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Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 03/09/13, from Cornelia, GA

Results: Anarchy Wrestling, 03/09/13, from Cornelia, GA


BOBBY MOORE was scheduled to face JOEY RHYMER but before the bell Moore hit Rhymer from behind with the loaded elbow while Rhymer was posing on the ring apron, knocking him to the floor and out. BJ HANCOCK came out to help Rhymer which led to BJ HANDOCK def BOBBY MOORE when Morre was distracted by Rhymer returning to ringside. Postmatch Moore challenged Rhymer & Hancock to a tag team match and said he'd get a partner.

A vignette was shown with FRANKLIN DOVE getting referees DEE BYYERS & BRENT WILEY to sign some documents. Wiley had his right arm in a sling.

STYKNYN def TOMMY PENIRELLI with CB Suave to retain the ANARCHY YOUNG LIONS TITLE. The HOT COMMODITY tag team argued postmatch until SHAUN TEMPERS came out and gave them a pep talk

JEFF G BAILEY with MISS RACHAEL addressed the crowd. Bailey introduced JOHN JOHNSON to replace Wolverton on commentary. Bailey called out BRODIE CHASE to find out what stipulation was being placed on the WAR GAMES match at HARDCORE HELL on 3-30. Chase announced that if TEAM ANARCHY wins, one team member would get 5 minutes in the cage with JERRY PALMER. Bailey called out FRANKLIN DOVE and requested that TEAM ELITE have an opportunity to earn a stipulation too should they win the upcoming 10 man tag team match. Dove agreed.

THE MOVEMENT (NAJASISM & VANDAL) def ALABAMA ATTITUDE (MIKE POSEY & COREY HOLLIS). Postmatch the WASHINGTON BULLETS (JON & TREY WILLIAMS) attacked the Movement and announced that they wanted a Tag Title match at Hardcore Hell.

Dove put Wolverton back on commentary with John Johnson replacing Andrew Pendelton

JACOBY BOYKINS with JEFF G BAILEY def BILLY BUCK by COR but Buck retained the Anarchjy TV Title. Buck was slam outside the ring on the rampway and could not get to the ring. He was helped to the back and appeared to be bleeding from the mouth. It was announced that Boykins would get a TV Title rematch at Hardcore Hell.

MISS RACHAEL introduced BO NEWSOME & BRENT WILEY and talked about TODD SEXTON who had been suspended for 30 days as a wrestler for "attacking" his brother and Sr. Official Brent Wiley. SEXTON appeared on the WrestleVision screen to tell Brent that the paperwork Franklin had him sign was a contract and that at Hardcore Hell, Sexton would face Bo Newsome and Brent Wiley.

TEAM ELITE (JAGGED EDGE, SEV7N, NEMESIS, SHADOW JACKSON & SHAUN TEMPERS) def (TEAM ANARCHY (BRODIE CHASE, SLIM J, AZRAEL, BRIAN CASANOVA & ETH DELAY) when Temper pinned Casanova after a low blow then a neck breaker. Bailey announced that their stip for War Games was that should they win, JERRY PALMER returns as owner of Anarchy replacing FRANKLIN DOVE.

Next TV Taping is March 23 then HARDCORE HELL on March 30.

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