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Results: NWA Atlanta, 04/27/13, from Locust Grove, GA

Results: NWA Atlanta, 04/27/13, from Locust Grove, GA

- from NWA Atlanta

NWA- Atlanta’s War Games was a huge success. In front of a capacity crowd the NWA- Atlanta roster delivered a adrenalin charged mega dose of entertainment that left the entire crowd buzzing as they left the show at nights end.

The first ever 4- way gauntlet match for the MAX championship lived up to the hype and some have already said it surpassed the hype. All competitors made use of the two rings, but Drew Adler took advantage of this from the start. The first four wrestlers to start the Gauntlet were #1 Drew Adler, #2 Zac Edwards, #3 Matt Sells, and #4 Shaun Banks. Upon intros Adler took to the far ring from the entrance. Almost everyone else immediately jumped in to the closest ring to the entrance. Adler gained an advantage on anyone switching rings by setting up shop and waiting for them to come to him. The first to be eliminated was Edwards by Adler. # 5 Marko then entered next. Marko stalled a lot before entering. Banks then ventured to the further ring where Adler waited, which led to Adler eliminating Banks. #6 Kody Jack then entered. Adler would then eliminate Sells with an assist by Jack. El Gato then entered. #7 El Gato was quickly eliminated when his top rope cross body press was countered by Marko, thus Marko eliminated El Gato. #8 Fry Daddy then entered. Fry-Daddy was a surprise to most in attendance because he was scheduled for the War Games cage match that night, but Fry Daddy was not going to let a chance at winning the MAX title pass by. Fry Daddy received a huge pop from the crowd when he made his intro. Marko, who was playing “Possum” from Adler and Jack, was visually expressing disgust for Fry Daddy’s pop and intro. Fry Daddy cleaned house and ended up isolated in one ring with Kody Jack wear he hit Jack with a Cut Line (RKO) after Jack crashed and burned on a top rope moonsault. Within seconds of the Jack elimination Marko in the other ring was able to eliminate Adler with a version of the “roll the dice”. Announcer Chad Sheppard announced that the final two competitors where Fry Daddy and Marko. The two stared off from opposite rings, and then slowly they met in the middle of one ring. The stare down lasted for almost a minute with the roar of the crowd growing the longer the stare down went on. Finally the tension was cut and the two stared trading blows. The physical chess match was own. Who could catch who in his finishing move? The final 3 minutes was a maze of moves where Marko and Fry Daddy continuously escaped each other’s finishing move. Finally out of no- where Fry Daddy was able to hit a 180 assisted Cut Line out of the corner for the 1,2, 3, and become the first ever MAX Champion.

Totally insane came into this match more reserved than their previous appearance with NWA- Atlanta and the game plan seemed to work as they were able to counter most of the BFF’s trickery. The BFF’s then took advantage of the rules, or shall we say knowledge of bending the rules and took the advantage. Totally Insane finally made a comeback and looked to have the win, but were out smarted in the end. The BFF’s steal the victory.

Mike Cannon hit the ring with one arm behind his back, and did not look to be concerned with the “No DQ” stipulation. Kurt Kilgore came to the ring with every piece of Nike/under-armor clothing known to mankind. Adrian Peterson would have been proud. Cannon toyed with Kilgore, offering him a him headlock, and seemed to be amused by Kilgore. Kilgore quickly resorted to his faithful “Either” rag and put Cannon to sleep. Kilgore then took the rag off Cannon’s face and demanded to win by pin fall. To the shock of Kilgore, Cannon kicked out at 2. Kilgore panicked and realized he had tossed his “Rag” from the ring. Cannon now was quickly waking up from his groggy state and looked to channel ”Tataka” as he stomped around the ring gargling what sounded like broken English. Kilgore bounced off Cannon and ended up in a 1-armed airplane spin. After the airplane spin Kilgore found himself in a modified 1- arm sleeper, Kilgore fought for his live and thanks to his Nike shoulder pad shirt was able to hold off a fully locked in sleeper for a few precious seconds, because in those few precious seconds Price Akbar and one of his Assassins hit the ring and attack Cannon like a pack of wild dogs. Kilgore then was placed on top of Cannon for the winning pin fall. Cannon laying KO’d, then was placed in a dress, and to add more insult, also was placed in one of Prince Akbar’s Muslim female garbs. Akbar then placed a head scarf upon Kilgore in front of the hostile War Games crowd.

Picture this: 450lb wrestler Pain doing a suicide dive from one ring to the other. That set the tone for this match. This match went throughout the building, into the general admission bleachers, into the lobby, and through the metal guard rails. Best line of the night was from a female fan who was running for her life as the brawl spilled to the floor yelling ”This $hit just got real”! It looked as Jersey Gurl’s game plan was working as Pain and Bill the Butcher worked together to take AJ out. With AJ out of the picture that left the two behemoths alone in the ring together and the question of who was the toughest would soon be answered. Jersey Gurl was screaming for them to stick to the game plan and stay on AJ, but it was too late. Pain and BTB tore into each other. AJ, who had time to rest took advantage of this and was able to garner a comeback. Upon AJ’s comeback Jersey Gurl got involved only to have AJ cut her off and pull her into the ring. While AJ had Jersey Gurl trapped in the corner, Pain charged only to have AJ side step him causing Pain to crush Jersey Gurl in the corner, who crumbled to the ground. Just after that Pain charged AJ in the other corner, but BTB stepped in out of know where and was able to hit an unbelievable power slam on the 450lb Pain, but then fed right into a Steel City Bomb. Winner and still NWA-Atlanta champion, AJ Steele.

The question going into the WAR Games match by all of the crowd and NWA-Atlanta workers included was could the WAR GAMES match live up to the rest of the show. Jimmy “Ox” Oxindene and his ring crew were able to get not 1, but 2 cages up in just under 30 minutes.

Rick Michaels and an Assassin started off the match. Chad Sheppard flipped a coin and Akbar’s team had won the advantage, thus the next participate was another Assassin. Next out was Simon Sermon. The crowd erupted when hearing the familiar Exotic One’s theme. The Exotic reunion was in full effect and Rick & Simon where bouncing the Afghan Assassin’s all over the rings. Next out was another Assassin, which gave them the numbers advantage that they put to good use. Next out was Bobby Hayes who single handily cleaned house. By this point Rick Michaels was a bloody mess. Every though it was 3 on 3, Hayes tilted the favor for Michaels, Sermon, and himself. Just like clockwork, another Afghan Assassin entered, but even though it was 4 on 3, Hayes, Michaels, and Sermon seemed to be fairing well, and kept the advantage. Next out was Fry Daddy. Fry Daddy received a huge pop from the crowd when coming out of the War Games themed entrance, but as he was half way down the entrance 2 more Afghan Assassins attacked him out of nowhere. After a brutal attack that included metal guard rails and shots to the neck with said guard rails, the extra referees and security was able to back the 2 assailants away and get help to Fry Daddy and get him to the back out of harm’s way. By this time the 4 on 3 match up in the ring had evened up and the Assassin’s number advantage had taken its effect. Out next was Prince Akbar who was all “grins”, smelling and rubbing his hands together. Alongside of Akbar was Kurt Kilgore who was pointing to his head as to say he had outsmarted everyone. Akbar entered and it was now 5 on 3. All Akbar had to do is pick up his men’s scraps. By this point Sermon, Michaels, and Hayes were all busted open. Next out was the Patriot, who immediately made eye contact with Kurt Kilgore who happened to be in-between the Patriot and the cage door. Kilgore antagonized the Patriot and distracted him long enough for another sneak attack by 2 more Afghan Assassins. The Patriot surprisingly held his own against the 2 Assassins until Kilgore was able to get in a shot with a questionable weapon ,then the 2 Assassins beat the Patriot down. As before, the security and extra referees were able to back off the assailants and get help to the Patriot. You could almost see the life sucked out of Michaels, Sermon, and Hayes. The minutes were long as the beating was brutal. The numbers were too much. It was 5 on 3 in the ring and Kilgore and two more Afghan Assassins were guarding the door on the outside of the ring. Akbar had his men set up Michaels, Hayes, and Sermon in one ring. All three men were placed in camel clutches. As Akbar admired his work and taunted the crowd, all of the lights in the building went out, it was pitch black. All of the sudden a nuclear bomb siren started blaring over the PA system, then music hit and the lights came back on. Standing in the entrance was Andy & Axil Anderson with chairs in hand. Kilgore and Akbar were ecstatic and literally jumping for joy. The Andersons slowly entered the ring, high five-ing Kilgore as they passed. In the ring were the two men that had caused them to leave NWA-Atlanta, Hayes & Michaels. With chairs in hand, they pulled back and swung, connecting with two Assassin’s heads! Akbar was in shocked. The Anderson’s lit into the Assassins and Prince Akbar. With a second wind of hope and the Anderson’s help Hayes, Michaels, and Sermon were making a comeback. Kilgore was outside of the cage going ballistic. When Kilgore protested to announcer Chad Sheppard, Sheppard announced that the War Games match was now 5 on 5, and that Fry Daddy & the Patriot never officially entered the cage, so it was legal. Kilgore lost it. Kilgore who was in a frantic panic screamed for the 2 remaining Assassin’s to climb the cage. In the commotion the Anderson’s had locked the cage and took the key with them. As the two remaining Assassin’s started up the cage Fry Daddy and the Patriot reappeared and both ripped the two Assassin’s off of the cage. With it being one on one the Assassin’s did not stand a chance. Kilgore managed to flee for his life during the brawl on the floor. Fry Daddy and the Patriot were able to battle the two Assassins to back, leaving just the 10 men remaining in the double cage. All 10 men squared off thru out both cages, leaving Akbar all alone in a one on one situation, a place he has never really experienced since he started his reign of terror. Unfortunately for Akbar he ended up paired off one on one with Andy Anderson. Akbar had lost his trusty fork during the War Games match and was weaponless. Anderson soon locked in a sharp shooter and forced Akbar to tap out. Winners: Rick Michaels, Simon Sermon, Bobby Hayes, Axil Anderson, and Andy Anderson.


Rick Michaels (22 year pro wrestling veteran): “From the talent choice, matches, set up, the timing of the show, and the crowd involvement, to the advertisement, this was one of the most professional run shows I have ever been a part of. This is how a show is ran. I was honored to be a part of NWA Atlanta and War Games”.

Jay Reeves (old Sign Guy from NWA Wildside): We (he and 2 other sign guys with him) have been to a lot of local shows recently and tonight was the best show we have seen. This War Games definitely delivered”.

Shaun Banks (15 year pro wrestling veteran): “The show was so exciting that I RPW’ed my pants!!! Totally rampaged all over myself!!! Seriously, it was easily the most professionally ran show I have ever been a part of. Smooth inside and outside of the ring, always”!

Todd Garrison (from Warner Robins, GA): I have seen a lot of local shows. This is the best show I have seen by far, definitely worth the drive up”.

AJ Steele (17 year pro wrestling veteran): “One of the most brutal, hard hitting, professionally ran shows I have ever been a part of”.

Miss Allie (Pro wrestling manager & personality): “NWA-Atlanta put on a wonderful show. The production ran smoothly backstage, action packed matches, and the crowd was cheering from the opening bell to the last pin fall”.

Tina Fennell (long time fan/ Locust Grove, GA): “If this was anyone’s first show, then they are hooked after all of that”.

Eric Fields (Photographer): “This is the best show NWA-Atlanta has ever done”.

Harold Taylor (Photographer): “NWA –Atlanta put on a top notch show with WAR GAMES. From the opening gauntlet match crowning Fry Daddy as first ever MAX Champ , to the bloody finish of the War Games double cage match (featuring the surprise return of Axil & Andy Anderson), the action was nonstop”.

Adam Vance (commentator): “Absolutely beyond proud of everyone's effort tonight. The single best show in the history of NWA Atlanta. Cannot wait to see the DVD”!

NWA Management: “We are proud of everyone’s effort with this show; the people in and out of the ring. It was a total team effort. This is just the first step in the evolution of NWA-Atlanta. We are going to savor this success briefly, then get right back to work tomorrow to top this show in the future. The bar has definitely been set high”.

The show was taped with a new four camera shot set up by the NWA-Atlanta film crew. The NWA- Atlanta film crew will be working overtime to get the War Games DVD’s produced and to master the new set up for upcoming future shows. A new set up is already in the works for the Locust Grove location.

The final tally at the door was 355 paying (ticket stubs counted), while the total attendance was just over 400. NWA-Atlanta would like to thank all the fans for coming out and thank all parties involved with the show. It was a huge success. NWA- Atlanta would like to invite everyone to the next show on May 11th in Locust Grove, GA at 7:30 p.m.

Visit www.nwaatlanta.org or https://www.facebook.com/pages/NWA-Atlanta/438101402942005 for more details to come.

Photos -Harold Taylor & Eric Fields

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