Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Results: NWA Atlanta, 03/23/13


Results: NWA Atlanta, 03/23/13

Fry Daddy defeated Psycho “You Can’t See Me” the Nut Job;

Prince Akbar’s Afghan Assassin w/ Prince Akbar defeated Matt “Sex” Sells via count out;

Pain w/ Jersey Gurl defeated Victoria Vivacious;

AJ Steele & Mike Cannon defeated LeatherFace 2.0 & Bill the Butcher w/ Jersey Gurl;

Beauty & the Beast (Rick Michaels & Bobby Hayes) defeated. the Afghan Assassins w/ Prince Akbar via DQ when 2 more Assassins hit the ring. Fry Daddy & Simon Sermon (in street clothes with Mag Lite in hand) made the save;

NWA Atlanta notes:

The next show is April 13th, 122 Cleveland St.

Locust Grove, GA at the Metro Auction Co.

At the March 23rd show NWA- Atlanta announced the development of a new division and title. At the April 27th War Games show the first MAX champion will be crowned. MAX= Metro Atlanta Xtreme. The match will be a 4-way gauntlet match. More details to come…

At the March 23rd show it was announced that AJ Steele will defend his title vs. Bill the Butcher and Pain, but in a last minute twist it was revealed that the match will be a 3-way, which caused animosity between Pain and Bill the Butcher. Jersey Gurl was immediately playing piece maker between the two behemoths.

The last 4 months NWA- Atlanta has seen Price Akbar’s Afghan Assassins grow in numbers and in causing chaos in other wrestler’s matches. The Afghan Assassins once again attacked. Prince Akbar went as far as to “Fork” Rick Michaels in the head, causing massive blood lose to Michaels. Fry Daddy and Simon Sermon came to the rescue, and this time the Assassins where held at bay. Rick Michaels laid the challenge down for War Games: “2 rings, 1 cage, you 4 Ass Clowns vs. us 4. Oh yeah, you also you fat piece of garbage (to Akbar), and I got someone that bleeds Red, White, and Blue for you, the Patriot”! April 27th it will be 5 on 5 in two rings surrounded by the Largest Steel Cage in the state of Georgia!

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