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Anarchy Wrestling TV Taping Results for 5-9-15

Anarchy Wrestling TV Taping Results for 5-9-15

Jeff G Bailey open show announcing that Se7en would not be able to face The Jagged Edge in the Main Event but that he would confront Miss Rachael & Jagged Edge at that time.

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The GAG (Get Along Gag) P Dog, CB Suave & Raphael King with Nina Monet & Devyn Nicole defeated the Beardo Team of Chris Spectra, Wade Adams & Ryan Vega. Postmatch Todd Sexton accepted the challenge to face P Dog on May 23.

Trever Aeon def Antrone Brewer to retain the Anarchy Young Lions Title. Pos match he was challenged to defend that title on May 30 at the Anarchy 10th Anniversary Show by Jeremy Foster.

The TV Title match between champion, Kevin Blue & former Champion, Corey Hollis ended in a 10 minute time limit draw. Blue retained the title.

Dany Only returned to face Azrael who came to the ring with Supernatural & Calista. Shadow Jackson came out and it became a tag match. The SKS team was able to defeat Dany Only & Shadow Jackson with some help by Brian Blaze.

In Match 2 of the Iron Man series, Michael Judas defeated Geter when interference by Miss Rachael backfired. Judas faces BJ Hancock on May 23 in the 3rd match. If Judas wins this match he will be the 1st Anarchy Iron Man.

In a 3 way contender match for the Anarchy TV Title, Jacob Ashworth pinned Brian Blaze who was briefly distracted by Shadow Jackson coming to ringside. Jeremy Foster was eliminated early from the match when Trever Aeon attacked him while Foster was out of the ring.

Aja Perera & Dementia D'Rose def Nina Monet & Devyn Nicole

In a 3 way match for the Anarchy Tag Team titles Slim J & Fred Yehi defeated BJ Hancock & Lars Manderson and Billy Buck & Bobby Moore when Yehi pinned Moore. With the ref distracted and Yehi down Hancock hit Moore with a title belt, which was not seem by either Yehi or the ref. Hancock seemed to deliberately made it easy for Yehi to win the match. Post match Moore confronted Yehi but Bucdk & Slim J were able to calm things down.

It was announced that Slim J & Fred Yehi would defend the tag titles against Corey Hollis and the returning John Skyler on May 23.

Jagged Edge & Miss Rachael came to the ring. Next out was Jeff G Bailey who stay on the floor. Rachael told him to be smart and just go to the back which Jeff did but he returned quickly with a baseball bat, entered the ring and started swinging sending Jagged Edge to the floor. When Miss Racheal tried to use the axe handle (Big Nasty) she took from Jerry Palmer, Jeff countered with the bat knocking it from her hand. Jeff pointed the bat at Rachael but before he could use it the ring was surrounded and Azrael, Jagged Edge & BJ Hancock entered the ring 1st. Before they could get to Bailey, however Jerry Palmer led a charge of wrestlers to the ring sending Miss Rachael and Platinum's wrestler to the floor where they quickly fled the ringside area with Bailey right behind them swinging the bat. Just before leaving ringside Bailey pointed the bat to Palmer and the wrestlers who came to his aid in a show of Thanks.

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