Sunday, December 18, 2011

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 12/17/11, from Rossville, GA

Results: Empire Pro Wrestling, 12/17/11, from Rossville, GA

- from Empire Pro Wrestling

We are one week away from our huge Christmas show, and tonight at the Empire Arena, the action was hotter than ever!

In our opening match, Jason Hampton defeated Lamar Phillips with a Double Arm DDT. Jerry Anderson was at ringside scouting Hampton.

Next up was "The World's Greatest Athlete" Johnny Viper taking on Logan Alvey. Brandon and Jason Collins were ringside with Viper and tried to get involved early. This brought out Chris Ganz and Corey Cox to even the odds. Johnny Viper defeated Logan Alvey after reversing a sunset flip and getting some help from Brandon and Jason Collins. After the match Logan Alvey, Chris Ganz and Corey Cox challenged Johnny Viper, Brandon & Jason Collins to a 6 man tag team match on Christmas Night.

In our next match, Rush defeated Andrew Alexander via countout. Rush went to hit the stunner on Andrew, but Alexander blocked it and left the match, getting himself counted out.

Next up was a contract signing for the Empire Heavyweight Championship match for Christmas Night between Champion Rufus Black and Puppy Pedro. Rufus was first to sign the contract and Puppy Pedro signed next. All of the sudden Puppy Pedro's mask came off revealing Dru Delight! When The Reverend looked at the contract, He saw that Dru Delight signed his name to the match. Dru will challenge Rufus for the title on Christmas Night.In our next match, Jerry Anderson hit The Light with a chain behind the referee's back and was able to pick up the win. However, Jason Hampton, who was ringside scouting the match, informed the Ref that Jerry used a chain. The ref found the chain and restarted the match. The Light was able to score a quick roll-up to pick up the victory over Anderson.

The main Event between Tank and Ben Thrasher ended in a no contest. Ben had Tank in a sleeper and Tank was almost counted out, when Andrew Alexander hit the ring and attacked Ben, with Tank. Rush then hit the ring to even up the score. The Devil's Rejects gained the advantage once again when Rufus Black hit the ring. Finally Dru Delight stormed the ring to Help Ben and Rush. Johnny Viper, Jason Collins, Brandon Collins, Chris Ganz and Corey Cox hit the ring to try to break up the fight. However, Ganz and Viper bumped into each other and began to fight. All of the sudden we had a huge brawl on our hands. One By one The Devil's Rejects, Viper, Brandon & Jason Collins were tossed out of the ring. Ben Thrasher then grabbed the mic and told Tank and Andrew that their Tag Team title match against him and Rush would no be a tornado rules match. Which means all four men will be in the ring at the same time!

Another great night at Empire. And boy do we have an amazing card for you guys on Christmas Night.

You will see:

Jason Hampton vs Jerry Anderson;

NWA North American Heavyweight Champion Shawn Tempers vs Kyle Matthews vs Keith Hamill in a triple threat match for the title.

Johnny Viper, Jason & Brandon Collins vs Logan Alvey, Chris Ganz & Corey Cox, assuming that Viper and the Collins accept the match;

Empire Tag Team Champions Tank and Andrew Alexander defend their titles against Rush and Ben Thrasher;

And Empire Heavyweight Champion Rufus Black will defend his title against Dru Delite.

This will be a show you wont want to miss! And tickets are just $5!! We here at Empire would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and we hope you join us on Christmas Night.

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