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Empire Wrestling Entertainment's WAR GAMES, 08/03/13, in Rossville, GA

Empire Wrestling Entertainment's WAR GAMES, 08/03/13, in Rossville, GA

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War Games Preview

Hello wrestling fans. 

At last Saturday’s July 20th event, The Devil’s Rejects and The Illuminati faced off in tag team competition with the winning team receiving the man advantage at War Games. The Illuminati began the evening by announcing that rather than wait for The Commissioner’s ruling, they would take it upon themselves to fire Cyrus the Destroyer. You heard that correct, Johnny Viper, Brandon Collins, and Jason Collins feel they will be better off without the big man. What makes the timing of this announcement even stranger is the fact War Games matches two teams of four against one another, which is exactly the point we need to discuss. The Devil’s Rejects and The Illuminati as of July 20th now stand with only three members apiece. Both teams will evidently have a mystery partner. 

The Reverend has said for quite some time now that the Rejects have a sleeper cell amongst the Empire roster. However, as of this press release no indication has been given as to the identity of this person. Furthermore, The Illuminati just distanced themselves from the only ally they have ever known. Johnny Viper and Co. did not seem worried last week, and if history has proven anything The Illuminati will have a plan. Regardless of how well thought out the plan may be, The Illuminati are venturing into unchartered waters. The Rejects have been hear before. War Games is the most dangerous match in Professional Wrestling. It is often the last resort when a feud has brewed out of control. This means the combatants know each other very well. They should know exactly what to expect from their opponents. On August 3rd that will not be the case. Both teams will march toward the cage with uncertainty in the air. A wildcard opponent is dangerous for any wrestler. To have a mystery opponent on each team in a War Games match could be lethal. We are talking about being locked inside of a steel cage with a man you have potentially never met. The only thing you know about this man is that your demise is his sole objective, scary stuff, huh? There will be blood, people will get injured, and someone is either going to submit or surrender as in every other War Games match. Yet this one is going to be different. First you have the hatred that exist between these two factions, add in the danger surrounding the mystery partners, and we could be talking about one for the ages. Who will the mystery partners be? How will each team deal with this adversity? There are too many questions, and only one place to look for answers. 

Join us on August 3rd at 22 Austin Avenue in Rossville, GA @8pm. It’s been said in this article many times, but a truer statement doesn’t exist. $5 will get you through the door August 3rd, and once you step inside ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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