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Syndicate Promotions Wrestling, 08/17/13, in Columbus, GA

Syndicate Promotions Wrestling, 08/17/13, in Columbus, GA

- from Syndicate Promotions

In the main event, we have newly crowned SPW Champion "Dirty" Dave Tate V.I.P. member (violence in progress) defending his title against now bitter rival and current Southern Rebellion member "Da" Hick, both men now fighting as single competitors with all the glory and gold on the line, with so much at stake and dissention in the locker room there is no telling what will happen or the long term effects that could result for SPW as the wrestler loyal to the new company "Dirty" Dave Tate is pitted against "Da" Hick who is a member of the "Southern Rebellion" a faction intent on overthrowing the new GM and the alliance called V.I.P. (violence in progress) of Johnny Romano, Dab Savage, "Big Daddy" Osborne, "Bam" Stone and "Dirty" Dave Tate. Could the V.I.P. end before they ever get started as a threat, or will the "Southern Revolt" win out and put in their own style of Deep South Wrestling. Everything from the Championship to the very future of SPW could hang on this one single match.

In the co-main event we bring in "The Black Superman" AJ Steele, another big man in the wrestling ring, able to take on anyone in the wrestling world, faster than a thrown water bottle, able to leap small children, strong enough to bend steel bars on someone's head and known thru out the southern wrestling circuit to take on another new member of the SPW family "Stalker", some say he's the walking dead others say he's just a man who feels no pain, others just run, the only thing to safely say about STALKER is there is something not right, so keep the kids close as violence lets loose because this is the one you want to watch like a car wreck on the side of the road, just be glad you're not in the ring.

Once again we have charismatic local superstar J-Rod reach for the SPW Legacy Title and take on another terror of the wrestling ring in Logan Creed, big, strong, ruthless, with a mean streak that borderlines sadistic and a belief that the wrestling ring is his personal playground where he can inflict pain and get paid for it. Will J-Rod's luck hold out as he continues to rise through everything that is thrown at him in his quest to become the biggest star in the southern circuit and the SPW Legacy Champion? Or will the punishment that he took at the hands of the monster Big Bam Stone couple with the terror released upon him take its toll and end his quest, and possibly his career?

The Widow maker and Shaun-O Evans take their rivalry to the next level in a last man standing match. With questions surrounding the outcome of the two out of three falls match when these two met last still unanswered, we could see an escalation of violence and intensity as never seen before to bring an end to the question of who is the better wrestler. The Sadistic One will no doubt do everything legal and maybe some things illegal to pull out the "W".

In other matches we have:

Local rising sensation C-Dawg takes on Cowboy

The Young Guns VS Gentlemen's Club

Billy the Kid VS Ice Man

For the Kids.

On hand free of charge will be a face paint table and a table to make signs of their favorite wrestler.

Intermission show will be provided by Gracie Barra BJJ, 5880 Veterans Parkway (706) 320-2000

Also during intermission is a chance for the fans to take pictures and get autographs

A raffle to win a event flyer autographed by all wrestlers in attendance will be done with all proceeds to benefit a local charitable organization.

Tickets for this explosive night of action are priced as follows:

$10 General Admission, $5 for children under 10.

Tickets can be purchased at the:

Front Porch of the South located at 7607 Veterans Parkway Columbus, Ga. 31909 - 706-576-5757

MWR Tickets and Travel Office located at 9230 Marne Rd. Ft. Benning, GA. 31905 - 706-626-7644

Doors open: 6:00 PM and Show starts at 7:00PM

For press credentials and more information, please contact David Gardner at315-486-7198.

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