Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 05/13/11, from Avondale Estates, GA


Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 05/13/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Shane Marx & Aisha Sunshine pinned The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams)

Marko Polo pinned Warhorse 88;

Completely Awesome (Zach Daniels & Chad Silva) defeated The Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon & Rick Michaels) by referee stoppage;

Thomas Johnson, Mason and Pandora fought to a no-contest in a three-way matchl

The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze & Geter) pinned Team Heat Machine (Curry Kid & The Vandal);

CAMPUS Strike Force (Red, Blue, & Yellow) pinned The Warhorses (#2, #69 & #218);

Brandon Kage beat PCW Champion Grotesque by disqualification in a PCW Title Match;

Platinum Championship Wrestling: Champion---Grotesque; 1---Shane Marx; 2---Chip Day; 3---The Vandal; 4---Mason; 5---Thomas Johnson; 6---Brandon Kage; 7---Marko Polo; 8---Pandora; 9---Kyle Matthews; 10---Davey Richards

Notes from the show: The followed were injured -- Curry Kid (attack by the Konkrete Gorillaz) and will be out indefinitely. Miss Quinn was attacked by Vandal and will be out approximately a month. Brandon Kage had a tooth forcibly removed by Grotesque and will miss at least one week pending further evaluation.

CAMPUS Strike Force credits their newfound success to a mysterious "leader" who apparently is a former PCW personality. That "leader" is going to be at next week's PCW card.

The Assassin's Guild attempted recruitment of Pandora was unsuccessful. However, the recruitment of Lee Roy is apparently official, so the ranks of the Assassin's Guild (led by Jonathan Malik) include "Spitfire" Thomas Johnson, "The Extreme Assassin" Josh Coulter, Sylar Cross, and Lee Roy.

Tag Team Season Update: (as of 05/17/11)

The Tag Team Season began on March 4th, 2011.  There are eight teams in two divisions that will wrestle in ten matches.  When the season has concluded, the top two teams in each division will face off in a best-of-five series to determine which two teams will go on to face one another to determine the 2011 Tag Team Season winners.  Last year's winners were the Washington Bullets (Jon and Trey Williams) who defeated the team of Mason and Scott Steel.
Alpha Division:

The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams and Trey Williams) WINS 7 LOSSES 2 Note: 2010 Tag Team Season Champions

The Exotic Ones (Simon Sermon and Rick Michaels) WINS 3 LOSSES 4 Note: Currently on 3 match losing streak

"The Sensational" Jay Fury and "The Revelation" Shane Marx WINS 2 LOSSES 4 Note: Currently on 2 match winning streak

The Warhorses (any combination of the Warhorses permitted) WINS 2 LOSSES 7 Note: Mathmatically eliminated from playoffs

Omega Division:

Completely Awesome ("The Complete Attraction" Chad Silva and "Awesome" Zach Daniels) WINS 4 LOSSES 3 Note: Are technically winning their division due to a head-to-head win over the Konkrete Gorillaz

The Konkrete Gorillaz (any combination of Brian Blaze, Geter and Nemesis) WINS 4 LOSSES 3 Note: Currently on 2 match winning streak

Thunder and Lightning (Chris Ganz and Chris Lightning) WINS 2 LOSSES 1 Note: Scheduled to wrestle 4 Season matches in a row

Team Heat Machine (Curry Kid and The Vandal) WINS 2 LOSSES 2 Note: Curry Kid injured, The Vandal will be allowed a replacement partner

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