Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Syndicate Promotions Friday Night Wrestling, 10/26/13, in Columbus, GA

Syndicate Promotions Friday Night Wrestling, 10/26/13, in Columbus, GA

Complete card for October 26th, 2013 at Front Porch of the Southin Columbus, GA. Doors open at 6:00pm and the action starts at 7:00pm! All of your favorite stars will be in action, along with a special costume contest for the fans! Win some great prizes while you enjoy the best wrestling you can find in the area! There isn't a match on this card that couldn't be a match of the night contender!

A Last Man Standing Match between STALKER and WIDOWMAKER
Both of these men have shown their abilities, and now they have to use them all as they will beat each other until once man can not stand anymore! This match is sure to be one of the hardest hitting matches in SPW history!
International Luchadore star "The Purrrrrrrfect 10" Lince Dorado makes his SPW against another SPW newcomer Josh Hess. Hess has said that he will make an impact in SPW by defeating one of the best luchadores in the entire world, but Lince Dorado has battled the best of the best, and will surely be bringing a style never before seen in the SPW ring. The fans will definitely love watching this guy in action!
SPW Legacy Champion Logan Creed has been leaving bodies lying since he made his SPW debut, and he is without a doubt the toughest man in SPW. However, "The Marvelous One" Marco is one guy that may be able to outsmart the much larger Creed. Logan is coming to defend his Legacy Championship against a man, that some believe, may be the biggest challenge to the champion to date.
SPW Champion J-Rod will be standing across the ring from one of the most respected performers in professional wrestling. From ECW to TNA to WWE, Johnny Swinger has been in the ring with some of the biggest names that this business has seen. J-Rod has been training day in and day out, and is promising a victory is what will surely be one of the toughest challenges of J-Rod's career.
In a classic "bitter friends, better rivals" style story, SPW will have it's first ever CASKET MATCH! With the absolutely ON FIRE debut that Dallas Riley has had, he has now been challenged by one of Florida's hottest up and comers, "The Patron Saint of Violence" Alex Matthews, who was also trained by Dallas Riley. They traveled the world together for nearly half a decade as training partners, and since their fallout, haven't spoken words to each other in 2 years. Dallas Riley has vowed to remember his origins as "The King of the Underground" and promises to bring his special brand of violence, as Alex Matthews has begged him to bring his A game, or he'll close the casket on Dallas for good. Dallas said that he will personally guarantee a victory, and close the lid on Alex's career, and his life.

All that we know is that there is a lot of hostility leading into this event, and it's surely going to be one you do NOT want to miss! Make sure to bring your signs if you'd like for them to be featured on film. Tickets are available right now!
$8 in advance
$10 at the door

Front Porch of the South
October 26, 2012
7607 Veterens Parkway
Columbus, GA
Doors open at 6:00pm
Bell time at 7:00pm

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