Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Empire Pro-Wrestling this Saturday, 12/17/11, in Rossville, GA

Empire Pro-Wrestling this Saturday, 12/17/11, in Rossville, GA

- from Empire Pro-Wrestling

Both of the former members of X-Treme Generation have been signed for this Saturday night, although they have been warned to stay away from each other, as they will have their faceoff on Christmas Night. But on December 17th, Jason Hampton will face "The Best" Lamar Phillips, while Jerry Anderson will square off against The Light.

Ben Thrasher and Rush will be at the Empire Arena and both have their work cut out for them this Saturday night. Big Ben will clash with Devil's Reject "Strong Style Psycho" Tank. These 2 were the 1st 2 to enter the "Rossville Rumble" last Saturday night and well, let's put it this way: It was like 2 gladiators fighting to the end. Since the Devil's Rejects injured Ben Thrasher over a month ago, putting him out of action for 2 weeks, he has been biding his time, just waiting to avenge the carnage inflicted by the Devil's Rejects. Now he has his chance. Only Thrasher and Tank in the squared circle this Saturday night. I will be at a safe distance from the ring!

And in another battle with revenge being the motive, Rush tangles with Devil's Reject Andrew Alexander. It was Rush, Ben Thrasher, and Ring Announcer Buzz who were all left beaten in the ring a little over a month ago at the Empire Arena. Now Rush is in line for his showdown with one of The Reverend's Devil's Rejects, the sinister Andrew Alexander. The Reverend has certainly been putting in extra time with his Devil's Rejects at their infamous "Compound". This could prove to be a wise move on his part with Ben Thrasher and Rush getting their "day in court" with The Devil's Rejects!

Join us this Saturday night, December 17th at the Empire Arena, 22 Austin Avenue, Rossville, GA for the absolute best in Professional Wrestling, talent wise and facility wise. The Empire Arena is spacious, heated, and of course we have a fully stocked & fair priced concession stand. We Will See You Saturday, Bell Time is 8:00 PM...and YES all tickets are $5.00!

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