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Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 11/22/14, from Cornelia, GA

Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 11/22/14, from Cornelia, GA

Franklin Dove opened the show announcing that the Dec 27 Season's Beatings show will be his last as owner of Anarchy Wrestling as he accepted a new job that has him moving to Orlando, FL, so the Dec 13 and 27 shows may be the last in a building that has showcase wrestling since 1998, unless someone steps up to buy it and promote it going forward. Franklin also announced that Corey Hollis would return to Anarchy on the Dec 27 show.

Jeff G Bailey with Jagged Edge addressed the crowd and discussed the damage done to Shaun Tempers at the previous show by Jagged Edge's repeated blows to Temper's throat with a taped thumb. Bailey asked for two wrestlers to take on Jagged as a warm up for the upcoming Mega Rumble match to determine #1 contender for BJ Hancock's heavyweight title in which Jagged was enter, which led to:

Jagged Edge def El Gran Laredo & Supernatural

Joey Rhymer with Miss Rachael defended and nearly lost the Anarchy Young Lions title to Jeremy Foster as Foster had Rhymer in a submission when Lars Manderson hit the ring causing a DQ but was quickly followed by Jacob Ashworth who brawled out of the ringside area. Foster hot Rhymer with a flying knee and got the Young Lion's title belt and his camera phone and began taking pictures of himself and the belt with Rhymer down & out. Miss Rachael entered the ring to stop him and Foster tried to a selfie with her, but BJ hancock ran out and Foster bailed without being touched.

John Johnson replaced Jonathan Felner and announced the TV Champion Todd Sexton's entrance for a title defense against John Skyler. Johnson also announced that Sexton would be in the #! contender Rumble. Todd Sexton defeated John Skyler after interference by Johnson.

Big F'N Deal (Geter & Blaze) defeated the Washington Bullets (Trey & Jon Willliams) to become new Anarchy Tag Team Champions.

Billy Buck won a 16 Man Mega Rumble pinned Shadow Jackson to become the # 1 contender for the Anarchy Title, and will face BJ Hancock in the Main Event at Season's Beatings on Dec 27.

Miss Rachael & BJ Hancock were on commentary.

Lars Manderson started with Jacob Ashworth for the 1st 5 minute period. Others would follow thereafter every 2 minutes. Next in was Mike Posey who was ignored by the brawling Manderson & Ashworth with allowed him to eliminate both. Fred Yehi was next and dominated Posey until CB Suave entered. Next was Kevin Blue and Blue was with CB, Posey with Yehi. Next was William Huckaby who eliminated Yehi and it was 3 on 1 on Blue. Then can Brody Chase who gave Blue some relief, before focusing on Posey. Slim J entered and went after Suave, so Posey was with Chase, Blue with Huckaby, and Slim J wioth Suave. Joe Black enter and he and Huckaby started to dominate. They eliminated Blue, then targeted Slim J, tossing him. Suave tried to cooperate with them and they tossed him too. The then went after Brody who fought back briefly before being eliminated. Posey soon realized he was in big trouble and avoided them eventually sliding out of the ring through the ropes. Azrael entered and fought both Huckaby & Black eventually getting both off their feet, and Posey slid in behind him and went to eliminate Azrael, but countered and tossed Posey who was eliminated. It was 2 on 1 until Stryknyn entered and quick helped eliminate Huckaby and Black but also Azrael who was tied up with them. Syrknyn was alone in ring as Todd Sexton was announced as the next entrant. Sexton stalled then tried to rush Stryknyn who quickly tossed Sexton and eliminated him. Next was Billy Buck and they went back and forth for 2 minutes then Jagged Edge was next. Stryknyn had both Buck & Jagged down when Lars Manderson and Jacob Ashworth brawled back to the ringside area trailed by a ref and soon both refs were focused on this, as Todd Sexton slid into the ring and laid out Stryknyn with his title belt. Jagged Edge eliminated Stryknyn. Last entrant was Shadow Jackson. Jagged Edge was eliminated, and the match chaned from over the top rope elimination to pinfall or submission. Billy Buck finally hit a superkick and pinned Jackson to become #1 contender for the Anarchy Title.

Next show is 12-13 with:

Todd Sexton vs Stryknyn for the TV Title

BJ Hancock, Joey Rhymer & Lars Manderson with Miss Rachael vs Billy Buck, Jeremy Foster & Jacob Ashworth

Mike Posey vs Kevin Blue

Iceberg vs Shaun Tempers

Slim J vs Fred Yehi

New Anarchy Tag Team Champions Geter & Blaze in a rematch with the Washington Bullets

And more

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