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From the Front Row: Anarchy Wrestling, 05/1026/14, from Cornelia, GA

From the Front Row: Anarchy Wrestling, 05/10/14, from Cornelia, GA

- By David Garrison

Anarchy Wrestling Report---5/10/2014---Cornelia Ga
Anarchy started out a bit slow with 65 in attendance at belltime,It looked to be a slow night,But things heated up quickly and it was a all around good event
1st Match- Kevin Blue vs Corey Hollis-----This was an all around good technical Wrestling Match. It was a tough match for both competitors.Both Wrestlers showed a lot of talent in this match. Hollis got the win over Blue by pinfall. Both Wrestlers shook hands and showed Great sportsmanship when the match was over.
2nd Match-Se7en (with Jeff G. Bailey) vs Lars Manderson(with @ Brodie Ray Chase) This match was set up at the last event with Se7en running from Manderson and going into the back. Se7en and Bailey was accompanied to ringside with Shawn Tempers and Iceberg. Se7en won the match by pinfall but the punishment was not over.After the 3 count Se7en seemed to want to hurt Manderson more and Brodie Ray stepped into the ring to stop it.At that point Tempers and Iceberg hit the ring to get Brodie. Ace Rockwell and Geter came running in from the back to save Manderson and Brodie,setting up for the main event.
3rd Match-BJ Hancock(with Ms.Rachael) vs Lethal Dose Stryknyn---This was not a Wrestling Match,This was a Fight. It was Hard fought by both Wrestlers. Stryknyn picked up the win by DQ when Ms. Rachael threw her shoe into the ring and Hancock used it on Stryknyn. After the bell Hancock tried to pile drive Stryknyn on the ring steps( the same way he did Billy Buck at the last event) Billy Buck ran out to save Stryknyn. In my Opinion Stryknyn is as tough as they come,and Hancock is Greatly improved his skills and is not afraid to fight.Look for these two to go on farther in the business.
Washington Bullets(champions) vs Todd Sexton & Bobby Moore-I really didnt expect much from this match to start with,I didn't think Sexton and Moore could work together as a team,BUT this turned out (in my opinion) to be the best match of the night.Love them or hate them The Bullets are one of the best tag teams out there today and I didn't think Sexton and Moore could stand up against them as a team.This was a GREAT match,Even had The Urban Assault Squad( Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) run down twice to interfere without the Ref seeing them.On into the match Sexton accidentally kicked Moore.Later Sexton reached for a tag and Moore jumped down from the ring apron and refused to tag and went to the back. Sexton kept fighting alone and WON by pinfall(with a little help from UAS)After Sexton hand was raised in victory Moore came running back down to the ring and grabbed one of the belts. It will be interesting to see if this team can work together-BEST MATCH OF THE NIGHT!!!!
Mike Posey(champion) vs Laredo Kid-First of all let me say,Mike Posey as Anarchy Champion what a joke!!!!--But this was billed as an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CHALLENGE. Posey came out at the beginning of the event ,and drew a name to face later that night.It was The Laredo Kid, So the kid got his shot. Posey won by pinfall. Only good thing I see as Posey being Champ is more wrestlers will get a shot at the title.We will see.
6th Match--- C.b. Suavé & Vandall vs Jeremy Foster & Tommy Penirelli-I was looking forward to this match to see Penirelli get his hands on Suave,and it happened. Penirelli and Foster won when Penirelli made Suave tap out. I hope the powers to be at Anarchy was watching this and gives Penirelli his shot for the TV belt that Suave holds.If so I think we will see a new TV Champ.
7th Match-Joey Lynch vs Alex Augerinos-Good Technical match with Good sportmanship with Alex winning by pinfall,Both wrestlers shook hands after the match and left the ring.
The Elite, Se7en,Shawn Tempers and Iceberg (with Jeff G Bailey) vs Brodie Ray Chase, Geter Tdw,Ace Rockwell--This match was good from start to finish,The Elite seems to have been very weak lately,but with Iceberg back on the team they have gained strength.Say what you wish about Bailey ,but he knows how to led a team.This Match spilled to the outside of the ring with Tempers and Rockwell fighting all the way backstage and Se7en getting hung over the rail and taking numerous chair shots from Getter. That left Brodie and Iceberg in the ring.Iceberg got the win by pinning Brodie.The Elite seems to be gaining strength and I look for them to run rough shot over anyone who steps in they way.
Referees tonight were Dee Byers and Kendall Wallace
The Good--Tommy Penirelli finally getting his hands on CB Suave
The Bad-Mike Posey as Anarchy Champion
The Ugly--Got to give Jeff G Bailey credit for being a Great Manager,But Jeff get you some new shoes,Them things are ugly!!!!!
Anarchy Wrestling- Franklin E. Dove Owner
NOTE--Thanks to everyone who reads and shares and like these reports,I am new to this and I am strictly giving my opinion as a fan.
And That Was My View "FROM THE FRONT ROW"

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