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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/02/10, from Avondale Estates, GA


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 07/02/10, from Avondale Estates, GA

- from PCW

MATCH NUMBER ONE – The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) versus Pandora and Aisha Sunshine

Though the Washington Bullets had the utmost respect for Aisha Sunshine and Pandora, they reminded everyone that their job is to win, and it is everyone else’s job to lose. Trey also had some choice words for “Screamin” Marty Freeman if he continued interfering with their matches.

Trey and Sunshine circled before Trey picked Sunshine up and took her to their corner, Jon tagged himself in kicked her in her gut. Pandora jumped in and Jon and Trey double hip tossed her. Jon threw Sunshine off of the ropes, but she ducked his clothesline and came back and wailed on him with her fists. Pandora tagged in, grabbed Jon’s leg and wrapped his leg around the second rope and pulled. Sunshine tagged back in and she and Pandora smashed Jon’s face into the mat with a double bulldog. Sunshine used her momentum off of the ropes and grabbed Jon’s head for a 360 neckbreaker. Pandora tagged in and immediately launched into forearms into the face then after ducking Jon’s clothesline caught Jon with her flying head scissors. She then locked her legs around Jon’s shoulders, turned him around and rammed his face into the mat with a Facelift. Sunshine tagaged in began stomping Jon, but Jon grabbed her legs and rolled her up. Sunshine kicked out of the cover and sprang from the ropes only to catch Jon in a double clothesline. Jon and Sunshine inched to their corners to tag in Pandora and Trey. Trey clotheslined Pandora then Sunshine, then began punching Pandora. As Pandora stumbled backwards, Trey knocked her down with the Captain Morgan kick. Sunshine rushed in to break up the pin, then Jon elbowed Sunshine. Pandora choked Trey with her boot and Sunshine fought back against Jon. With both brothers down in separate corners, Pandora and Sunshine both leaped into bronco busters on Jon and Trey. Sunshine and Pandora dragged Trey to the center of the ring where Pandora landed an elbow drop. Jon kicked Sunshine out of the ring then ducked Pandora’s clothesline allowing him to pull her into a a backcracker, and Trey finished off the Marion Barry combination with a diamond cutter for the pinfall.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER ONE – The Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) with the Marion Barry via pinfall over Pandora and Aisha Sunshine, Trey Williams pinning Pandora

MATCH NUMBER TWO –. Jamie Holmes (with “Screamin’” Marty Freeman and “Ragdoll” Jesse Starr) versus Warhorse #2

Warhorse #2 sans manager, Johnathon Davis Wynn, entered the ring with Jamie Holmes. Holmes immediately began clubbing the Warhorse’s back, the grabbed him in a bear hug for a belly to belly suplex.. Holmes went to whip Warhorse #2 into the corner, but the Warhorse reversed and tomahawk chopped Holmes followed by a standing head butt. Holmes in turn reversed Warhorse #2’s whip into the corner and began beating the Warhorse’s back. Holmes climbed to the top rope placed his knee on Warhorse #2’s shoulder for a falling knee drop. While Warhorse 2 laid on the ground, Holmes turned him over, grabbed his arms and stomped Warhorse #2’s face in to the mat with the Kill Stomp and got the pinfall.

As the disoriented Warhorse stumbled out of the ring, Holmes grabbed him and beat him all the way out of the arena.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER TWO – Jamie Holmes (with “Screamin’” Marty Freeman and “Ragdoll” Jesse Starr) with the Kill Stomp via pinfall over Warhorse #2

MATCH NUMBER THREE – Dwight Power versus Geter

Dwight Power entered the ring and spouted that the individuals people should be afraid of are the mentally challenged who siphon money from the tax payers, and they men that walk down the street holding hands, and most of all, they should be afraid of him. Once Geter entered the ring, Dwight Power leaped out and was counted out.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER THREE – Geter won via countout over Dwight Power

MATCH NUMBER FOUR -- Warhorse #23 and Warhorse #300 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn) versus The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze and Nemesis)

Wynn merely explained his absence during Warhorse #2’s match was because he already knew what the outcome would be. Wynn was determined to make it to the tag team finals on September 25th, as soon as Warhorse #300 stepped up his game. This was #300’s last chance or he was out. Newly initiated Brian Blaze came out with Nemesis for the Konkrete Gorillaz. Nemesis still had his doubts about Brian Blaze and told him that this match would prove his worth and it was time to “beast up.”

Blaze and Wahorse #300 circled each other before Warhorse #300 went for his Spartan kick, but he missed and Blaze landed a punch then stomped #300. Blaze forced the Warhorse into the corner and chopped his chest. Warhorse #300 slapped Blaze, but that only landed him another vicious chop and multiple elbows to the head. Warhorse #300 blocked and reversed Blaze into the corner and retaliated with his own elbows. Warhorse #23 tagged in and launched off the ropes with a flying back elbow. Blaze countered with a knee to the Warhorse’s groin and chopped him in the corner. Nemesis decided to tag in and laid out another vicious chop to Warhorse #23’s chest. Blaze tagged back in for one last chop before suplexing Warhorse #23. When Warhorse #23 was able to get up, he held Blaze for Warhorse #300 to punch. Warhorse #300 then gave Blaze a jumping DDT then used the ropes to propel him in his Spartan kick. Blaze responded with an elbow and a hiptoss followed by a side kick to #300’s head. Warhorse #300 limped over to his corner but Warhorse #23 refused the tag, then in a surprising move, Warhorse #23 grabbed Warhorse #300’s head and bounced it off the ropes right into Brian Blaze’s Burn.

As Wynn was busy yelling at Warhorse #300 for yet another loss, Warhorse #23 took off his mask to reveal that he is Oscar Worthy! In another surprising move, JD Wynn shook Worthy’s hand welcoming him back!

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER FOUR – The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze and Nemesis) with The Burn via pinfall over Warhorse #23 and Warhorse #300 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn), Brian Blaze pinning Warhorse #300

MATCH NUMBER FIVE – Michael Cannon versus Mason (accompanied by The Witnesses)

Freshly shaved Michael Cannon promised the fans that he would outwrestle the Demi God, Mason. Cannon was first to act by getting Mason in a headlock, but the Demi God quickly reversed the hold into a hammerlock. The two exchanged holds and moves until Mason reversed one and DDT’ed Cannon. Mason followed with a headlock but Cannon shot Mason off of the ropes then flipped him over his shoulder with a shoulder tackle. Cannon got a half nelson on Mason then bodyslammed him. Mason stood up and was able to pose before dropping Cannon into a neckbreaker. Though Mason had Cannon’s elbows locked, Cannon was able to power up and elbowed Mason. Mason responded by punching Cannon and choking him on the second rope. Mason then grabbed Cannon’s neck for a snapmare, then scraped the back of his head while flipping over him in a move referred to as a Curt Hennig. Cannon fought off the Occom’s Razor , and took down Mason by a single leg. Mason kicked Cannon off of him and clotheslined him. Mason locked Cannon with a full nelson, picked him up and head butted him. Cannon was able to move out of the way of Mason’s falling head butt, then ducked the Occom’s Razor and rolled up Mason in a backslide for the pinfall.

Mason did not concede defeat and claimed that winning was about imposing his will. And that next week he and Cannon will fight and will make him quit.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER FIVE – Michael Cannon with a backslide via pinfall over Mason (accompanied by The Witnesses)

MATCH NUMBER SIX – Najasism (accompanied by Simon Sermon and Timmy McClendon) versus Dwight Power

Goth was originally scheduled to wrestle the match against Najasism, but Dwight Power came out claiming to have taken care of Goth and replaced him. Power entered the ring to wrestle against Najasism and bounced off of the ropes right into Najasism’s spinning heel kick. Power responded by stomping Najasism. Najasism forced Power into the corner with a series of kicks, then slid kicked Power in the face. Najasism climbed to the top rope for a moonsault but Power moved out of the way. Power then picked up Najasism for a suplex and spun in a 360 to clothesline him when he stood up. Power grabbed Najasism by the neck and rammed his head into the turnbuckle, then grabbed his leg and hyperextended it. Power worked Najasism’s legs twisting and turning them locking him in a figure four. Najasism was able to get to the ropes to break up the hold. Power continued to work the knee be slamming it into the mat. Power grabbed Najasism’s leg, but a Najasism jumped and kicked Power in the side of the head. Power tried to charge at Najasism, but Najasism put up his boot.

While Najasism and Power were battling it out in the ring, Jamie Holmes snuck up and rammed Simon Sermon’s head into the ring post. Then he lead the blind Timmy McClendon away from the ring and threw him on to a table breaking it! Najasism left the ring to assist, but Power followed and the two brawled until Referee Duke Korey was forced to disqualify both after being counted out.

WINNER OF MATCH NUMBER SIX – Najasism and Dwight Power were both counted out of the ring by referee Duke Korey

MAIN EVENT MATCH NUMBER SEVEN – The Phantom versus PCW World Champion “The Natural” Shane Marx

After the wrestlers shake, they quickly launch into a series of rapid hits. Phantom got Marx in a double leg sweep. Phantom wrenched Marx’s arm in and arm wringer and dropped down to the mat. Marx responded by throwing Phantom down and an uppercut to the face. Marx snapmared Phantom and kicked the back of his head and drop kicked him while Phantom was in a seated position. Marx put a sleeper hold on Phantom, but Phantom reversed and locked up Marx’s head and arms with his legs Marx was able to reverse and lock up Phantom’s arms, but Phantom was able to reach the ropes. Phantom used his legs and locked Marx in a head scissors, Marx was able to roll over, kip up and get Phantom in a side headlock. Phantom began punch Marx’s ribs, then stomped on Marx’s back. Phantom went back to working the ribs by kneeing him then leaping into a knee drop to the injured area. Marx got Phantom into a headlock, but Phantom got out of it by punching the ribs again, then draped Marx’s arm over the bottom rope, locked it in with his own legs, and hung upsided down from the ring torqueing Marx’s arm in a most painful position. Phantom held Marx’s arm extended and gave his shoulder an uppercut.

Phantom locked Marx’s shoulder, but Marx was able to roll Phantom up, but Phantom rested his legs on the ropes breaking the hold. Phantom kicked Marx, then with a running start rammed his knee into Marx’s back. Phantom grabbed Marx’s head and somersaulted into a DDT. Phantom put Marx in a sleeper hold, but Marx powered up and elbowed Phantom in the gut, shot him off of the ropes and back elbowed him. After clotheslining Phantom, Marx picked him up for a slow suplex. After a German suplex , Marx leaped on Phantom’s chest as he lay on the bottom turnbuckle, then got a running start for a boot to the face. Phantom rolled up Marx while Marx was covering him, but Marx was able to kick out. Phantom kicked Marx in the face then flew off of the second rope into a moonsault then locked Marx in an arm bar. Marx was able to reach the ropes to break the hold and Phantom went to the top of the ropes for another move, but Marx was ready with a drop kick causing the Phantom to leave the ring. Marx dragged Phantom back into the ring but missed his elbow drop. Phantom kicked Marx in the torso followed by a scissor kick to his back. Marx picked up Phantom for a Death Valley Driver, but Phantom was able to avoid the move and German suplexed Marx followed by a brainbuster. Marx kicked out of the pin and scooped up the Phantom when he charged and rammed his back into the top turnbuckle. Marx waited for Phantom to get up and met him with an uppercut. Phantom stumbled to his feet and met up with Marx’s roaring elbow and was downed for the three count.

Shane Marx expressed respect for the Phantom following their match and they shook hands. Marx then called out Jamie Holmes. He was unsure what kind of spindoctor magic “Screamin” Marty Freeman had been running to keep Jamie Holmes in PCW, but he wanted it to end. He challenged Holmes to an old school, no DQ, lights out match in two weeks. And even though it was a non sanctioned match, if Marx lost, he would give up his PCW Champions’ Belt.

WINNER OF MAIN EVENT – PCW World Champion “The Natural” Shane Marx with a roaring elbow via pinfall over The Phantom

Current Rankings:

Platinum Championship Wrestling World Champion: “The Natural” Shane Marx (champion since March 26th, 2010)

Michael Cannon (up from #2)
The Phantom (down from #1)
Jamie Holmes (up from #9)
Brian Blaze
Scott Steele (down from #3)
Jay Fury
Simon Sermon
Geter (previously unranked)
“Awesome” Austin Creed

Noteworthy items as a result of the July 2nd PCW event: PCW’s first “Tag team season” will continue, involving eight teams and culminating with a final on September 25th to determine the first PCW World Tag Team Champions.

Two different tag team season matches will take place at the Jungle on July 6th

Jamie Holmes has been suspended for attacking Aisha Sunshine, Lee Roy and Trey Williams…as well as Timmy McClendon. “Screamin’” Marty Freeman’s continued appeals have been denied.

Simon Sermon and Timmy McClendon have requested a match with Dwight Power and a partner of his choosing with blinding hoods on the next Jungle show, July 6th.

PCW World Champion Shane Marx has issued a “lights out” challenge to Jamie Holmes for July 16th at The Academy Theater

Marty Freeman has petitioned PCW to allow him to replace Thunder and Lightning with another tag team under his management to enter the Tag Team Season

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