Monday, April 16, 2012

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 04/15/12, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 04/15/12, from Warner Robins, GA

Hot Like Lava (Shawn Banks & Cru Jone) def Tommy Daniels & Jacob Ashworth

The El Chico Loco vs AJ Steele match never happen as Steele was attacked by Murder 1. RPW roster came out to separate the men.

The Washington Bullets (Trey & Jon Williams) def The Cash Vault (Bobby Moore & Rob Adonis) with Charlie Cash by DQ when Shaun Banks & Cru Jones got involved in the match attacking the Bullets.

KC McKnight and Kyle Matthews wrestled to a 20 minute time limit draw in a NWA RPW Heavyweight Title match. Postmatch Jeremy Vain, who had been on commentary for the match, attacked McKnight, then arriving through the crowd Jimmy Rave jumped Matthews. McKnight and Matthews fought back sending Rave and Vain to the floor. Dr. Gayton intended to have Rave arrested until Matthews asked Gayton to reinstate Rave as he wanted him in the ring. Match was made, McKnight & Matthews vs Rave and Vain.

The BFF team of "Marvelous" Michael Stevens and "Adorable" Anthony Andrews def NWA RPW TV Champion, Drew Adler and Anthony Henry

J Rod def Dany Only by DQ when the entire Cash Vault, Moore, Adonis, The Judge & Cash hit the ring. J Rod was held by The Judge and Adonis as Only threw fire in his face.

KC McNight & Kyle Matthews def Jimmy Rave & Jeremy Vain when McKnight pinned Vain after Rave left the match and headed to the back.

Next show is 4-2912 at 3PM with:

Washington Bullets vs Hot Like Lava

Dany Only w/Cash vs Frankie Valentine

NWA RPW Tag Team Champions, Cash Vault in action

NWA RPW TV Champion Drew Adler in action

Jimmy Rave Approved (Posey, Hollis, Day & Bentley) returns and Jimmy Rave is back in RPW

Dr. Gayton addresses the issue between Murder 1 & AJ Steele

And much more.....................

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