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Results: NWA Atlanta, 05/11/13, from Locust Grove, GA


Results: NWA Atlanta, 05/11/13, from Locust Grove, GA

- from NWA Atlanta

The show started off with Prince Akbar in the ring. Akbar enlightened the energetic crowd that he had purchased matches for the entire show and that the show would be “Akbar’s Revenge” for the fall out inflicted upon him at the War Games show. Akbar then called out his newest enforcer, a man that has made more people disappear than the plague, General Abdul Qadeer. Akbar proclaimed that Qadeer would be getting a title shot tonight. The fans on hand quickly “tweaked” General Qadeer’s name to General “Da queer” to the displeasure of Qadeer. Akbar continued to run down the American people, thus bringing out the Patriot, which resulted in a impromptu brawl.

Andy & Axil Anderson defeated The Afghan Assassins

Fry Daddy defeated an Afghan Assassin retaining his MAX title.

Akbar got on the microphone and proclaimed to be taking on the toughest guy around. Out comes Pysko the Nutjob (who has never won a match in NWA- Atlanta).

Prince Akbar defeated Psyko the Nutjob in less than 3 minutes;

This lead to Mike Cannon coming out and challenging Akbar to a spontaneous match.

Mike Cannon defeated Prince Akbar.

AJ Steele vs. General Abdul Qadeer- Before the match could start Akbar proclaimed that he would also be in the match. NWA- Atlanta representatives then informed ring announcer Chad Sheppard that the Patriot would now be in the match, so now it was;

AJ Steele vs. General Abdul Qadeer vs. Prince Akbar vs. the Patriot

Winner and new NWA- Atlanta Heavyweight champion - General Abdul Qadeer

The Patriot and AJ Steele sustained injuries due to questionable actions during the match (You would have had to been there to see to believe it).

Chaos then ensued. Andy Anderson, Axil Anderson, and Fry Daddy hit the ring to check on the injured competitors. The trio then found themselves surrounded by Prince Akbar, General Abdul Qadeer, and the Afghan Assassins. The trio in the ring still laid a challenge out that lead to:

Andy Anderson, Axil Anderson, and Fry Daddy vs. General Abdul Qadeer & 2 Afghan Assassins w/ Prince Akbar.

Andy Anderson, Axil Anderson, and Fry Daddy win via DQ when the ref witnessed General Abdul Qadeer hit Andy Anderson with the NWA Atlanta Heavyweight title belt.


The Patriot legitimately tore his bicep and will be out of action for some time.

Next show will be Saturday May 25th in Locust Grove, GA

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