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Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 09/09/12, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling, 09/09/12, from Warner Robins, GA

From Rampage Pro Wrestling Commissioner, BEN MASTERS

If you missed Rampage Pro Wrestling today then you missed another hot show that saw the return of Tracy Taylor and the Peach's division as well as the return of one of Georgia's top tag teams. It was a hot day, but inside Johnny G's we had a full house for Rampage Pro Wrestling. Another big and lively crowd.

Match 1: Tracy Taylor vs. Pandora

Winner: Taylor by pin fall (6:21). 

This was a rampage rewind exclusive. Taylor got the pin fall with an inside cradle. Pandora is a new face in R.P.W. and she didn't care much for the Rampage faithful. The crowd was on fire for the entire match and solidly behind Tracy. A lot of welcome back chants.

Ringside interview with Dan Masters, Ben Masters, & the legendary Thunderbolt Patterson to start the taping. It is announced that wrestling legend Mr. Wrestling II will be at R.P.W. on September 23rd.

Match 2: A.J. Steele w/ Dr. Johnny Gayton vs. Shawn Hunter 

Winner: Steele by pin fall (2:42). 

A.J. got the pin fall victory in this quick match after showing a great amount of strength by hitting Hunter with a Steel City Bomb. A.J. called for Murder-1 many times during the match. Hunter is relatively new face in R.P.W., but he was known by many of the fans, but he was no much for the power of the dark city resident.
In-ring interview with Dan Masters & Cash Vault. Charlie Cash talked about his recent capturing of the R.P.W. heavyweight championship thanks to the big L.G., Luke Gallows. He says the T.V. title is next on his list.

Match 3: Leon McMichaels vs. Micah Taylor 

Winner: Taylor by submission (4:59). Taylor forced McMichaels to tap out with the crossface. Taylor was dominate throughout the match and is out to show why he is the #1 contender for the R.P.W. heavyweight championship. 

Match 4: Charlie Dreamer vs. "Officer" Chris Jacobs

Winner: Jacobs by pin fall (4:08). 

Jacobs got the pin fall victory after a running knee lift. Jacobs is 2-0 after suffering a defeat to Murder-1 on Augst 12th. Dreamer is a new face in R.P.W. and his look reminded most of the fans of a certain "One man band" of the WWE.

Ringside interview with Dan Masters & Tracy Taylor. They talked about the Peach's division. 

Match 5: N.W.A. R.P.W. Tag Team Championship Match
(C) Cash Vault ("Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore & Zane Dawson w/ Charlie Cash) vs. Murder-1 & J-Rod. 

Winners: Cash Vault by pin fall to retain (11:29). 

Cash Vault got the win after Zane Dawson hit J-Rod with a lariat while wearing the loaded elbow pad. The referee was distracted by a very irate Dr. Gayton while this was going on. 

Ringside interview with Dan Masters & B.F.F. They talked about the upcoming tag team match with A.J. Steele & Dr. Gayton as well as the gifts they've received as of late. 

Taping 2

Ringside with Dan Masters & Kyle Matthews. Matthews is disappointed that he can't be heavyweight champion again because of the new weight limits, but he says he will beat Luke Gallows whether it's for a belt or not. He also promises that he will hold a title again in R.P.W.

Match 1: Steven Stiles vs. Micah Taylor 

Winner: Taylor by submission (5:29). 

Another good win for Taylor on his way to challenging for the heavyweight title. Taylor forced Stiles to tap with the crossface. 

Match 2: "Wildchild" Joey Kidman & "The Real Deal" Jake Slater vs. Hot Like Lava (Shaun Banks & Cru Jones) 

Winners: Hot Like Lava by pin fall (11:14). 

Match 3: N.W.A. R.P.W. Television Championship Match
(C) Mike Posey vs. Corey Hollis w/ Chip Day

Winner: Posey by pin fall to retain (12:00). 

Posey got the pin fall victory with a roll up with a hand full of tights. Day was very vocal at ringside throughout the match and was none to pleased with Posey at the way he won the match. 

Match 4: B.F.F. ("Marvelous" Michael Stevens & "Adorable" Anthony Andrews) vs. Dr. Johnny Gayton & A.J. Steele

Winners: B.F.F. by count out (12:33). B.F.F got he count out victory after the referee went down and Murder-1 & J-Rod hit the ring and fought with Doc & A.J. to the back. B.F.F. then woke the ref up who counted Doc & A.J. out. 

Post-match the mystery man who's been delivering the B.F.F.'s gifts came to the ring and caught the attention of the B.F.F. The Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon & Tommy Too Much) then hit the ring and brutally attacked the B.F.F. Both Marv & Andrews ended up getting laid out with a boot. Sermon then kissed both Stevens & Andrews and called them the fake Exotic Ones as he was leaving.

Match 5: Adonis w/ Miss Aliie vs. Kyle Matthews 

Winner: Adonis by pin fall after a spinebuster (11:47). 

Kyle had the match won after a Slurpee Kick, but Allie distracted referee Dustin Robinson. The crowd was none to pleased with Allie's distraction. 

Rampage Pro Wrestling returns to Johnny G's on September 23rd with a Next Chance Battle Royal where the winner will receive a title shot as well as an appearance by Mr. Wrestling II. 

R.P.W. is also holding a very special benefit show for Mrs. Lynn Helms on Thursday October 18th. Bell time is 7:30 P.M.

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