Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dragon*Con Wrestling this weekend in Atlanta

Dragon*Con Wrestling this weekend in Atlanta

Well, Well, Well, its time. Yes you heard me. It’s time for another of the best independent Wrestling Shows in the USA. DCW is back in the HOUSE!!!

I know you are wondering what I have come up with for your Wrestling entertainment this, our 11th here goes:

Our first match will be a 4 way dance for the DCW Light Heavy Weight Belt. Bo Newsome, our defending DCW champ, will put up the belt against former champion Chip Day. Returning to the ring will beCB Gibson and someone who I'm not telling anyone about, so there!

Next up will be a match involving Nemesis. Now I'm here to tell you wrestling fans, Nemesishas been a pain in my butt for quite a while now, and I have something planned which should be some payback for me, and a nightmare for him.

OK, so Jacoby was shorted last year in the DCW contenders what do you say? Well after spending all year thinking about it I guess he deserves a match - maybe. I will decide what to do with him at the show. The guy is a real pain.

I have Shawn Tempers lined up to take on Rainman, holder of one half of the NWA Tag Team Championship Belts. Nope, not gonna tell you anymore about it, but I think you can get a good idea of what's going to happen in this one!

Now this one I have no idea what I'm going to do with. It may be a three way tag match. I have evil plans in my head right now. I guess you will have to show up to see what I can come up with, but as you know by now, I always think up something good for you to watch and bad for the wrestlers.

Our next match is sanctioned by the NWA and is for the NWA Anarchy Heavy Weight Title. Thereigning and defending North American Champion and Anarchy title holder, Shaun Tempers will go up against Tank. For those of you loyal DCW fans, you have seen these two very, very good wrestlers before. For those of you who have never come to our show, SHAME ON YOU!!! Tempers didn't get to where he is by not being one of the best; and as for Tank, well he didn't get that name for nothing. Shaun told me to bring him on, he will beat the tar out of him. Tank told me there was no way that Shaun could stand up to the punishment he was going to dish out. This is going to be gooooood.

For the DCW Cup, Brodie will be defending his Title against Seth Delay. Brodie has been doing a lot ofbragging about being the first to defend the Cup and hold the Cup for second straight time. That just might happen because he is that good. Seth on the other hand has been winning a lot of matches lately. He has a pretty good streak going. Seth told me that it would not stop with Brodie and the Cup was all but his. I know this is going to be a match you will not want to miss wrestling fans.

You better hide the ladies and put the kids to bed for this next match! For the DCW Tag Team Cup, it’s the return of Blackout. I know you fans remember these guys, because all they have ever left in the DCWWrestling ring is battered and bloody opponents. Let’s see now, hmm, maybe I will serve up the Hate Junkies to them or maybe the world famous as Talent and Money.

Now the last match of the evening I have thought long and hard about. I think I am going to do something to a good friend of mine, but he has no idea what. I can't really tell you DCW Wrestling fans anymore about this one, but I guarantee you that you will remember and talk about it for a long, long time. Nuff said!

Is that all you ask? Is that it for this year? Now folks you know me, and you know that I never really know what’s going to happen or who might show up. No, I haven't forgotten the most lethal weapon ever devised to be used in a wrestling ring, the box, or boxes of Lucky Charms.

You DCW fans really make our show what it is, and that's the best independent wrestling show around. You make these tremendous athletes do things that make me sit back in amazement over and over again. It has always been our goal to entertain you. As always, because someone new might show up, we may change the order of the matches, and you fans know some of the legends who have wrestled for us in the past.

Your DCW promoter, Tiny and his trusty partner in crime, AJ. Remember, Friday night, pool level of the Hyatt. SEE YA THERE!!!!

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