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Results: Universal Independent Wrestling, 10/05/13, from Villa Rica, GA

Results: Universal Independent Wrestling, 10/05/13, from Villa Rica, GA

Villa Rica was alive with the sound of screaming UIW fans last night!! The show was packed full of action and the fans were fired up.

In the first match De ATLien used a small package to pin Axel Ross;

The second match was entertaining from the opening notes of Kameron Kades entrance to the song, "Boot Scoot Boogie". Apparently it was not the right song and Kade went off. His opponent Fry Daddy asked the sound man to play the song for him and boogied around the ring to the delight of the 135 fans in attendance.

Fry Daddy pinned Kameron Kade;

Murder One's cut a promo issuing a challenge to Pro Wrestling Superstar Devon Dudley in their match set for Oct 26th. Murder One is ready throw out the rules in the match to prove he is the best wrestler in UIW, the state of Georgia and beyond..

Murder One then pinned the returning Jimmy the Kid;

Eli Daniels & Frankie Valentine defeated Stupid (w/Tweety) & UIW United States Heavyweight Champion Josh Storm. Daniels was the victim of both men and was kept just out of Valentine's reach for most of the match. He mustered the energy for a solid comeback and pinned Stupid.

After the match Frankie Valentine issued a challenge to Storm to "put up or shut up" in a TLC match for the title on Oct 26th at the big Halloween Massacre 4 show! Valentine included Stupid in the challenge stating he was tired of his clowning around in his matches.

After a battle of administrative maneuvers and posturing, the rules for our 6 man main event were laid out. Two 12 foot poles were erected on opposite corners and leather straps were affixed to the top of both. Whoever got to straps could use them to whip their opponents.

A confident looking So Fine Mafia (The Mercenary, Peanut & "Irish McDaddy Brad Lynch) made their way to the ring. Lynch took the mic and reminded the fans why SFM was going to come out on top, again. "Dixie Dynamite" Billy Knight, Stanley Robinson & Bull Buchanan rushed the ring and took the fight directly to the SFM.

Within seconds the match was every where and the wrestlers were in full blown street fight mode. Peanut & Lynch were the first to the straps and Knight & Robinson were the first to feel the bite of the leather. Buchanan & The Mercenary went from wall to wall, into the men's room and out into the parking lot as they battled.

With the crowd whipped into a frenzy trying to keep up with all of the action, Josh Storm slipped into the ring and pummeled Robinson. With Robinson down, Peanut took made the easy pin and the SFM were the winners. Bull Buchanan was not at all happy with the decision. Billy Knight was angry enough to challenge the So Fine Mafia and put his 50% ownership of UIW on the line in cage on Oct 26th! Peanut jumped at the chance to gain full control of UIW and agreed to the terms.

It will be The So Fine Mafia (The Mercenary, "Irish McDaddy" Brad Lynch & Peanut) vs Stanley Robinson, "Dixie Dynamite" Billy Knight & Bull Buchanan) in steel cage on Oct 26th as the main event at the 4th Annual Halloween Massacre at Central High School in Carrollton, GA


Full ticket info for the 4th Annual Halloween Massacre will be released soon!

Photo courtesy Rob Brodhecker

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