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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 02/07/15, in Porterdale, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 02/07/15, in Porterdale, GA

The renovations to Main Event arena are more impressive each week but as the action inside (and outside) intensifies, the very foundation of the building itself may be in need of repair. Bodies, caution, and, convention were all thrown to the wind as one man upgraded his chances at becoming Platinum Championships Wrestling’s World Champion.

Singles Contest: Carpenter vs. Warhorse ‘93

Warhorse ‘93 was in high spirits, replete with side pony tail and trying her best to get the crowd aboard the Warhorse train. The party was cut short as the eerie strands of Carpenter’s music announced his coming. As expected anytime Carpenter darkens the ring, unease and violence was in no short order. Carpenter’s offense was far too much for Warhorse ‘93 early, but instead of going for a pin, Carpenter offered up his chin for ‘93 to land a few blows. This only served to make the Warhorse’s punishment worse as Carpenter struck back with a wicked neck breaker which that put the Warhorse down for the 3 count. Carpenter was not finished as he chocked 93 so viciously that referee William Dabbs reversed the decision giving the victory to Warhorse ‘93.

Winner: Warhorse ‘93

Singles Contest: Talon Williams w/ Chip Hazard vs. Devlin Valek w/ Johnny Danger

Time did not heal the wound left by the invading force from Deep Southern Championship Wrestling and as soon as the crowd caught sight of The Movement’s Talon Williams, the temperature in the Main Event skyrocketed. To the delight of the crowd, out next were 2 men who were no strangers to Hellfire as Devlin Valek, accompanied by the Heatseeker Johnny Danger, came to claim their pound of flesh. Valek’s early assault was as effective as it was intense. The onslaught was punctuated by a spine buster in the center of the ring that was almost enough for an early victory. Williams kicked out and, thanks to a missed clothesline and the interference of Chip Hazard, was able to stem the tide of Valek’s barrage. With Williams in control of the bout, Hazard once again tried to boost his partner’s advantage. Unlike the previous show, it was PCW referee Nathaniel Spivey in charge and not the ringer Jessica Wetmore. The vigilant Spivey stopped Hazard from entering the ring and Valek rolled up Talon for the pin. The eruption from the crowd sent the pouting Movement to the locker room defeated but far from finished.

Winner: Devlin Valek

Johnny Danger grabbed the microphone and was greeted by a raucous “P C W” chant. He let Porterdale know how important they were in this fight with DSCW. Danger said that I would ultimately be the belief of the people that would hold the fort against any attack from the outside. Another “P C W” chant followed as Danger took up his seat at the commentary table.

Singles Contest: Brian Blaze vs Adam Hansen

This was an absolutely hard hitting affair as wrist locks were not top of mind for either competitor. The new look of the Main Event Arena has brought more of the fans even closer to the action and Brian Blaze made sure that they were re-acquainted with Hansen by taking both his opponent and the brutality outside the ring and in the laps of the spectators. These two are no strangers to each other, Hansen frequently competed in PCW as a part of the tag team God’s Gift to Wrestling. He did not miss a beat competing on his own as he escaped Blaze’s pummeling on the outside and, true to his name, delivered a vicious lariat once the contest went back into the ring. Hansen went on the attack, but one good lariat deserves another as Blaze hit one of his own for a very near fall. Blaze signaled for The Burn and was poised to put Hansen away when The Movement hit the ring still spoiling from Williams defeat earlier and looking to gain an edge in the tag team season. Hazard and Williams laid waste to Brian, taking advantage of the fact that Blaze’s partner Geter is still recovering from that grueling iron man match. As the concern and rage grew from the Porterdale faithful, it also became too much for the PCW World Heavyweight Champion to stand as well as Shane Marx and Rachael hit the ring. The interlopers scattered and, under threat of both the champ and the crowd, made a hasty exit out the back door.

Winners: Brian Blaze (DQ)

Following the match, both Rachael and Shane talked about they would stand up for the PCW cause and no sneak attack would go unspoiled. Rachael took particular offense with DSCW wrestler / referee Jessica Wetmore (curiously absent on this night), and Marx took umbrage at the gall of the DSCW crew’s blatant disrespect for the House of Platinum. “If you are invited into someone’s house, you don’t piss on their couch” bellowed an enraged Marx. Commentator Matt Hankins injected at this point. He let Marx know that he was so glad that he was here to help maintain order but he reminded him that his focus would need to be on the main event street fight because Marx would take on the winner of that match on February 21st. He reminded Marx that he remember what it was like when external forces show up and that Marx needs to block out the chaos and focus on defending “Our” championship. He mentioned that outside of PCW, he is Marx’s manager and he knows how to best motivate him. Hankins had Johnny Danger play a song to emphasize his point and a mutual strut between Marx and Hankins ensued.

2015 Tag Team Season Match: Blackstar (NWA Continental Champion “The Morning Star” William Huckaby and Joe Black) Vs. The Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams)

Two early favorites in the tag team season have to be these two combinations. On one side, one of the brightest rising stars in the area in Joe Black and the current NWA Continental Champion William Huckaby, and on the other, the multi-time Season winners and championship collecting Washington Bullets.

Blackstar set the tone early in the contest, slowing the pace and being unashamed to take a breather outside of the ring to keep the Bullets from building any momentum. Huckaby and Black used their power and wrestling prowess to keep Trey Williams grounded early on and utilized quick tags on their side of the ring to maintain control. Trey was able to frustrate Black and literally run rings around him en route to tagging brother Jon who unleashed a quick burst of offense on Black, but Blackstar was able to regain the advantage shortly after Trey returned to the ring.

Isolation then became the theme of the match as Trey was kept from his brother for many agonizing minutes. Huckaby and Black operated like a well oiled machine making the quick tags so essential to tag team success, until Huckaby appeared to injure himself while fighting with Trey, as the Bullet attempted to fight out of a backbreaker. Huckaby was able to hold on long enough to deliver the move, but moved to tag Joe Black and spent the next few moments of the contest on the arena floor recovering.

Black showed he was more than capable of handling things on his own, punishing Trey with a belly to back suplex and scoring a near fall. The numbers, however, were on the Bullets side, as Jon was able to tag into the match with Huckaby still recovering on the floor. The NWA Continental Champion was less than 100%, but re-entered the ring to aid his partner and the match broke down into an all out war, with the official stepping back to allow the contest to have a winner.

Blackstar seemed to have a temporary advantage when Trey Williams was distracted by a problem with his boot. Black was able to reverse the Bullets’ patented Wheelbarrow move, Huckaby however was not as lucky, and Trey returned with a Superkick that laid out the “Morning Star”, and the Bullets picked up the win.

Winners: Washington Bullets

MAIN EVENT: Porterdale City Limits Street Fight : The Upgrade Brian Kane Vs. The Jagged Edge

Both men entered this contest with everything to prove; The Jagged Edge needing to establish he is still a dominant force in PCW, and Kane, that he can win a high stakes battle by himself, as Quasi Mandisco wisely chose to avoid the Main Event Arena due to Jagged Edge threatening to take him out if he got in his way.

Kane entered with a steel chair, which he arrogantly sat in as he awaited the opposition. The Jagged Edge entered to his classic music that let many grapplers know in PCW’s former home of Avondale Estates that they were about to face the man who would be “Undefeated till the day he died”. If that wasn’t enough intimidation, Jagged brought his own stretcher to the ring as well!

With pride, physical wellbeing, and a PCW Title shot at stake, the two instantly collided. Jagged wedged a steel chair in the corner and attempted to hurl Kane into it, but the Upgrade reversed the move and Jagged tasted the steel first. Kane attempted to capitalize by ramming Jagged’s stretcher into his face, but a big boot from the Jagged Edge intercepted the board and it smacked off Kane’s skull with a sickening thud!

It would be pointless to mention how many times the two left and entered the ring, as the entire building became their battleground (with more to follow). Jagged produced his famous dog collar and chain and the two took turns choking and lashing each other with the steel links. Jagged took his cowboy boot off and clobbered the Upgrade with it, and both men were viciously assaulted with a steel chair on the outside.

Kane scored with his patented Moonsault inside the ring, and Jagged shocked the Upgrade by kicking out and keeping the match alive. By now, Shane Marx and Ms. Rachael had joined Danger and Hankins at the announce booth, having the obvious vested interest of scouting the two men willing to kill each other for a shot at his title.

Jagged and Kane brawled out the front of the Main Event, through a construction zone, and onto the mean streets of Porterdale! The fans, referees, and announce team followed, and the atmosphere became that of a schoolyard brawl, with the brutality of the combatants only matched by the bloodthirstiness of the spectators! Jagged and Kane hurled one another over parked cars, into street signs, throw the alleyway and into the grass. Jagged attempted to put Kane to sleep, but the Upgrade kept his chances alive with a well timed jawbreaker. He delivered a low headbutt, then attempted to tie up Jagged’s legs with the chain, but The Jagged Edge kicked him off and into the gathered crowd!

The Jagged Edge slammed Kane into a pile of wood loaded into a trailer near the Arena, but Kane struck back with another low blow and dropped the Jagged Edge, which gave him enough time to scale the pile and leap off with an asphalt splitting senton that nearly drove Jagged through the parking lot! The move took a lot out of Kane, as his landing could have easily cracked his tailbone or hip, which made him slow to cover. This may be the only reason Jagged Edge was able to kick out. The brawl moved back inside the arena and once again chairs came into play. Jagged set up for his deadly Piledriver in the middle of the ring, but Kane reversed, dumping Jagged onto the stretcher and chair, before scaling the turnbuckles one more time and hitting a second Moonsault, which was finally enough to slay the dragon and keep the Jagged Edge down.

Winner and Number One Contender To The PCW Title: The Upgrade Brian Kane

After the match, the crowd looked on in stunned silence at the fallen Jagged One, as Shane Marx sized up his next challenge. Even play by play announcer Matt Hankins sadly exclaimed “We were so close!”, no doubt all of Porterdale would have thrilled at a Marx/Jagged Edge bout. Instead, on January 21st, PCW will be faced by the sudden, real threat of Brian Kane and Quasi Mandisco getting their hands on Platinum Championship Wrestling’s ultimate prize.

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