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TV Recap: Rampage Pro Wrestling, 03/06/10


TV Recap: Rampage Pro Wrestling, 03/06/10

- from RPW

The March 6, 2010 edition of Rampage Pro Wrestling kicked off with RPW cameras taking us to a local medical facility where the stripped RPW Intercontinental Champion Jimmy Rave was seen recovering from his broken nose. Rave was joined by RPW Commissioner Nick Patrick and Owner Dr. Johnny Gayton. Rave explained that Sal's maneuver that shattered his nose, during an encounter that took place outside of RPW, came out of nowhere. Rave promised Patrick and Gayton that when the doctors clear him, he will be going right back after Sal and “everyone else that's with Rob Adonis.” Gayton said that every negative thing happening in RPW can be traced back to Adonis. He declared that the Apocalypse has been doing a lot of pushing, and it may be time to do a little pushing back.

Your hosts for this episode of RPW are Ben Masters & Chad Barfield.

Kyle Matthews vs. Simon Sermon

The in-ring action got going with a singles match featuring two tag-team specialists: Kyle Matthews of the Rampage Wrecking Crew and Simon Sermon of the Exotic Ones. These two teams have been having a war of words and now was the time for the war to become physical. Matthews faced tough odds, as his partner Frankie Valentine was not in attendance for unknown reasons. Unfortunately for Matthews, Sermon's tag team partner, Tommy Too Much, was at ringside. Despite Matthews' best attempts, he was still subject to random attacks by Tommy as Sermon would distract the referee. Matthews was able to fight back, taking control of Sermon. Just as Matthews made the cover after hitting the missile dropkick from the top rope, the time limit expired on the match. The time limit meant nothing to Simon and Tommy, as they continued the attack on Matthews. As the RPW fans made it clear they wanted Valentine to save the day, Matthews recovered enough to escape the attack with no significant injury.

WINNER: Time-Limit Draw

We go to the back where the leader of the Apocalypse, Rob Adonis, was seen with a shadowy, unidentifiable figure. Rob made sure “the money” was right and “the plan” was understood. The mysterious man would confirm with nothing but grunts. A very elated Adonis shook hands with the unknown man, who could only be seen by his forearm. Who has Adonis acquired now? When will we find out?

Mike Kross vs. Jeremy Vain

Up next was a hot contest between the “Suicidal All-Star” Mike Kross and Jeremy Vain. Vain is still running around, stopping at nothing to impress Rob Adonis. After being worn down by Vain, Kross came back to life with his usual arsenal of high-flying, risk-taking moves. However, it was not enough to contain the Apocalypse flunky, as Vain stopped Kross dead in his tracks and hit him with the DDT for the win. Vain made good on his desire to quickly get the night rolling in a good way for the Apocalypse.

WINNER: Jeremy Vain

Before our next contest, we got comments from both of the competitors. Dr. Johnny Gayton wondered out loud how a member of the Apocalypse would fare when having to fight face-to-face and not jumping somebody from behind. Sal Rinauro promised Gayton he'd give him the same “fist surgery” that he gave Jimmy Rave.

RPW Cruiserweight Championship
Dr. Johnny Gayton vs. Sal Rinauro (c)

The Apocalypse looked to make it two in a row, as Sal Rinauro defended the RPW Cruiserweight Championship against Dr. Johnny Gayton. Despite the title opportunity, it was very clear that Gayton had his sights set on simply taking out Rinauro. Rinauro wasn't going to make it easy, as he had Charlie Cash along with Cash's new pint-sized protege, Pocket Change, in his corner. As Gayton had Rinauro locked up in the crossface and about to become a two-time Cruiserweight champion, Pocket Change climbed the turnbuckle to distract referee Dustin Robinson as Charlie Cash put Rinauro's foot on the bottom rope, forcing Robinson to call for the break. An enraged Gayton grabbed the steel chair he brought with him to ringside, attempting to smash both Cash and Change with it. Unfortunately for Gayton, he was counted out while chasing them around the ring, giving Rinauro a successful title defense. The celebration was short-lived, as Gayton quickly returned to the ring swinging the steel, causing Rinauro to quickly flee from the ring.

WINNER and STILL RPW Cruiserweight Champion: Sal Rinauro

Before the main event, we find J-Rod and Cru Jones preparing for their upcoming RPW Tag Team Title Match. J-Rod tells Cru how happy he is that he won the Intercontinental Title and finally beat Bull Buchanan. Cru said he appreciated support and led the charge to win the RPW Tag Team titles back.

Rob Adonis is seen backstage motivating the Usual Suspects for their title defense. Adonis is extremely confident in the match result. He told the Suspects to go out and do what they do best: “Beat people.”

RPW Tag Team Championship
Cru Jones & J-Rod vs. The Usual Suspects (c)

Closing out the hour was The Usual Suspects facing their rematch clause, their last task before they could fully cement their claims against RPW's tag team division. After defeating both the teams of Slaughter Pit and Colt Derringer & Dr. Johnny Gayton in controversial fashion, one more team stood in their way: J-Rod and the new RPW Intercontinental Champion, Cru Jones. But there was no way anyone could have predicted the way this one would end. When things started going the way of the challengers, Murder One brought a chair into the ring, only to be stopped by Cru. Cru took the chair to keep Murder One at bay while J-Rod finished off A.J. Steele. Just as J-Rod made the cover and new RPW Tag Team Champions were to be crowned, the unthinkable happened, completely shocking both the stars of RPW and the RPW fans equally: Cru took the chair and smashed it against the back of his partner! Referee Jeff McGowan immediately threw the match out. There was even more chaos after the match, as Rob Adonis and the Apocalypse came out cheering Cru for what he did. Cru confirmed that he was indeed the mystery man who made the deal with Adonis by shaking hands with him in the ring until the locker room cleared out to run off Adonis, Cru, and the Apocalypse. J-Rod was helped to the back.

WINNERS: No Contest (Usual Suspects retain the titles)

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