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Results: Rampage Pro Wrestling, 12/04/11, from Warner Robins, GA

Results: Rampage Pro Wrestling, 12/04/11, from Warner Robins, GA

- from Daniel Lumm

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling results Dec 4th, 2011.

by Daniel Lee Lumm

Matches timed by Avery Edwards.

Before the show is officially kicked off, the crowd is treated with a video showcasing NWA’s 2011 Hall of Fame class. The class includes Pat O’Connor, Dusty Rhodes, Angel Sevoldi, Rikidozen, Sue “Tex” Green, “Classy” Freddie Blassie, Chief Wahoo McDaniel, Johnny Valentine, the LeBell/Eaton family, and Bill Apter.

Rob Adonis &”Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore(w/ Charlie Cash) Defeat Tommy Daniels & CB Gibson via pinfall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Daniels and Gibson are new to the Rampage crowd but get some fairly supportive reactions from the crowd during the early match. The match was a good opening to the show to get the crowd hyped up a bit. The match ended with Cash Vault’s finisher, Moore’s boot to the face followed directly by a German Suplex by Adonis, for the win.

2 on 1 Handicap Tag Match

The Ninja defeats “The Winner” Anthony Andrews & “Marvelous” Michael Stevens via pinfall at 4:45

Referee: Stan Robinson

It’s announced that Andrews and Stevens will have to abide by Tag Team rules, which they quickly ignored as they both rushed Ninja, doing a number on him, before finally listening to the referee and playing more by the rules. From here Andrews and Stevens played it safe and tagged each other in regularly to stay at the top of their game. In the end, Ninja came out on top by rolling up Andrews after he accidently hit Marv. After the match, Stevens and Andrews attacked Ninja until the usual rogue crowd member rushed in to save him, only to later be taken out by security.

6-Man Tag Team Match

Mikael Judas & Murder 1 & AJ Steele defeat “Untouchable” Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis & “Hit for Hire” Bobby Moore (w/ Charlie Cash) via pinfall at 15:12

Referee: Dustin Robinson

The crowd was more alive in this match, likely due to how much they always support the Usual Suspects. Vain was obviously intimidated by Mikael Judas, having barely slipped away from defeat from him just over a month ago. Most of the match had Murder 1 taking a beating from Cash Vault and Jeremy Vain, who collectively hold both the Tag Titles and the Heavyweight Title for Rampage. Moore enjoyed trash talking most of the time when they had control, with Steele showing obvious frustration with both the dirty tactics used by the opponents and the referee’s calls when they got away with them. About 12 minutes in, AJ tags in and clears house. At this point, everyone made their way into the ring and the ref lost control. The match ended with Suspects landing a Double Chokeslam on Moore to secure the win.

8-Man Tag Team Match

J-Rod & Drew Adler & Ace Rockwell & Adrian Hawkins defeat Corey Hollis & Chip Day & Mike Posey & Patrick Bentley via pinfall at 15:35

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match felt odd with Drew Adler being on J-Rod’s team, something most of the crowd didn’t see coming, but it worked out real well with Adler’s charisma and ability to get the crowd going. The match starts with J-Rod’s team attacking the Jimmy Rave Approved members and the ref taking a bit to restore order. We see a lot of the usual tricks from the Approved members, finding any opportunity to get around the referee to steer the match in their favor. Both teams really seem to be on even ground the entire match long, constantly tagging to stay fresh and showing amazing wrestling talent. In the end, everyone makes their way into the ring, with Approved coming out on top and isolated Adler while keeping his team mates outside. Right when it seems the Approved had the match in the bag, Adler rolled up Posey while the remaining members were focused on what was happening outside and managed to pick up the victory. After the match, Jimmy Rave Approved gives Referee Stan Robinson a difficult time, pushing him around and arguing about the match ending. The Senior Official, Dustin Robinson, makes his way to the ring to try and calm them down but things quickly get out of hand when Jimmy Rave runs to the ring and attacks Dustin once again. Rave manages to cut off a good bit of hair from Dustin as they go on to attack Stan and their opponents who just won the match. The RPW Sheriff, Thunderbolt Patterson, comes out to put an end to all the chaos, telling Rave that their attitude won’t be tolerated and that Rave “has to leave”. In a very interesting segment that went on for a few minutes, Patterson chewed out the Approved in a not-so PG tone ultimately ending in him daring them to cross him again. They finally all went to the back as we went to a short intermission for them to clean the ring of Dustin’s hair as he and Stan are helped to the back.

Rumble to determine who will face “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on December 18th

The match lasted over 30 minutes with several competitors making their attempts to have a chance at the 10 Pounds of leather and gold. Interesting parts of the match included how the Approved managed to all get in the ring at once and create a significant numbers game, Judas taking all 4 of them out, Marv and Andrews stalling outside of the ring for fear of Judas, Ninja coming into the match and unmasking himself as the same rogue crowd member who stormed the ring earlier in the night, and even some surprising absentees such as Sal Rinauro, Jimmy Rave, and Shaun Banks. The order and time of the entrants as well as the eliminations are as follows:

--Patrick Bentley and CB Gibson started the match off.

*Gibson is eliminated 1:19

--Posey entered at 1:19

--Tommy Daniels entered at 2:37

*Posey eliminated Daniels at 3:07 (Daniels has the shortest run in the match with 30 seconds)

--Corey Hollis entered at 3:46
--Officer Chris Jacobs entered at 4:56
*Posey eliminated Jacobs at 5:34
--Anthony Henry entered at 6:05

--Chip Day entered at 7:13

*Chip Day eliminated Henry at 7:47

--Drew Adler entered at 8:21

*Posey eliminated Adler at 9:14

--Mikael Judas entered at 9:31

*Judas eliminated Posey at 10:24

*Judas eliminated Bentley at 10:31 (Bentley lasts the longest in the match at 10:31)

*Judas eliminated Hollis at 10:38

*Judas eliminated Day at 11:01

--Anthony Andrews entered at 10:38

--Michael Stevens entered 11:41

--Ninja entered at 12:53

*Ninja eliminated both Marv and Andrews at 13:14

*Judas eliminated Ninja at 13:28

--Rob Adonis entered at 14:00

--Jeremy Vain entered at 15:12
*Judas eliminated Adonis at 15:25

--Cru Jones entered at 16:24

--Adrian Hawkins entered at 17:34

*Vain eliminated Hawkins at 18:13

*Cru eliminated Judas at 18:24 (Judas gains the most eliminations with 6 people)

--Murder 1 enters at 18:39

--Bobby Moore entered at 19:47

*Moore eliminated Murder 1 at 19:55

--J-Rod entered at 21:01

*J-Rod eliminated Moore at 22:07

--AJ Steele entered at 22:14

--Ace Rockwell entered at 23:22

*Steele eliminated Moore at 23:57

*Cru eliminated Steele at 23:59

--Kyle Matthews entered at 24:30 and is announced as the last entrant

*Vain eliminated Rockwell at 26:55

*Matthews eliminated Cru at 28:46

*Matthews eliminated Vain at 33:46 to win the match.




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