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Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 08/20/11, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 08/20/11, from Rossville, GA

- from EPW

The show opened up with the team of "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper and "The Messiah" Talon Williams taking on the team of Ray Ray (who was making his Empire debut) and the returning Cousin Cletus. Viper and Talon picked up the victory after Viper hit The Final Strike on Ray Ray.

Interim Commissioners Xtreme Generation made their way to the ring next with a briefcase. They stated that Empire now has Tag Team titles, and that they were naming themselves as the tag team champions. But, as they tried to pull the new tag team titles out of the briefcase, Ben Thrasher and JC Kent interrupted them. Ben told Kent that after they beat Extreme Generation later tonight, that they would be the new Empire tag team champions!!However, Xtreme Generation made the match a non title match.

Thunder & Lightening defeated Candyland X-Press (who was making their Empire debut)

Next up, Mr. Showtime made his Empire debut as he took on Chip Hazard. Chip used a chain and beat Mr. Showtime, however, when the referee raised Chip's hand, Chip dropped the chain. The referee saw the chain and restarted the match. Chip then attacked Mr. Showtime. But, as Chip went to hit a clothesline, Mr. Showtime hit a crucifix pin and picked up the victory.

In the first match of the best of 3 series to name the new Empire Heavyweight Champion, Dru Delite defeated KT Hamill and has a 1-0 advantage and is one win away from being the new Empire Heavyweight Champion.

Ben Thrasher & JC Kent defeated The Self Appointed Empire Tag Team Champions Xtreme Generation in a non title match.

The main event of the evening was Damien Frost vs Cyrus in a body bag match. As Frost went to finish off Cyrus with The Nail in the Coffin, Cyrus moved and Damian hit the referee. Cyrus then hit Frost with the Baldo Bomb. But as Cyrus went to wake up the ref, Johnny Viper hit the ring with Chloroform, causing him to pass out. Viper then helped Frost put Cyrus in the body bag, and woke up the Ref. Damien Frost defeated Cyrus in the body bag match. Afterwards, Viper and Frost pulled Cyrus backstage.

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