Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Results: United Pro Entertainment, 05/09/14, from Folkston, GA

Results: United Pro Entertainment, 05/09/14, from Folkston, GA

Chance Champion defeated Ash Christensen

Dagon Briggs took the "W" as he took on Josh Hess, and Sir Ian Shire in a triple threat match.

Tim Zbyszko, who has been very vocal about his losses recently because of his opponents cheating, gained some sort of retribution with a win over Maxwell Chicago. However, with many pin reversals by both competitors at the end of the match, this victory by Zbyszko will be looked at by United Pro Entertainment officials due to the appearance of Chicago's shoulders not clearly being on the mat for the three count.

Dr. William Fixit held yet another seminar with his special guest, Blain Rage. Dr. Fixit called out his "security", Johnny Armani and London Vice, which led to a blatant attack on Rage. Lance Alonte and United Pro Entertainment owner, Kevin Kantrell, came out help to even the odds.

Mr. Opportunity, Jayson Falcone took it to Vordell Walker, but was unable to fend off the power of Walker as The Juggernaut took advantage of a downed Falcone and laid waste to him. Walker picked up the win after the ref stopped the match when Falcone could not defend himself any longer

The main event saw the Armani Entourage, Johnny Armani, London Vice and Dr. William Fixit, taking on Blain Rage, Lance Alonte, and Kevin Kantrell (who filled in for Jon Davis).
Armani fell victim to an Alonte superkick to the side of his head and was covered for the 3 count by Alonte.
Because Armani was pinned in that match, he will be the number 1 entrant into the Championship Rumble at our next event that will see us crown the very first United Pro Champion!

*due to circumstances beyond their control, T-Bone Funk and Jon Davis were not able to appear*

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