm. Murder tags in his partner, and AJ Steele slams Rave hard on the mat. Instead of leaving the ring, Rave looks for someone he can tag in but nobody extends their arm. Murder One tags back in. Rave knees Murder and quickly tags in Sal. Sal works down Murder One and makes a pin attempt. Murder comes back and slams Sal following up with a pin attempt of his own. AJ tags in and Front Suplexes Sal. Sal exits the ring and Shaun Banks comes in, making it the first action the champs made in the match. Once AJ gains control, Banks exits and Rave enters. AJ lands a Belly to Belly and gets Rave into the corner where Murder One is waiting. Another Belly to Belly followed by a pin attempt by AJ Steele. AJ tags in Matthews and Rave rolls out of the ring prompting Sal to enter the fray. Matthews keeps control but Sal manages to get him out of the ropes, where Rave comes up and Side Slams him down on the apron. Rave and Matthews enter the ring and Sal exits. Rave attempts a pin and follows up with a Chin Lock. After being slammed by Rave, Matthews rolls out and Rockwell enters. Rave and Sal double team on Rockwell and keep control. Pin attempt made by Rave, followed by Rave exiting and Sal entering for a pin attempt of his own. Rave and Matthews enter the ring illegally. Matthews locks Sal into a submission while Rockwell locks Rave into one of his own. Even though illegal men were in the ring and were mismatched in the submission, the referee declared the Jimmy Rave Approved members eliminated when they both ended up tapping out. Kyle remained in the ring and Rockwell exited, AJ stepped in to replace the eliminated Approved members. Kyle starts with a series of chops and tags in Ace. Ace gets a sitting Chin Lock on Steele and eventually wraps his legs around for additional leverage. AJ rolls and after getting to a vertical base, rams Rockwell into a turnbuckle. Kyle enters and Cru tags himself in shortly after to replace him. Cru works down AJ for a short bit but once AJ gains control Cru exits the ring, strongly annoying both of the Suspects. Kyle enters and starts working down AJ with Ace as they continued tagging each other in. AJ eventually gets to a point where he fights back and Kyle exits. Cru enters and attacks him from behind. AJ gains control again and makes a pin attempt over Cru. Cru exits and Matthews enters. Matthews locks in an Arm Bar. Cru tags in, antagonizes Murder into entering illegally, and Hot Like Lava gangs up on AJ while the referee is distracted with Murder One. Banks stays in and Cru exits. Banks and Jones tag back and forth to stay fresh while wearing down Steele. Cru gets slammed but Banks takes advantage as Cru rolls out. Banks tags in Matthews, who works down Steele briefly before tagging back in Banks. AJ takes Banks down and works his way back to his own corner. Just as Murder One is finally tagged in, Cru pulls Banks out of the ring with Murder looking on in anger. Matthews enters the ring. Things get hectic and the referee gets distracted with a brawl going on outside. Murder drops Matthews and goes for a pin while the ref isn’t looking. Cru comes in and hits Murder with the belt and pulls Matthews over him just as the referee gets back into the match. The ref counts the pinfall and Suspects are eliminated. Cru enters quickly for a pin attempt but Matthews kicks out. Cru works Matthews down a bit but is eventually thrown out of the ring. Kyle starts crawling to his partner for the tag as Banks looks on. Cru gets to Rockwell first and pulls him off the apron, and at that time Banks rushes into the ring to attack Matthews. After being worn down more by Banks, Kyle manages to take control and hot tags Ace Rockwell as Cru tags in. Matthews takes Cru out of the ring while Rockwell whirls Banks and locks in a Sharpshooter. Cru gains advantage briefly outside and comes in to break the hold. Matthews gets on the turnbuckle and lands a Cross Body. When attempting to do it a second time, Banks avoids it and Cru catches him. Cru throws Matthews to Banks, who lands a Cutter and makes the pin to retain the titles. During the celebration, the Usual Suspects come in and attack Hot Like Lava and steal the title belts. The event ends with Suspects keeping the titles from Hot Like Lava and eventually walking with them as if they were just won in the match.

Results: Kyle Matthews eliminates Sal Rinauro (Jimmy Rave Approved) via Submission at 12:02

Kyle Matthews eliminates Murder One (Usual Suspects) via Pin Fall at 19:52

Shaun Banks eliminates Kyle Matthews (w/ Ace Rockwell) via Pin Fall at 24:06

Hot Like Lava retains the NWA Rampage Tag Team Titles

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/22/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/22/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

Dany Only pinned Eric Walker;

Warhorse 88 pinned The Vandal;

Michael Cannon decimated all of CAMPUS Strike Force;

Geter and Thomas Johnson battled to a double count-out;

Chip Day pinned Sylar Cross;

Pandora pinned Warhorse 007;

The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) pinned Mason &Shane Marx;

Platinum Championship Wrestling Rankings: Champion---Grotesque; 1---Chip Day; 2---Mason; 3---Kyle Matthews; 4---The Vandal; 5---Tommy Daniels; 6---Aisha Sunshine; 7---Pandora; 8---Dany Only; 9---Lee Roy; 10---Davey Richards

Notes from the show:

Before the show, Marko Polo and "Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels had a confrontation involving Tommy Daniels' wife, who was sitting in the crowd. Tommy Daniels accepted Marko Polo's stipulation that the loser on their match on Thursday, July 28th at the Masquerade would be the valet for the winner for 30 days

The Empire seemed to be much more in control of the show, with an "Empire Wrestling" banner placed above the ring, the card opening and closing with the Empire theme, and Miss Rachael parading around in Stephen Platinum's infamous green jacket

During Nemesis' promo which he conducted in the dark, Jay Fury appeared when the lights came on. This was Jay's first appearace in a PCW ring in over two months. Apparently the Lights Out match between Nemesis and Jay Fury will take place on July 28th. Jay also admonished The Konkrete Gorillaz that Nemesis leads for not fighting against the Empire

"Wildchild" Joey Kidman actually attacked the woman running the music for not accidently playing the wrong music instead of the Empire theme to go into intermission. Ester was checked out by Dr. MeLei and released. Shane Mackey, who used to wrestle as The Canadian Sheik and co-commentates with Stephen Platinum intervened, and a match was set between Joey Kidman and The Canadian Sheik for next Friday's show, which will also start at 10 p.m. by order of the Empire

The Washington Bullets defeated Mason and "The Revelation" Shane Marx in another amazing match, giving the Bullets a 2-0 series lead in their best-of-five series. Completely Awesome is slated to take on The Konkrete Gorillaz in the third match in their best-of-five series at the Masquerade on July 28th, that series is tied 1-1.

"Screamin'" Marty Freeman, Jonathan Malik and Miss Rachael, the masterminds behind The Empire took advantage of the chaos at the end of the show, as over 20 wrestlers representing PCW and The Empire brawled once again to conclude the show. They threw a fireball into Stephen Platinum's face as he attempted to remove the Empire Wrestling banner, and declared that they would take over the Masqerade shows as well

Results: NWA Anarchy, 07/23/11, from Cornelia, GA

Results: NWA Anarchy, 07/23/11, from Cornelia, GA

- from NWA Anarchy

Hate Junkies (Stryknyn & Dany Only) with Dan Wilson def CB Gibson & Tommy Daniels;

Aden Chambers def Billy Buck & Bo Newsome in a 3 Way Elimination match;

Shaun Tempers retained the NWA North American Title def Skirra Corvus;

Youth Gone Wild (Henry & Knight) def Texas Tornadoes (Kilgore & Ramirez) with Rudy Boy Gonzalez to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles;

Steven Walters def Brody Chase & Jeff Lewis pinning Lewis to become the NWA Anarchy TV Champion;

Bo Newsome with Shaun Tempers successfully defended the $33.28 Small Package Challenge against Taco Delgato;

(Brody Chase challenged Bo to the $36.60 Challenge but when Bo refused, Brody pinned him with a small package)

Jacob Ashworth def John Skyler to retain the NWA Anarchy Young Lions Title;

Armed & Dangerous (Vasser & Dangerous) and CB Gibson & Tommy Daniel def The Ambassadors (Mayne & Boykins) and Andrerw Pendelton & Bryan Casanova when Gibson pinned Mayne;

Kimo & Mikal Judas def Sev7n & Azrael when Kimo pinned Azrael;

NWA Anarchy's next show is HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT 2011

SATURDAY 8-13-11 8PM

Turmoil (3 minute matches) Winner Faces Ashworth on 8-27;

Chambers vs Wilson vs Hawkins vs Corvus vs McKnight vs Buck;

Dany Only w/Dan vs Shadow Jackson;

NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title Match:
Mike Posey & Corey Hollis vs Youth Gone Wild

NWA North American Title Match:
Jacob Ashworth vs Shaun Tempers;

Bo Newsome vs Brody Chase;

NWA Anarchy TV Title Match:
Jeff Lewis vs Steven Walters;

4 Corners Elimination Tag Match;

(Winner gets Tag Title Match on 8-27)

Ambassadors w/JJ vs Armed & Dangerous vs Pendelton & Casanova vs Gibson & Daniels

4 Way Single Pin for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title

Sev7n vs Azrael vs Kimo vs Mikal Judas

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 2nd Annual Will Grason Memorial: A Night of Champions this Saturday, 07/23/11, in Douglasville, GA

The 2nd Annual Will Grason Memorial: A Night of Champions this Saturday, 07/23/11, in Douglasville, GA

Please join us this Saturday to celebrate the life of a devoted wrestling fan, Will Grason, and take part in the largest cross-promotional event in Georgia wrestling history.

Doors open at 6:00pm, Bell time 7:30pm

Tickets: $10 ringside, $8 general admission (Kids 4 and under FREE)

Community Fellowship Ministries
612 Cohran Store Rd.
Douglasville, GA 30134

Christian Rapper iDie to open the show!!

Annette and Melissa Wright will sing The National Anthem a cappella!

NWA ProSouth All-Out Champion Tyler Gage vs West Georgia Championship Wrestling's Cruiserweight Champion Ace Haven (w/Beautiful Brad Bentley in a title unification match;

Championship Wrestling Overload's Georgia Heritage Champion Roscoe Ray defends his title against Steve Stiles;

Mid-Georgia Championship Wrestling will defend their Tag Team Championship;

Future Wrestling Federation's Junior takes on Jamie Holmes (w/Jesse Ragdoll) in Sesame Street Fight;

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling's Woody the Lumberjack will defend his Brass Knuckles Championship;

Universal Independent Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion "So Fine" Frankie Valentine defend his title against Stupid (w/Tweety)

Plus the 2nd Annual Will Grason Battle Rumble featuring Team WILLpower vs Team Chaos.  (Stay tuned for more info on the rules of the Battle Rumble on Thursday)

We will have a special after-show Karoake party at  BB's Sports Bar & Grill featuring DJ Dice and all kinds of great food specials.

Check out for more info on the show!

All proceeds from the show are being used to place the Beach Club program in Dugan and Nebo Elementary Schools in Paulding County, GA.

There will be a "Meet and Greet" with some of the wrestlers from the show at BB's Sports Bar & Grill this Thursday at 7:00pm.  Join us for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show.

NWA Chattanooga, August 20th, in Soddy Daisy, TN

NWA Chattanooga, August 20th, in Soddy Daisy, TN

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 07/22/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

Special start time of 10 p.m. this Friday, as ordered by The Empire!

Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday!
119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

$8 a ticket

The main event is a match in their best-of-five Tag Team Playoffs, as the Washington Bullets (up 1-0) take on Mason and "The Revelation" Shane Marx!

"Do Or Die" Chip Day versus Sylar Cross!

The big men go at it as Geter takes on Ousman!

"Record Breaking" Tommy Daniel's answers Marko Polo's challenge!

Plus: The Vandal in action! Michael Cannon! The Warhorses and Kurt Killgore! CAMPUS Strike Force and Timmy McClendon! Pandora! Aisha Sunshine! And more, much more!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Universal Independent Wrestling's show on July 29th will be filmed for inclusion in the film, "The Water and the Blood"

Universal Independent Wrestling's show on July 29th will be filmed for inclusion in the film, "The Water and the Blood"

Director Micah Stansell will be bringing a film crew to the UIW Arena in Franklin, GA to film portions of the show for the film "The Water and the Blood".   

The film will screen as an installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia August 26th and anyone who is in the audience at the wrestling match can get into the museum for free on opening night. It will be up at MOCA through December and will then begin screening in film festivals. The director, Micah Stansell, has won numerous awards for his work, including a special jury prize for innovation in film-making at the Atlanta Film Festival, Student Academy Award national finalist, and Next Frame award for screen writing. His work has screened in Atlanta, Beijing, New York, and Los Angeles.

They are asking fans to dress in "subtle 70s" clothing if possible.  (Please no "over the top" wigs, crazy shoes or outfits" that would no be considered subtle.

The show is UIW's Summer Blowout and is sure to sell out.  Call 770-562-4503 to reserve tickets!

UIW Arena - 12740 Hwy 34 East, Franklin, GA 

Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 07/30/11, in Phenix City, AL

Dynasty Championship Wrestling, 07/30/11, in Phenix City, AL

Monday, July 18, 2011

Revised Results: Universal Independent Wrestling, 07/15/11, from Franklin, GA

Revised Results: Universal Independent Wrestling, 07/15/11, from Franklin, GA

Jake Slater defeated Jimmy the Kid;

Radical Jack was disqualified when Kody Jack interfered, giving "Dixie Dynamite" Billy Knight a victory;

Doc Heyward made the save setting up a Tag Team Match for UIW's 07/29 show, Heyward & Knight vs Radical & Kody Jack;

Rob Adonis defeats Doc Heyward to become the UIW United States Champion;

UIW Heavyweight Champion Bull Buchanan vs  Cru Jones ended with Jones being disqualified when UIW's "Captain America" interfered;

After the match another match was made for the UIW show on July 29th, UIW Heavyweight Champion Bull Buchanan and UIW Commissioner Mark Grason vs Cru Jones & UIW's "Captain America".  If Buchanan and Grason win, Bull's title belt is returned and UIW's "Captain America" is unmasked.  If Jones & UIW's "Captain America" win, Cru becomes UIW Heavyweight Champion and they strip Grason of his title as Commissioner and gain control of UIW.

UIW Tag Team Champions The Usual Suspects (Murder One & AJ Steele) defeated The New Fabulous Blondes;

"So Fine" Frankie Valentine defeated Stupid (w/Twety) in a brutal Hardcore Match;

After the match "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers surprised Valentine leaving him semi-conscious on the mat.

Stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the upcoming UIW show on July 29th.

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/15/11, fro Avondale Estates, GA


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/15/11, fro Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

Completely Awesome (Zach Daniels & Chad Silva) pinned The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze & Nemesis);

Tommy Daniels pinned four members of CAMPUS Strike Force, but was pinned by CAMPUS Red;

Warhorse 88 pinned Eric Walker;

Jon Williams pinned Don Yoder;

Match #5 - Lee Roy pinned Trey Williams;

Match #6 - Master Jae pinned Warhorse #2;

Match #7 - Chip Day pinned Ousman;

Main Event - Team PCW (Shane Marx, Mason, Aisha Sunshine, The Canadian Sheik & Michael Cannon) and Team Empire (Grotesque, Thomas Johnson, Sylar Cross, Pandora & Joey Kidman) fought to a double-DQ

Notes from the show:The Empire apparently has a great deal of influence over the show as of this point. The show was introduced as "Empire Wrestling," and next Friday's show (July 22nd) will start at 10 p.m. as per the Empire's leader (Marty Freeman) request.

Completely Awesome tied up their best-of-five series with the Konkrete Gorillaz at one win a piece. The Konkrete Gorillaz publically declared that Brian Blaze and Geter will represent the Konkrete Gorillaz for the remainder of the Tag Team playoffs, and that Nemesis would concentrate on Jay Fury and their feud.

Marko Polo wants a stipulation added to his match with "Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels at the Masquerade on July 28th, that if Marko Polo wins, Tommy Daniels must be his valet for 30 days. If Tommy Daniels were to win, both Marko Polo and Mr. Eric would be Tommy's valets. Tommy Daniels will answer that challenge on the July 22nd show.

By virtue of winning a match, Kurt Kilgore now lets the Warhorses use their numbers again, and has gone back to having the Warhorses use their own entrance music.

Kurt Kilgore and Timmy McClendon are set for a confrontation next week to address their differences.

The brawl between various members of the Empire (including every member of the Assassin's Guild) and wrestling representing PCW (which included the members of Team PCW and The Washington Bullets amongst others) involved 21 wrestlers. The conflict at the end between the masterminds behind the Empire ("Screamin'" Marty Freeman, Jonathan Malik, Miss Rachael) and Stephen Platinum ended with Stephen Platinum needed minor medical attention, and the Empire apparently having greater power and influence.

Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 07/16/11, from Clayton, GA


Results: TnT Pro Wrestling, 07/16/11, from Clayton, GA

- from TnT

The Monster Chaos defeated The Memphis Mauler;

TNT Tri-States Champion Johnny Dollar defeated Draven;

TNT Heavyweight Champion Zach Daniels defeated Taco Delgado;

TNT US Champion Mystic Storm & TNT Tag Team Champion Zackary Blane & T-Money (w/ CB Gibson) defeated Scott Mayson & Chad Silva & Alex Decker (w/ Ryan Bonebrake);

Thursday, July 14, 2011

NWA Anarchy, 07/23/11, in Cornelia, GA

NWA Anarchy, 07/23/11, in Cornelia, GA

Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Sizzling Summer Bash 2011", in Warner Robins, GA

Rampage Pro Wrestling's "Sizzling Summer Bash 2011", in Warner Robins, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 07/15/11, in Avondale Estates, GA

Platinum Championship Wrestling this Friday, 07/15/11, in Avondale Estates, GA
Platinum Championship Wrestling at the Academy Theater on Friday! Bell is at 8 p.m.

119 Center Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

$8 a ticket

The main event is a doozy...the newly formed Empire fields a team of five (PCW Champion Grotesque, Pandora, Sylar Cross, "Wild Child" Joey Kidman, and the returning "Spitfire" Thomas Johnson) against a team representing PCW ("The Revelation" Shane Marx, Mason, Aisha Sunshine, The Canadian Sheik and a mystery partner)

The Tag Team Season playoffs continue as The Konkrete Gorillaz take on Completely Awesome in match #2 in their best-of-five series!

Master Jae takes on Brandon Kage!

"Record Breaking" Tommy Daniels takes on Marko Polo and Mr. Eric is a handicap match!

Plus: The Vandal! "Dynomite Soul" Eric Walker! Ousman! CAMPUS Strike Force and Timmy McClendon! Kurt Killgore and the Warhorses! The Washington Bullets! And more, much more!

Future Wrestling Federation's "Rage in A Cage" this Saturay, 07/16/11, in Carl, GA

Future Wrestling Federation's "Rage in A Cage" this Saturay, 07/16/11, in Carl, GA

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 07/09/11, from Rossville, GA

 Empire Pro Wrestling, 07/09/11, from Rossville, GA

 - from EPW

The temperature was hot outside, but the action inside the Empire arena was hotter! Lets get straight to the results!!

The show opened up with JC Kent in the ring. He stated that he has tried to call, text, and even emailed Rush all week to apologize but Rush would not reply. So Kent called Rush out. Rush came to the ring and pretty much said he doesn't believe Kent. Kent said he would make it right and called out Commissioner Big Doug. Kent said he wanted Rush to get his rematch against KT Hamill for the Empire Heavyweight Title. And that Kent wanted to be the special Referee again. Doug obliged and made the match.

In the opening match, Dru Delite defeated Joey Lynch of the Lynchmob with his finisher, Delite's Out.

Bane Lynch defeated Drake Draven with his finisher, Sliced Bread.

"The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper defeated Matt Fortune with his finisher, The Final Strike.

Skyy Adams defeated Brandon Daniels with his finisher, The Canadian Destroyer.

In tag team action Xtreme Generation defeated Talon Williams and Ben Thrasher. During the match, Ben had a few miscues, and almost kicked Talon. The last kick, Talon caught and had words with Ben. This lead to Talon slapping Ben, hitting his finisher, The Code Breaker, on Ben. Then Talon walked out of the match. However, when Jerry Anderson pinned Ben, Thrasher kicked out. Jerry, and Jason Hampton then hit a double team STO. Ben again kicked out. Jerry then applied a Boston Crab. Ben fought to break the hold, but ended up passing out, giving Xtreme Generation the win.

The main Event saw Rush take on Empire Heavyweight Champion KT Hamill in a Heavyweight Championship match with JC Kent as the Special referee. Rush defeated KT with his finisher, The Stunner, to reclaim Empire Heavyweight Title. However, after the match, Xtreme Generation, KT Hamill, and The Reaper brutally beat down Rush and JC, as well as taking out referee Tony. On a serious note, Rush was injured in the beat down. As of this posting, we are unaware of the severity of the injury Rush sustained. Check back frequently here on the Official Empire Wrestling Entertainment Facebook page as well as the official website as we will update everyone on Rush's condition as soon as we can.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Video: All-Star Wrestling Network Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match from Fort Valley, GA

Video: All-Star Wrestling Network Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match from Fort Valley, GA

The Franchise (Matt "Sex" Sells & "The Rage" Ryan Michaels) and The Washington Bullets challenge The Roster for the AWN Tag Team Titles. (06/24/11)