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Results: Pro Wresting Chattanooga, 09/28/12, from Sale Creek, TN

Results: Pro Wresting Chattanooga, 09/28/12, from Sale Creek, TN

1) Logan Alvey defeated the debuting Chip Hazard (w/Jessica Wetmore) - Logan had a great showing here proving that the training and experience he gained from Ace Rockwell has paid off. Chip Hazard is an up and comer to watch. He's dominated in many different regional promotions and put up a great fight himself, but the involvement of his valet Jessica Wetmore, may have cost him as Logan turned the distraction back on Hazard and caught a quick pinfall.

2) "Hit For Hire" Bobby Moore defeated Jason Hampton -
Hampton fought a tough one as he usually does, but the "Hit For Hire" has made it clear he is on a rampage in PWC and nobody seems to be able to get up from his killer forearm shot. Of course there is the controversy surrounding said forearm shot. Many fans are claiming Moore is "loading" his forerarm. Investigation into this will continue.

Tank came out with both PWC tag team title belts, and mentioned Jessco Blue had gotten called out on a last minute Merle Haggard tour to handle his stage hands/security duties but would be back in October and that they were ready to prove they were the best team in the southeast, and they challenged any team from ANY promotion to come try them on for size. The Juggernauts interrupted stating Tank had better not look past them, as they'd been a thorn in his side since they arrived in Chattanooga, and they owed him some payback. They claimed they looked like a real tag team while Tank & Blue looked like "a couple hobos eating chili by a rail". Tank said he wasn't afraid to fight and took it to both men. Numbers finally got the better of Tank though he fought them off by himself for a moment. Security intervened and escorted the Juggernauts away....Tank got back to his feet and challenged The Juggs for the first title defense in PWC under Texas Tornado Tag Rules. (Which is to say, tags don't count and there are no rules). We're gonna have a fight on our hands come 10/19

3) PWC Champion "Southeastern Strangler" Andrew Alexander w/ The Rev defeated The All-Star via submission. Pre- Match The Rev gloated of his recent successes (induction into Dragon*Con Hall Of Fame, popularity of Midnight Black Mass Radio Show) and stated that there were few successes he was more proud of the Andrew Alexander who on his own terms was finally recognized by PWI magazine as a top 500 wrestler (longtime fans will remember his crusade to be ranked in the early days). All Star used size and power, but Alexander used his cunning and killer instinct and firmly walked away the victor. Alexander said some extremely disparaging things about Kyle Matthews, and his mentor, the late Nightmare Ted Allen (which we will not repeat here), ending with proclaiming since he beat Matthews, who survived Allen's legacy, not only was he now better than Kyle Matthews, but better than Allen as well.

4) "The Marathon Man" Chrisjen Hayme defeated "The 7 Figure Deal" Ace Rockwell by pinfall in around 19 minutes. Hayme has shown a whole new level of personality since becoming the 2 sport superstar "Marathon Man" and it has drawn the ire of the PWC fans with a quickness. Ace Rockwell comes into this match returning to the singles ranks after almost a year focused on tag competition with his protege Logan Alvey and a brutal feud with Jimmy Rave Approved. The match started with a test of cardio and endurance with Hayme showing off his running skills and Ace showing off some wrestling drills, much to the fans delight. Things got serious once they started going hold for hold. This remained an outstanding back and forth bout to the finish that saw Hayme suprisingly pin Rockwell, and even moreso cleanly with a bridge. Hayme celebrated like he'd won the Olympics, and Rockwell was surely disappointed but knows he's been out of the singles picture for a while and will use that to motivate himself.

5) "Future Legend" Kyle Matthews defeated "The Temptation" Shaun Tempers via pinfall after a deadly kick to the temple in what may have been the best pure wrestling match ever held in a PWC (and prior incarnations) ring and was a fantastic way to kick off the debut of a new era. This was everything you'd expected and more. Just two of the best pulling out all the stops to prove they were the new "man" in town. Each man brought their signature offensive moves and some new strategies as well as this is quickly becoming a rivalry to watch all over the country, and Matthews vs. Tempers is a match many promoters are clamoring for. In the end it was Matthews who finally gained a huge pinfall victory over Tempers and becomes the first man to do so in quite some time in our area. Matthews has gained quite a fan following from his hard work over the last couple years and the fans were ecstatic to see him gain a major win.

And we wish we could've ended things there but unfortunately Andrew Alexander's sick mind games (clearly a ploy to try and get inside the head of his top challenger) weren't finished for the night. Matthews became enraged at the sight of Alexander and demanded he repeat the disparaging remarks about Ted Allen to his face. Alexander stood there stoically with the expressionless black mask gazing a hole through Matthews. Kyle slapped the black mask off his face, revealing a shocking hidden additional mask.....that of the Nightmare Ted Allen! Matthews was in disbelief. Andrew capitalized and piledrove Kyle, then tied him to those ropes. The pompous $#&@! then had the audacity to call himself "The New Masked Nightmare" and stated that Kyle had his image tattooed on his arm and he didn't like it. The Rev then got a cheese grater and they were about to take Kyle's tattoo right off his arm when the locker room emptied and ran Andrew and The Rev out of dodge. A sick, disgusting display and actions unbefitting a champion, for sure.

We'll return to Sale Creek Middle High on 10/19/12 with what is now being called a "Halloween Hootenanny" match (Texas Tornado rules) as the Juggernauts take on Tank & Jessco Blue for the PWC tag tittles.

We've also been told that Kyle Matthews win over Shaun Tempers has earned him another shot at Andrew Alexander's title and we'll have the contract signing of that huge bout on 10/19 assuming they don't kill each other.

Also just signed, a legendary rivalry renewed as Ace Rockwell takes on Shaun Tempers!

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