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Results: Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 04/04/15, from Carrollton, GA

Results: Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, 04/04/15, from Carrollton, GA

--Owner Shane Noles was out to give a speech about the late Joey Kidman. A 10-bell salute closed the tribute to Wildchild.

(1) John Skyler defeated Jaxson James with a spear in the opening match.

(2) Iceberg defeated Fry Daddy using the Berg slash. Fry came out and said he realized he had gotten pinned in the 4 man scramble match on March 21st, so that meant he had to work his way back up the ladder. But the No Limits division offered no guarantees, so he was more than willing to take on anyone, regardless of size. Iceberg accepted the challenge and Fry earned Iceberg's respect even in the losing effort.

(3) "P-Dog" Mike Posey defeated Ace Haven to become the new PWA No Limits Champion. Ace came out dressed like Posey, had his hair in cornrows, and even added a nice touch of a hip-hop remix version of his entrance music. The 2 had a rap battle before the match that clearly Ace was won as he called Posey a poser. Back and forth action ensued before Posey won with the Alabama Jam leg drop to capture the title.

(4) The Chosen Two(Nigel Sherrod & Sal Rinauro) defeated The Southern Cross(Shane Marx & Trevor Aeon w/Dewitt Dawson) to win the PWA Tag Team Titles. Senior referee Terry Hudgins demanded to check both teams and found a foreign object on both Nigel and Sal. The Chosen Two realized their advantage was out the window, but still managed to cut the ring off and win the titles they so dearly craved.

(5) "The Savior of Pro Wrestling" Jimmy Rave defeated "The French Sensation" Romeo(with Prince Akbar and Miss Brook) in the main event. Romeo was out first and said the fans would not be hearing him sing the French National Anthem. Romeo was focused on this match and showed tremendous intensity as he explained how he had met Jimmy Rave at a TNA event in the United Kingdom in 2006, saying back then that he looked up to Jimmy. However, at this point in their careers, he felt Rave should be looking up to him and it would be an honor to take him out before he faced Tyson Dean on April 18th. These 2 delivered a hard-hitting, quick striking match that left Romeo's chest looking like grilled hamburger meat from the brutal chops delivers by Rave. The closing moments of the match saw Romeo Irish whip Rave into the ropes, but Jimmy counters into the From Dusk Till Dawn which saw Romeo tap out. Afterwards Rave told Akbar on April 18th "Bring Tyson Dean, bring the Ho(the term PWA fans use for Miss Brook), and bring me my title."

--The ceremony awarding Shane Noles and PWA the 2015 Citizenship Award closed the festivities. Terry Silver, representing the Carroll County of Commerce, spoke about attending various PWA events over the the last 2 years and appreciating the product that was presented as well as getting to know Noles and others in the organization and seeing the around the clock effort that went into each event. Noles was out with his dad(Pete "Pops" Noles) and co-commissioner Rick Michaels. He also invited Dusty MacWilliams to the ring, who had been hanging out talking with fans throughout the night. Noles said reality had set in once he saw he award and said he was always taught growing up playing sports that it always about the team and not the individual. Therefore, he was accepting this award on behalf of his team. He thanked the fans for their undying support and said he was proud to call them friends as well. He spoke of the level of talent that came through the doors over the course of 7 years saying that it was great to see legends of the past such as Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts, Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, but also guys he considers the future and would carry PWA going forward such as Ace Haven and Fry Daddy. He said he hoped PWA would be fortunate to be around another 7 years. He said he talk forever, but there was cake present and said it was time to have a party. The Chosen Two calmly walked out and said this was a nice ceremony , but Noles would not get out of his promise of giving them an answer to what punishment would be given to Michaels. Rick took the mic and said when he was at his lowest point in his life that Shane, the company, and these fans had never turned their backs on him. Because of that, he would not put the company in danger of a lawsuit and said he would stick around, but he would resign. Noles said he hoped they were happy as they got what they wanted and to get the hell out of here. Sal said they got half of what they wanted and we're tired of being disrespected as you can talk of your Bagwell's and Jeff Hardy's, but it was people like he and Sal that had busted their tails to put the company on the map in 2009 and that Noles and Michaels had done nothing. Nigel said he spoke for all of us that felt slighted and would no longer accept being disrespected. He said all of us are tired of it and would do something about it. Noles said "what's his ALL OF US" stuff? Because it's just you 2 that have this stupid gripe." At that point, Dusty MacWilliams ATTACKED Noles from behind and took the awarded plaque and busted Michaels wide open with a vicious shot to the forehead. The Chosen Two were in the ring putting the boots to both me as Dusty removed the belt from his pants. Mr. Silver told Dusty there was no need for this and was given a kick to the gut and a double axe handle for his troubles. Noles was face down and Nigel held his wrists while Sal held his ankles. Dusty pulled Noles shirt up to expose his bare back and proceeded to administer 7 brutal whips with his leather belt. Noles was helpless as each shot was delivered with more authority than the previous one. Ace Haven attempted to help, but was quickly dispatched. Iceberg slowly made his way to the ring. Sal was excited thinking he was on their side and went to high-five the big man. Iceberg then threw a punch that knocked Rinauro's lights out! Dusty and Nigel looked shocked as they exited the ring. Security and the officials helped both Michaels and Noles to the back as the chaos came to a close.

**The next PWA event is April 18th and on the card:

--"The Reflection of Perfection" Tyson Dean will defend the PWA Heritage Title against "The Savior of Pro Wrestling" Jimmy Rave! (The 2015 BattleBowl winner)

--Midget Match as Mascarita Sagrada takes on Octagoncito in Mexican Minis action! Both men will be traveling from Mexico as they both compete in AAA and CMILL! These are both the originals and they have feuded in WWE as well, so this will be a special ONE NIGHT ONLY opportunity to see these special international stars!

--"P-Dog" Mike Posey will defend the No Limits Title against Kyle Matthews!

--Fry Daddy faces the debuting Kameron Kade!

--Also appearing in action: The PWA Tag Team Champions: The Chosen Two(Nigel Sherrod & Sal Rinauro), Ace Haven, Romeo, Iceberg, and Dusty MacWilliams!

-Plus, Shane Noles has said he will get answers and there will be severe consequences!

Make your plans to join us for an exciting night of PWA action!

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