Sunday, February 9, 2014



Squared Circle (Jeremy Foster & Jake Coal) def Hot Commodity (CB Suave & Tommy Penirelli)

Dany Only came to the ring with his foot in a walking cast. He let the crowd know that he recently re-broke his foot but was determined to come back to Anarchy soon. Out came Nemesis & Shadow Jackson, who attacked Only and used a chair to further injure Only who was carried to the back.

Nemesis & Shadow Jackson def Brandon Parker & Wade Adams

In an Anarchy Heavyweight Title match Mike Posey def Mikael Judas when Mikael Judas was counted out of the ring. Judas had gone to the floor with Posey, and after Judas threw Posey back into the ring, Geter attached Judas and they fought out of the building resulting in the countout.

In a 4 way elimination match to determine the #1 contender for the Young Lion's Title held by Shaun Tempers, Ace Rockwell def Bobby Moore, Kevin Blue & Vandal. Order of elimination was Blue def Vandal, Moore def Blue, Rockwell def Moore.

Post Match Bobby Moore got a chair, placed it in the middle of the ring, sat in it, and refused to leave.

Washington Bullets then Iceberg Slim were introduced for the Anarchy Tag Team Title Match. As Slim J went to remove Moore from the ring, Iceberg was attacked by Trey & Jon Williams. When Slim J turned to help Iceberg Moore hit him in the back of his head with his elbow knocking Slim out. Slim was carried to the back as the match started with Iceberg alone against both Williams Brothers. The Washington Bullets def Iceberg Slim to become 2 time Anarchy Tag Team Champions. Postmatch as Iceberg was heading up the ramp he was attacked from behind by Geter.

John Skyler def Corey Hollis

The Laredo Kid def "Upgrade" Mikey Watkins

Shaun Tempers def Steven Walters to retain the Young Lions Title.

Miss Rachel came out and said that BJ Hancock and Joey Rhymer had nearly been suspended because Hancock had used a piledriver on Ginger the previous show but that all was OK as she had cut a deal. She then presents "gifts" she wanted Todd Sexton to have including a neck brace & spray tan. BJ Hancock & Joey Rhymer with Miss Rachael def Alex Avgerinos & Lars Manderson who came to the ring with Brody Chase. Postmatch Chase challenged BJ Hancock for a match on Feb 22.

The scheduled match between Geter & Se7en to determine #1 contender for the Heavyweight Title never happened, as Nemesis, Shadow Jackson & Geter came to the ring and claim that Se7en & Bailey were not there because they were afraid of Geter, and said that the Washington Bullet had their tag title. They challenged Judas. Light went off then on and Judas was in the ring and a brawl began with Judas getting the better of it 3 on 1 until Geter knocked him down with a running shoulder block. Unforgiveable Blackness was all over Judas until Iceberg hit the ring and with Judas sent Blackness to the floor.

Next show is Feb 22 with Geter & Se7en forced to team up vs Mikael Judas & Iceberg. John Skyler vs Billy Buck for the TV Title, Shaun Tempers vs Ace Rockwell fopr the Young Lions Title, Brody Chase vs BJ Hancock. Mike Posey vs Steven Walters and much more.

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