Monday, May 3, 2010

Results: NWA Anarchy TV, 05/01/10, from Cornelia, GA


Results: NWA Anarchy TV, 05/01/10, from Cornelia, GA

- from Bill Behrens

The Entourage (Black/Alexander) def. Tank/Billy Buck (Alexander pinned Buck);

Aaron Lee/Chris Mayne def. Evan/Kevan Rymer;

Afterwards Lee and Mayne claimed to be the VIPs of Hardcore Hell and were invited to add a touch of class to the event. A videotape was shown on the big screen of Mayne and Lee arguing outside the Arena prior to Hardcore Hell about not having tickets. John Johnson pulls up and sells them two tickets at $500 plus. Bo Newsome def. BJ Hancock; Don Matthews def. Shaun Tempers via DQ when Orion Bishop interfered. Not sure who he was aiming for, but he seems as if he is trying to make a statement; Prior to the match, Dan Wilson announced the official disbanding of the Rejects, and that he was moving on to other projects. Wilson left Tempers on his own, but promised to handle any outside affairs he needed help with.

Tank and Mr. Black went to a no contest, when Andrew Alexander got involved, prompting Billy Buck to make the save;

Anarchy Young Lions Champion Andrew Pendelton III came out to the ring and tossed the Young Lions Medalion in the trash. Before he could continue he was interrupted by Slim J who told him he had no clue about respect, but that he was more than willing to teach it to him;

Caprice Coleman def. Truitt Fields to retain the NWA ANARCHY TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP;

During this match referee Dee Byers came to ringside and gathered all security personnel to the back. It didn't take long to figure out why, as Ace Rockwell burst through the curtain and was headed straight for Fields. Security, referees and a few wrestlers tried to restrain him, and it served as a distraction allowing Coleman to get the win. Rockwell kept trying to get at Fields until Jerry Palmer came out and promised Rockwell he would get a chance to get his hands on Fields, but would announce how in 2 weeks.

Anthony Henry def. Skirra Corvus Brodie Ray Chase def. Seth Delay;

Brodie Ray Chase def. Seth Delay;

Jerry Palmer came out to the ring to announce that Shadow Jackson had not received clearance to wrestle, and therefore would not be wrestling tonight or until he was cleared by a doctor. Shadow Jackson came out, and told Jerry that concussion or not he wanted a piece of Mikael Judas. Jerry Palmer continued to refuse until Shadow not only produced a waiver and clearance, but brought up personal family matters. Palmer allowed Shadow to fight which led to.....

Mikal Judas def. Shadow Jackson to win the NWA ANARCHY HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE;

Shadow attacked Judas before the bell, and put up a valiant effort, but the effects of the concussion and the beating from Hardcore Hell were too much to overcome. Mikael Judas is now a 2 time NWA Anarchy heavyweight champion.

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