Friday, November 13, 2009

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance's show this Saturday, 11/14/09, has been canceled!


Peachstate Wrestling Alliance's show this Saturday, 11/14/09, has been canceled!

- from Shane Noles, PWA Promoter

First of all, I would like to apologize for the long delay in getting this post up. But as you see in the headline,the PWA show for this Saturday,Nov. 14th has been canceled. I have no reason to lie,nor be angry so I'll be honest and tell all of you(the fans and the wrestlers what happened). We booked the Bremen Rec. Center for Nov. 14th on October 1st,which was 2 days before the Oct. 3rd show in Bremen. This is customary as we usually book our next date right before the show that week. Everything was fine and business as usual until they called and left me a voicemail stating that they were canceling our date to make way for youth basketball games. You can imagine how disappointing this news was,and even more frustrating when I called 3 TIMES and they would not talk to me! Now I'm all for the kids of Bremen getting to have their basketball games,HOWEVER,we had that date booked a month in advance from when they called me. We had the midgets,NWA champ Phil Shatter vs. Truitt Fields,and the Ultimate Dragon vs. Lethal Luchador booked on the show. As always,we were looking forward to the show,yet this one seemd to have that little something special. This turn of events has left us no choice but to end our business relationship with the Bremen Recreation Department. This wasn't the 1st time they cancled a date on us, yet I felt the need to make it public so all involved would know the truth.

Let me clear: This is NOT the end of the Peachstate Wrestling Alliance in the West Gerogia area. We are currently looking all around Carroll,Haralson,and Douglas counties to find a building to hold our events. When we find that venue,we'll be more than happy to post it on here. If you wish to contact the Bremen Rec with any questions,the number is 770-537-4222. There is no hate on our end,but we also couldn't continue to go on this way. We had a great run in Bremen for the last year and a half,and we are working feverishly to find our new home. Thanks for the calls and messages. It would be impossible to reply to them all,so I hope addressing everyone in this format helps to get the word around. Again,thank you for your support and kind words. The PWA will be back in 2010 and we look forward to getting the ball rolling!!

Shane Noles
PWA Promoter

-- Tough luck after their best booked show of the year in Oct.

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