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More NWA Atlanta news

More NWA Atlanta news

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The National Wrestling Alliance has awarded the rights to the NWA Georgia Heavyweight title to NWA-Atlanta. The new title is already in the process of being made. When the new title is completed, a tournament will be held to determine the new title holder. The NWA Georgia Heavyweight title will only be defended on National Wrestling Alliance sanctioned shows.

NWA-Atlanta is now the official governing body for the National Wrestling Alliance in Georgia.

The NWA-Atlanta title match and the War Games match:

AJ Steele vs. Pain vs. Bill the Butcher
Did you ever wonder what would happen if you combined a Tornado, a Hurricane, and an Earthquake? Scratch that, which one is the most devastating? If you pit 2 against 1, then is it an easy choice to pick a winner, but 1 vs. 1 vs. 1, not so much. He is big, powerful, strong, and can literally rip your arm out of socket with a text book arm drag, that is the NWA- Atlanta heavyweight champion AJ Steele. Honestly, how many wrestlers in Indy wrestling can perform a text book arm drag? Not many.

He weighs 450lbs, moves like a 230 pounder, and can crush your head like a grape with a moonsault from the top rope, just ask AJ Steele, that is the monster known as Pain.

Last but not least, if there was ever a human being that was a real life whirlwind version of the Tasmanian Devil, totally unpredictable, surprisingly deadlier with his feet than his hands, that is Bill the Butcher.

This all started immediately after AJ Steele won the NWA- Atlanta heavyweight title. Enter in Jersey Gurl who let it be known that she was in NWA- Atlanta for one thing and one thing only and that was to lead her clients to the top. Jersey Gurl seemed to favor wrestlers who where literally monsters. It is almost as she has a trance over all of them, a modern day twisted version of beauty and the beast, not to be confused with the NWA- Atlanta tag champs Beauty and the Beast (Michaels & Hayes) where fans are left wondering which guy is the beauty? Jersey Gurl came at AJ with a hoard of Monsters that she controlled, Jason the Terrible, Leatherface 2.0, and Pain. AJ could not go a week without being jumped. Finally, AJ got a partner that could go toe to toe with the monsters of Jersey Gurl, AJ got a monster of his own in Bill the Butcher. The time came for the big tag match showdown where the odds would be close to even with only Jersey Gurl allowed at ringside and all other monsters banned. What AJ was unaware of was Jersey Gurl’s ability to control any monster, including Bill the Butcher. AJ soon found out as Bill turned on AJ during the tag match and almost decapitated AJ with a running lariat while also having his trusty chain wrapped around his lariat wielding arm. AJ was once again was left laying. AJ tried to exact revenge the following show, but was overcome by the 4 on 1 odds which made him a subject to a 450lb Pain moonsault. When AJ returned something was different. AJ had a certain crazed spark in his eye. Each week AJ became the attacker and not the attackie. AJ took out Jason the Terrible, and then he took out Leatherface 2.0 the following show. Neither has been seen since the AJ attacks on them. Jersey Gurl using her “assets” protested the attacks and got her way; a 2 on 1 handicap match between her 2 remaining monsters, Pain & Bill the Butcher vs. AJ. Things did not go Jersey Gurl’s way and AJ caused a DQ and turned the match into a improve weapons street fight. To add to the drama NWA-Atlanta authorities announced on the spot at the end of the chaos that AJ would defend the NWA- Atlanta heavyweight title against Pain and Bill the Butcher, but in a 3-way match at War Games. Pain and Bill the Butcher immediately started to size each other up. Jersey Gurl quickly intervened to calm down the monsters.

Now the big question is will Pain and Bill the Butcher remain as one and do Jersey Gurl’s bidding or will the greed of being NWA- Atlanta heavyweight champion take over and cause them to end up battling each other. If the April 13th show is any indicator AJ Steel maybe in for big trouble. Pain & Bill the Butcher defeated Bobby Hayes (1/2 of the NWA- Atlanta Tag-Team champs) and Matt Sells (filling in for a mysteriously absent Rick Michaels). During the tag team match Pain & Bill the Butcher showed no conflict in team work and worked together like a well oiled machine, not good news for AJ Steele.
Rick Michaels, Simon Sermon, Bobby Hayes, Fry Daddy, & the Patriot vs. Prince Akbar and his Afghan Assassins

There is a reason that you never really see an Assassin in a one on one fight. The words “Honor” and “Assassin” do not go hand in hand. There is no honor in attacking an unsuspecting or defenseless victim, some would even call this cowardly, just ask the people of Boston that. Prince Akbar is now claiming to be the victim of the Capitalist Pigs prejudice against his race and culture. Prince Akbar is going as far as to call his body guards/ henchmen as his “Guard” and that the vile democratic American people have labeled his men as “Assassins”. Prince Akbar would have everyone believe that the bias American press has painted a negative and unjust image of him. Rick Michaels, Simon Sermon, Bobby Hayes, and Fry Daddy would disagree with that. Fry Daddy seemed to be the first target of Prince Akbar. Akbar openly expressed his disdain of everything Fry- Daddy appealed to, going as far as referring to Fry Daddy as “Kanye West”. Akbar was soon involving himself and his “Guard” in other wrestlers business, most notably the tag team champions, Rick Michaels and Bobby Hayes. Akbar and his two Assassins/ Guards faced off against Hayes, Fry Daddy, and Michaels replacement Joey Kidman. Up until this point Akbar always had two Guards flanking him everywhere he went. It looked like Akbar and his assassins would finally have to face equal odds, but we all thought wrong. A third Assassin/Guard hit the ring during the 6-man contest. Fast forward two weeks to the next show, and now it looked like things would be fair. Michaels called on an old ally, Simon Sermon to equal the odds, but to no avail, Akbar had a fourth Assassin attack. Michaels, Hayes, Sermon, and Fry-Daddy had been pushed to the limit, every time the numbers looked equal Akbar would bring in another Assassin, and every time the numbers were equal, Akbar and his Assassins/Guard would scatter like cockroaches when the lights are turned on in Ben Master’s double wide trailer. Michaels, Hayes, Sermon, and Fry-Daddy had had enough of the attacks and anti-American rants from Akbar. They went and enlisted the one guy that bleeds red, white, and blue; the Patriot. The challenged was issued and the match was signed. Rick Michaels, Simon Sermon, Bobby Hayes, Fry Daddy, & the Patriot vs. Prince Akbar and his Afghan Assassins/Guard in a War Games match. 2 rings, 1 cage, no escape, no pin falls, only a tap out wins. Five vs. Five, once the cage door is locked, no one gets in, and no one gets out until someone taps.

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