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Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 01/24/15, from Cornelia, GA

Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 01/24/15, from Cornelia, GA

Anarchy Wrestling returned to the Church of Southern Wrestling in Cornelia, GA with a strong first show for new owner Charles Anshutz. Attendance looked to be in the 150 range. Crowd was involved and loud throughout a show that featured several of the biggest crowd pops in Anarchy history.

Show opened with Bill Behrens in ring who announced that Corey Hollis would return on Feb 14 and defend the TV Title, and that from now on TV Title matches would have 10 minute time limits. He said that the match between Slim J & Fred Yehi would b e the second match in a Best Of 5 series in which Slim J already had one win. Behrens also announced the debut of the IRON MAN series of match to determine Anarchy's 1st Iron Man. Each show going forward will feature an Iron Man series match. If the match goes to the time limit both me are eliminated. If someone wins he goes on the compete at the next show against a new opponent. The 1st wrestler to win 3 consecutive matches will be crowned as Anarchy's Iron Man.

Behrens then introduced Jerry Palmer who introduced new Anarchy Champion, Billy Buck. Buck talked about his road to winning back the Anarchy title and said he'd defend against anyone naming past champions including Mikael Judas. BJ Hancock & Miss Rachael interupted and demanded that BJ gets his rematch immediately. That brought Jeff G Bailey to the ring who confronted Miss Rachael saying that BJ had been a champion only because he and the Elite allowed it but it was a new day and that the Elite was targeting the Anarchy Title. Mikael Judas' music played and he came to the ring and said he heard Billy Buck mention his name and he planned to take him up on the offer and if BJ wanted a rematch he needed to go through. Jeff G Bailey was smiling ear to ear and he agreed that was a great idea, and Jerry Palmer announced it as the Main Event. Strong segment to open the show.

In the second match of the Best Of Five series, Slim J defeated Fred Yehi giving him 2 wins to ) for Yehi. The 3rd and potentially final match will be on Feb 14.

In A 4 way Young Lions contender match, Kevin Blue was victorious over Trever Aeon, El Gran Laredo & Jacob Ashworth. At one point it looked like Ashworth was going to win the match until Lars Manderson yanked him from the ring allowing Blue the chance to get the pin. Postmatch Blue said rather than the Young Lions title, one he had already held, he wanted to challenge Corey Hollis for the TV Title. Later in the show it was announced that Hollis accepted the challenge for that match on Feb 14.

A vignette aired where a well dressed CB Suave was talking to someone in a bathroom through the door. We learned it was P Dog and that he would face Shadow Jackson not CB. P Dog seemed to have a limited vocabulary based on the word "Dog".

Azrael & Stryknyn retained the Anarchy Tag Team Championship beat former champions Geter & Brian Blaze. There was some confusion at the end of the match as both teams had a man pinned but the referee ruled that Stryknyn made the legal pin.

CB Suave came to the ring in a suit and tie, then Shadow Jackson. CB told Shadow he would face the debuting P Dog instead of him. P Dog came out to a rap beat wearing a do rag and baggy pants. Many thought he resembled former Anarchy star Mike Posey. Match ended in a DQ when CB pulled ref DA Brewer from the ring. CB punch Brewer then he a P Dog began a beat down on Jackson. Brewer returned to the ring and tried to break it up finally punching P Dog and clearing the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. It was announced later that P Dog & CB Suave would face Shadow Jackson & DA Brewer on 2-14.

Jeremy Foster retained the Anarchy Young Lions Title defeating Lars Manderson with Miss Rachael. Near the end of the match Jacob Ashworth cam to ringside and caught the attention of Manderson which allowed Foster to recover and hit a running knee on Manderson for the pin.

John Johnson introduced Todd Sexton who told the crowd he was beat up and at 36 years old needed to hang up his wrestling boots and retire. Some of the crowd bought it but most did not and were pleased when Bobby Moore confronted Sexton leading to a brawl broken up by refs, security and Jerry Palmer. Todd Sexton faces Bobby Moore on 2-14 in a Valentine's Day Massacre Street Fight.

Mikael Judas defeated BJ Hancock to become the #1 contender to the Anarchy title and will face Billy Buck on 2-14. With the ref & BJ Hancock down Miss Rachael entered the ring and threw power in the face of Judas blinding him but as she was leaving the ring Jeff G Bailey appeared a push her causing her to stumble toward the blinded Judas. Judas reacted by grabbing her and delivering a choke slam that brought the crowd to its feet. Hancock recovered and delivered a piledriver on Judas and as Lars Manderson pulled Rachael from the ring Hancock dragged the ref over to Judas and covered for the pin but Judas kicked out, and was able to toss Hancock across the ring with the El Cruifiijo and get the pin. Bill Buck, who had been on commentary entered the ring and faced off with Judas. As both went to leave BJ staggered into Judas who knocked Buck out of the ring. Buck returned ready to fight and the crowd went silent then tried to let Buck know what BJ had done. Tension remained, however, as Judas left the ring.

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