Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scenic City Wrestling this Friday, 05/16/14, in Ringgold, GA

Scenic City Wrestling this Friday, 05/16/14, in Ringgold, GA

So what exactly is going on with Hollywood Keith Dye. It seems The Colonel has been dragging his feet and avoiding the office since last week as well as avoiding signing HKD extended temporary contract. Attempts to call Colonel Oz this week have either been ignored or quickly responded with "Bangin', you do your job and I will worry about Hollywood when I get back to the office." When asked when that would be.. His response was "None of your Beeswax Bangin'."

When I spoke to Hollywood, he told me that he had been advised that Colonel Oz was who would be in charge of when he came back and that there was really nothing else to tell me.

The Centerfolds have had their eyes on the title Derick Myers holds, and with The Colonel intent on being a Centerfold man, We have to wonder if Hollywood is being forced to wait until The Centerfolds either have that title or at least have a better advantage.

The Hatetriots were supposed to face Diamond Derick Myers and Hollywood Keith Dye this Friday. Will that match happen? Hopefully so. In the meantime until The Colonel gets back we will be left to wonder... If not HKD, who will team with Diamond Derick Myers to take on The Hatetriots' Eli Thompson and Jason Hampton? Find out one way or the other this Friday during SCW Friday which starts at 8 PM


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