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Results: Southern Wrestling Association, 09/08/12, from Eastanollee, GA

Results: Southern Wrestling Association, 09/08/12, from Eastanollee, GA

The night started out with Jonathan Feltner explaining that the paper that BRADFORD gave LAURA & BLUE at their wedding. It was a notice from the SWA Board that due to the threats of lawsuits from BRADFORD that LAURA BLUE has been temporarely suspeneded as Superintendent. But she will have an opportunity to win back her position. Her, BRADFORD, and STAN CLARK will each choose a wrestler to represent them in a Triple Threat match at Fightmare. Whoever wins will then be Superintendent. But for each show up until then each candidate will be Special Guest Superintendent for one night only.

He also said that the cameras were rolling backstage earlier and recorded something interesting. KEVIN BLUE had just arrived in the dressing room and JAMES BOULEVARD was there with him asking how their honeymoon was? BLUE said it was great but then asked where LAURA was said she had to come and get stuff out of her office since she was suspended. He then found a letter that said that LAURA was leaving him, but it looked suspicious so he said he was going to track her phone with an app. he had.

JAXON CARTER said he had defended the Southeast Title enough and wanted the Swavision Championship. HOTSTUFF ADAM MABRY defeated him then JAXON got up and attacked him. CHAD WOOD ran out to make the save.

BRADFORD BATES then came out and asked CHAD to stay behind he said that he was the Special Guest Superintendent tonight and will give everyone a taste of how his regime will be when his representative wins the Triplethreat match. He is all about ratings and he knows people like huge title matches and huge opportunities. That's why he is going to give CHAD a Premier title shot.

BILLY STARR then entered said he had no problems facing CHAD but BRADFORD dont make his matches. He said today he did and he was also going to make the Main Event Fightmare match with SPECTRA too.

SPECTRA came out, and he said their match at Fightmare would be a Mid-night Mayhem match. Every 2 minutes the lights would go out and then reappear and a new weapon/object would be in the ring for them to use legally. But that was if SPECTRA made it to Fightmare because tonight his title shot is on the line against his Representative TOWER. And BILLY would be special referee.

BILLY STARR beat CHAD WOOD to retain the title.

Next JIMMY LEE & CODY FAIRVIEW came out and JIMMY said he had had it with the "BLACK LIST" and MR. BLACK and he challenged him to bring any member of the LIST and if they win then BLACK will take his mask off and we'll find out who he is. JIMMY & FAIRVIEW beat MR. BLACK & ALEX DECKER. MR. BLACK removed his mask and it was none other than TOMMY SAWYER.

Then on the Swaview ANGEL was backstage with BRADFORD who said he was going to make another match for Fightmare. A Man in the Mask Match at Fightmare JIMMY LEE vs TOMMY SAWYER the loser would have to wear a mask for the rest of his SWA Career.


After intermission it was told that LANE CROSS & BAD JACK would face off against to randomly drew opponents for a Tag Title shot. The randomly drew opponents were JAMES BOULEVARD & DON E. They were defeated due to some communication problems.

Next STAN CLARK came in the ring and said he just got back from a "meeting" with LAURA but she got a little tied up so he had to leave. But he wanted to stop by to say that he will be Special Guest Superintendent Sept. 22nd and he will outdo any matches that BRADFORD made. Then BLUE's music hit and BALLENGER came out dressed like BLUE from where he left his bag. He said that they embarrassed him with cake he was going to embarrass him tonight and would take on anyone. LIL' JOSH accepted the challenge. Towards the end of the match, a phone recording was sent to the arena, KEVIN BLUE found LAURA tied up in STAN's apartment, the signal was lost and then JOSH rolled up BALLENGER.

Next it was SPECTRA appeared to have TOWER beat but PANHEAD came out and pulled out BILLY and stomped him on the floor making the match a No Contest.

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