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NWA Atlanta News


NWA Atlanta News

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War Games will be the site of the first ever 4-Way Gauntlet match, which is for the inaugural MAX Championship. The 4-Way Gauntlet match is the creation of newest NWA-Atlanta owner Mr. Crulicious Juno Jones. For those wondering “What the hell is a 4-Way Gauntlet match?” here is a simple, yet complicated explanation of the 4-Way Gauntlet. Imagine you are in a chemistry lab. You take a Gauntlet Match, a 4-Way match, an elimination match, and a royal rumble; then mix it all together in the largest beaker you can find. Extract anything that slows down action, like tagging, staying in corners, Ben Master’s sex drive, and the Saskatchewan Spinning Toe hold. Now that the hybrid beast of a match is ready to come to fruition, I guess some rules have to be applied. All the wrestlers must draw numbers to determine the order of entry. Numbers 1 thru 4 will start the match. When someone is pinned or taps out they are eliminated. Then # 5 will be called out to the ring. No more than 4 wrestlers can participate at one time, thus the 4-way rules, no tagging, all out action. Each time someone is eliminated, the next numbered Wrestler in sequence is called out to the ring, so on and so on until the match is down to whom ever holds the last number. The 4-Way Gauntlet match can have 5, 8, even 12 or more competitors. When the last Wrestler enters the ring and the Match is down to the final four Wrestlers, the match then morphs into an elimination match. The last Wrestler remaining obviously wins the match. Oh, but there is another catch! Now add in a 2nd ring into the mix. There will be 2 rings side by side being that this is a War Games show. Pin falls will count in either ring. The winner of this said match at War Games on April 27th in Stockbridge, GA will become the first ever MAX (Metro Atlanta Xtreme) Champion.


Mike Cannon vs. Kurt Kilgore

On paper this looks to be a total mismatch. Here is a brief description of both Cannon and Kilgore for those wondering “who”? If you have every read “of Mice and Men” or seen the movie and recall the character of “Lennie” (big, strong, but not too bright) and “George” (small, wiry, quick witted, and hot tempered), then you pretty much pegged both Cannon (Lennie) and Kilgore (George). Not a reader? The most famous line from that book is “Which way did he go George? Which way did he go”? Still not ringing a bell? Cannon is the hulking Jock and Kilgore is his devious ex- manager/ agent, now hopefully you got the picture. Alright, now back to this being a totally mismatch of a wrestling contest. Now throw in the “One Arm tied behind the back stipulation” and that this will have a “No DQ” stipulation also, and then add in the fact that the devious Kurt Kilgore left Mike Cannon laying in the middle of ring at the last NWA-Atlanta show on April 13. Now, maybe it does not appear to be such a mismatch. Kilgore managed Cannon for a period of time, eventually leading Cannon to the top and to a Heavyweight title. The odd thing is that Kilgore referred to himself as the Heavyweight champ and even wore the belt as his on. Strangely, Cannon did not seem to mind. Kilgore’s Muscle; Mike Cannon was transforming into a fan favorite right before his eyes, but Kilgore’s obsession with the HWT strap blinded him to this. Cannon lost the title to AJ Steele. Immediately after the match Kilgore lost it and flipped out on Cannon, going as far as slapping him. The slap was all Cannon could handle and Kilgore saw the rage in Cannon’s eyes and started a quick retreat. Since then the two have had a war of words, with Kilgore always slithering out of harms way. The happy go lucky yet eccentric Mike Cannon has became one of the most popular wrestlers with the fans since parting ways with Kilgore, which drove Kurt Kilgore crazy, considering that he is one of the most hated people in NWA-Atlanta and has been jumped twice by fans with in the last year. Mike Cannon finally had enough of Kilgore interfering in his matches, and challenged Kilgore to a match were the loser had to wear a dress. Kilgore, always the sinister villain with a trick up his sleeve said he would accept, if he got to pick a special stipulation. Kilgore procrastinated week after week, show after show, only giving small clues to what his stipulation would be. Waiting to the very last show before War Games, Kilgore struck and laid Cannon out with an “Either Rag”. Kilgore then revealed to everyone his stipulations, not just one stipulation, which were Mike Cannon having to have “One Arm tied behind his back” and that the match would be contested under “No DQ” rules. The once heavily favored Mike Cannon has now become the underdog. Can Mike Cannon overcome the odds or has Kurt Kilgore proved he is the mastermind that he constantly boost he is?

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