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Results: TWA Action Zone's "March Cage Madness", 03/31/12, from Dalton, GA

Results: TWA Action Zone's "March Cage Madness", 03/31/12, from Dalton, GA

- from TWA Acton-Zone

We open the show by finding out that John Arden had been suspended for a week and was removed from War Games after a vicious post show attack on one half of the new Action Zone Tag Team Champs the Dakota Outlaws and due to that attack Dakota Outlaw #1 would not be there.

Match #1 The Greenhouse (Dino Dupree and “The Real Deal” John Bishop) w/Manager Kevin Green took on Blackjack Miller and the returning Trevor Watkins. Great opening match and really set the tone for the rest of the show at the end Kevin Green got into the cage and was caught by Blackjack Miller but as he hit Green Dino Dupree knocked out Blackjack from behind with a chain and then the Greenhouse hit their double team finisher on Trevor to pick up the victory.

Match #2 saw the young highflyer Jam Styles take on the legendary Texas Outlaw #1. This match was supposed to have been Dakota Outlaw #1 vs. Texas Outlaw #1 but due to the attack last week by John Arden this match was changed. Jam Styles throw everything he had at Texas Outlaw but the sheer power and size was too much for the young man to handle and in the end Texas Outlaw #1 won with a devastating DDT.
Match #3 was the first match in the best of 5 Series to establish the #1 Contender for the Action Zone Title. Da Bill and Josh Vaughn have a very long history with each other and that brings a whole new level to this series of matches. These two had a great battle and in the end Josh Vaughn picked up the victory and the series lead 1-0 but post match Da Bill attacked Josh doing an unknown amount of damage to his knee. We will have to wait and see this week how this will affect him in the rest of the series.

Match #4 Loser leaves Action Zone for 60 days. Both teams knew what was at stake in this match, if the Playmakers lost then the tight knit group would be missing a very valuable piece because as one of the longest enduring stables at TWA their strength comes from their numbers and in the case of Alex Summers and Tiffany these two have come together recently and have been developing into a very nice team and a loss could set that back for them. In what turned out to be a very brutal match that saw a lot of blood from the Playmakers and Tiffany, finally came to an end after Alex Summers tried to spear Drew Myers into the cage and Drew moved allowing Alex to hit the cage and Fantasy handcuffing Tiffany to the bottom rope so she could not stop them, Drew hit the Swanton and both playmakers pinned Alex Summers. So Alex is gone for 60 days as a result of the loss.

Match #5 Mikey Watkins defending the Action Zone Title against Ray Fury in an Escape the Cage Match. These two men tore the house down with this match. It was by far match of the night and in it the fans saw both men use an array of weapons, truly showing how important this match and the Action Zone Tile really are to them. This was a very brutal match with a lot of back and forth action but just as it looked like Ray had the match won and was about to leave the cage Fantasy blocked him from leaving and as she tried to close the door on Ray he caught it and was about to push it back open and escape when Drew Myers hit the cage door with a steel chair knocking Ray back into the ring giving Mikey the chance to escape for the victory.

Match #6 War Games
Two Teams battled in what turned out to be the most brutal bloody mess that we have seen at Action Zone in recent memory. The Revolution (Jayke Murphy, Jeremy Murphy, and Tyler Thomas) with Randy Watkins took on HCP 2.0(Will Force and Dustin Famous), Toy Dodson, and replacing John Arden in War Games Terry Watkins. This bloody brutal encounter lasted 45 mins and by the end of the match most of the men couldn’t even stand due to the brutal nature of the match and thanks to a mistake from HCP 2.0 Randy Watkins was able to pick up the victory for his team and after the match the Greenhouse jumped the Revolution and Texas Outlaw came out and jumped Randy Watkins and attacked him with the cowbell and bull rope leaving him laying in the middle of the ring.
Thanks again next big show will be April 28th TWA Action Zone presents Amped!

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