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Results: NWA Atlanta, 04/13/13, from Locust Grove, GA

Results: NWA Atlanta, 04/13/13, from Locust Grove, GA

Drew Adler defeated Fry-Daddy and Marco Polo in a 3-way match;

- A preview match for the upcoming 4-way Gauntlet match at War Games on April the 27th in Stockbridge, GA. No tags, just wide open action. Polo tried to stay out of the way and pick his spots from outside of the ring, but that plan soon went off track. Fry-Daddy hit a Cut-Line (RKO) on Polo and looked to have the win, but he was immediately met with a Huge Drew Adler Ax kick.

Prince Akbar’s Assassins w/ Prince Akbar defeated Totally Insane;

-Totally Insane got off to a fast start, but was quickly grounded. The smaller of the 2 members of Totally Insane took a vicious beating. He finally managed to make a desperation tag to his larger partner. He had the Assassins reeling until he tried for a shooting star press that ended up looking like a Whisper in the wind that was more like a fart lost in a hurricane. After the disastrous crash and burn (that will soon be on Tosh.O) the Assassins hit the Guillotine Hot Shot for the win.

Zac Edwards defeated Mike Cannon;

- Zac Edwards let his blunt side out on this evening. A&E channel’s American Gypsies were in attendance in full force. The 14 year old daughter who is dressed like she was going on 21, was quite a site, so much so that Zac inquired if she was a Gypsy or a Hooker? Needles to say the Gypsies started to revolt and a near riot was on hand “Snatch” style. Zac may have won some female fans who verbally agreed with Zac as the riot almost broke out. Enter happy go lucky Mike Cannon who seemed clueless to Zac’s comments. Cannon soon found out, as Zac held the ropes open for Cannon, Zac caught him with the “Sucker” of all sucker punches. This prompted Kurt Kilgore to come to ringside and heckle Cannon. Kilgore distracted Cannon, which Lead to a modified Flatliner by Zac for the win. Afterwards as Cannon was getting up Kilgore jumped on his back with what looked to be an “either” rag and put Cannon to sleep. Kilgore ripped Cannon & the fans apart on the mic. Kilgore said the stipulation for the War Games match was that Cannon had to have 1 arm tied behind his back. Kilgore vowed to beat Cannon at War Games and make him wear a dress.

AJ Steele defeated the BFF’s in a handed cap match;

-AJ, who will have to defend his NWA-Atlanta HWT belt at War Games against partners & stable mates Pain and Bill the Butcher, but in a 3-way match, had to face the risqué duo of the BFF’s in a Handicap match this night. It took a while, but the BFF’s finally used their numbers to slow AJ and his power down. The BFF’s looked to have the match won, but got to confident and literally tripped into an ankle lock.

Pain & Bill the Butcher w/ Jersey Gurl defeated Bobby Hayes & Matt Sells. Non-Title;

-Hayes started the show off by saying he had not heard from Rick Michaels all day and that he thought there may be some foul play involved, but said he would go it alone against Pain & Bill the Butcher. During the first intermission out comes Matt Sells, who says that “Rick may not be here because of Prince Akbar and his Assassins, or maybe it’s because of Jersey Gurl and her Monsters, or maybe Rick was in another state teaming with Simon Sermon, anyways, I’m here and I have filled in before and I have your (Bobby’s) back and I have it again tonight.

The match was back and fourth. The numbers game came into effect with Jersey Gurl on the outside of the ring. Everything broke down at the end of the match and in the mass confusion Pain & Bill get the non-title win over Bobby & Matt, with an assisted choke bomb/neck breaker combo on Sells. The look of frustration did not last long on Hayes as Prince Akbar and 4 of his Assassins attacked Hayes. Pain and Bill the Butcher joined in on the Chaos helping the Assassins out. Sells managed to try and seek cover under the ropes near the ring post. Fry Daddy hit the ring trying to help, but was over come by the odds. AJ Steele tried to hit the ring to make the save, but the numbers were too great. Mike Cannon then tried to come to the rescue, but to no such luck, as he was beaten down also. Out comes Kurt Kilgore (after Cannon was beaten down) to add insult to injury and laid his kicks to the back of Cannon’s head. A familiar patriotic song blared across the P.A. system and to the shock of everyone there out came the Patriot. He hit the ring taking assassins heads off with lariats, just long enough for Steele, Cannon, Fry Daddy, Hayes, and finally Sells at the end, to exact a bit of pay back for the attack. Fry Daddy, Cannon, & Steele all vowed victory at War Games. In the odd moment of the night Sells then grabs the mic and proclaims “I don’t have a dog in this fight, but Rick Michaels does, and he hates you all and he is going to destroy you all in that double cage War Games match!”. Now, Imagine an instigating girlfriend proclaiming her boyfriend will kick you’re ass, and you will get the feel for the moment, which was priceless. Sells realizing the awkwardness of the moment looked at the Patriot and started a U!-S!-A! chant, that quickly killed the awkwardness.

The WAR Games super show will be at the Stockbridge Middle School in Stockbridge, GA on April 27th.

Scheduled thus far, but not limited to:

4-way Gauntlet match for the inaugural MAX Championship.

Mike Cannon (With 1 arm tied behind his back) vs. Kurt Kilgore. The loser wears a dress.

AJ Steele (Champion) vs. Pain vs. Bill the Butcher for the NWA– Atlanta HWT Title.

Prince Akbar & his Assassins vs. Simon Sermon, Rick Michaels, Bobby Hayes, Fry Daddy, & the Patriot in a double steel cage War Games match. No pins, No escapes, someone has to tap.

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