Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 02/25/11, from Piedmont, AL

Results: ProSouth Wrestling, 02/25/11, from Piedmont, AL
Drew Scott & Daniel Alexander reformed their tag team and destroyed Jed
Johnson & "Stinger" Shawn Seagle in our opening contest;

"Do or Die" Chip Day was defeated by "Epic" Grant Mitchell in a
back-and-forth match with many nearfalls;

Commissioner Terry Batey called our concession stand worker, Kendall, into
the ring to apologize for the mysterious stalker that has been giving her
gifts for the past few weeks, when collumbine interrupted and demanded to
know who it was. The lights went out and when they came back on,
collumbine was met with a huge Spear from "Hit for Hire" Bobby Moore that
left collumbine bleeding internally.

Representing Rave Approved, Mike Posey lost in an incredible match with
Kyle Matthews;

Corey Hollis wrestled Scott Spade in our semi-main event. Hollis seemed to
be in control when Spade caught him out of nowhere with a roll-up;

In our main event, fans surrounded the ring as lumberjacks with leather
straps. Ace Haven tossed Jimmy Rave to the hungry wolves numerous times
during the course of this match, allowing our fans to attack Rave on many
different occasions. Jimmy Rave eventually bailed by climbing over the
barricade and exiting through the front door. However, the lumberjacks and
Ace Haven followed him out into the street before Rave hopped into the bed
of a moving truck;

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