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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 12/06/14, from Porterdale, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 12/06/14, from Porterdale, GA

One week removed from the most chaotic night in history that saw Wrestling’s Deadliest Weapon, Geter, nearly destroy the entire PCW locker room (along with the Main Event arena itself!) came another explosive evening that proved nothing is ever certain in Platinum Championship Wrestling!

Quasi Mandisco “welcomed” the fans to the arena to start the show, and informed us all that the promised main event of Shane Marx vs Bobby Moore vs Brian Kane for the PCW title (set up by PCW owner Stephen Platinum last month) would NOT be occurring, rather, Moore would be redeeming his PCW title shot at a later date, giving Brian Kane the sole shot at Shane Marx on this night! Mandisco began overflowing with confidence, having apparently bought off “Hit for Hire” to take the night off, which lead to him bragging about his other recent accomplishments, attempting to goad Johnny Danger from his spot at the announce table into the ring, bragging that he’s ended Danger’s wrestling career, then mentioned the fact that he fired DeAndre Jackson for not living up to his expectations and, along with Brian Kane, destroyed another former protégé, Savage Shane, and promised we’d never see him again, either.

While Mandisco argued with the fans at ringside, a lone figure emerged from the crowd, slipped past security and entered the ring, his identity obscured behind a motorcycle helmet. When Mandisco turned around to see the new arrival clutching a metal tire iron, he backed off, and demanded the man reveal his identity. The mystery man obliged, removing his helmet to reveal the man Quasi himself dubbed “Savage” Shane! Shane chased Quasi from the ring, declaring that he was still here, and for the first time ever, Shane heard the cheers of the crowd. It will be interesting to see if the PCW locker room forgives him just as quickly for his past heinous deeds, but it appears he has been redeemed in the eyes of the people of Porterdale, if nothing else.

As Quasi threw a fit on the arena floor, ring announcer Matt Hankins gave him something else to tantrum about: He’d made a quick call to Stephen Platinum, who gave Hankins the authority to announce a gauntlet match to fill the spot left vacant by Bobby Moore in the main event along with Marx and Kane to decide the PCW champion! Mandisco was livid, proclaiming that HE ran PCW, not Hankins, not Danger, not Platinum or anyone else, but he didn’t protest for long as Savage Shane ran him out of the ringside area entirely!

Match One: The Jagged Edge Vs. Brian Blaze

Our opening contest was the first match in the gauntlet series with a guaranteed spot in the main event title match on the line. Both men started out slow, shaking hands to start the match and again a few moments into the match, each man impressed with the other’s technical prowess. After trading armdrags and headlock takeovers, the action spilled to the floor where the wrestling went out the window and the fight began. Both men are as dangerous on the outside as they are in the ring, a fact Brian Blaze kept in mind when the Jagged Edge attempted to piledrive him on the arena floor! Blaze blocked the move, and the Jagged Edge threw Blaze back into the ring and re-entered the ring as well, narrowly avoiding a countout.

Despite Blaze’s attempt at injuring Jagged’s arm to nullify his strength, The Jagged Edge stayed on the attack, trapping Blaze on the apron and clubbing him across his chest, then punishing him with a suplex. Jagged attempted to put Brian to sleep, but Blaze fired up and hit a series of clotheslines before scoring a near-fall with his patented Pumphandle Slam/Elbow drop combination. Shortly after, the Jagged Edge exploded and nearly decapitated Brian Blaze with a Lariat, which was enough to pick up the win and advance to the second match.

Winner: The Jagged Edge via pinfall (Lariat) in 10:25

Match Two: The Jagged Edge Vs. Supernatural

The Jagged Edge took a seat in the audience to catch his breath while Supernatural made his entrance to the ring, but once both men were in the ring, there was no time to rest. Supernatural struck fist, backing Jagged Edge into the corner with a series of kicks to the ribs, but the assault only seemed to enrage the Jagged One, as he hurled Supernatural across the ring in response. The story of the match was the Jagged Edge’s strength against Supernatural’s speed. Unfortunately for Supernatural, Jagged seemed one step ahead for most of the match, as his speed was not enough to avoid the bigger man’s clutches. At one point, Jagged pressed Supernatural over his head and seemed to consider tossing him into the crowd, before dropping him straight down to the mat.

Supernatural took to the air, attempting to latch on a flying guillotine, but Jagged caught him in a falling powerbomb. The end appeared to have came for Supernatural when Jagged hit his devastating Piledriver, but the Undead Luchadore shocked the fans in attendance, as well as the Jagged Edge, by kicking out. Supernatural was able to trap Jagged in his guillotine choke, but the determined Jagged Edge refused to give in to the hold. His arsenal nearly exhausted, Supernatural struck with perhaps the definition of a desperation move when he hit a double flying knee to the face from the top rope, known to PCW fans as “Day of the Dead”, the trademark maneuver of former champion Chip Day, the man who defeated Supernatural in a ladder match at Sacred Ground Chapter IV! This proved to be enough to put the Jagged Edge away, and Supernatural would advance to the next match.

Winner: Supernatural via pinfall (Day of the Dead) in 6:45

Match Three: Supernatural Vs. Geter

The arrival of the monster, Geter, brought Quasi Mandisco back out to scout the match, looking slightly less confident than he had earlier in the evening! Again, Supernatural took the fight right to his larger opponent, striking with kicks and forearms that did little more than anger the giant Geter. Supernatural was still looking to settle a score from the previous week, when Geter spiked him in the center of the ring with his devastating “Fall of Man” finishing maneuver during the show-ending brawl between Geter and the remainder of the locker room! Geter’s objective was the same as always: Destruction.

Perhaps knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep Geter down long enough for the DoubleStomp, Supernatural instead attempted the guillotine choke multiple times, but Geter was always able to power out of the hold. Geter smashed Supernatural in the corner with an avalanche and dropped a knee across the Undead Luchadore’s chest, crushing the air from his lungs. Geter scooped Supernatural up for the Fall of Man, but Supernatural was able to counter into a modified Dragon Sleeper to gain a temporary advantage. Supernatural went for a twisting crossbody off the turnbuckles but Geter caught him and crushed him with a fallaway slam. Supernatural kicked out, but when Geter again went for the Fall of Man and was able to connect, Supernatural was finally defeated.

Winner: Geter via pinfall (Fall of Man) at 7:10.

Match Four: CAMPUS Strike Force Vs. Trevor Aeon

CAMPUS made their first PCW appearance in many moons to inform the crowd they were on a mission to spread the importance of proper hygiene; keeping their ears clean so they can hear, keeping their teeth clean to eat, and taking care of their eyes to “let us see”. Unfortunately for CAMPUS, this sparked a “Let Us See” chant from the crowd which, as always, triggered the arrival of Trevor Aeon! Trevor dispatched CAMPUS in short order, busting out a Flatliner and a twisting reverse DDT, leaving only poor, scared, CAMPUS Green. Despite her attempts at bravery, facing Trevor alone was simply too much for her, and she fainted in the middle of the ring, giving Trevor the easy pinfall win.

Winner: Trevor Aeon via pinfall of CAMPUS Green (Fainting) in 1:29.

MAIN EVENT: Brian Kane (w/ Quasi Mandisco) Vs. Geter (w/ Brian Blaze) Vs. Shane Marx ( C ) (w/ Rachael) for the PCW Championship

Realizing the gravity of allowing Geter into the main event, Mandisco kept Kane on the floor in the early goings of the contest, allowing Geter to brutalize the champion Marx. Marx showed his typical fighting spirit, but Geter seemed to absorb the punishment like only he can. Marx was finally able to take the giant off his feet with a pair of enziguris, but unable to score a pinfall. This brought Brian Kane back into the ring, finally, and he climbed the turnbuckles and delivered a stunning moonsault to both men! Geter fell to the floor and stayed there for several minutes; Matt Hankins speculated that he may have dislocated his shoulder as Brian Blaze was observed attempting to work on Geter’s arm on the floor.

Kane focused in on Shane Marx in the ring, hammering the champion at every opportunity. Diverting the referee’s attention to a concerned Rachael allowed Kane’s manager, Mandisco, to viciously choke Marx in the corner. Geter finally made it back into the ring and hurled Marx to the floor. Each time the champion would attempt to return to the ring, Geter would boot him right off the apron. Kane zeroed in on the hurt arm of Geter, wrenching it between the ropes and pummeling on the damaged limb, but Geter proved just as deadly one-armed as he is with two.

Marx finally made his way back into the ring and rocked Kane with a spinebuster, hooking him for Natural Selection but unable to execute the move with Geter looming. Geter dispatched Marx once more and a new champion was imminent when Brian Kane experienced the Fall of Man, but Marx reappeared from out of nowhere, catching Geter with a shining wizard then pouncing on the destroyed Kane for the win!

Winner: Shane Marx via pinfall of Brian Kane (Fall of Man by Geter) in 16:11

All Hell broke loose after the bell rang, as Geter cornered Rachael and threatened to destroy her for what he perceived as him being screwed over the past few weeks. Time after time, Marx attempted to get to his feet and save his best friend, only for Geter to stomp him back down into the mat. Geter demanded a one on one title shot in exchange for sparing Rachael. Marx agreed, but informed the giant it would be on his terms, in HIS match: the Iron Man Match!

Equally outraged was Quasi Mandisco, who, once Geter was safely out of the ringside area, demanded a special….Quanza Mandiscmas showdown with Rachael at the next show! Rachael agreed and encouraged the fans to bring the wrapping paper, as she promised to wrap Quasi up and dump him into a casket, in a matchup that will prove to be like nothing PCW has ever seen before.

PCW TOP TEN, WEEK OF 12/8/2014

CHAMPION: Shane Marx

1: Geter
2: Bobby Moore
3: Brian Kane
4: Supernatural
5: Brian Blaze
6: Trevor Aeon
7: The Jagged Edge
8: Marko Polo
9: Devlin Valek
10: Velvet Jones

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