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Results: NWA Chattanooga, 04/20/12, from Soddy Daisy, TN

Results: NWA Chattanooga, 04/20/12, from Soddy Daisy, TN

- from NWA Chattanooga

Ring announcer Scott Hensley announced prior the event that NWA Chattanooga would crown its first ever Tag Team Champions in a tournament to occur this June.

The Juggernauts defeated JC Kent & Jason Hampton after the doomsday device. It was announced that due to their recent tag team winning streak The Juggernauts were the first team to be entered into the tournament. (Seeding to occur at a later date)

Patrick Bentley defeated "Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore in an outstanding bout after countering Moore's lethal spear with a sunset flip to gain a quick 3 count. Post match Bentley stated how great it was to be back in NWA action. Announcer Scott Hensley mentioned some of Bentley's non wrestling activities and noted that Bentley was victorious in a recent bodybuilding competition, and talked about the rigorous work that it requires to keep his conditioning.

"Team Temptation" NWA North Amercian, and NWA Anarchy Champion "The Temptation" Shaun Tempers & Dru Delight defeated the Wylde Stallions (Corey Coxx & Chris Ganz) after the hangman's neckbreaker. Prior to the bout Tempers stated he'd been on such a roll traveling across the country defending the North American title, winning the NWA Anarchy title along the way but Dru Delight had been neglected and it was time to change that so Team Temptation was also entering the tag team tournament so Tempers can get all the gold, and share the glory with his tag team partner.

NWA Southern Champion "Teen Excitement" Drew Haskins vs. "The Deadly Sin" Se7en w/ The Rev battled to a double count out in a brutal bout. Se7en dominated the match but after missing his flying guillotine kick, Haskins raged into a comeback that took the monster Se7en out of the ring and the two traded intense fisticuffs that got out of control. Haskins posted Se7en but The Rev attacked Haskins with the staff of righteousness after the bell, and the two left Haskins laying. An extremely furious Haskins demanded a no count out re-match for May 25th and he'd put it the title on the line.


The Devil's Rejects (NWA Southeastern Champion The Southeastern Strangler Andrew Alexander w/ The Rev & Se7en) made their way to the ring. Alexander came dressed head to toe in a black suit and tie. After a brief introduction from The Rev , Alexander stated he made no mistake, he knew he wasn't a brute like Tank, the best technician like Kyle Matthews or a great brawler like Jessco Blue or had the most heart like Ace Rockwell, but he was the smartest man in NWA Chattanooga and it was through his devious genius that it would take an act of God to remove that title from his cold dead hands. He also said that Se7en as official #1 contender of record has forgone his shot at the title. Kyle Matthews interrupted stating he'd have beaten Se7en if not for Alexander's interference so he wanted a shot at the title. Alexander stated bylaws dictated he only had to defend the title every 90 days, so he declined. Matthews wasn't backing down...The Rejects surrounded..until Tank interjected himself in matters and The Rejects didn't stay around to find out what would happen next. Tank stated as former champion he had a guaranteed shot at the title and he'd put it on the line against Matthews because he respected him as a real man.

Kyle Matthews defeated Tank via pinfall in an extremely physical bout. Matthews continues his momentum after just being awarded the "Future Legend" crown by the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas, NV by scoring an upset win over a man who dominated the NWA Chattanooga ranks for over a year as the inaugural southeastern champion before losing the title to Alexander in a 4 way dance in controversial fashion. Tank got caught by Matthews speed while applying a spinning toe hold as Matthews applied a small package grabbed a huge win. Tank showed Matthews the respect due him after the match stating he was the future of the sport and not just the best wrestler in georgia, but the best technical wrestler in the entire country.

Bryan Casanova showed up unannounced stating he was protesting and this card wouldn't go any further until he was shown more respect. He lost on a fluke to a "fat, out of shape, filthy Hillbilly" and he shows up this month and isn't even booked. He stated he had the best body in wrestling and didn't deserve this treatment. Patrick Bentley interrupted his party stating he had an impressive physique but given the work Bentley puts into his own body, he took offense to him saying he had the best body in pro wrestling. He said he'd make it easy for Casanova. He didn't even want a wrestling match....he challenged him to a posedown competition on 5/25 where the fans would decide the winner.

Ace Rockwell, Logan Alvey, & Jessco Blue defeated Chip Day, Corey Hollis & Mike Posey in a fan's participation strap match. 12 fans were selected as lumberjacks armed with leather straps. If any of the wrestlers landed with both feet on the floor they were fair game and the fans certainly let them have it. The "Jimmy Rave Approved" team were running for dear life as the Soddy Daisy fans were fed up with their antics over the recent months. On the flip side the were quite easy on Rockwell, Alvey & Blue. The 6 man aspect turned this into an extremely exciting and wild affair with all 6 men turning out an A plus effort...but it was the team of Rockwell, Alvey & Blue who had more fueling their fires to get revenge for the heinous beating the young rookie Alvey sustained at their opponents hands in March and the young upstart Logan Alvey actually scored the pinfall in the match.

Action returns on May 25th to Soddy Daisy Middle
No Countout! NWA Southern Title
Se7en vs Drew Haskins - The Rematch
Undisputed #1 Contender to NWA Southeastern Title "The Future Legend" Kyle Matthews has been signed to take on the returning "Marathon Man" Chrisjen Hayme and more matches to be announced as well as entries and seeding for tag team tournament!

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