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Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 08/05/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Results: Platinum Championship Wrestling, 08/05/11, from Avondale Estates, GA

Marko Polo pinned Eric Walker;

In a threeway elimination match ROH Champion Davey Richards defeated Chip Day by submission after Chip Day pinned Kyle O'Reilly;

The Konkrete Gorillaz(Brian Blaze & Geter) pinned Completely Awesome (Zach Daniels & Zackary Blane);

Jay Fury pinned Tony Kozina;

Mason pinned Lee Roy;

Timmy McCledon and Kurt Killgore wrestled to a no-contest;

Vandal defeated CAMPUS Red by submission;

In a match to determine who would wrestle for the ROH title at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two Shane Marx and Kyle Matthews wrestled to a time-limit draw;

 Davey Richards said he would defend against both men.

Platinum Championship Wrestling Rankings: Champion---Grotesque; 1---Mason; 2---Kyle Matthews; 3---Shane Marx; 4---Chip Day; 5---Pandora; 6---The Vandal; 7---Jay Fury; 8---Dany Only; 9---Marko Polo; 10---Davey Richards

Notes from the show:

The Konkrete Gorillaz closed out their playoff series with Completely Awesome, winning the best-of-five series 3-1. They will face the winner of the Washington Bullets/Shane Marx and Mason series, which the Bullets are leading 2-1. The Bullets and Marx-Mason teams are set to wrestle the next match next Friday at the August 12th show

The last time Jay Fury and Tony Kozina wrestled on the same card was at Full Impact Pro in 2005

Mason defeated Lee Roy in the finals of the Platinum Classic. This not only made Mason the third winner of the tournament (The Vandal and Brian Blaze were the other two) but makes Mason the #1 contender to go against the PCW World Champion (currently Grotesque) in the main event at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two on September 24th. The scene at the end of the match where Mason was being held back and Grotesque, chainsaw in hand was held back by the Empire was intense and harrowing

In an completely insane moment, Dr. MeLei was drawn into a physical conflict when Master Jae and Pandora were attacking Mason as PCW wrestlers fought all over Academy Theater against other Empire wrestlers. When the situation became dire, Pandora apparently instructed Master Jae to attack Dr. MeLei. After sedating Master Jae with a syringe, Pandora got physical with the Doctor, who actually managed to powerslam the toughest woman in wrestling. Pandora attacked MeLei as she tended to Mason, and Aesha Sunshine joined the fray

Timmy McClendon and CAMPUS were outsted officially from the Empire

PCW Champion Grotesque will have to defend the PCW title at least one more time before Sacred Ground: Chapter Two. That defense will have to take place before August 28th.

"Hands of Steel" Seth Delay is going to wrestle The Vandal in a best-of-seven series now known as The Vandal Invitational. The best-of-seven invitation started in March 2010 when The Phantom challenged Najasism and defeated him in seven matches. Then known as the Phantom Invitational, The Vandal defeated The Phantom in seven matches to now hold sway over the series. Seth Delay and The Vandal will begin the series August 12th

"The Revelation" Shane Marx and Kyle Matthews to a time-limit draw. There was a call for five more minutes, but Davey Richards simply said that he would face both men. Negotiations are currently taking place to determine what the exact rules and nature of that match for the ROH title will be

Sacred Ground: Chapter Two on September 24th is slated to be:

Main event: PCW Champion (currently Grotesque) versus Mason in a steel cage

Also in a steel cage, Pandora will face Aesha Sunshine with the first one to escape the cage to be the winner in order to determine as clean cut a winner as possible

The other match in the cage will be Nemesis against Jay Fury

NWA World Champion "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce will face "Do Or Die" Chip Day

ROH Champion Davey Richards will face Kyle Matthews and "The Revelation" Shane Marx for the ROH title

"Spitfire" Thomas Johnson will face "The Shooter" Vordell Walker

The finals of the Tag Team Season will take place as The Konkrete Gorillaz (Brian Blaze and Geter) will take on the winner of the Washington Bullets/Shane Marx & Mason series

A Platinum Royal will open the show, the winner of which will be able to challenge any of the title being defended at Sacred Ground: Chapter Two at a later date

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