Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend report from Southern Championship Wrestling

Weekend report from Southern Championship Wrestling

What a weekend SCW Fans! Its time for The Three Count

First lets start off with Heat Stroke..

SCW Fans were treated to a Special Guest announcer when Overlord made a surprise appearance to join Gigi and Bryan B. Bangin at ringside.

The Real Tiff Dodson won over Diamond Roberts in Diamonds SCW Debut!

The Viper Danny Marlo would Once again best Johnny Blaze!

It was Breezy Jaxson over Jessica Wetmore!

The Bone Crushers walked away the victors against the team of Roger Rabbit and Zach Stephens!

The Rugged One Richie Dye Called for an end to the Dye Family Feud after facing off against The Show Corey Dye and Hollywood Keith Dye. The Rugged One would walk away the victor in this match up!

We had two titles on the line this weekend :

The Toy Dodson would defeat Diamond Derick Myers to become your NEW SCW CHAMPION!!!

Crazy, Dino Dupree, and Brandon Collins took to the ring to battle for The Star Championship but after a double pin the title was held up since we have to have a definite champ so no winner in this match.

In the Main Event, The Movement faced off with Team SCW. After Wes (OMG) Blaze walked out on Team SCW, this match went wild with the match-up eventually being thrown out.

Second Coming

Saturday was a night of Second and third generation wrestlers with the future of this business facing off for you..the SCW fans.

Wes (OMG) Blaze would claim the victory against James Lynn!!

The Show Corey Dye would win in a surprising upset against Black Jack Miller!!

Bad Blood continued between The Viper Danny Marlo and Diamond Derrick Myers as these two former SCW Champs faced off, but in the end it would be Viper walking away with the win!!

In our Main Event, We would see the Team of Hollywood Keith Dye and Rugged Richie Dye facing off against The Disciples. After a match full of action, it would be the Dyes walking away the victors.

Thats it for The Three Count. Be sure to join us on September 14th for SCW Friday. Expect the unexpected, because SCW is breaking the mold in Pro-Wrestling!

Bryan B. Bangin
The Voice of The SCW

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