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From the Front Row: Anarchy Wrestling, 05/24/14, from Cornelia, GA

From the Front Row: Anarchy Wrestling, 05/24/14, from Cornelia, GA

By David Garrison

******FROM THE FRONT ROW******
Anarchy Wrestling----5/24/2014--Cornelia Ga
Attendance tonight was 89,Up a little from the last show.Ring announcer Jonathan Feltner came out and welcomed everyone to Anarchy.He also paid respect to all the past and current veterans in the house on this Memorial Day Weekend.The weather was hot outside which made for a hot Anarchy building,But the action in the ring tonight was even hotter
Todd Sexton & Bobby Moore(Champions) vs Los Laredos--In my opinion I just cant see Sexton and Moore working as a team very long.They both came out fussing with each other before the start of their match,Pushing and Shoving one another.They played a game of rock,paper, scissors to see who would start the match, Moore won and he started.This was a good match with Los Laredos being out classed from the very start. Sexton got the pin winning the match for his team.The Urban Assault Squad( Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) came out and confronted the champs with a fight about to break out ,The Referee broke it up.Sexton was the last man to leave the ring and got attacked by The Washigton Bullets as he was going threw the curtain,If Sexton and Moore cant get it together ,The Bullets or UAS will take the titles.
2nd Match--Vandall vs Ace Rockwell--Every time I have ever seen Rockwell come to the ring,He looks like he means business,He is one of the top wrestlers at Anarchy and never disappoints his fans. This was a match with a lot of action in the ring. Rockwell won by pin fall.
Shawn Tempers(champion)with Jeff G. Bailey vs Kevin Blue
Tempers is a ring veteran and with Bailey in his corner he will always be hard to beat,But Blue is truly a Young Lion. In my opinion(again) I don't see how Tempers can even be called a Young Lion.This was a Great match with several close pins by both Wrestlers.Blue took a bad fall on the ring apron and of course Bailey interfered. Tempers won by pin fall.I would like to see this title on a true Young Lion.
4th Match--BJ Hancock vs Stryknyn-No DQ,Must be a winner.These two wrestlers don't like each other at all.This was not a wrestling match.It was a pure out brawl.Hancock threw baby powder in the face of Stryknyn at the begining of the match and all hell broke loose.This fight was outside the ring more than it was in.The railings,the bell all came into play,At one point in the match Hancock got hung over the top rope by Stryknyn's belt.Being a No DQ, Hancocks former partner Joey Rhymer came out and interfered, causing Billy Buck to some to Stryknyn's rescue.Stryknyn won by pin fall and delivered a good belt whipping to Hancock when the match was over.I don't think we have seen the last of these 4 guys and this feud. The Best match of the night in my opinion.
Mike Posey(champion) vs ????---Posey came out with his annoying little voice with a batters helmet full of names to draw for the challenge. Wade Adams name was drew.Adams came out and the belt was already hung and ladder in place. Posey hits Adams with the helmet spilling out all the names that were in it,proceeds to climb the ladder and retrieve the belt.This match lasted all of 60 seconds.Owner Franklin Dove and Bill Behrens went around the ring and picked up the slips of paper with the names and handed some of them out to fans,All of them had Wade Adams name on them.Dove got the mic and stated on the next show that it would be an equal opportunity challenge,that all the names on the roster would be in the hat.I don't think Posey will hold this title long.I would like to see Posey defend this belt against Rockwell or Tempers or Slim J and see how well he would come out.
6th Match----Jeremy Foster vs Alex Avgerinos--I don't know much about these two wrestlers since they have not been at Anarchy long.Foster came out with his cell phone taking selfies of him and some of the fans.This was a technical match from start to finish. Avgerino won by pin fall. Both wrestlers shook hands.These two guys are well worth watching,will be interesting to see what the future holds for them at Anarchy-Young Lions Title shot maybe???
7th Match-Iceberg( with Jeff G.Bailey) vs Slim J
Two former friends and tag partners collide.Both of these wrestlers are as tough as they come and when they lock up you know you gonna get your moneys worth.When Bailey is at ringside you know he is going to interfere one way or the other.He Handed Iceberg a knife and Berg used it on the head of Slim.He kept on cutting Slim on the head bringing blood.Slim J won by DQ. Shawn tempers ran out to help Iceberg with the punishment on Slim, Then Ace Rockwell came out to help his friend. Rockwell was holding his own with The Elite and the whole locker room had to come out and separate everyone.It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future.
CB Suave(champion) vs Tommy Penirelli
I have been so looking forward to Penirelli getting his hands on Suave. Penirelli has become a crowd favorite at Anarchy and got a well deserved title shot.Suave ran from Tommy the first 5 minutes of the match.This match was very good from start to finish with Penirelli getting a submission hold on Suave.He knew he was in trouble and reached out an slapped referee Dee Byers getting disqualified. Penirelli won by DQ so Suave is still the champ.
9th Match ---Washington Bullets vs The Urban Assault Squad(Shadow Jackson & Nemesis)
Both of these teams work very well together and in my opinion(again) are the only two legitimate tag teams at Anarchy right now,This was a all out war with Referee Ken Wallace losing control of the match very early calling it a no contest.Bobby Moore ran out to attack Jackson,Then Sexton came in and ran The Bullets off with a chair,leaving Moore to take a beating from UAS. The only way this is gonna end is to put all 3 teams in a match and settle this,Maybe Sexton and Moore can get on the same page.
Referees tonight were Dee Byers & @ Ken Wallace
Anarchy Wrestling had an overall good show tonight,The next event will be in three weeks on June 14-THIS IS NOT SPORTS ENTERTAIMMENT,THIS IS WRESTLING.
I am sorry to say that on June 14th I will miss the show due to a prior Auction Booking(only the 3rd show missed in 9 yrs) Franklin E. Dove don't give my seats away!!!!!Someone will be in them.
And this is my view "FROM THE FRONT ROW"

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