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Platinum Championship Wrestling's Sacred Ground: Chapter 6 Top 10

Platinum Championship Wrestling's Sacred Ground: Chapter 6 Top 10

10. Any doubt that Geter is a bon a fide star was erased when he came to the ring for his title match at Sacred Ground: Chapter Six. Geter has picked up the title in every decent promotion he has worked in his career, save for the promotion where he got his start. When he pushed through the curtain and made his way to the ring, there was no doubt about who the crowd was behind. Easily the loudest reaction anybody got for their entrance. I suspect it was a combination of the Avondale fans who were proud that their guy that they had watched for years was having this moment, and the Porterdale fans who rightfully understood that Geter was the only one who could possibly best both of the Washington Bullets to claim the PCW title and save it from their clutches and by proxy the clutches of Carpenter.

9. Although most were not privy to hearing the pre-show speech in the locker room, Matt Hankins delivered a fire and brimstone speech to the locker room that set the proper tone and had everybody keyed up to perform their best. It’s clear that PCW is now Matt Hankins’ locker room, and Sacred Ground: Chapter Six certainly cemented his credibility as the booker and man in charge.

8. Quasi Mandisco showed why he is an upper-tier manager in the state of Georgia. It’s something that PCW fans have known for quite some time – Quasi is the #1 manager in PCW, and quite possibly the state. Between his passionate promo on the behest of Brian Kane, earning one of the loudest chants of the night (“Fashion Faux Paus” in reference to his attire) or getting two of the loudest reactions of the night (one for being crushed by chairs simultaneously from Lei’D Tapa and Rachael, the other for being dragged out by the leg from Tapa), Quasi is the real deal and along with the Carpenter, the gas that makes the PCW car go…and go fast.

7. The Reaction to Timmy McClendon was incredible. He was the last formal entrance into the Platinum Royal, and proceeded to gingerly assist with a number of wrestlers being put out of the Royal. When Timmy was tossed out, the crowd was vocally upset…but when Timmy was brought in kicking and screaming to face Dementia and subsequently won by disqualification, the tone of Sacred Ground was set. We were all in for a good time and a night of surprises.

6. Carpenter shocked the world when he managed to beat Shane Marx with a heavy assist from Dementia (who was all over Sacred Ground), Trevor Aeon (who had an outstanding showing in the Platinum Royal) and Bill the Butcher. But the moment that really stood out was Matt Hankins coming to Shane Marx afterwards and consoling him in defeat. The crowd showed Marx the respect he had garnered over the years, and both the Avondale and Porterdale fans got to have an unexpected moment where they got to witness something that alluded to PCW’s past, present and future all at once.

5. Brian Blaze reprising his Konkrete Gorilla attire, entering to the music, striking the old pose on the apron all got an amazing response from the packed crowd. His ring work and cementing the victory in his three-way match with “The Upgrade” Brian Kane and Joss Hess was the icing on his Redemption cake. Brian Blaze joined the list of guys that have truly upped their standing through an unforgettable Sacred Ground performance. If there is an unofficial “De La Vega” award (the wrestler who is unofficially dubbed “Mr. Sacred Ground” for his numerous show stealing performances) Brian Blaze claimed it on this night.

4. The usual proper moment of Sacred Ground, where a person who has contributed to wrestling/Georgia wrestling/PCW is honored was given a twist this year as Jeff G. Bailey interrupted Shane Mackey’s moment and paid the price. Highlights of this epic segment included Jeff’s fire breathing, braggadocios speech highlighting his accomplishments at PCW, Mackey’s genuine emotional outpouring for the men and women that worked with him during his time as booker, and Stephen Platinum declaring that he “…went to Anarchy and closed that bitch down.”

3. Johnny Danger and Devlin Valek completed a years-long journey for each of them as individual wrestlers, and cemented themselves as a tag team with their victory in the finals of the Tag Team Season. Equally notable were two other things – The Movement showed their incredible ability as a wrestling team, and there were fans that cried in joy at seeing the Danger City Demons hold the trophy. It represented the very real bond between the Porterdale fans in particular and the Demons, and it also represented the Avondale fans getting to see two guys they saw from their beginnings in PCW make good.

2. Chairs were scattered around. Wrestlers, referees, and security were left confused and scattered in their wake. The match that seemed on paper the least likely to produce uncontrolled mayhem did exactly that, as Lei’D Tapa and Rachael tore the building apart, and one another. Once Dementia got involved in the fray, it was the women of PCW, not the men that brutalized one another and found themselves in a return match out of the show. On November 7th in Porterdale, Lei’D Tapa, Rachael and Dementia will go at it in an elimination Porterdale Street Fight…but that match will have a hard road to top the madness those three women did at Sacred Ground.

1. It was the pivotal moment in the main event – the challenger, Geter, had already pinned Trey Williams, had fought off Trey and had Jon Williams and a pinning position. Jon had previously tried to pull Geter off of Trey unsuccessfully on the previous pin. So certainly it seemed as if Geter would pin Jon and become champion. However, Trey Williams took to the air and came down with a crushing splash…on the referee. Instantly the Tudor Square Event Arena went up like an ammo dump. Fans exploded in outrage. The referee was unconscious. Geter’s face was a mask of confusion, doubt, and anger. Stephen Platinum and Matt Hankins jumped up to tend to the fallen official. Trey and Stephen unleashed a string of expletives on one another that would make Quentin Tarantino blush. And everything was suddenly in doubt. The fact that Geter overcame all of that, kicking out of strikes from the championship belts. Kicked out of double Marion Berry finishers. Finally countering Jon and Trey and pinning each in convincing fashion was all a testament to Geter…but the splashing of the referee was a fitting final tribute to the wily and ever surprising Washington Bullets. Geter basking in his hard-fought victory was amazing. The wrestler’s genuine outpouring of affection for Geter, including Shane Marx and a surprise appearance from Mason the Demi-God was tremendous. The show closed, however, with Timmy McClendon relinquishing his title shot against Geter under the guise of “I respect you” instead of the obvious terror at facing a man three times his size who had just defeated the most decorated tag team in PCW history. It was an appropriate mix of hilarity, emotion, and genuine greatness and an appropriate way to end Sacred Ground: Chapter Six. 

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