Thursday, August 9, 2012

The New Tradition Pro Wrestling becomes Pro Wrestling Resurrection!

The New Tradition Pro Wrestling becomes Pro Wrestling Resurrection!

From PWR:

As I sit down to write this, I believe it's best to start from the beginning for those who don't know the history.

NFWA began in April of 2006. At the time, Jason Speed and Kip Ramey decided to run wrestling shows in Clayton, GA. I (Jen) came on board initially as a ring announcer.

NFWA moved out of Clayton, GA in December of 2006. Jason, Dee Byers, and I decided to continue (or start in my case) running shows in Franklin, NC at the National Guard Armory.. After an amazing run, circumstances forced us to move back to Clayton and begin running shows at the Georgia Mountain Indoor Market right on Highway 441. We became TNT Pro Wrestling and ran successful shows for a few years.

Fast forward to May of 2012...

When creating The New Tradition Pro Wrestling, we didn't know our dreams for the company would extend beyond running great wrestling shows. We had no idea of the market for Pay Per View shows, DVD's, merchandising, and expansion. As we realized in June 2012, TNT Pro Wrestling was a great name - and a name that was already used by many other wrestling promotions and copyrighted - which meant we could face some issues if we decided to grow into something larger than a small independent wrestling show. Using another person's copyrighted or trademarked name could result in legal and financial issues.

After much discussion, Jason and I decided to explore alternatives such as purchasing the trademark (expensive), doing shows as a sub-company(not ideal), or just running and see what would happen (not smart).

During this whirlwind time, we also began exploring the ideas of additional investors, government grants, and etc. We wrote letters, created a Business Plan, went to classes, sent out copies of our past shows, wrote out our ideas for what we wanted the shows to be, and attempted to think of viable options for keeping TNT going and growing as a company. We decided to give it one last shot - making drastic changes and pruning off the things that were not working.

During the next few weeks of 2012, things seemed to magically fall into place. Unable to use the TNT name for much longer, we had begun to make plans to completely revamp and recharge the company. Ideas came from our "angel investors" (aka: silent parnters) and from our new show partners Chris and Jaci Damian.

We were offered the chance to become a new company with our own trademark and the opportunity to expand into multimedia markets.

During the weekend of August 5th, changes took place very quickly. We knew that TNT Pro Wrestling would end in Clayton, GA. We knew we had the chance to change the face of Pro Wrestling in the Southeast. Word came to us on Sunday that our mentors had chosen to back us wholeheartedly in our new venture and officially we became


Without the history of the NFWA and TNT...without the hard work of every wrestler who ever worked for us...without the amazing staff who put up with our crazy demands and helped us without pay and oftentimes without recognition...without the thousands of fans who supported us and showed their emotion and dedication ...we would not have been able to make this happen.

Jason and I would like to thank everyone who has ever paid to get into one of our wrestling shows, everyone who offered criticism and praise, everyone who told us that they didn't want to see wrestling leave or die off, and everyone who ever worked with us - whether you were an NFWA or TNT champion, whether you wrestled one match with us, whether you took tickets at the door, or whether you put up the ring or swept the floor - we thank you.

PRO WRESTLING RESURRECTION begins on August 19th. You will see a new attitude, new arena set up, new and returning PWR superstars, and a whole new direction for the company as a whole. I think it's time for everyone to FEEL THE PWR!

Jen Holbrook Sells

Proud Owner/Manager/Promoter

Pro Wrestling Resurrection

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