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Platinum Championship Wresting, 01/03/14, in Porterdale, GA

Platinum Championship Wresting, 01/03/14, in Porterdale, GA

PCW Results from 12/20-

Christmas came early for the town of Porterdale on December 20th, 2014, courtesy of Platinum Championship Wrestling. The first gift under the tree was a preview of what fans might be able to expect in the 2015 Tag Team Season!

Match One: The Silent Kill Syndicate (Supernatural and Azrael) Vs. The Washington Bullets

All four men received warm reactions from the crowd. Supernatural and Jon Williams started the contest. Both men were slow and cautious in the early goings, this being the first meeting between these two explosive teams. Jon was able to outwrestle Supernatural momentarily and tagged in Trey. After a series of go-behinds and reversals, Trey took the advantage with a fierce waistlock takedown, hoisting the smaller man into the air and slamming him to the mat. Perhaps realizing it was time to switch gears, Supernatural tagged in the bigger man on his team, Azrael. Azrael was able to overpower Trey and punish him with a series of chops before bringing Supernatural back in.

Super brutalized Trey’s midsection with chops and kicks, and did a good job of keeping Trey grounded until he was able to dive and tag in brother Jon. Jon nailed Supernatural with clotheslines and a vertical suplex and made several quick tags with Trey. At one point Jon delivered a brutal backbreaker to Supernatural, tagged in Trey and watched his brother fly off the turnbuckle with a kneedrop to the stretched out Super, still painfully draped across Jon’s knee!

The match was all Bullets for the next few minutes, until Supernatural scored with a dropkick off the top turnbuckle, flooring both Williams brothers! From there, all semblance of order went out the window as all four men threw everything they had at one another. The match looked to be over when Trey powerbombed Supernatural into the knees of Jon, activating the devastating Marion Barry combo finisher that has helped make the Bullets 3 time tag team seaon winners, but Azrael broke up the pin at the last possible moment. In the ensuing chaos, Trey was able to roll up Azrael for the quick pin.

Winners: Washington Bullets via pinfall (Trey Williams pinned Azrael with a schoolboy)

After the match both teams acknowledged the ability of their opponents and shook hands in a well earned show of respect.

Match Two: Warhorse 12/24 Vs. Carpenter

Christmas music filled the air as a festive Warhorse appeared, stocking in tow, doling out candy canes to the PCW fans. The festivities were short lived, as an eerie tune filled the air and a newcomer dressed all in black and clutching a wooden bat appeared. He removed his coat and hat to reveal wrestling attire underneath, and promptly jumped the Warhorse from behind and hurled him into the ring to start the match. The yet-to-be-named assailant never acknowledged the fans, the confused announce team, or even the referee in the early goings. He seemed content in pounding, choking, and even biting the Warhorse, before showing he can wrestle by delivering a picture perfect swinging neckbreaker, followed by a snapmare driver to pick up the easy victory.

Winner: Carpenter via pinfall (Snapmare Driver)

After the match, he grabbed a microphone and introduced himself as Carpenter, and put the entire locker room on notice, telling them any of their names could be on his bat.

The Christmas spirit sadly did not return following this match, as Quasi Mandisco and Brian Kane made their way out. Matt Hankins introduced Quasi as “The Grinch”, and Johnny Danger sadly lamented “And his pants were three sizes too small…” which predictably set Quasi off, by responding that Danger’s career was about three times too short, thanks to him. Quasi promised an easy victory over Rachael in the main event Christmas Wrapped Casket Match, and promised that Shane Marx’s PCW title was in Brian Kane’s immediate future. He then turned his ire on the PCW fans, using comments we have chosen not to repeat in this report.

Match Three: Brian Blaze Vs. The Contras (BattleZone and Tempest)

Brian Blaze has been one to watch in the final weeks of 2014. After making his well-publicized return to both society and PCW, he went from receiving a much earned hero’s welcome, to perhaps being the only thing keeping tag team partner Geter from going completely nuts and smashing the entire PCW locker room and Main Event Arena into rubble! On this eve, he was met by the Contras. They attempted to cheer him up by regaling us with their own stories of incarceration and redemption, before realizing they were simply retelling the stories of the Shawshank Redemption and the Longest Yard. Blaze’s good nature quickly faded, and he pounded the Contras into defeat in a matter of moments.

Winner: Brian Blaze
Next up was a special treat for all the fans in Porterdale. Everyone has their holiday special this time of year, and PCW was no exception, as the sounds of Godzilla and Elvis filled the air, that could only mean one thing: “It’s Christmas Time, Johnny Danger!”

“Santa Danger” was introduced, with an ill-fitting second hand suit and a suspiciously familiar looking ponytail. Never the less, he informed us Johnny Danger couldn’t host the show tonight but he was authorized to fill in. He was happy to see all the well behaved boys and girls in the crowd, but was here to speak to one little boy in particular who hasn’t been very nice lately, one Devlin Valek. He threatened to bring Valek nothing for Christmas, unless he came to the ring, sat on Santa’s lap, and apologized for the things he’s been saying about his big brother, Johnny Danger.

Valek emerged, obviously in no mood for “Santa’s” games, snarling at the Jolly One in response. Santa told Valek that Johnny Danger loved him very much, and he shouldn’t be jealous of his brother for being handsome, charismatic, a great wrestler, a fantastic dancer, and smelling nice too. Valek was quickly tiring of Santa, and the last straw was when he was asked “Are you being such a butthole because I didn’t bring you that Malibu Barbie Dream Home you asked for when you were 8?” Valek snatched the mic away, and broke the hearts of Porterdale when he declared “I hate my brother, I hate Christmas, and I hate Santa Claus!”

That was enough to bring “Santa” to his feet in a rage, but thankfully Trey Williams ran to the ring to attempt to diffuse the situation. He scolded Valek for his attitude, and told him he understands not always getting along with your brother, but that he needed to put his differences with Johnny behind him. Trey tried to lift Santa’s spirits by asking him to assist him in giving Porterdale a Christmas surprise, but it was Trey who was surprised when Valek jumped him from behind!

Match Four: Devlin Valek Vs. Trey Williams (w/ Danger Claus. Err, Santa Danger. Err…Santa)

Trey, having already wrestled a hellacious tag team contest earlier in the night, was clearly not ready for a bout with “The Demon from Danger City”, and Valek pounded him inside and outside the ring. Valek wisely targeted Trey’s midsection, perhaps injured after the pummeling his ribs received from the Silent Kill Syndicate earlier in the evening. He repeatedly punished Trey with both seating and standing abdominal stretches. Santa had tried to remain impartial during the opening moments of the contest, but when Valek began grabbing the top rope for leverage to punish Trey further behind the referee’s back, Santa could stand no more, and fired up the crowd with a “HO HO HO!” chant for Trey Williams. Trey fought back to his feet and delivered a picture perfect leg lariat, but Valek surprised him with a fake out shadow clothesline followed by a diving seated lariat.

Looking squarely at Santa, Valek ascended the turnbuckles and attempted one of Johnny Danger’s signature moves, the Atomic Legdrop off the second turnbuckle. Trey rolled away at the last second, and hooked the dazed demon for a german suplex, but Valek was able to connect with a wild backwards kick between Trey’s legs that the referee failed to catch. Soaking in the arena’s disapproval, Valek went back to the abdominal stretch once more, and when he grabbed the top rope again, Santa had seen enough, pointing out the rulebreaking to the referee, who forcibly removed Valek’s grip from the rope! Trey was able to roll up the stunned Valek, and rolled all the way through, delivering a jaw-shattering Superkick that put out every light on Valek’s tree for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Trey Williams via pinfall (Superkick)

Postmatch, Santa removed his hat, coat, and beard, revealing himself to be Johnny Danger to no one’s surprise. Danger entered the ring, looking down on his defeated and unmoving brother, and made the decision to be the bigger man and help Valek to his feet. Valek appeared receptive, but shoved Danger across the ring and stormed off, leaving the “Rock N Roll Model” alone and heartbroken…at Christmastime no less!

Match Five: Velvet Jones Vs. Marko Polo

This was Marko Polo’s first match since Velvet Jones showed his true colors by brutally assaulting Marko Polo’s knee after a loss four weeks ago. Marko entered clad in a Santa hat, but no smile on his face, as he hit the ring all business and took it to Velvet with a series of punches. Marko pounded Velvet in the ring and on the floor, and Jones’ killer instinct suddenly vanished as he begged and pleaded with Marko to cease the assault. The distraction apparently worked as Jones struck quickly to take advantage, taking out Polo’s knee again, stomping it and stretching it in the ropes.

Polo showed no regard for his own safety, diving over the top rope to the floor at one point to take down Jones, but every time he attempted to mount a comeback, Velvet disabled his leg to maintain the advantage. Velvet hurled Marko from one end of the ring to the other, putting more strain on his leg by firing him off the ropes, before punishing him with bodyslams and suplexes.

Finally, Marko came alive and was able to block out the pain, delivering a pair of clotheslines and following up with a high flying lariat that sent the back of Jones’ head bouncing off the mat! Marko powered Velvet up onto his shoulder for a slam, but his knee buckled and sent him crashing to the mat. Quickly, Velvet tied Marko up in an inverted figure four and Marko had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Velvet Jones via submission (Inverted Figure Four)

Postmatch it was speculated that Polo may have sustained or aggravated a knee injury as he rolled down his kneepad revealing swelling of the kneecap. He refused aid and was able to limp to the locker room under his own power.

MAIN EVENT: Quasi Mandisco Vs. Ms. Rachael in a Christmas Casket Match

The rules to this unorthodox contest stated that the only way to win this match would be to shut your opponent in the casket and then wrap it with wrapping paper, which the PCW fans supplied in abundance! Quasi claimed to want a fair fight and had no one at ringside with him, just as Shane Marx was not in Rachael’s corner. Quasi attempted to outwrestle Rachael early on and failed, leading him to quickly resort to his size and strength advantage, proving he was not above slugging a woman in the face.
Still, Rachael was able to disable Quasi long enough to drag him to the floor, leading Mandisco’s long-time associate Nina Monet to emerge and savagely attack Rachael, drawing blood with a vicious shot to the face. Mandisco and Monet were able to get Rachael shut into the casket, but before they could wrap it, the man formerly known as “Sugar” Shane appeared and carried a tantruming Monet to the back!

This distraction gave Rachael time to recover as Quasi went to grab a gift bag, from which he produced tons of tiny, sharp Christmas ornaments which he deviously sprinkled all over the mat! Quasi attempted to plant Rachael into this yuletide deathtrap, but Rachael countered with a Russian legsweep, spiking Mandisco into the objects, leaving him writhing in agony!

Rachael slid to the floor to open the casket, when The Upgrade Brian Kane attacked from behind, striking her across the back of the head with a jumbo sized candy cane which absolutely exploded! Again, Quasi’s former charge Shane Bell appeared and brawled with Kane to the back. Rachael had not moved, however, the damage done, and Mandisco drug her to the casket and prepared to dump her inside, when Rachael struck with the last of her energy and DDT’ed Quasi into the casket! All of Porterdale rushed to her aid as the casket was wrapped shut!

Winner: Ms. Rachael

After tagging the wrapped casket “Do Not Open Till Christmas”, the jumbo sized present containing the Priority Male was carried away by the Washington Bullets, Johnny Danger and PCW security, and Rachael celebrated with her adoring fans to end 2014 with a bang!

PCW Top Ten, Week of 12/20/14

CHAMPION: Shane Marx

1 – Geter
2 – Bobby Moore
3 – Brian Kane
4 – Brian Blaze
5 – Velvet Jones
6 – Trey Williams
7 – Trevor Aeon
8 – Jon Williams
9 – Supernatural
10 – Carpenter

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