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Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 06/14/14, in Cornelia, GA

Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 06/14/14, in Cornelia, GA

Good crowd of 100+ attended

Stryknyn & Billy Buck defeated Joey Rhymer & BJ Hancock with Miss Rachael when Buck pinned Rhymer. Pre-Match Miss Rachael announced that because of the high demand for Anthony Henry in other promotions she was letting him move on without her. Post match Buck was attacked by BJ Handcock who deliver another piledriver further injuring Buck's already hurt neck. Brody Chase & Lars Manderson made the save, but then without warning Manderson attacked Chase. Alex Avgerinos hit the ring with a chair to chase off Miss Rachael's group which now appears to include Manderson.

Tommy Penirelli def newcomer Sless Tayor by submission. Sless Taylor impressed in his Anarchy debut.

Washington Bullets (Trey & Jon Williams) brought out William Huckaby & Joe Black, an impressive looking team, they said would take care of UAS (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) while they prepared to win back their tag team titles. It appeared that would be the case as Black & Huckaby controlled the match from the start, but Finally Jackson & Nemesis were able to fight back and win the match.

Corey Hollis def Shawn Adams

Slim J & Ace Rockwell def Shaun Tempers & Iceberg with Jeff G Bailey when Slim J pinned Tempers. Postmatch with Ace outside the ring down, Tempers & Iceberg attached Slim J and as Iceberg was about to use the "impliment of mass destruction" on Slim J's forehead, Mikal Judas returned and the Elite retreated from the ring. Michael Judas faces Iceberg on June 28.

Vandal def Supernatural

The Tag Team Title match between Champions, Todd Sexton & Bobby Moore and former champs the Washington Bullets ended up in a no contest when Nemesis and Shadow Jackson who had come out during the match as guest commentators decided to do their commentary over the house mike. The commentary focused more on insulting the wrestlers than calling the match and when the match spilled out of the ring, Moore & Memesis started fighting and soon everyone was involved. When the dust settled Bullets were on the floor and UAS & Sexton & Moore were in the ring. At that time it was announced that Moore & Seton would face UAS on June 28 defending the Tag Team Titles.

Jeremy Foster def Laredo Kid

CB Suave retained the Anarchy TV Title defeating Alex Avgeringos when Alex was distracted by Miss Rachael, Rhymer & Hancock at ringside. Postmatch Rymer & Hancock attacked Avgerinos until Brody Chase clerared the ring. Chase & Avgerinos face Rhymer & Manderson on June 28.

In the Main Event's "Equal Opportunity Challenge", Franklin Dove drew the name of Billy Buck as Mike Posey's opponent for the Anarchy Title. Dove argued that Buck was injured but Posey demanded the match and Buck came to the ring wearing a neck brace that was soon removed by Posey who went after the injured neck of Buck. Buck proved tough to beat, even kicking out after Posey used the title belt to hit Buck in the head with the ref, Dee Byers, down at the time. Posey tried for the Alabama Jam leg drop from the top turnbuckle but Buck moved, and was able to get to his feet before Posey and nail a superkick. Billy Buck pinned Mike Posey to become the new Anarchy Champion to a huge reaction from the crowd. Postmatch the lockeroom cleared as wrestlers congratulated Buck, until Michal Judas' music hit and he intercepted Dee Byers and took the title belt and approached Buck as the crowd fell silent. Judas stared at the belt then Buck, then raised Buck's hand and presented the title belt to him as the crowd responded enthusiastically.

Andrew Alexander and Dewayne & Sandy Burton were backstage visiting.

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